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Episode 183: Rise of the Great Beast, Part 1 (Battle of the Gods)

(Cut from the US version at the very beginning of the episode is this bit showing the aurora lights, then a close-up of Yami looking up and saying, "Those lights...", followed by a long shot of the three duelists, with the three Legendary Knights in front of them.)

The Great Leviathan hovers over Atlantis, while an aurora shines in the sky. Within the aurora, glowing bubbles appear. Inside one of them, Dark Magician Girl calls out to the monsters to unite. Without them, all hope is lost. (As usual, the naked fairies are given clothes to wear in the US version.)

She says they must join forces with the humans, and together they will defeat the Great Beast. Dozens of monsters attack the Great Beast, which roars as they crash into its hide.

Yami exclaims that someone's helping them. (Japanese Yugi says, "Duel Monsters!") Kaiba turns to Yami and Joey, calling them dorks and asking if they're going to just stand there, or act like men for a change. Joey says he'll show Kaiba (Japanese Kaiba says, "Yugi, Bonkotsu, let's reorganize our team now," and Jounouchi says, "Don't call me 'bonkotsu'!"), and slides three more monster cards onto his Duel Disk—Gearfried, Rocket Warrior, and Gilford the Lightning. Kaiba brings out XYZ-Dragon Cannon, Blade Knight, and Kaiser Seahorse, while Yami summons Black Luster Solder, Buster Blader, and Valkyrion the Magna Warrior. (Cut from the US version is this long shot of the Great Leviathan being attacked.)

These monsters join the others attacking the Great Beast, and Joey says there's no way the that thing can survive.

But Dartz laughs, telling them they'll have to do better than that. Blades shoot out from spines in the Great Beast's hide, destroying Gearfried and Gilford the Lightning. Joey says it looks like they're going to need a plan B. The Great Beast's blades rain down and destroy the rest of the gang's monsters. Joey says it's not over yet—that sideshow freak still has to get through their Knights. Now, the Great Beast attacks the three Legendary Knights. Joey urges them to stay strong, and Yami tells the Knights they're their last hope, but they, too, are destroyed.

Joey calls Dartz a mutant, telling him to bring it on. Yami says this might not be the best time to be insulting him. (Japanese Jounouchi says nothing is working. Yami doesn't say anything.) Then, the Great Leviathan shoots out tendrils that wind around Joey, Yami, and Kaiba, and snatch them up. Dark Magician Girl calls out to the Pharaoh, as the three duelists are pulled up to the Great Leviathan. Dartz tells them they're about to be reunited with their friends, who are all waiting for them inside the belly of the Beast!

Dartz says that resistance is futile. In a few moments, their energy will be absorbed by the Great Leviathan. Then he tells them to listen, and the gang hear the voices of the souls trapped inside. (Japanese Dartz addresses them as the Legendary Duelists, and tells them that the power of this god is limitless because the foundation of its power is the darkness in the trapped souls. Can't they hear it?) Rafael says the Pharaoh's name, and Kaiba hears Alister calling to him for help. Then Joey hears Mai, and says that what Dartz says is true—everyone Dartz caught is now inside the monster. (The Japanese voices of the souls are just wordless murmurs. Yami hears Rafael and Haga, Kaiba hears Amelda, and Jounouchi hears Mai, Valon, and Ryuuzaki. Then Jounouchi says he can hear the darkness in the hearts of Mai, Valon, and the others.)

Kaiba says he's not about to let Dartz do that to him without a fight, and he struggles against the tendrils. But he's already sunk into the Beast up to his waist, and Dartz says that fighting back isn't an option. Joey says if they don't think of something quickly, Dartz wins. They've come too far and they're not giving up. But he sinks in up to his neck. With the images of Mai and Valon in his mind, he tells Yugi they can't let the others down. Everyone in there is counting on them to stop this guy. There has to be something they can do! As the tendrils suck Kaiba in deeper, he sarcastically says, oh, that helps. (Japanese Kaiba wonders if the darkness has gotten stronger inside. Dartz says Kaiba's right—it's impossible that people will be able to overcome their inner fears. No matter how hard they refuse to acknowledge the darkness within them, as long as there's a little bit left, it will be revived somehow. Jounouchi asks if everything they've done so far has been wasted. Then he says it's a lie, he won't believe it. As he sinks into the beast, he calls out to Mai and Valon, and repeats that it's a lie—they did have at least a little connection in the past, didn't they? As Kaiba sinks, he asks Amelda if he's giving up just like that.)

Calling to Yugi for help, Joey goes under. Yami says he'll save them, but he can't move. Kaiba goes next. Yami manages to lift his Duel Disk free, as his head sinks beneath the surface of the Beast. Joey and Kaiba sink down, but Yami keeps one arm with the Duel Disk from going under. Yugi appears in spirit form to tell him that there may be a way to fight back. If they can hear the people trapped inside, maybe the people can hear them. Yami closes his eyes and calls out to everyone with his mind, telling them that each one of them is a glimmer of light in this sea of shadows. (Cut from the US version is this sequence in which Yami tells everyone it's not easy to get rid of the darkness in their hearts, but he's caused his partner and everyone to be sacrificed in this fight. "Within us, there's an everlasting sense of readiness to train our companions, a container that holds our memories. It doesn't matter how many times we ourselves are damaged.")

The image of a golden cup appears, with a tiny light falling into it. Alone, they might seem insignificant, he says, but together, they radiate enough energy to conquer the darkness. The image of Yami appears, holding the cup. (Yami is naked in the Japanese version.)

He encourages everyone to focus on the light inside themselves, saying it's the only way for them to save themselves. (Japanese Yami says, "As long as we believe in that container, we can live again and again, forever in it. We can stroll under the light in our heart at any time. Everyone, hurry and remember, think of those who've come for your duel, think of the friends who've shared your pain.")

Yami tells them to remember those they care about. Tears fall from Mai's closed eyes, as she remembers Valon and Joey trying to help her. (Japanese Yami doesn't say any more. All the flashbacks showing the trapped souls' memories are changed in the US version.)

A glowing ball of light forms at Mai's chest. (Mai's cleavage is erased in the US version.)

Then Yami's voice is heard urging them to remember those who've helped them, and Rafael thinks of Yami trying to help him escape as the Paradias building crumbled after their duel, and the ball of light forms over his heart, too. (Japanese Rafael remembers seeing his family's graves, and Yami using Monster Reborn to bring back Guardian Eatos.)

Next, Yami tells them to remember what they've fought for, and Alister thinks of his little brother, Mikey, and promising he won't let him be captured. (Japanese Amelda remembers Kaiba and Mokuba.)

Finally, Yami tells them to remember why they never gave up. Valon remembers dueling with Joey, and being pushed to his limits. (The flashback is different in the US version.)

Their hearts also light up.

Dartz thinks he's done it—he's going to conquer the Earth. But then he notices flashes of golden light streaming into Yami's Duel Disk. Dark Magician Girl sees it too, and realizes that they're the lights of the spirits within. (Dark Magician Girl's bustline is reduced in the US version, as well as her five-pointed star being changed to a plain jewel.)

She calls upon her fellow monsters to go and lend their spark to the Pharaoh as well.

Joey gives up his strength to Yugi, telling him to take it before he loses it for good. Kaiba flings his power at Yugi, telling him not to screw this up. (Japanese Jounouchi says, "Yugi... my last strength..." and Kaiba continues, "Take it all.") Yami's Duel Disk glows and pulses, before finally sinking beneath the surface of the beast. Dartz wonders what's going on—his control is slipping.

The Millennium Puzzle glows, and Yami thinks, it's working—he feels as if his spirit's been infused with the power of every soul Dartz captured. The Puzzle gives off a blinding light, and for a moment, the Pharaoh appears in his Egyptian garb, then the eye glows in Yami's forehead. Yami calls out, in the name of the Pharaoh, awaken! Beams of red, blue, and yellow light burst from the Beast, as Yami calls forth the three Gods of Egypt. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Yami continues his call to summon the Egyptian God monsters.)

The beams of light split the Beast, and Yami, Joey, and Kaiba are released. They land back on Atlantis, and Joey asks Yami how he got them out of there. Yami replies, by summoning them—Obelisk, Slifer, and the Winged Dragon of Ra.

Dartz says it's impossible—how did he revive the Egyptian Gods? The Great Leviathan roars, then flies away, the three Gods in pursuit. The four monsters disappear into the clouds. Yami thinks that the Gods might need his help, and he switches with Yugi so that his spirit can fly up to join the God monsters. Yugi wishes the Pharaoh good luck.

Above the clouds, the three God monsters face off against the Great Leviathan. Yami appears in front of Slifer, and tells Dartz it's his move. Angry with the Pharaoh for daring to challenge him, Dartz attacks. (In the US version, Dartz's body is obscured where it joins with the Great Leviathan.)

The three God monsters counterattack. The Leviathan captures Obelisk, but Slifer and Ra blast it loose. Down below, Joey, Yugi, and Kaiba watch the clouds light up, and Joey says, that Leviathan's a goner—it's three against one. Kaiba says he sees that Joey can count, but numbers aren't everything. (Japanese Jounouchi says, it's a battle of the Gods, and Kaiba says, is this happening beneath their sky?) Yugi encourages the Pharaoh, telling him he can do this.

Dartz tells Yami that the Great Leviathan existed long before the Egyptian Gods were born, and it will rule the Earth long after they're gone. (Japanese Dartz says, must he be disturbed by them no matter where he goes? Let the Duel Monsters be destroyed with this blow.) The Leviathan attacks, sending out a beam of white energy.

Yami orders his monsters to attack, with Obelisk's Fist of Fury, Slifer's Thunder Force, and Ra's Blaze Cannon. (The Japanese attacks are God Hand Crusher, Thunder Force, and God Blaze Cannon.) Their attacks blend together in streams of red, yellow, and blue light.

The attacks collide with a force that lights up the sky. Everyone watches, on Atlantis, on Dartz's island, and the aircraft carrier.

Dartz says his Beast is fueled by the darkness of his prisoners. Yami says he's wrong—Yami was able to transform the darkness in their hearts to light, which now fuels his beasts. (Japanese Dartz doesn't say anything. Yami says they won't be beaten by the darkness in their hearts.) The Egyptian Gods' attacks begin to push back the Great Leviathan's. Dartz's monster is hit, and beams of light shoot from its body. (The shots of the Great Leviathan bursting into flames are turned all glowy in the US version.)

The Great Leviathan falls from the sky. Kaiba says it looks like the Gods pulled through, and Joey says that means that everyone Dartz captured is free. As the Leviathan crashes into the ocean, the lights of the souls fly out of it. Mai's soul is awakened by Valon's, who tells her it's over. Dartz got his butt kicked, so now they're free, thanks to those three. They see Kaiba, Yugi, and Joey standing on Atlantis, and Mai says, they did it? Valon tells her those friends of hers are all right. Then the two of them fly away home.

Alister and Rafael are approached by the lights of other souls, who call their names and tell them to wake up. Alister opens his eyes to see his little brother Mikey, and Rafael sees his little brother and sister, Julien and Sonia, and his parents. They tell Rafael and Alister that they've always been right by their sides, and they always will be. Rafael thanks them, and says he'll see them soon. Alister tells Mikey goodbye. Mikey's soul turns into a ball of light, and sinks into Alister's chest. Alister holds his arms to his chest, saying his brother's name.

Then Rafael's family also turn to balls of light, and the four of them join with Rafael's soul. He says he knows they'll always be with him.

The aurora fades and the day turns bright, the dark clouds breaking up. Two of the soul-lights fly down from the sky, one of them going into the Kaiba Corp helicopter, and Mokuba and the others run to see what's happening. Rafael's soul has returned to his body, and he wakes up, saying that he's back. Mokuba asks if he's all right, and, with tears streaming down his face, he says, of course—he's free, thanks to the three chosen duelists. Téa asks if they beat Dartz, then realizes that must explain all those lights in the sky.

But then, the dark and smoky form of the Great Leviathan flies out of the sea and returns to Atlantis.

On Atlantis, Kaiba, Yugi, and Joey watch the waters of the pool grow choppy as the island shakes, and Joey asks, now what? Yami appears, tells Yugi, let's go. They merge together, as the columns holding up the dome begin to crack and fall. The three turn and run back to the vortex that led them there, as buildings crumble around them. Joey leaps through the vortex, followed by Kaiba. Yugi is about to go through when Yami tells him to wait. They can't leave yet.

Dartz stands behind them, tendrils of darkness curling around him like smoke, and the Great Leviathan appears behind him. Yami summons Timaeus and orders him to attack. The Knight slashes the Beast with his sword (Timaeus' attack on the Beast is turned glowy in the US version),

but it in turn attacks and nearly destroys Timaeus. Yami tells his Knight to return to his deck. Yugi asks what they will do now, and Yami says they'll fight—somehow. But they've tried everything, Yugi says, and nothing seems to work. (Japanese Yami says this thing is totally different from any other monster.)

Dartz asks if they've given up. All the monsters in the world combined together can't destroy his Leviathan. This creature isn't one of their little Duel Monsters—it was born from the darkness of the human soul. As long as mankind exists, so does the Great Beast. (Japanese Dartz says this is the true form of the Orichalcos God. He's all the hatred of the world, left behind by the people on the planet. As long as they exist, the darkness within will not vanish.)

Yami tells Yugi to run, and leave these two to him. But Yugi says there's no way he's going. Yami tells Dartz he's got it all wrong—that creature was created by the Orichalcos. Dartz was lied to, and brainwashed into believing that mankind must be destroyed. Human beings aren't the evil ones—it's Dartz. Yami tells Dartz to think: when he ruled Atlantis, his people were generous and peaceful. Everything changed when the Orichalcos stones arrived. Those fragments brought chaos and hatred to paradise. Yugi adds that the Orichalcos is using Dartz to do its dirty work. (Japanese Yami says that as long as Dartz is not defeated, the same thing will happen again. Then he faces the Orichalcos God and asks if he's the one who summoned Yami's soul here. There is no answer. Yami tells Yugi that in this battle, he's been supported by everyone. This is the first time he's clearly understood his responsibility and mission as the Pharaoh. His duty is to destroy the darkness of the world. Yugi repeats, the duty of the Pharaoh...)

Yami tells Dartz that if he wants to wipe out mankind, he'll have to go through him. (Japanese Yami says, all right, come on. The anger and hatred—he'll accept it all. Let all the heart's darkness in the world be shouldered by him.) The Great Beast roars and attacks, darkness swirling around Yami. Yugi cries out, and Yami is caught up in the darkness. The Great Beast turns to a black whirlwind, and Dartz says he's going to enjoy this (Japanese Dartz doesn't say anything), while Yugi watches in horror.

From Dartz's island, Mokuba, Tristan, and Téa see that now a beam of darkness is rising from Atlantis. Téa wonders, now what?

Trapped within the whirlwind of darkness, Yami cries out, and Dartz tells him farewell.

To Be Continued

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