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Episode 185: Unwanted Guest, Part 1 (KC Grand Prix Opens)

Yugi and his friends are camped in a meadow beside a lake in Professor Hawkins' trailer. Tristan and Duke sleep in bunk beds, while Joey lies sprawled across the bench seat at the table, snoring.

Rebecca wakes them by clanging a ladle on the bottom of a cast-iron frying pan. Joey leaps up, falling from the seat, while Duke bangs his head on the bunk above him, and Tristan leans out of the top bunk, wide-eyed. Téa comes in to join the smiling Rebecca, telling the guys that all they do is eat and sleep. Joey wants to know what her point is, and Duke asks what's for breakfast. Joey tells them to wake him up when it's chow time, and yawns, preparing to go back to sleep.

But then Rebecca asks where Yugi is. His spot on the couch is empty. Joey says he took off, and Tristan adds that he hates when Yugi does that.

Yugi walks along a path through the woods. (Cut from the US version is this shot of a fish jumping in the lake.)

He stops at the edge of the lake to stretch, grateful for some peace and quiet. Yami appears beside him in spirit form, saying that they need this, and Yugi agrees. But Yami looks a little concerned, and Yugi asks if something's on his mind.

Yami says that every time they restore peace to the world, it seems that a greater evil is waiting for them. (Japanese Yami says that he can't forget everyone who was involved in their battle, and the Duel Monsters' world. This shot of spirit Yami saying that Yugi has suffered a lot because of him is cut from the US version.)

Yugi tells him to look on the bright side—every battle they fight together brings them one step closer to finding out the secrets of Yami's past. (Japanese Yugi says that when they get back to Japan, the Pharaoh's memory can be unsealed.) Yugi takes out his dueling deck, and holds up the three Egyptian God cards, finally back in their deck. It's time to pick up where they left off, he says. As soon as they get back home, they'll go back to the history museum, and get some answers. (Japanese Yugi says he doesn't know what will happen then, but no matter what happens, he'll never forget the happy memories or the painful memories he shares with Yami. These are his most important memories.)

Then Téa and Rebecca find Yugi and call out to him. Yami disappears, as Yugi turns to his friends. Rebecca flings herself onto Yugi, knocking him onto the ground, while Téa twitches furiously. Rebecca declares that she was more worried about Yugi than Téa was, and he thanks her—he thinks—and asks if they can get up now. Still twitching, Téa says that everyone's waiting. Yugi glances at the spirit and smiles.

Back at the trailer, they all sit at a camp table eating breakfast, and Joey tells Professor Hawkins he makes a mean dish of pasta. The professor tells them there's a lot more where that came from if they want to stay. Yugi thanks him, but says they should be getting back home. (Japanese Professor Hopkins asks Yugi what his plans are, and he says he wants to return to Japan.) Rebecca is horrified, asking how he can leave when they haven't even gone out on a date yet! Duke agrees—not about the date, but that it's too soon to leave. (Japanese Rebecca urges Yugi to stay for a vacation, and Otogi says he'll be their tour guide.) Tristan also thinks they should stay and relax for once, and Joey says that if every meal is like this, he's moving in with the professor. And Téa tells Yugi that it is kind of nice here.

Before Yugi can answer, the phone rings inside the trailer, and Professor Hawkins goes to answer it. He responds in shock to what the person on the phone tells him.

Meanwhile, Joey asks Yugi for one good reason why they should go. Yugi just looks down and mumbles, but Téa has it figured out—he needs to get back to help the Pharaoh. Tristan understands, and Téa adds that Yugi has important stuff to deal with. Then Yami appears beside Yugi to tell him that he's waited five thousand years to find out about his past—he doesn't think another day or two will hurt. Thanking Yami, Yugi tells the guys that they should stick around. Joey calls dibs on the lounge chair, while Duke claims the hammock.

Soon everyone is lounging by the lake. Téa asks the guys if they don't get tired of being tired. Joey says that's why they need a nap. Rebecca is snuggled up next to Yugi at the water's edge, holding his arm, asking if he thinks it's romantic, while he fidgets and blushes. Téa says that's enough vacationing for her, and Duke asks them when their flight home is.

Joey and Tristan, Téa and Yugi all look up, suddenly realizing, as Joey points out, that Pegasus flew them there, and they can't afford flights home. Horrified, Tristan wonders why Joey didn't think of this before. Joey points out that it didn't occur to Tristan, either, and Yugi wonders, now what?

Rebecca is happy enough to think that Yugi will have to stay, but Téa tells her not to count on it. Just then, a sudden wind blows through the trees, and they look up to see the Kaiba Corp helicopter about to land in their meadow.

Soon, they're greeted by Mokuba and Roland. Mokuba says they look like they could use a lift, and offers them a ride, which they gladly accept. But there's a catch—in exchange for the door-to-door service, they'll have to enter his brother's new dueling tournament.

They adjourn back to the camp table by the trailer, and Mokuba asks if they've heard of the Kaibas' new theme park. Rebecca says it's been in every paper, and Mokuba says then they know it's about to open, and his brother wants to kick things off with a bang.

In flashback, Kaiba stands at the window of his office, telling Mokuba and Roland that, thanks to Dartz, the reputation of their company is shot. He turns to Roland, telling him it's up to him to fix it. (Japanese Isono tells Kaiba that he's sorry, but they've done their best. Kaiba says he's tired of always hearing the same answer, and wants results. Isono nervously says yes.) Later, while Kaiba sits at his computer, Mokuba says he has an idea. They should plan a big event to celebrate Kaiba Land's grand opening. Kaiba agrees, and, as he flips through a card database on his computer, he says he thinks he knows what—the ultimate tournament. (Japanese Mokuba asks Kaiba if they've gotten all their stock back from Doma. Kaiba says yes, but Kaiba Corp's reputation has suffered since the incidents, and the price of their stock is low. Kaiba's computer screen is changed in the US to show a series of cards and their ATK and DEF, rather than graphs and charts. I don't know if you can see this in the screencaps, but the icons along the upper right-hand side of the screen are the backs of little Duel Monsters cards.)

Mokuba says they'll gather the greatest duelists from around the world and let them play for the championship title. It will be the biggest thing since Battle City. (Japanese Mokuba says that when their tournament begins, the public's attention will turn to it, and the rumors will end.)

Kaiba tells Roland to update the tournament contracts. Roland asks what he plans to call the new tournament. Kaiba sits back with a satisfied smile, and says to call it the Kaiba Corp Grand Championship. (It's KC Grand Prix in the Japanese.) Mokuba tells Roland to fire up the chopper—it's time to track down the best duelists in the world. (Japanese Kaiba asks Isono how the Internet registrations are doing. Isono says they're under way, and asks if Kaiba thinks those they've invited will come. Kaiba says there's no doubt. They haven't paid their debts yet. Isono says he'll handle it, and Mokuba says he'll go, too. He tells Kaiba to leave it to him—he'll get them to come.)

Back at the camp table, Mokuba tells the gang that Kaiba expects to see them right away. But Joey protests that he might want to try asking them first. Kaiba's not the boss of him. Tristan points out that since they can't get home without him, he does seem to have the upper hand. But Duke says Kaiba should have the decency to come and ask them for himself.

Mokuba looks a little guilty, but tells them that his brother is really busy right now. In fact, Kaiba's so wrapped up in his job that he won't even be participating in his own tournament. Yugi says that doesn't seem like Kaiba, but Joey thinks Kaiba's afraid of getting his butt kicked in public again. One more humiliating defeat, and his reputation would really be shot. Slamming his fist on the table, Mokuba insists that's not fair. He says his brother can't duel, he has too much to do, and tells Joey to try opening up a chain of amusement parks. It wasn't an easy decision for his brother to make. (Japanese Mokuba says his brother is doing this for their Kaiba Land dream.)

Yugi tries to placate Mokuba, while Téa yells at Joey, who allows that maybe he did get a little carried away.

Mokuba's ready to get down to business. He explains that they're inviting the top-ranked duelists from all over the globe to battle each other for a shot at the World Championship title. But to do that, they need the World Champ. Yugi asks Yami if they should do it, and Yami nods, so Yugi tells Mokuba to count him in. Joey says if Yugi's in, so is he, and Rebecca also joins in, saying that where Yugi goes, she goes. (Japanese Rebecca says that, as the US champion, she's qualified to enter.)

Mokuba says he was told to invite all three of them. He has tickets for Yugi, Rebecca, and Joey, and the next flight for Kaiba Land is boarding now!

Meanwhile, the scene shifts to a castle in a far-off wooded land. (Cut from the US version are these interior shots of the castle, where a woman plays harp while a man lounges in his bath. A servant, addressing the bathing man as "Sieg-sama," comes to tell Sieg he's received new mail. Sieg gets up from his bath, puts on a robe, and walks toward the edge of the bath.)

A man walks out onto a balcony towards a lounge chair and table, with servants standing by. He speaks with a German accent, saying that his "dear friend" Kaiba is throwing another tournament—how charming. He sits in the lounge chair, and presses a key on the laptop sitting on the table. (The Japanese laptop screen reads "Schroider" across the rose.)

He pulls up an image of Kaiba. But, he adds, picking a rose from a bouquet, every rose has its thorn. He tells Kaiba to be careful, for even the most delicate flower can be quite dangerous. (Japanese Sieg says "KC Grand Prix...." and wonders if Kaiba thinks this will be the elixir to revive his company. The Japanese laptop screen has "Kaiba Corporation" scrolling across the top, and "Select Menu Please..." flashing at the bottom.)

Slapping the rose against the laptop screen, he says he wouldn't want Kaiba to hurt himself—leave that to him. (Japanese Sieg just laughs.)

The Kaiba Corp helicopter flies over Kaiba Land, with Joey and Tristan, Mokuba and Duke staring out the windows. Joey exclaims that it's huge, and Mokuba cheerfully tells him that they plan to open tons of these, all around the world. Téa says it looks like they've got every ride ever invented, and Rebecca, still clinging to Yugi, hopes they've got a Tunnel of Love. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Anzu glares at Rebecca and Yugi, thinking that she wants to be with Yugi. She briefly imagines herself with the other Yugi, then looks up, embarrassed.)

The helicopter lands, and they enter the park, where Joey is startled to come face-to-face with a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Tristan has to reassure him that it's a statue. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Jounouchi asks Mokuba whether Mai was invited. Mokuba says she was on the list to be invited, but they don't know where she is. Yugi says Jounouchi's name sympathetically, but Jounouchi turns to him with a smile, saying she must be fighting with spirit somewhere, and Yugi agrees.)

Kids buy Kuriboh balloons from Kaiba Land employees dressed as Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. (The building they're standing in front of says "Magic House" in the Japanese.)

They watch as kids ride a merry-go-round of Kuriboh and Scapegoats, while others ride a Blue-Eyes White Dragon roller-coaster. Téa says she thought the park hadn't opened yet, and Mokuba explains that these are special guests—and every ride is free today. Joey and Tristan gleefully plan to Tilt-A-Whirl till they hurl, while Téa groans that she needs some female friends.

Finally, Mokuba leads them to the Kaiba Dome, a huge structure shaped like the head of a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, with its fangs forming columns in front of the entrance. (The Japanese building says "Kaiba Dome" between the dragon's teeth.)

Gobsmacked by the huge dragon-shaped building, Joey says they're not dealing with normal people here. Duke agrees.

Inside, Mokuba says it's the world's largest indoor stadium, with their new state-of-the-art Duel Monsters platform. (Japanese Mokuba says the duels will be televised worldwide, so the duelists had better not embarrass themselves.) They find a duel in progress, with the boy on one side ordering his monster (it's Gagagigo, 1850 ATK) to attack the opponent's Blade Knight (1600 ATK) and destroy it. The opponent, a computerized duelist called the KC DuelTek 760, activates its magic card, Scapegoat, creating four goat tokens on the field. The boy thinks that move makes no sense—why activate Scapegoat now? Joey tells Mokuba his state-of-the-art computer just made a mistake, but Mokuba tells him to just watch. Yugi has a feeling the computer's face-down card is a trap, and sure enough, the KC DuelTek 760 next activates DNA Surgery, turning every monster on the field into a dragon. The computer's Battle Ox and all the little Scapegoats become dragons, and so does the boy's Gagagigo. Now the computer plays Polymerization, fusing all five of its monsters to form the Five-Headed Dragon (Five God Dragon) (5000 ATK). (This shot of the boy's friends watching from below is cut from the US version.)

Joey says there's no way that kid can beat the digital duelist now, and Mokuba agrees, not a chance. The computer was programmed to mimic the strategies of the world's best duelists. They've imported Seto's deck, and Yugi's. Joey says that it must have his, too, and Tristan says that's so it can lose, too, just to be fair. Joey doesn't appreciate that. (Japanese Mokuba says the computer has his brother's deck, and Yugi's and Jounouchi's, too. Jounouchi says, his deck is in there? Honda says that with Jounouchi's data, the computer has to rely on luck.)

Téa asks what fun it is to duel against a computer that always wins, and Mokuba says that the players can choose one of five levels, from beginner to expert. Yugi thinks it's an awesome way for kids to practice dueling and improve their skills, and Yami agrees that with a few more duels like this, Luke could be a world champ. (Japanese Yugi says it's interesting—they could duel against themselves. Yami agrees.)

The Five-Headed Dragon attacks, destroying the boy's monster and wiping out the rest of his life points. Disappointed, Luke descends from the dueling platform to his friends. One of them tells him he put up a good fight, he just set his level too high. Then one of the kids recognizes Yugi, and they all run to get autographs. The kid who told Luke he put up a good fight introduces himself to Yugi as Leon, saying he's been a fan of Yugi's since Duelist Kingdom. Embarrassed, Yugi shakes his hand and says hi, while other kids crowd around Rebecca, getting her autograph. Joey asks if anyone wants his autograph, saying he was a Battle City finalist, but no one knows who he is. As Tristan teasingly asks if he knows Joey, Joey complains that he gets no respect.

Another boy, Rick, asks Yugi to take a look at his deck, saying that no matter what he does, he can't seem to win a duel. Yugi fans out the cards, which are all monsters. Joey says he sees the problem—all Rick has are dragon cards. Rick says dragons are his favorite, but Rebecca says he'll never win with this deck. Yugi says it's obvious Rick values his cards, and that respect is going to take him far. But he also needs to balance his deck with magic and trap cards. Yugi gives him a card, Heart of the Underdog, saying it reminds him of a good friend. Joey asks who the card reminds Yugi of, but Yugi says he'll tell him later. (Japanese Yugi gives Rick the card, saying it will help him. Jounouchi asks what card it is, and Yugi just shrugs.)

Rick says he's going to test it out now, and runs back to the dueling platform. Mokuba advises him not to set the level too high, and Rick chooses Level Two.

Meanwhile, in his castle, the German says it looks like his plan is in full bloom. Sniffing a rose, he says it's the sweet smell of revenge, and activates a program on his laptop computer. (Japanese Sieg says, "Let's say hello.")

Back at the stadium, the duel is about to begin, when suddenly the power goes out. Joey jokes about the Kaiba boys forgetting to pay their electric bill, and Rebecca says there must still be some kinks in the system. Running to the dueling platform, Mokuba says that's impossible. Working on the controls at the side of the platform, he tells everyone to stay calm. The platform lights back up—but at the same time, the stadium's emergency exits all close. They're trapped!

The computer's voice changes, and it announces that it's altering its original sequence. Mokuba continues to work frantically at the controls, but it's not responding. Rebecca takes over, plugging her laptop into the duel platform's controls. (The numbers are removed from the keypad in the US version.)

Just as she suspected, she says, the computer is being controlled by an outside party. (Japanese Rebecca says the program is locked, and linked to the duel computer.)

Mokuba protests, why would someone do this? It's just an amusement park attraction. Rebecca says they're probably using it to get something they want from the Kaibas. (Japanese Mokuba asks how it's possible—that computer is used only for duels. It shouldn't be connected to the building's systems. Rebecca says someone has hacked into the system and reprogrammed it.) Joey and Tristan are about to go tear the computerized duelist to shreds, but Duke warns them if they do that, they might never get out of there. Rebecca says that the only way out of there is to defeat that computer in a duel. So, Téa says, their fate is in the hands of that kid up there. The computer announces that it's time to duel.

Rick calls for help, saying he can't do this alone, as the computer summons Berserk Gorilla (2000 ATK). The computer adds one face-down card and ends its turn. Then Yugi notices that the computer has reset the duel to Level Five, the toughest level. Rick thinks he's toast, and Mokuba agrees that Rick will never survive Level Five—he's just a beginner. (The computer screen is changed in the US version to show a picture of the duel computer instead of the abbreviation, "COM.")

Yami takes over and leaps up onto the platform beside Rick, saying he'll take it from there. Rick says it's cool. Yami says he'll bring Rick's deck to victory, but he has to have faith. Everyone cheers them on, and Yami says he doesn't know who's behind this, but whoever it is must be stopped.

It's Yami's turn.

To Be Continued

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