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Episode 184: Rise of the Great Beast, Part 2 (Walking in the Light)

(Cut from the US version at beginning of this episode is a repeat of the ending of the previous episode, in which Yami calls out, "Come! I'll shoulder all your hatred and anger," and the Great Leviathan attacks Yami, trapping him within a whirlwind of darkness.)

From a distance, Atlantis can be seen, with the black whirlwind shooting up into the sky. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Honda, Mokuba, and Anzu watching from Dartz's island.)

As Yami stands trapped within the black whirlwind, Dartz calls for the Great Leviathan to crush the Pharaoh with his own darkness. Yugi tries to run to Yami, yelling at Dartz to let him go, but Yami turns to Yugi, telling him to stay back. This is Yami's fight now. He must prove that his rage is gone. (Japanese Yami tells Yugi, this is his fight. It's a fight of justice and belief.)

Yugi stops, remembering trying and failing to stop Yami from playing the Seal of Orichalcos. (In the Japanese flashback, after Yugi told Yami he couldn't use the Seal of Orichalcos, Yami replied with those same words: "This is my fight. It's a fight of justice and belief." Bits of the flashback are changed in the US version, but it's basically the same scene.) Yami says that when he played that card, he unlocked the evil in his heart. Ever since then, he's been fighting the anger within him, and now it's destroying him. Yugi protests that Yami stopped it—didn't he? But Yami says no. Facing Yugi in a duel was the first step, but there's a long way to go. The power of the darkness knows no bounds. (Japanese Yami tells Yugi this fight is different. Someday, he'll have to say goodbye to Yugi. They'll have to be independent. And now, his battlefield is ahead of him. Yugi says, "My other self..." Yami says that what he gains in this battle, and the mission falling on him, is the will of everyone.)

Yami remembers meeting Yugi's spirit in Ironheart's valley. There, he told Yugi that without Yugi's light, he was becoming evil. But Yugi told Yami to be a man and face him in a duel. Yami won the duel, and ran to Yugi, horrified. But Yugi told him that he passed the test—by defeating Yugi, he was able to defeat the darkness inside his heart. (Japanese Yugi told Yami that no matter how he suffers, he must not be confused. He's not alone. Believe in his friends. The monsters are always with him. Even if they're apart, Yugi will always be with him. This flashback is changed around, too, but it's basically the same events. I'm not going to screencap it, because it's all been seen in the US version.)

The shadowy form of the Great Leviathan roars as Yami struggles inside the whirlwind. Yugi calls out to Yami to be strong, and focus on the good inside him, and to think of his friends. Yami realizes that as long as he's filled with the light of friendship, Dartz can't win. (Japanese Yugi calls out to his other self. Yami says it's not over yet. There's something in his mind that can't be burned out.) He remembers his duel with Dartz, when Dartz tried to convince him to surrender by telling him he was all alone. He'd nearly succumbed, when the light of friendship in his heart protected him from the Orichalcos. (The Japanese flashback shows Ironheart, Chris, and Sky being destroyed by the Orichalcos, then Jounouchi lying against the fence, soulless, after his duel with Mai, and Rafael and Kaiba losing their souls.)

(Then, it continues with the flashback of Dartz trying to convince Yami to surrender. Again, the bits and pieces are changed around in the US version, but it's the same scene.)

Now, Yami stands within the whirlwind and says that, thanks to his friends, he has enough power to banish the darkness. With the power of everyone in his heart, he'll seal the Great Leviathan away. (Japanese Yami says that the memory container inside him will never disappear. He calls out for the darkness of this planet to disappear into his container.)

Lightning flashes, and the sky grows dark. Dartz calls for the Great Leviathan to vanquish the Pharaoh's spirit for all eternity. Yugi tells Yami to get out while he still can, but Yami says Yugi must trust him. (Dartz doesn't say anything in the Japanese. Yugi calls out to his "other self," and Yami yells wordlessly.) The Leviathan roars—then shrinks into the whirlwind, disappearing into a tiny spark of light.

(Cut from the US version is this shot of the Statue of Liberty being covered in shadow as the tidal wave approaches, then the wave suddenly fades away.)

Aboard the aircraft carrier, one of the men says that the hurricane is gone. And, in the desert, Duke, Rebecca, and Professor Hawkins watch the shafts of sunlight break through the clouds.

The clouds break up and the sun shines on Atlantis, and Yugi tells Yami he did it. Yami grows weak and falls, but Yugi runs to catch him, asking if he's all right. Smiling, Yami says he's fine. The Great Leviathan is gone. And Yugi says it's over now.

Then they see Dartz lying on the ground. A bright light forms before him, and Ironheart, Chris, and Sky appear. Dartz looks up at his family in astonishment, and they help him to sit up. Chris says her father is back, and Ironheart adds that he has the Pharaoh to thank—Yami drove out the evil force that controlled Dartz. Yami says that he knew that deep down, Dartz was a noble ruler. (Japanese Yami says, "Dartz.") Dartz, whose right eye has returned to its original golden color, smiles, and Chris adds that Dartz was a great father. Ironheart tells Yami his work here is complete, and he may now go in peace. (Japanese Chris thanks Yugi for saving her father. Ironheart says thank you, and tells Yami to go back to his own world. A new future is waiting for him at that door.)

Yami and Yugi look behind themselves, and see the portal through which they can return to their own world. But, Yugi asks, what about Ironheart and the others? He says they'll be all right—for the first time in centuries, and Yami says, let's go home. With their arms around each other, Yami and Yugi walk through the portal.

Chris tells Dartz that they should go, too. They have a lot of catching up to do. (Japanese Chris says mother is waiting for them.) He nods, smiling.

Atlantis starts to descend back into the sea, raising a huge wave as it hits the surface. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the wave, and Dartz's island with Atlantis sinking in the background.)

Kaiba runs out of Dartz's temple, calling to Mokuba to start the engines of the helicopter. They have to get out of there. Joey is right behind Kaiba, panting for breath, but Anzu says they can't leave without Yugi. Kaiba and Joey look back at the temple—Yugi didn't come out with them. (The approaching tidal wave is removed from this long shot of the gang in the US version.)

But Mokuba says time's running out, and Kaiba agrees they can't wait. Joey tries to run back into the temple, but Tristan grabs him around the waist and stops him. Joey says he's not leaving without Yugi, but Tristan says they have to trust that he found a way out on his own. Frustrated, Joey shouts Yugi's name, but the helicopter leaves without him, as Dartz's island sinks into the sea. (This close-up of the tidal wave crashing into the island is cut from the US version.)

Aboard the helicopter, Kaiba says good riddance to the island, but Mokuba says he hopes Yugi wasn't in there. Joey sits with his head down, while Téa stares sadly into space. She says she does, too. (Japanese Kaiba and Mokuba don't speak. Anzu says, "Yugi.")

Meanwhile, in a hospital room in the city (the words "CENTRAL HOSPITAL" are removed from the building in the US version),

Weevil wakes up, asking for his mommy. In the next bed, Rex wakes up, too, wondering where he is. Horrified, Rex asks Weevil what he's doing in Rex's bedroom, but Weevil points out that it's a hospital. Weevil says he knows whose fault this is. Rex thinks it's Joey's, while Weevil thinks, Yugi's. Together, they say, "You'll pay for this!" They both jump out of bed and run away down the hall.

As they go, they pass another room, in which Alister is just waking up. He sits up, wondering where he is, then sees the Dyna Dude figure lying on the bed beside his pillow. He picks it up, remembering his little brother telling him that soon the real Dyna Dude will show up and beat up all the bad guys. But then their refugee camp was attacked by the tanks, and Mikey was gone. (Japanese Alister remembers telling Kaiba about the toy, and saying that Kaiba's company killed his brother, then Kaiba saying that no matter what, he wouldn't let his brother die.)

Alister's tears fall on the Dyna Dude figure, then he stands up, vowing he won't stop looking until he finds his brother. (Japanese Alister tells his brother that he'll live on.)

Meanwhile, the sun is setting on a house by the sea. (The word "Jeep" is removed from the vehicle's wheel cover in the US version.)

Valon is waking in his bed. He looks around, says he's home, and wonders if it was all a dream. He remembers being defeated by Joey, and saying goodbye to Mai, telling her he now understands why Joey means so much to her. Then he remembers telling Joey to save Mai as the Orichalcos takes his soul. (The Japanese flashback shows more of Jounouchi and Valon's duel.)

As he sits up in bed, a Duel Monsters card falls to the floor. It's Cyber Harpie, one of Mai's cards. The bed next to his is empty. Going out onto the balcony with the card, he looks away into the sunset, telling Mai he'll never forget her, and thanking her. (Japanese Valon asks Mai if she's leaving.)

Mai is on her motorcycle, driving away down the beach, thinking that she's glad that mess is over. Now, to pick up the pieces. She remembers meeting Dartz, and being given the power of the Orichalcos, then dueling Joey, first at the Industrial Illusions building and again in the empty lot, where he lost his soul. (Japanese Mai remembers Valon losing to Jounouchi, and telling him, didn't he say he never fights for others, only for himself? That's why he lost. Then Jounouchi told her he'd learned from dueling with Valon. They'd communicated not with words, but with their fists. He accepted Valon's good will, and now he wants to duel with Mai, in order to convey his will to her. Then she remembers defeating Jounouchi.)

Now, she thinks that she can't face Joey yet, so she's going to hit the road until she's ready to own up to everything she's done. But she'll be back. (Japanese Mai speaks to Jounouchi and Valon, telling them she'll be qualified as an excellent duelist, and then she'll come back again.)

On a small deserted island, Yugi lies unconscious on the shore, waves lapping at his feet. A voice calls his name, telling him to wake up. (There's no voice in the Japanese.) His eyes open, and he gets up, asking Yami if he has any idea where they are. Yami says it seems they washed up on shore—but he wonders how. Someone must have guided them there.

An aurora glows in the sky above them, and Dark Magician Girl, with the three Legendary Knights, appear before them. Dark Magician Girl says that they are forever in Yugi and Yami's debt. They've saved the human world and hers, as well. The Dominion of the Beasts can once again flourish, and the Legendary Knights can continue to protect their land. (Japanese Black Magician Girl says that she'll bring the souls who were released from the Orichalcos back with her. They'll build a world together with the Duel Monsters.) Yugi says he's just glad they could help. Timaeus thanks them both, saying they fought bravely. Hermos says Yugi and Yami will never be forgotten, and Critius adds, for as long as the Knights reign. Yami says they couldn't have done it without the Legendary Knights. In the face of ultimate darkness, their courage sparked a light so strong, it will burn for all eternity.

The Knights nod to one another, then fly away into the lights. Dark Magician Girl says that the time may come when they need each other again. If so, she winks, they know where she'll be. Right there in their deck. Then she turns and flies after the Knights. (Japanese Black Magician Girl says to Yami, "Master...." then she pauses, and winks, saying, "No, it's nothing. Goodbye.")

The Kaiba Corp helicopter flies overhead. Standing at the window, Téa says that those weird lights are back. Joey sees the Legendary Knights and Dark Magician Girl flying away, and says that explains why. Téa says they must be going home, now that their world is safe again. Joey holds up his Hermos card, and it dissolves in his hand. Kaiba pulls out his Critius card, and it, too, disintegrates. He smiles, saying no big deal—his deck's still unstoppable. (Japanese Kaiba says, was it just a dream?)

Then Téa points out Yugi standing on the shore of the island below. Tristan exclaims, it's Yugi! And on the island, Yugi tells Yami that the gang made it out.

The helicopter lands on the island, and Joey joyfully greets his little pal with noogies, saying he's never letting this spikey head out of his sight. Téa asks if it's really all over, and Yugi, surrounded by his friends, says they're safe now. From the door of the helicopter, Mokuba, standing with Kaiba and Rafael, calls out to Yugi. Joey runs back to the helicopter, saying he's sure there's someone else trying to take over the world back home. As they follow, Tristan tells Téa, the scary thing is, Joey's probably right. (Japanese Jounouchi tells everyone to come on, or they'll leave them there. Honda says Jounouchi's overexcited—he's been that way since he learned Yugi was safe. Jounouchi tells him to shut up.)

Yugi starts to follow, then turns to see Yami still standing on the shore, staring out to sea. Calling to Téa that he'll be right there, he watches Yami, thinking that they may have stopped Dartz, but the Pharaoh's not done yet. Now he has to pick up where he left off before all this craziness started. The biggest adventure of all is still ahead, and it won't be over until he unlocks the secrets of his past. Maybe then, his spirit will finally be able to rest. But no matter what the Pharaoh has to face, he won't do it alone. (Japanese Yugi thinks that what Black Magician Girl started to say is that the curse that seals this planet is inside his other self. If the "other me" every becomes controlled by darkness, the curse in his mind will be revived. But they don't have to worry about it, because the "other me" is different now. He's transcended the vain and hollow darkness and grasped a new ray of hope. He has become a true Pharaoh.)

As Yami walks towards Yugi, he turns into the Egyptian Pharaoh.

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