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Episode 182: A Duel with Dartz, Part 6 (Infinite Attack Power Evil God Gê)

Dartz has just attacked Yami's Dark Magician Girl with the Divine Serpent—if she's destroyed, Yami will lose the duel. But Yami activates Hermos' special effect, Sword of Renewal, allowing Hermos to absorb the effect of a monster from his graveyard. Hermos takes on Obnoxious Celtic Guardian's effect, which keeps him from being destroyed by any monster with 1900 or more attack points, and intercepts the Divine Serpent's attack. To Dartz's displeasure, the three Legendary Knights stand together, vowing to defend Yami. The Divine Serpent's attack fails.

Yami draws, saying, so much for infinite strength. Attack points don't mean everything. Dartz laughs—Yami dodged one blast, so he thinks he's king of the world? Yami closes his eyes, and the images of all his companions surround him. He thinks, it's his last chance to win this duel and free the souls of his friends. He asks the Heart of the Cards to guide him. (Japanese Yami tells everyone they must think as one.)

Then, Yami tells Critius and Hermos to attack the Divine Serpent. Critius attacks with his Sword of Wisdom, while Hermos uses Sword of Renewal. (The shots of Critius and Hermos stabbing the Serpent with their swords are obscured in the US version.)

Dartz says they're too weak, but Yami asks if he's sure, and tells him to take a look. The two Knights are still attacking, and Dartz doesn't understand why they weren't destroyed the moment they came in contact with the Serpent. Yami reminds him that each of his Knights has a hidden power. (Japanese Yami tells Dartz that if he believes in the limitless darkness of the heart, then the power they have produced is also limitless.) Yami tells Critius to absorb the power of the trap card, Attack Guidance Barrier. This allows Critius to transfer his attack to any other monster on the field, so the new target of his Sword of Wisdom will be Hermos.

Then, he activates Hermos' special effect, sacrificing the three Magnet Warriors so that he can triple the attack and send it back to Critius. (Hermos' sword is also blotted out in the US version.)

Now, the two Legendary Knights are reflecting the attack back and forth, strengthening it each time until it reaches infinity. (And the flame of the reflected attacks is turned blue in the US version.)

Dartz says the attack is stuck in an endless loop. (Japanese Dartz says their attack can't be greater than Gê's.)

But Yami's not done yet. He still has one Knight left. (Stars of light are added to the shot of Critius and Hermos stabbing the Serpent in the US version, even though they're too small to really see their swords in this shot.)

Now, Yami uses Timaeus' special ability so that he can merge together with Hermos and Critius, and tells Dartz that now there's a force that's beyond infinity—the Knight of Destiny! Dartz says it's impossible, but Yami tells him to see for himself, and orders the Knight of Destiny to attack with Sword of Justice. The Knight slashes the Divine Serpent, and an opening appears, leading to the space where the souls are floating in their bubbles. Joey says, that could be a way out.

The Divine Serpent is consumed in flames, and Yami says Dartz's ten-thousand-year quest is over. But Dartz says he's come too close—all he needs is one more powerful soul, and the Great Leviathan will rise from the depths of the earth. The Leviathan thrashes beneath the sea, while the Divine Serpent writhes in flames. Yami says it's too little, too late. Dartz's Serpent has been destroyed. The Serpent disappears, but the rend in space made by the Knight of Destiny remains over the duel.

The Knight of Destiny disappears, as the duel ends, and the three Legendary Knights return. Yami demands that Dartz release the souls of his friends, and all the others he's captured. Dartz growls in frustration, and then the temple begins to shake, and the Leviathan appears behind Dartz, snapping him up in its jaws, then disappearing again.

Outside, a green light beams from the temple's dome up into the clouds. Roland, still waiting with the pilot, says he hopes Mr. Kaiba is all right in there. The pilot adds that he hopes he and Roland are all right out there! Now, a green light emerges from a whirlpool in the sea next to Dartz's island. Roland says it's a cyclone.

All over the world, dark clouds form. A voice on the radio is heard telling the aircraft carrier, the USS Courage, that a massive storm has been reported to be spreading across the globe. The ship is ordered to go to yellow alert, and remain in position. (There's no voice-over in the Japanese.)

Joey, Kaiba, and Yugi's bubbles suddenly shoot towards the opening in space, as a voice is heard telling them that the Chosen Duelists are released. As he watches them go, Pegasus complains that there are other people in there, too! (Japanese Pegasus is silent.)

In the temple, the three Legendary Knights hold up their hands, and Timaeus tells the Chosen Duelists to cross into the human world. (The Knights' gloves are turned glowy in the US version, which is kind of strange, because they're not even holding their swords.)

Three balls of light enter through the opening. One lands in Yami's hands, and he knows it's Yugi. One is absorbed into Kaiba's unconscious form, and the other flies outside into the helicopter, where it finds Joey's body lying on a bench, and melts into his chest. The three Legendary Knights nod to Yami, then disappear. Yami releases the ball of light and closes his eyes as it's absorbed into him.

Kaiba opens his eyes and sits up, and sees Mokuba lying unconscious beside him. He shakes Mokuba by the shoulder, telling him to wake up. Mokuba stirs, then grabs his brother by the arms, tears in his eyes. Then Tristan wakes up, notices Kaiba's back, and turns to wake up Téa. She sits up, rubbing her head and wondering where they are.

Yami is standing with his back to the gang, watching a vortex of light that appeared where Dartz disappeared. Téa gets up to go to him, saying, is that Yugi? Tristan says, no, it's the Pharaoh, but Téa doesn't think so. She thinks Yugi's back. He turns to her, and it is indeed Yugi. Crying, Téa runs to him, kneeling down to hug him, telling him how good it is to see him again. Looking a little flustered, he says it's good to see her, too.

Then Joey runs in, telling everyone to get out of his way—where's his little buddy? (The whole sequence of Joey running up to Yugi is oddly changed in the US version. The Japanese version focuses on a closer shot of Jounouchi's back as he runs toward Yugi.)

He bends down to hug Yugi's head, saying he sure missed this spikey little head! Téa laughs and says the gang is back, and Tristan runs to get in on the hug, saying not to forget about him.

Yami, in spirit form, greets Yugi, telling him that the Legendary Knights set him free. Yugi asks if that means he beat Dartz, and Yami says he did, but as soon as the duel ended, Dartz disappeared into a vortex, and Yami has a bad feeling the worst is yet to come. But at least they'll face it together. (Japanese Yami says, finally, they're together again. Yugi says, "Mou hitori no boku"—the other me. Yami says that Dartz has vanished. It was the Legendary Knights who set Yugi and the others free. But, they can't be happy yet.)

Mokuba says, if these guys were set free, he guesses so was everyone else Dartz captured. But Joey says guess again, pointing out Rafael still lying senseless on the floor. All the other poor schlubs are still trapped.

Roland runs in, telling Kaiba to come outside. Everyone goes out, where they see something huge rising out of the sea, a green beam of light shooting up out of it. Téa realizes—it's Atlantis! The island city is returning from the depths, and it doesn't stop at the surface of the sea, but continues to rise into the air. Tristan asks if she's sure that's Atlantis, and Joey says it's a big ancient city-looking thing rising up out of the ocean—that fits the bill. Yugi says that must mean Dartz is still out there. Joey wonders if he could have woken up the Leviathan.

Meanwhile, a radio operator aboard the aircraft carrier says that an underwater disturbance has triggered a hurricane over six thousand miles in diameter that's headed for the Atlantic coastline. It will reach land in approximately one hour.

Kaiba says he doesn't know what the deal is, but he's going up there to find out. Tristan says to tell them all about it when he gets back. But Yugi says he's going, too, and Joey says, not without him. (Japanese Kaiba says the only way to decide who wins and who loses is to go up there. Tristan asks, but how? and Mokuba says maybe they can go by helicopter. Cut from the US version is this bit where Yugi says wait—maybe there's a way to go there directly—the vortex that Dartz disappeared into.)

(If that's the way to get there, Yugi says he wants to go.)

(Then Jounouchi says he'll go, too.)

Tristan thinks they're nuts, and Téa protests that they just got back—now they're going to walk into Dartz's hands again? She tells them to walk away while they have the chance. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Yugi tells Anzu it's not like that, and she should know. They have to go there, to join with the monsters. Otherwise, they can't stop the Orichalcos god.)

(Jounouchi says that Yugi's right. He wants to find Valon and Mai's souls himself. Then Yugi says that his soul was captured, too. It was very scary and lonely, but he always believed that Jounouchi-kun, Kaiba-kun, and his other self would save him.)

But Yugi says there are still people trapped on the other side who are counting on them. Téa reluctantly agrees that he's right, and he promises they'll be back soon. (Japanese Yugi says it must be the same for those locked away—they believe that Yugi and the others will save them. Anzu says, "Yugi," and Yugi says they have to go.)

Now Roland, with his headset on, reports from the helicopter that a massive hurricane is headed for the East Coast. Kaiba says he's going up to find Dartz, and turns to go back into the temple. (Japanese Kaiba tells everyone to wait there.) Yugi tells him to wait up, but he says he's perfectly capable of handling this on his own. (Japanese Kaiba says that as long as Dartz isn't dealt with, his anger won't be appeased.) Joey hands Rafael off to Tristan and runs after Kaiba, telling him not to think he's getting all the credit for this. Kaiba asks if he doesn't have anyone else to annoy, and Joey says, nope, not at the moment. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Kaiba that nobody told him he could go alone, and Kaiba says he doesn't need the help of a "bonkotsu"—an ordinary or mediocre person—to win the glory.)

Yugi runs after them both, but Téa tells him to wait. He stops, thinking she wants to wish the Pharaoh luck. But she says actually, she wants to wish Yugi luck. She tells him to remember his promise to come back soon, and to go and kick some Dartz butt. Yugi agrees, and takes off, while Tristan reminds him that they're there if Yugi and the others need them.

Mokuba starts to follow, but Téa stops him, telling him his brother is going to be fine. He looks longingly after Kaiba, but agrees to stay behind.

Inside the temple, Yugi is running through the hall after the others, when his Millennium Puzzle begins to glow. He stops, wondering what the Puzzle is reacting to. He goes over to the altar of the three serpents, and finds the three God cards in the serpent's mouths. Happily, he retrieves them. But Yami says they're powerless now. Dartz must have transferred their energy to the Great Leviathan. Yugi hopes that when this is all over, they'll be back to their old selves.

Joey and Kaiba are standing in the great hall before the vortex. Joey notices that the soul carvings are now empty. The Leviathan must have beamed them all up. Yugi joins them, telling them they'll need these—their Legendary Dragon cards, Hermos and Critius. They take back their cards, and Kaiba says that all they need to do now is find that snake. He couldn't have gone far. (Japanese Kaiba says this is his.)

Dartz's voice says Kaiba's right. An image of Dartz appears behind the vortex, and he tells them to come in—the party's just begun. The three head for the vortex, Joey and Kaiba still sniping at each other.

They emerge from the vortex before a huge carved door, leading to the city's innermost ring and highest level, the source of the green light. The buildings around them are in ruins, and Joey says this Atlantis place is a real dump. Yugi wonders where Dartz is, and Kaiba says he has an idea, looking towards the door. Joey agrees that giant green beam of light marks the spot. Yugi switches with Yami, and the three head for the door, emerging in a central courtyard, where stone pathways lead to a small, open domed structure over the center of a pool. The green light is coming from the top of the dome, and the three run towards it. Joey says that he thinks he sees Dartz just sitting there waiting to get crushed. A still, white figure is seated beneath the dome.

But when the three approach, they see that the figure of Dartz is clear as glass. Yami walks up to the figure and touches its hand, and it promptly disintegrates. Joey asks if someone can fill him in now, and Yami says Dartz must have somehow left his body behind. Kaiba says it's just another one of his cheap tricks, and Dartz's voice is heard asking Kaiba if that's his answer to everything. Dartz says Kaiba really needs a new catchphrase. Then Dartz's face appears, looking down at them through the domed ceiling overhead. He says he's with the Great Leviathan. Yami protests that Dartz told them that the Great Leviathan couldn't awaken without the souls of the three Chosen Duelists. Dartz says that's right, but he's substituted their souls with an equally powerful soul—his own.

The green beam of light splits into four beams, which circle down around the floating island of Atlantis to meet again and dive down into the sea, forming a huge whirlpool in the water. Mokuba, watching with the others from Dartz's island, asks, what's that? The Great Leviathan leaps from the water and flies into the sky towards Atlantis, coiling around the ancient city, as Dartz announces that the Great Beast has returned!

(Cut from the US version is this shot of the three looking up at the Great Leviathan.)

Joey, Kaiba, and Yami now face the enormous Leviathan looming over them. Joey says, that thing could pick its teeth with an Egyptian God monster! Yami adds that it's here to conquer mankind. Joey asks, what's that little green pimple on its nose? It's Dartz, who's merged together with the Great Leviathan.

Kaiba says he's not going to just stand there and talk to some mutated hood ornament—he's going to blast him into next week. Dartz says he'd love to see him try, and the Great Leviathan roars. Joey activates his Duel Disk, telling him to bring it on! Yami and Kaiba join him, and Yami summons Dark Magician, Summoned Skull, and Kuriboh. Next, Joey summons Flame Swordsman, Jinzo, and Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Kaiba adds the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Gadget Soldier, and Vorse Raider.

Finally, the three each summon their Legendary Dragons, Timaeus, Critius, and Hermos, and Yami plays Legend of Heart to turn them into the Legendary Knights of Atlantis. Joey is astonished to see that the Dragons are really Knights.

Yami calls on the monsters to attack, and they all blast their weapons at the Great Beast. But they appear to have no effect, and Dartz laughs, asking when they're planning to launch their real attacks. Yami holds up Multiply, telling Timaeus to absorb Kuriboh's effect and attack with the force of ten thousand Knights. Timaeus attacks with Sword of Justice, and the Leviathan is swept up inside a huge explosion of light. The three duelists watch, thinking they've won and the souls are now free, but then the explosion clears and the Great Leviathan appears unharmed. Kaiba can't believe that with all those attacks, the Beast doesn't have one scratch. Joey says it's worse—now it's that thing's turn to attack them!

The Great Leviathan roars, and prepares to attack. If that attack hits them, Joey says, they'll be fried to a crisp! Yami tells Timaeus to absorb the power of Big Shield Gardna and activate Full Barrier Shield. The Leviathan's attack hits the shield, which can barely hold it back. The other monsters are all destroyed, and only the Knights stand between the duelists and destruction.

They've survived one attack. But now, Joey says, the Great Leviathan is gearing up for another attack, and this time, they might not be so lucky.

But suddenly, an aurora appears in the sky, and the Leviathan pauses, looking up at it. Mokuba says he recognizes those lights, and Tristan and Téa do, too. Yami says it's just like that night when the gateway first opened.

The Great Leviathan hovers near Atlantis, while the lights of the aurora flash in the sky above.

To Be Continued

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