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means "friendship"


Recent Updates

Revised Episode 34, "Best of Friends, Best of Duelists, Part 2" and added Cards used in Episode 34.

Added Episode 224, "The Final Duel, Part 4" and Cards used in Episode 224.

And that's it! Whew!

Added Episode 223, "The Final Duel, Part 3" and Cards used in Episode 223.

Only one more to go! Since some people have been asking, once I've done Episode 224, I plan to go back and continue updating the older episodes and adding the Cards used in the rest of Seasons 1 - 3.

I'm still waiting to see if Japanese versions of Capsule Monsters turn up before I decide whether to add that series to the Episode Guide. Probably not before fall, anyway. I might also add the Pyramid of Light movie at some point, but not right away.

As for GX, I have no plans to add it to the site. I don't hate it, but I don't like it well enough to spend the 10 - 12 hours per episode on it that it takes to do the detailed summary and comparison, with screencaps and cards used.

But I will continue working on the website! I hope you'll continue to visit.

Added Episode 222, "The Final Duel, Part 2" and Cards used in Episode 222.

Added Episode 221, "The Final Duel, Part 1" and Cards used in Episode 221.

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