Yu-Jyo A Yu-Gi-Oh!Episode Guide

Focusing on the differences between the American and Japanese episodes

Season 5: Grand Championship

  1. Unwanted Guest, Part 1 (KC Grand Prix Opens)
  2. Unwanted Guest, Part 2 (Caught up in the Plot)
  3. Let the Games Begin! Part 1 (Jounouchi vs Mask the Rock)
  4. Let the Games Begin! Part 2 (Phantom Ancient Dragon)
  5. Child's Play (Hot! Rebecca vs Vivian)
  6. Down in Flames, Part 1 (Jounouchi vs Sieg: A Magnificent Duel)
  7. Down in Flames, Part 2 (Goddesses of Monster Removal)
  8. A Brawl in a Small Town, Part 1 (Rebecca vs Leon)
  9. A Brawl in a Small Town, Part 2 (Leon of Fairytale Land)
  10. One Step Ahead, Part 1 (Kaiba Intrudes! Grand Prix Finals)
  11. One Step Ahead, Part 2 (Valkyrie vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon)
  12. Sinister Secrets, Part 1 (Duel King Final: Yugi vs Leon)
  13. Sinister Secrets, Part 2 (Stromberg's Golden Castle)
  14. Sinister Secrets, Part 3 (KC Grand Prix Ends)

Dawn of the Duel

  1. Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh (The Utimate Game)
  2. Spiritual Awakening (Yami Bakura on the Move)
  3. Memoirs of a Pharaoh (The Door of Memory Opened)
  4. The Intruder, Part 1 (Meet Thief King Bakura!)
  5. The Intruder, Part 2 (Mahaado's Determination)
  6. Makings of a Magician (Life and Death Struggle! Mahaado vs Bakura)
  7. Birth of the Blue-Eyes (Blue-Eyed Kisara)
  8. Village of Lost Souls (The Secret of the Birth of the Millennium Items)
  9. A Reversal of Fortune (Rewind Time)
  10. In Search of a King (The Still-Living Pharaoh)
  11. Village of Vengeance, Part 1 (The Village of the Dead)
  12. Village of Vengeance, Part 2 (The End of Thief King Bakura)
  13. Village of Vengeance, Part 3 (The New Stage)
  14. Village of Vengeance, Part 4 (The Great Priest of Darkness)
  15. Village of Vengeance, Part 5 (Countdown to Demon Revival)
  16. Name of the Game (White Dragon)
  17. The Dark One Cometh, Part 1 (Great Dark Lord Zork's Revival)
  18. The Dark One Cometh, Part 2 (Legendary Guardian Exodia Revives!)
  19. The Dark One Cometh, Part 3 (Summon! The Three Gods)
  20. The Dark One Cometh, Part 4 (Zork vs Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon)
  21. In the Name of the Pharaoh (In the Name of the Pharaoh)
  22. The Final Journey (The Final Test)
  23. The Final Duel, Part 1 (The Destined Final Duel)
  24. The Final Duel, Part 2 (Bring Down the Three Gods!)
  25. The Final Duel, Part 3 (Strong Heart, Gentle Heart)
  26. The Final Duel, Part 4 (The Tale Comes to an End in Light)

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