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means "friendship"


Recent Updates

Added Episode 209, "Village of Vengeance, Part 1" and Monsters used in Episode 209.

Finally, I've found the time to go back and pick up where I left off redoing the older episodes! I've updated Episode 27, "Champion Vs. Creator, Part 2" and added Cards used in Episode 27.

Happy New Year!

I've reorganized the Character section of the site, and added the Ancient Egyptian characters.

Added Episode 208, "In Search of a King" and Monsters used in Episode 208.

I've had a donation button for the American Red Cross in the sidebar on this page for a couple of months now, and I've decided to continue using that spot to feature various of my favorite charitable organizations, which I'll rotate every three months or so.

This time, I've put up a link to my own AIDS Marathon Donation Page, benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles. If you enjoy this website and would like to help me out, I hope you'll consider making a donation.

And, I've added Episode 207, "A Reversal of Fortune" and Monsters used in Episode 207.

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