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Episode 198: Sinister Secrets, Part 3 (KC Grand Prix Ends)

(In the opening shot, the words "Duel Disk" are removed from the side of the Kaiba Corp blimp in the US version.)

Zigfried announces that as he speaks, thousands of Kaiba Corp files are being deleted, thanks to his undefeatable virus. Yami says they'll see. Téa says that, if what Zigfried says is true, then Yugi has to get rid of that Castle card pronto, or Kaiba's going to lose everything. Joey says there's only one problem—Zigfried reprogrammed the card and made it indestructible.

Standing grimly on the highest balcony, Kaiba turns and walks away. Mokuba sees him go, and calls to him. Zigfried says Kaiba is running from his problems, but Kaiba says he doesn't run from anything. When faced with a problem, he eliminates the source. (Japanese Kaiba says that the duel belongs to Yugi. He has his own battlefield.) Mokuba and Kaiba's man run after him.

Now alone on the top balcony, Zigfried thinks that those fools don't realize he's already won.

Yami walks over to Leon, saying that he knows Leon didn't mean to trigger that virus, but with Leon's help he thinks they can stop it. He asks Leon to duel with all of his heart. Yugi appears beside Yami to say that he's right. As long as Leon stays strong and doesn't give up, they're bound to find that card's weakness. Yami walks back to his side of the field, and Leon clenches his fist in determination. There's nothing he can do to change the past, but he can work with Yugi to change the future. He knows there's a solution to this whole thing, and if anyone can figure it out, it's Yugi.

Then let's duel, Yami says, and draws. Zigfried chuckles, then says that the Golden Castle of Stromberg's special effect is automatically activated. Struggling, Dark Magician Girl is forced to attack Leon's monsters, but her attack is reflected back on her, and she's destroyed. Yami loses 500 life points, taking him down to 1700. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the gang exclaiming that Black Magician Girl is gone, and Yugi's life points have been slashed.)

Leon is as surprised as Yami when he sees that Dark Magician Girl is destroyed. Cinderella gets her Glass Slippers back, along with a 1000-point boost. Zigfried explains that, as long as the Golden Castle of Stromberg is on the field, both players' monsters are forced to do battle each turn. Whenever the opponent's monster attacks, half the monster's attack points are deducted from the player's life points, and then the monster is destroyed. Joey wonders, can he really make a card do that? Tristan points out that he just did. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Grandpa and Professor Hawkins, as Grandpa says that this card has been set up so the risk of playing against it is very high, and the professor agrees that it's going to be very costly.)

Kaiba arrives at his control room, where he orders his people to initiate Protocol KC-514. They can't allow this thing to spread any further. Mokuba asks what he can do to help, and Kaiba tells him to take charge of E-Level security and make sure every firewall stays active. Mokuba rushes to one of the computer stations, putting on the computer goggles and microphone, and gets to work. Poor Leon, he thinks, as he begins typing. Leon would have done anything to help his big brother, and how did Zigfried repay him? With lies and betrayal. His brother would never do that to him.

Back at the duel, Yami wonders how he can destroy the castle. Magic and trap cards are useless against it, and any monster he summons will self-destruct and drain his life points. Leon wonders, what's the use? but Yami tells him they can't give up. Every card has a weakness, and as long as they fight together until the very end, they'll find a way to tear that castle down. He sets a card face down and ends his turn, saying that he and Leon can do this!

Leon thinks that Yugi's right. Quitting is not an option. He draws, and Zigfried interrupts again, to tell them that in order to maintain the Golden Castle of Stromberg on the field, half of one's deck must be discarded at the beginning of each turn—and the cost must be paid by Yugi! Joey tells Zigfried that he's just taken cheating to a whole new level. Professor Hawkins says it's the strongest card he's ever seen, and Grandpa agrees. When Zigfried broke into Kaiba's gaming system, he gave his Golden Castle powers that no card has ever had before, giving the card holder an unfair advantage. Unhappily, Leon asks how Zigfried could do this to him. Zigfried says that Yugi is the one with a disadvantage, so Leon should be thanking him. Yugi just lost half his deck.

Yugi pulls half the cards from his deck and discards them to the graveyard, and Joey says they can't let Zigfried get away with this. Zigfried says he might be up in the grandstand, but that doesn't mean he can't control this duel. Leon thinks, Zigfried's insane. Zigfried thinks that, before long, his brother will hold the world championship crown, and Kaiba Corp will crumble into ruins.

(Cut from the US version is this bit showing some kids dueling in a park using Duel Disks. One kid orders his Ruiz [Beaver Warrior] to attack, but the hologram starts to flutter with static. The other kid's Gremlin [Feral Imp] does the same, and the kid says something's wrong.)

Zigfried tells Leon to summon a monster—this is a duel, after all. (Japanese Siegfried says that before all the data is gone, they should just carry on.) Yami says he's right, and tells Leon to go. Leon studies his hand, then summons Forest Wolf (1800 ATK) in attack mode. Now, Zigfried says, the Golden Castle of Stromberg forces Leon's monsters to attack. And Yugi is defenseless.

Cinderella attacks first, taking Yugi down to 400 life points. Then Forest Wolf attacks, but Yami activates his trap card, Dark Magic Retribution, allowing him to bring one Spellcaster back from his graveyard when his opponent attacks, and he chooses Dark Magician Girl. Forest Wolf is destroyed, and Leon loses 200 life points, taking him down to 1900. But Dark Magician Girl only stays on the field for the duration of the battle, so she disappears after defending the remainder of Yami's life points. Yami's safe for one more turn. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Rebecca saying that Yugi's deck will be reduced in every round.)

Leon protests that he can't even control his own monsters! Drawing, Yami tells him they'll be fine. Since three turns have passed since Leon played Spinning Wheel Spindle, Queen's Knight returns to the field. Yami sets two cards face down, then plays the magic card, Card of Sanctity, allowing both players to draw until they hold six cards in their hands. Yami draws his six cards (King's Knight, Multiply, Emergency Provisions, Royal Straight, Chain Destruction, and Time Travel), then summons King's Knight (1600 ATK) in attack mode. With King's Knight and Queen's Knight on the field, he's able to summon Jack's Knight (1900 ATK) from his deck. Zigfried tells Yami his three knights are useless against his castle, but Yami says he wouldn't be so sure. He plays his magic card, Royal Straight, which allows him to summon an extremely powerful monster from either his hand, his deck, or the graveyard. The three Knights are sacrificed to summon Royal Straight Slasher (2400 ATK). Then Yami activates Royal Straight Slasher's special effect, allowing him to send one monster from each of the first five levels to the graveyard to destroy every card on his opponent's side of the field.

Zigfried gasps, and Joey tells Yami, nice work! Magic and trap cards don't work, but monster effects do! Yami discards the Level 1 Kuriboh, Level 2 Old Vindictive Magician, Level 3 Giant Soldier of Stone, Level 4 Big Shield Gardna, and Level 5 Curse of Dragon, and Royal Straight Slasher destroys Leon's Iron Hans, Cinderella, and Pumpkin Carriage, but when the smoke clears, the Golden Castle of Stromberg is still standing. Zigfried laughs, and Leon exclaims that Zigfried was right—they'll never be able to destroy it.

Téa asks why the castle is still there—shouldn't it have been destroyed? Joey says it should have been a sand castle. Surprise, surprise, says Zigfried, and Rebecca says that when Zigfried overwrote the card's data text, he must have protected his Golden Castle against monster effects, also. Téa says, that means there's no way to get rid of it! Tristan says that means the duel's done.

Yami says, not if he activates this card—Time Travel, which allows him to remove one of his monsters from the field until the beginning of his opponent's turn. Then he ends his turn. Zigfried tells him, how noble—his monster would have been forced to attack, and Leon would have lost. But, he says, it was all in vain. He tells Leon to begin his turn, so he can win the championship crown. Leon thinks that he believes in Yugi—he doesn't know how Yugi will do it, but he knows Yugi will put an end to Zigfried's plan.

Leon draws, and Zigfried interrupts to tell Yami to discard half his deck to the graveyard to keep his castle in play. But Yami smiles, and says he's sorry to disappoint Zigfried, but he can't do it. Zigfried insists that he must, but Yami says he's wrong. He only has one card left in his deck, and he can't discard half of it. The Golden Castle of Stromberg has to go.

Zigfried says, it can't be! He watches in horror as his castle disappears. Leon turns to Yugi, saying he did it! Joey says, you mess with the best, and you fail like the rest! Grandpa says it seemed like the perfect card—Zigfried designed it to be impervious to the effects of every other card in the game. But in the end, everything has its weakness. Professor Hawkins adds that with Yugi's refusal to give in, he was able to find it.

In the control room, Kaiba and his people continue to work frantically. They have to cut off the virus before any other files are destroyed. Then a graphic appears on his screen. (In the Japanese version, it says "Virus Guard." This has been changed to a red "X" in the US version.)

Mokuba tells him, good news—the virus just stopped dead in its tracks. Kaiba sees on the screen showing the duel that the castle's gone. He guesses Yugi found its weak spot after all. Mokuba asks if everything's safe now, and Kaiba says they'll know as soon as they launch the backup system and reboot the KC mainframe.

Back at the duel, Tristan says to get a load of "Zigfreak." Joey tells Zigfried he cheated and he schemed, and he still lost. But Zigfried laughs. He says he admits he's surprised that Yugi was able to destroy his Golden Castle, but in the end, victory will still be his! They may have stopped his virus, but not soon enough. By now, most of Kaiba Corp's gaming data has been permanently lost. Not to mention, Yugi only has one card left, and this duel isn't over yet. When Yugi is unable to draw a card in the next turn, his brother will win.

Leon thinks that he can't let Yugi lose—not when his brother cheated him out of his title. There's only one way he can save him. He says he's quitting, but Yami tells him not to think about it. Now that Zigfried's Castle is gone, the real duel can begin. (Japanese Yami says that no matter how adverse the conditions, as long as he has cards left, he'll carry on.) He tells Leon that he owes it to himself to fulfill his dream and see this duel through to the end. Leon agrees.

It's Leon's turn, but first, the effect of Yami's Time Travel card brings Royal Straight Slasher back to the field. Then Leon plays Monster Reborn to bring Cinderella back from the graveyard. With Cinderella back on the field, he's able to summon Pumpkin Carriage. Then he sacrifices Cinderella and Pumpkin Carriage to summon Hex Trude (2600 ATK). He attacks and destroys Yami's Royal Straight Slasher, and Yami loses another 200 life points, bringing him down to 200. (Hex Trude's low-cut gown is changed in the US version to give it a higher neckline.)

Every time Hex Trude destroys a monster, Leon says, her attack strength increases by 400 points. Now her attack is 3000. A bit sadly, Leon ends his turn.

Joey says Yugi's only got one card left—and he's up against a monster with 3000 points. If he runs out of cards, he loses. Tristan says, he hates to say it, but it looks like there's a new champ in town. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Otogi and Anzu, as Anzu says that Yugi hasn't given up.)

Yami closes his eyes and asks the Heart of the Cards to guide him, then he draws his final card—Monster Reborn. He places one card—Chain Destruction—face down, then plays the magic card, Emergency Provisions, sending Chain Destruction to the graveyard to increase his life points by 1000, taking him back up to 1200. Then he plays Monster Reborn to summon his Dark Magician from the graveyard. Leon smiles to see Dark Magician on the field, then grows sad. Dark Magician only has 2500 attack points, while Hex Trude has 3000.

Yami activates his face-down magic card, Necromancy. It brings back four random monsters from Leon's graveyard in defense mode. Little Red Riding Hood, Forest Hunter, Iron Hans, and Iron Knight appear on Leon's side of the field, as Yami explains that Hex Trude will lose 600 attack points for each one of these monsters that's destroyed. Next, Yami activates his other face-down magic card, Diffusion Wave Motion, paying 1000 life points to allow his Dark Magician to attack every one of Leon's monsters. Yami's life points go back down to 200, and Dark Magician attacks and destroys all four of the monsters Necromancy brought back to Leon's side of the field. Hex Trude's attack goes down to 600, and, finally, Dark Magician destroys her. Leon loses the rest of his life points, and the game.

Joey and the others cheer, and Grandpa says, that's his grandson! Professor Hawkins says Yugi never ceases to amaze him.

Zigfried is horrified. He's ruined! Yami walks up to Leon and tells him, well done. Leon thanks him, tears streaming from his eyes. Yami tells him he fought with honor under the toughest of circumstances, and never gave up. He should be proud. Leon clings to Yami, sobbing.

Telling Leon to stop his whimpering, Zigfried walks onto the field. It wasn't a total loss, he says. It will take years of reprogramming for Kaiba Corp to restore what his devastating virus has destroyed, and in the meantime....

He'll what, Kaiba asks, as he walks back out onto the balcony above. Take all of Kaiba's business away? Kaiba tells Zigfried he might have had a chance if his plan had actually worked.

Kaiba says that the moment he laid eyes on Zigfried, he knew he was a snake, so he was prepared for Zigfried's little scheme. His entire computer network has already been restored. The only loser here is Zigfried.

Zigfried doesn't believe it. He insists that his strategy was flawless! Leon walks up to his brother, telling him that even if his plan did work, nothing would have changed. Can't he see that their family's obsession with the Kaibas has ruined them? Zigfried falls to his knees, saying that what has ruined them is that he's weak. He'll never beat Kaiba. Kaiba thinks that's the first sensible thing Zigfried's said all week. (Japanese Kaiba says, it's not only Siegfried—no one can beat him.)

Leon kneels in front of Zigfried, telling him that it's not their family's losses that hurt them, it's their attitude. Dueling Yugi has taught him that real strength is sticking with it when everyone expects you to quit. They may lose some of their business to Kaiba Corp, but losing is a reason to try harder, not to give up. So let's go home and make Schroeder Corp the best company they can. Zigfried thanks his brother, and they hug.

Yami and Yugi watch, smiling, and nod to each other. Kaiba tells Roland to wrap this up, and Roland announces that the KC Grand Championship has come to a close. The winner, and still world champ, is Yugi Mutou. The crowds all cheer—except for Weevil and Rex, who huddle together, sulking. Mai watches on one of the big screens throughout the city as people around her chant Yugi's name.

Later, the gang have all gathered at the airport. Joey says that was fun, but he's ready to go back. Tristan says he's ready for a home-cooked meal. (Japanese Jounouchi is ready to go back to Japan, and Honda wants some Japanese food.) Duke says, let's not drag out this goodbye—he'll be in their neighborhood in a few weeks. (Japanese Otogi says that when he finishes his job, he'll go back to Japan.) Joey asks why, and Duke winks, saying he's got a date with Serenity. Joey and Tristan both jump him. Watching the boys wrestle, Professor Hawkins says, what wouldn't he give to be young again! Grandpa says he still feels limber, and his back promptly goes out again.

Rebecca reminds Yugi that he promised to e-mail her twice a day, and visit every weekend. (Japanese Rebecca says she wasn't able to duel Yugi this time, but one day she wants to duel him.) Yugi says, sure, and offers his hand to shake, but Rebecca flings her arms around him instead, telling Téa she'll miss her, too. Eyebrow twitching, Téa says she'll bet.

Then Mokuba runs up to ask what they're doing—he hooked them up with the Kaiba Corp jet, so the least they can do is be on time. Joey and Tristan, Téa and Yugi and Grandpa, grab their bags and run to the jet. As the jet takes off, Joey asks Yugi, now that he won the championship, what's next? Yugi says, the sky's the limit. (The Japanese jet says "Kaiba Airways" on the side.)

In his office at Kaiba Corp, Kaiba watches the jet fly away.

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