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Episode 4: Into the Hornet's Nest (Insector Combo)

[Note: For US broadcast, Episodes 4 and 5 were edited together and shown as one episode. This recap is based on the complete episode included on the US DVD release.]

The gang stands in the bow of the ship as it approaches Duelist Kingdom. Joey thinks Duelist Kingdom looks like a pretty big place, and finding Yugi's Grandpa won't be easy. Yugi says they have to start somewhere. (Japanese Jounouchi says they're here, and Yugi says it's Duelist Kingdom.)

The ship arrives at the dock, and the duelists get ready to disembark. Tristan's worried about being spotted as a stowaway and thinks maybe he and Téa ought to try to swim back. Téa calls him a lamebrain and tells him to just act normal. So Tristan tries to "play it cool" as he leaves, but as he strides stiffly off the ship, he catches the attention of one of Pegasus's suits, who tells him not to be so nervous. Relieved, he hurries away to join the others.

Joey starts to celebrate everyone's safe arrival, when he sneezes all over Téa. Yugi says Joey wouldn't have caught that cold if it wasn't for Weevil, and they recall Joey jumping overboard to try to save Yugi's Exodia cards. Joey notices that Weevil's just gotten off the ship, and already looks like he's up to something. He'd like to wipe that smirk off Weevil's face. Yugi thinks he would, too, but he doesn't have time right now. (Japanese Yugi thinks he'll never forgive Haga.)

Kemo tells the duelists to head up the stairs toward the castle to meet their host. On the way up, Téa spots Bakura standing off in the trees, but he disappears before anyone else catches sight of him. That's twice she's seen him, but he's not there any more. Téa thinks maybe it's all in her head. But as the gang head on, Bakura emerges from behind a tree.

The duelists gather before the castle gates. Mai Valentine is there, and so are Weevil Underwood and Rex Raptor. Some kids point out Weevil and Rex, and Mako Tsunami (Kajiki Ryouta), third-ranked duelist. These are some of the best duelists in the world! But where's the world champion, Kaiba? It seems he was beaten on his own turf by some kid. No way, one of the kids protests—he thought Kaiba was the best. Not anymore, the other kid says. Joey gives Yugi a nudge, as they overhear the kid say that Yugi's the one to beat now.

Their host is announced, and Pegasus, in his red suit and ruffled shirt, comes out onto a balcony to greet the duelists. Joey'd like to get just five minutes alone with that guy, as they recall how Pegasus took Grandpa's soul. Yugi vows not to leave the island until he saves his Grandpa, no matter what Pegasus has planned.

Pegasus welcomes them to Duelist Kingdom. They're the world's greatest duelists, he says, but come the end of the tournament, only one of them will be crowned King of Duelists, so they must assemble their decks with care. (Japanese Pegasus says he'll now explain the rules. All duels will be played with Duel Monsters cards. Life points will begin at 2000, and direct attacks against the players are forbidden.) To track their progress in the tournament, they've each been given a dueling glove and two Star Chips. They must wager Star Chips on each duel they compete in, must use their dueling gloves to collect the Star Chips. Whoever wins ten Star Chips will be allowed to enter the Castle for the finals, and the chance to face Pegasus himself in one final duel.

Yugi thinks Grandpa must be in the castle, but they'll never be able to get in with all those guards. They'll just have to win enough Star Chips to get inside. (Japanese Yugi repeats the rules to himself, thinking that if a player loses all his Star Chips, he's no longer qualified to duel. Since he and Jounouchi divided up their Star Chips, they each only have one.)

Pegasus continues to tell them that state-of-the-art dueling arenas cover the entire island, and new rules will be in effect which the duelists will discover as they play. He admonishes them to play boldly, think strategically, and duel mercilessly. They have one hour to prepare. Fireworks will mark the beginning of the tournament. (Japanese Pegasus says that the tournament will be fought battle-royal style. It will begin in one hour, and last no more than 48 hours. At that time, any duelist with less than ten Star Chips will be considered a loser and deported from the island.) Pegasus walks back into the castle, thinking that everything is going exactly as planned. (Japanese Pegasus thinks that if Yugi wants to duel him, he'll have to fight his way through all those others.) Yugi thinks he's just gotta win his way into that castle! (Japanese Yugi tells his Grandpa to wait for him. He'll break Pegasus' Shadow Power.)

Later, standing out in a field, Joey says he doesn't know if he can win and offers to give Yugi back his Star Chip, but Yugi tells him to keep it—his little sister is counting on him. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Yugi he's sorry he's put Yugi at a disadvantage, but doesn't offer to give the Star Chip back.) Téa tells Joey he can do it, as long as he steers clear of the more experienced duelists at first. Tristan agrees that it's just a matter of working his way up. Joey tells Yugi that between Yugi's Grandpa and Joey's sister, they don't have any room for mistakes. Yugi agrees.

The fireworks start, and the tournament is on!

For his first duel, Yugi is determined to challenge Weevil. They have a score to settle. The gang spot Weevil standing at the edge of a forest, and Yugi calls out his challenge. (Japanese Yugi calls out Haga's name.) But Weevil laughs and runs off into the woods. Yugi and the others run after him. Swarms of moths fly out of the forest around their heads, and they wonder what Weevil's up to. Then Yugi remembers what Weevil said on the boat—this must have something to do with the new rules he mentioned.

At last, Weevil leads them to a meadow, where he turns and tells Yugi he's come right into Weevil's trap. (Japanese Haga challenges Yugi to duel.) Yugi says it's time Weevil answers for what he did on the boat, and Yami emerges, saying that it's time to duel. (In the US version, the whole sequence with Yugi's hair flying and the big twirly thing twirling is added. In the Japanese, it cuts directly from the Millennium Puzzle to Yami standing in the spotlight.)

Weevil accepts the challenge, and the ground begins to tremble as a huge arena rises up out of the earth. Joey says these aren't going to be like the duels back home! Weevil jumps onto one of the dueling platforms, which rises into position, and Yugi steps onto the other platform.

Weevil sees that Yugi only has one Star Chip, and says he'll eliminate Yugi from the tournament in this one duel. After that, everyone else will be easy pickings. But Yugi says he'll eliminate Weevil—this will be an all-or-nothing match for them both. He offers to put up his dueling deck along with his single Star Chip against Weevil's two Star Chips, and Weevil agrees. (Japanese Weevil says that since he'll be getting Yugi's deck anyway, he wishes he hadn't thrown away Exodia.)

Several other duelists arrive to watch the duel. They recognize Weevil Underwood, but who's that other guy? Joey tells them it's Yugi Muto, who beat Kaiba. And he's Yugi's best friend, Joey Wheeler, and these other two—they're trespassers. (Japanese Jounouchi calls Anzu and Honda their funny sidekicks.) Téa and Tristan aren't pleased. The other duelists settle in eagerly to watch the Weevil–Yugi matchup.

Weevil begins the duel by playing Killer Needle (Killer Bee) (1200 ATK). Yugi counters with Mammoth Graveyard (1200 ATK), thinking his monster will match Weevil's, and attacks. But Mammoth Graveyard is destroyed, while Killer Needle survives. Yugi doesn't understand it—it should have been a stalemate.

Weevil explains—the field they're playing on is one part wasteland and one part forest, where bugs thrive. As long as Weevil plays his insect monsters in the forest area, they receive a field power bonus. Maybe if Yugi had been smart enough to steal the tournament's new rule book, like Weevil did, he'd be the one getting a field power bonus! (Japanese Haga says he's the only one Pegasus told about the new rules. The field they're playing on is 80% forest, and 20% wasteland. The forest is the perfect field for his insects, which receive a 30% boost to both their attack and defense power.) Weevil's Killer Needle's attack is raised to 1560 points. Joey thinks it's cheating—Weevil has an unfair advantage. But Yami laughs, as Weevil's Killer Needle is also destroyed. Mammoth Graveyard received a field power bonus from the wasteland area, making its attack equal to Weevil's monster.

Weevil grumbles, as Yugi explains that as soon as he saw the field display, he understood. Each type of monster has a field that it does best on, and the island contains every type of field imaginable. When Weevil led them to this spot, Yugi realized it was to gain a field advantage.

Weevil congratulates Yugi for putting it together, but says it won't be enough. He plays Hercules Beetle (1500 ATK, raised to 1950 by the field bonus).

Yugi's in a tough spot. Even though he now knows about the field power bonus, it's too late to rebuild his deck to take advantage of it. He plays Feral Imp (Gremlin) (1300 ATK), and powers it up with the magic card Horn of the Unicorn, adding 700 points to its attack. But Weevil's Hercules Beetle destroys it—monsters with a field power bonus are resistant to any type of magic attack. (Needless to say, this isn't a real rule.) Yugi's life points are reduced to 1350.

Joey worries that even Weevil's weakest bugs are going to be tough to beat with that field power bonus. Tristan adds that the field can't just be turned off, and Téa says Weevi's a no-good cheat. (Japanese Anzu urges Yugi on.)

Yugi thinks he'd better defend, and plays his next monster face-down in defense mode. Weevil plays Basic Insect (500 ATK, raised to 650 by the field bonus), then powers it up with Level 3 Laser Cannon, and Level 2 Power Boost. Yugi knows he's in trouble—Weevil's Basic Insect is so powerful, his defense monster won't stand a chance! (Japanese Yugi thinks this is the combo attack Haga used to win the All-Japan championship.) Weevil attacks, and Yugi's defense monster is destroyed. (Japanese Haga says that Yugi's defense monster was Griffore.)

Yugi plays another card face down. Another defense card, Weevil thinks, and he's going to keep Yugi on the defensive. Setting his own face-down card, he says that the instant Yugi attacks, it will activate Weevil's trap. Now Yugi is completely powerless against him! (Japanese Haga thinks to himself that his trap card is Parasite Worm.)

But Yugi thinks that Weevil's so busy bragging, he's not paying any attention to Yugi's moves. He slips a face-down card into the spell and trap zone, thinking he'll set a little trap of his own. (Japanese Yugi says he'll have to set a defense card himself, and Haga says Yugi must have decided to set a spell card in desperation.)

The boasting Weevil continues to summon monsters, saying he can attack at any time, while Yugi can only draw and wait. Yugi mentally urges Weevil to put all his monsters on the field—that's what he's counting on. Téa says to just look at Yugi—he's so confident up there! Joey agrees—when Yugi's dueling, it's like he becomes a totally different guy. (Japanese Yugi thinks it's no good—he doesn't have any monsters in his hand. Anzu says if Yugi doesn't do something quick, he's going to lose, and Jounouchi says he knows, but Yugi's been blocked from attacking.)

Weevil laughs. He's down to his last insect monster, and Yugi's about to be exterminated. Yugi draws Dark Magician, and thinks this is perfect—there's no way Weevil can resist this as a target. He plays Dark Magician in defense. (Japanese Yugi thinks this card is his last resort. But he can't attack.)

Weevil attacks with the powered-up Basic Insect. (Oops—the monster on the right in the US version is Saggi the Dark Clown. Definitely not an insect!)

Yugi laughs. Weevil's not the only one who can set a trap! While Weevil was loading up his field with bug monsters, Yugi was preparing a special surprise—his Mirror Force trap card! Weevil tries to call off his attack, but it's too late. Mirror Force reflects Weevil's attack back on him, and destroys all of Weevil's monsters, reducing Weevil's life points to 555. (The real Mirror Force doesn't inflict any damage to the opponent's life points, it just destroys all the opponent's monsters in attack position. Which is quite enough.)

The gang cheer, while Weevil fumes. How dare Yugi obliterate his army of beautiful bugs! Yugi tells Weevil he's a liar and a cheat, but it was his overconfidence that allowed Yugi to get the best of him. Now his life points are low, and he's used up all his monsters. (The Japanese episode ends here, with Yugi's successful move.)

Weevil laughs. He lied about that, he says—he still has his most formidable creature waiting in the wings! (Weevil's gloating is added to the US version.)

To Be Continued

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