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Episode 186: Unwanted Guest, Part 2 (Caught up in the Plot)

Yami and Rick face the KC DuelTek 760. Rick stands behind Yami, holding onto Yami's coat, asking how they're supposed to beat an expert dueling computer? He thinks there's no way. But Yami says it's the person controlling the computer that worries him. (Japanese Rick says, "Yugi-san," and Yami tells him it's all right, he'll handle it.) Watching with the gang from below, Duke agrees that Kaiba's got some pretty scary enemies. Tristan wonders who would hack into an amusement park and trap fifty innocent people. (Japanese Otogi says that with that deck, they'll never win, and Honda agrees, saying that the computer is set at the highest level.) The kids start to cry, one little girl wailing that she wants her mom. Téa tries to reassure her, telling her that as soon as Yugi wins the duel, they'll all get out of there. Leon tells another boy to cheer up, that Yugi is the number one duelist in the world—there's no way he's going to lose to some machine. Joey agrees that it's no contest. That hunk of junk will be running home to its motherboard after Yugi's finished with it!

The computer tells Yami to make his move, and Yami draws. He looks at his hand, thinking that with Rick's deck of all-dragon cards, this isn't going to be easy. (The cards in his hand are Twin-Headed Fire Dragon, Baby Dragon, Petit Dragon, Luster Dragon, Sky Dragon, and he just drew Luster Dragon #2.) He starts by playing Petit Dragon (700 DEF) in defense. Tristan exclaims that that thing only has 700 points! Duke says it's because he's using that kid's amateur deck. He doesn't even have any magic or trap cards! Yami waits grimly for the computer to make its move.

Meanwhile, at Kaiba Corp, Kaiba is at his desk working on his computer, when he receives a message on the intercom that someone has infiltrated the Kaiba Dome central computer system. (Japanese Kaiba doesn't receive a message. His computer suddenly begins displaying code, then shows the views from inside the Kaiba Dome. The top menu is removed from the computer screen in the US version, and so is the trash can at the lower right. The code is blurred so it can't be read.)

Kaiba asks how, as his computer screen shows the interior of the Kaiba Dome, with Yami on the duel platform and the others standing around. The voice says he doesn't know, but everyone inside is being held captive. Kaiba's first concern, naturally, is Mokuba.

(Cut from the US version is a scene showing Sieg watching the same scenes from the Kaiba Dome on his laptop. He notices that Yugi Mutou, the one who defeated Kaiba, is there, and thinks that it's interesting. Lifting a white rose, he thinks that it will be a preliminary entertainment. Then he hears a knock on his door, and tells his servants to come in. The maids remove Sieg's robe and dress him in his ruffly shirt and suit.)

As Zigfried walks toward the door of his castle between rows of bowing maids, his servant, Ludwig, wishes him a safe flight. Zigfried thanks him, orders Ludwig to make sure the swimming pool is filled with fresh milk on his return. It does wonders for his complexion. Zigfried steps outside, and says he sees he'll be taking the lavender jet today. Ludwig says he thought it matched his master's wardrobe quite nicely. (There's no conversation between Sieg and his servant in the Japanese. The maids all repeat, "Itte rashaimase, Sieg-sama," as he walks between them. This is a formal way of saying goodbye. Literally, it means, "Please go and return." Sieg's jet says "Schroider" on it, which has been removed from the US version.)

Back at the Kaiba Dome, the KC DuelTek 760 draws. (The cards showing in its hand are Jowgen the Spiritualist, Mirage of Nightmare, Airknight Parshath, and Cost Down.) It plays the magic card, Cost Down, reducing the level of each monster in its hand by two stars, so that it can summon Airknight Parshath (1900 ATK) without a sacrifice. (The Japanese computer notes that it must discard one card from its hand to activate Cost Down. The card it discards will turn out to be Sinister Serpent.) Next, it activates its trap card, Robbin' Goblin. As long as Robbin' Goblin remains on the field, Yami must discard a card from his hand every time a monster inflicts damage to his life points. The duel computer uses Airknight Parshath to destroy Petit Dragon. (The shot of Petit Dragon being sliced in half by Airknight Parshath's sword is obscured in the US version.)

Due to Airknight Parshath's effect, the difference between its attack points and Petit Dragon's defense points is deducted from Yami's life points, taking Yami down to 2800 life points. Airknight Parshath's effect also allows the computer to draw another card. Then, due to Robbin' Goblin's effect, Yami must discard, so he sends Sky Dragon to the graveyard. Finally, the computer attacks Yami directly with Berserk Gorilla, and Yami's down to 800 life points.

Téa asks Yugi if he's all right, and Tristan growls in frustration, saying they're off to a bad start! Joey shouts encouragement, and the children cry, while the computer reminds Yami of Robbin' Goblin's effect. Yami must discard another card. (This must be Luster Dragon #2.) Rick says if it weren't for his dragon deck, Yami would be winning. But Yami tells him to be patient—his deck is strong because it has heart, and nothing is more powerful than that. Rick asks if there's still a chance they can win, and Yami nods. But he thinks to himself that in order to unlock the true power of Rick's deck, he needs to draw the card he gave him.

Yami draws, and is surprised—and pleased—to see that Rick did have a magic card in his deck. So he summons Luster Dragon (1900 ATK) in attack mode, then plays Dragon Treasure, raising the attack and defense of every dragon on the field by 300 points. (The real Dragon Treasure is an equip card that raised the ATK and DEF of one Dragon on the field by 300 points.) Luster Dragon is now at 2200, strong enough to destroy Airknight Parshath and take the KC DuelTek 760's life points down to 3700. Joey cheers, and Tristan says he'll take good old-fashioned brains over microchips any day. (This shot of Leon and the other kids cheering is cut from the US version.)

Yami ends his turn.

The duel computer draws. (Now the cards in its hand are Jowgen the Spiritualist, Mirage of Nightmare, Battle Warrior, and Slate Warrior.) It returns Sinister Serpent to its hand from the graveyard. Next, it summons Slate Warrior (Newt) (1900 ATK). Joey wonders what the computer is doing, summoning a monster that's weaker than Yami's, and Tristan thinks it must have short-circuited after that last attack. But Rebecca says she doubts it, and tells them to watch.

Slate Warrior attacks Luster Dragon, destroying itself, and the computer is down to 3400 life points. But when Slate Warrior is destroyed in battle, its effect activates, lowering the attack and defense of the monster that destroyed it by 500 points. Luster Dragon's attack goes down to 1700. Now Berserk Gorilla can attack and destroy Luster Dragon, and Yami loses another 300 life points, taking him down to 500. Robbin' Goblin's effect activates, and Yami discards Twin-Headed Fire Dragon, leaving Baby Dragon the only card in his hand.

Tristan says this isn't good, and Duke says, if this keeps up, Yugi will lose all his best cards, and then it's all over! Tristan doesn't like Duke's attitude, and grabs him by the lapels, telling him, how about a little encouragement? (Cut from the US version is this scene where one of the kids asks Anzu if they're going to get out of there. She tells the girl not to worry, then tells Otogi and Honda to stop, because they're worrying the kids. Honda lets go of Otogi and they move apart, apologizing.)

The KC DuelTek 760 ends its turn. Yami draws, and summons Cave-Dwelling Dragon (2000 DEF) in defense. (The card's real name is The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave.) Joey says he'd like to see old motormouth get through that! The duel computer draws, then sacrifices Berserk Gorilla to summon Jinzo (2400 ATK). All trap cards are now useless, and Robbin' Goblin is destroyed.

Joey is astonished to see that the computer has Jinzo in its deck. Mokuba says he told him the computer has access to just about every card ever created! The computer uses Jinzo to destroy Yami's dragon.

Yami draws, and finally, he draws Heart of the Underdog, the card he gave Rick. (The Japanese card's name is "Bonkotsu no Iji," which means something like, "Obstinacy of the Ordinary Guy." "Bonkotsu," of course, is what Kaiba is always calling Jounouchi.) He tells Rick this will bring out the true strength of his deck. Téa asks what that card does, anyway, and Joey says, let's watch.

Yami summons Baby Dragon (700 DEF) in defense. (Okay, it's no big deal, but when they changed the card image to the US version, they also flipped the card to face the opposite direction. They often flip cards to look right-side up to the viewer, leaving them upside-down to the player, but in this case, they've turned the card upside-down to the viewer.)

Then he plays Heart of the Underdog. Joey doesn't get it, asking what's that dog under? Everyone laughs, and Tristan says that if anyone should know that card, it's Joey. Duke says they should just call it "Heart of the Wheeler." (Japanese Jounouchi says, "Bonkotsu... ?" Honda says that's similar to "someone," and Otogi says he knows who.) Rebecca cheers Yugi on, and Yami tells the computer it's its move.

The computer draws, and summons Sinister Serpent (300 ATK) in attack. It uses Jinzo to attack and destroy Baby Dragon, then attacks Yami directly with Sinister Serpent, taking Yami down to 200 life points. (That was dumb. If the computer had summoned Battle Warrior, with 700 attack points, instead of Sinister Serpent, it would have won the duel. The shot of Sinister Serpent biting Yami's arm is obscured in the US version.)

The computer ends its turn.

Yami says it's time to end this. He draws, and activates Heart of the Underdog's effect. If the card he draws is a monster, he can draw another card. He's drawn Curse of Dragon, so he draws another card, Koumori Dragon. It's also a monster, so he can draw again. He draws Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress, then Crawling Dragon, then Blackland Fire Dragon, and finally, Spirit Ryu. (Japanese Yami also draws Diamond Dragon, or Hyozanryu, after Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress, for a total of seven dragons, including Spirit Ryu.)

Yami summons Spirit Ryu (1000 ATK) in attack mode. He attacks Jinzo. (This close-up of Yami as he explains Spirit Ryu's effect is cut from the US version.)

Then he activates Spirit Ryu's effect, increasing its attack by 1000 points for every dragon he discards from his hand. He has six dragon cards, and he discards them all, raising Spirit Ryu's attack to 7000. Jinzo is destroyed, and the KC DuelTek 760's life points are wiped out.

The lights come on, and the stadium doors open. Everyone cheers, and Leon says he knew Yugi would save them! Tristan claims that he did, too, while Rebecca says, yeah, right.

Yami and Rick come down from the dueling platform, and Yami hands Rick back his deck, telling him that it was his passion for his cards that saved them. The kids gather around Rick, trying to trade for his dragon cards, and Yugi and Yami smile at each other.

Aboard his jet, Zigfried watches the action in the stadium on a computer screen, saying that this duel was merely one rose in his garden of mayhem. (Japanese Sieg says it was no wonder Yugi defeated Kaiba.)

Outside the Kaiba Dome, parents are collecting their children. Yami and the others come outside, Joey exclaiming that the good guys win again! Rick thanks Yami for the card, saying he'll take good care of it, then he runs off to his parents.

Joey reminds Yami that he said that the Heart of the Underdog card reminds him of someone. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Yugi why he has that card.) Yami hesitates, while spirit Yugi plays it cool. Yami winks at Joey, then suddenly switches with Yugi, leaving a blushing Yugi in charge. Yugi yells at Yami while spirit Yami pretends not to hear. Joey asks, well? and hooks his elbow around Yugi's neck, saying that everyone else seems to think it's Joey who reminds Yugi of this underdog....

Yugi tries to think of the best way to put it. He says the card makes him think of Joey because even when the odds are against him, he always pulls through. Tristan says he can see Joey's business cards now: Joey Wheeler, Executive Underdog. (Japanese Yugi says he just thought it would be a useful card, but he does think it's a little bit like Jounouchi. Honda says, see, a "bonkotsu" can be useful.) Joey starts to yell at Tristan.

Meanwhile, a Kaiba Corp helicopter lands nearby, and a worried Kaiba leaps out, calling for Mokuba. Mokuba runs up to him, and he asks if everything's all right. Joey, followed by the rest of the gang, runs up behind Mokuba, telling Kaiba that he's a bit late to save the day—Yugi already did that. But now that Kaiba's here, he can fix that computer. Kaiba tells him to settle down, and calls him an underdog. ("Bonkotsu" in the Japanese.) The others laugh, while Joey fumes.

Kaiba says there's nothing wrong with the computer—it's the hacker who broke in who's the wacko. Mokuba asks who it was, but Kaiba doesn't know. He says there's a long list of suspects. Kaiba Corp has its share of enemies, but he vows that the punk will be found and punished. Meanwhile, he orders Roland to triple security for the tournament registration that night. Roland rushes off to do his master's bidding. Kaiba goes on to say that anyone who's late for registration will be disqualified, and tells Mokuba to make sure Wheeler's late. Joey's fairly sure he's been insulted, and yells at Kaiba as he walks away. (Japanese Kaiba tells them all to hang out if they like, and tells Mokuba he'll leave it to him. Jounouchi complains that Kaiba shouldn't be so proud—his tournament wouldn't be anything without them.)

That night, they arrive at a ritzy party Kaiba's holding for the tournament registration. (The Japanese building is "Hotel Kaiba.")

Yugi asks Mokuba who all the people are. Mokuba says they're trying to create a big buzz about the tournament, so they invited all the newspapers and television networks. Tristan pops in front of one of the news cameras to wave hello to the world. Joey pulls him away, to introduce himself to the cameras as Joey Wheeler, two-time finalist, only to have Duke walk in front of him, saying he thinks it's obvious who they all came to see. (Japanese Honda says, "Shizuka-chan, are you watching?" Jounouchi pulls him away to say, "Shizuka, it's your brother." Otogi says they're like naughty boys.)

Rebecca, meanwhile, is enjoying the food, until a woman in a Chinese dress bumps into her. She tells Rebecca that the kiddie park is closed, and Rebecca angrily asks if she wants a piece of her. Téa asks Rebecca what's wrong, and Rebecca points to the woman, who runs past them both to excitedly introduce herself Yugi, saying she'd recognize that adorable spiky hair anywhere. Her name is Vivian Wong, but she tells Yugi to call her Viv, winking at him while he blushes. Rebecca tells Vivian to let go of Yugi, but she goes right on telling him that just because they'll be archrivals when the competition starts, doesn't mean they can't be buddies off the playing field. She flings her arms around Yugi's neck, while Rebecca and Téa steam, and Joey, Tristan and Duke boggle.

Rebecca tells Vivian to let Yugi come up for air, and Vivian promptly lets him go—having spotted Seto Kaiba across the room. Vivian runs off, yoo-hooing to Kaiba.

Then Leon greets Yugi, who asks what Leon's doing there. Turns out Leon's in the KC Grand Championship, too. He says it's been his dream to duel Yugi ever since Duelist Kingdom. Yugi says it could happen. (Japanese Yugi says that if that happens, they'll both do their best.)

Kaiba tells Roland it's time to get started. Roland says they're still waiting for one more challenger. Zigfried has just entered the room, rose in his hand. Kaiba says the latecomer is disqualified, and Roland stammers, but then Zigfried greets Kaiba, apologizing for his tardiness, saying that traffic was a nightmare. Then he introduces himself as Zigfried. Kaiba says he doesn't care who Zigfried is—he should show some respect. Zigfried just chuckles to himself. (Japanese Kaiba speaks to Isono while glaring at Sieg, telling him that now that all the duelists are there, he should begin. Sieg smiles.)

The lights dim, and Roland takes the stage to announce the beginning of the most prestigious Duel Monsters tournament in history, the Kaiba Corp Grand Championship! Joey tells Yugi it's time to strut their stuff, and Yugi switches with Yami to join the tournament participants on-stage. Cameras flash as the press photograph the row of duelists, and Roland introduces them.

First up is the new boy wonder of dueling, the prodigy who has yet to be defeated, Leon Wilson! Joey and Yami look on in surprise, and Joey says, who knew that kid was such a big shot?

Next up is a robed fortuneteller, Fortune Salim, then a cowboy with a guitar slung across his back, Shane Jordan. Next is a Siberian muscle man, Sergei Ivanoff, and a man with a deerstalker cap and pipe, Detective Paul McGregor. He's startled off the stage by a strange-looking wild child with a monkey on his shoulder, Abe the Monkey Man. Seventh is a man in surgical scrubs, flanked by two nurses, Dr. Richard Goat, and eighth is a boy with a magic wand and cape, Balfry Ginger.

Next is an illusionist in a yellow suit, Totani Ialos, who produces a live dove in his hands, followed by Road Warrior-ish Australian, Ethan Shark. The eleventh duelist is a robed swami, Jafar Shin, and twelfth is the woman who tangled with Rebecca earlier, Vivian Wong. Thirteenth is the youngest regional champion, Rebecca Hawkins, who exchanges a sharp glance with Vivian. Fourteenth is our own Joey Wheeler, the overwhelming underdog. Joey collapses in frustration at the introduction, then demands a little respect. Fifteenth is the mysterious masked duelist, who bears a strange resemblance to Grandpa Mutou, Apnarg Otom (Mask the Rock). Yugi and Yami stare at him, wonderingly.

The sixteenth challenger is the stylish Zigfried Lloyd. Girls scream and sigh as he tosses his rose to the audience, while Kaiba frowns. (Japanese Kaiba says "Hmph.")

And the final duelist is the World Champion, Yugi Mutou. Whoever wins the sixteen-player elimination competition will go on to face Yugi for the International Duel Monsters Championship crown! (Cut from the US version is this shot of Yami looking around, surprised, when he hears that he's to duel the winner of the tournament. No one had told him that before!)

Joey tells Yugi that this looks like the toughest bunch of competitors they've ever faced. (Japanese Jounouchi is also surprised that only the winner of the tournament can duel Yugi.) Leon agrees. Roland announces that to ensure fair play, match pairings will be randomly chosen by computer, just before every duel. Yami notes that this means they won't have time to prepare for their opponents ahead of time. Joey says it means that none of the others will have a chance to prepare for him, either. Cameras flash again as Roland wishes all the duelists the best of luck. Only one of them will be the World Champion Duelist!

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