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Episode 204: Makings of a Magician (Life and Death Struggle! Mahaado vs Bakura)

Outside the mountain cave where Bakura and Mahad are trapped, Bakura's henchmen circle on their horses. Above, on the hilltop, Mahad's men wait. One of them notes that Bakura's men are getting restless, and another replies that of course they are! Their master is trapped in this cavern—along with their own master. (The Japanese men note that the entrance is blocked, so the thief won't escape. One of them orders the stone tablet to be raised.)

Mahad's men raise a stone tablet at the edge of the hilltop. As soon as Bakura's Diabound appears on the stone, they'll know that the deed is done. Now, they'll fight to protect the peace. With the battle cry of "Long live the Pharaoh," they run down the hill to engage with Bakura's men. (The Japanese men say that whatever monster appears in the stone will be sealed there forever. They have faith in Mahad's determination. Now, fight to the death!)

Meanwhile, inside the cavern, Mahad says that Bakura has dishonored the king and threatened the safety of the people. It's time to pay the price. (Japanese Mahad says he's been waiting for Bakura.) Bakura says Mahad already had his chance, then orders him to hand over the Millennium Ring, if he wants to make it home with his soul intact. Mahad says he'll see to it that Bakura's the one with his soul sealed away. (Japanese Bakura says he's very happy. Now, Mahad should give the Millennium Ring to him. Mahad says that even if he loses, Bakura will never leave this place alive.)

Bakura just laughs. Mahad couldn't even defeat him with all six of his friends at his side. (Japanese Bakura calls Mahad a showoff.) Mahad says that now he's more powerful than Bakura can imagine. Long ago, he buried a mighty force upon these grounds, and now he's gained it back. Purple tendrils of power appear around Mahad. Bakura's skeptical, but Mahad explains that generations of royal magicians were trained in this sanctuary. It was here that Mahad locked away his true power.

Bakura raises his Diadiankh and summons Diabound, and the monster forms behind him, its serpent tail circling the stone bridge on which they stand. Mahad says that's not what Diabound looked like before, and Bakura explains that, as the darkness within him grows, the beast within him evolves. Mahad says that his creature's strength has also grown since they last met, and summons Illusion Magician.

The two face off, and call out, "Diaha!," Egyptian for "Duel!" Bakura orders Diabound to attack, but Illusion Magician dodges Diabound's multiple serpent strikes, and ends up behind Diabound. Mahad orders Illusion Magician to counterattack, and Diabound falls to the ground. Next, Mahad adds his own power to Illusion Magician's, and attacks again. Diabound rises through the smoke of the attacks, weakened but alive. Bakura wonders how a mere spellcaster can damage his Diabound.

As the Illusion Magician returns to Mahad's side, Mahad thinks that he refuses to allow Bakura to threaten his people, even if it means depleting his own powers. He will stop him in the name of the Pharaoh!

The Pharaoh suddenly sits up in bed, saying that he senses great danger. He gets out of his canopied bed and walks out onto the balcony. It's as if one of his sacred guardians is in jeopardy. Then he notices that Mahad's tablet shrine is activating. (Cut from the US version is this bit where the Pharaoh looks up at one of the pennants on the palace wall, and notices that there's no wind.)

He wonders if it means Mahad is engaged in a Shadow Game. (The Japanese Pharaoh wonders why the light is flickering.)

Isis, sitting before the blue flame, suddenly opens her eyes, exclaiming, "Mahad, no!"

Mahad pants with the effort of the battle. Bakura tells him that donating his own power to his magician was quite foolish. Getting to his feet, Bakura says that Mahad might have made his monster more powerful, but he's left himself vulnerable. (Japanese Mahad tells Bakura that he's spent a lot of energy. Bakura says, that's nonsense. He's just getting warmed up.)

Mahad says Bakura's wrong. His loyal creatures will protect him. (Japanese Mahad says, then let the battle continue.) Mahad summons another monster, which disappears into the wall of the cavern. Bakura orders Diabound to attack, but Mahad calls his Shadow Ghoul to ambush Diabound. It leaps out from the wall and slashes Diabound with its claws. Bakura says the virtuous Mahad fights dirty, as Shadow Ghoul disappears back into the wall. Mahad says Bakura's just upset because Mahad's monsters have the upper hand, then he orders Illusion Magician to attack. Illusion Magician makes a direct hit on Diabound's chest. Then Shadow Ghoul leaps from the wall for another slashing attack.

Mahad orders Shadow Ghoul to attack again, but this time, Diabound avoids the attack by slipping down and hanging from the bridge by its tai. Bakura says Mahad can't use the same trick twice, as Diabound returns to its position behind Bakura, snatching Shadow Ghoul in its fist and destroying it. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Diabound grabbing Shadow Ghoul by the throat.)

Mahad bends over, clutching his chest, as his beast is destroyed, but orders Illusion Magician to attack. Diabound disappears, and Mahad says it's all over. (Japanese Mahad wonders if Diabound is destroyed, then says, no, it's disappeared.) Bakura laughs as Diabound appears from the wall behind Mahad to strike Illusion Magician with its mighty fist. Illusion Magician is thrown against the opposite wall, and Mahad falls to his knees in pain.

Mahad asks how Bakura did that. Only his Shadow Ghoul can pass through walls. Bakura explains that Diabound has the ability to inherit the powers of monsters he defeats in battle. Bakura says he's not the only one with the knack for stealing things, and laughs.

(Cut from the US version is this scene where Mana is trying to get into Mahad's tablet sanctuary, while the guards block her way, telling her that no one can enter until Mahad returns. One of them pushes her away, and she falls to the ground, then angrily asks the guard what he's doing. Then the Pharaoh shows up and tells them to let her in. The guards fling themselves to their knees and bow to the Pharaoh.)

The Pharaoh has found Mana in Mahad's tablet sanctuary, and asks her why she's come there. She says she had a bad dream that Master Mahad was in trouble and needed help. She could swear he was struggling and she heard him call her name. She didn't know what else to do, so she thought if she came to his sanctuary she might be able to help him. The Pharaoh says he had the same dream. (Japanese Mana says she dreamed her master was in pain. She's probably worrying too much, but she couldn't sleep, so she came here, where she could feel his presence. The Pharaoh repeats, Mahad is in pain....)

Then, they notice the stone carving of Mahad's Illusion Magician glowing, and realize that Mahad must have called it into battle. Mana says that Illusion Magician exists in Mahad's soul—if he loses it, Mahad can't exist in this world. (Japanese Mana only says, "Prince.")

Back at the duel, Bakura sends Diabound to attack Illusion Magician. In the tablet sanctuary, the Pharaoh and Mana see Illusion Magician's stone cracking. Mana says they have to save him! But the Pharaoh doesn't know how. (Japanese Mana says, "Teacher!" and the Pharaoh says, "Mahad.")

Meanwhile, Yugi and the others are still wandering around inside the Millennium Puzzle, trying to find a way out. Joey clutches his head, groaning in frustration. When Tristan asks him what's wrong, he points to a face drawn on the door, then holds up a marking pen, explaining that he marked the door so they'd know they already went down this path. Yugi says it was a good idea, but Téa says that if they ever get out of there, Joey should invest in an art class. (Japanese Anzu says that, on the other hand, it could be considered vandalism.) All around them, there are faces drawn on the doors. Joey begins to pound on the nearest door, complaining that they'll never find the right door as long as they keep walking around in circles. (Japanese Jounouchi calls out for "Yugi," asking where he is.)

Across from them is an unmarked door. As Joey continues to wail that they're going to be stuck in this place for the rest of their lives (Japanese Jounouchi calls out to Yugi to tell them which is the right door, while Anzu tells him to take it easy), Yugi goes over to it and stands in front of the door, frowning. The others eventually stop yelling at each other (Japanese Jounouchi tells Anzu to shut up. Are they supposed to just give up? Doesn't she care what happens to Yugi? She says she never said that) and notice Yugi. Tristan says maybe he found the right door. Yugi says he can't be sure, but he gets the feeling that something's on the other side of this one. He opens the door and steps into what appears to be a large, empty room. The others gather around him, and Tristan asks if that's the Pharaoh.

A spotlight comes on, illuminating someone standing in the center of the room. When he turns to them, they see that it's Bakura. But then Bakura's expression changes, and they realize it's the spirit of the Millennium Ring, not their classmate. Bakura laughs, then cries out and disappears as a creature forms in his place. (Bakura is whited out in the US version as the creature emerges. In the Japanese, the creature seems to be exploding out of Bakura's body.)

Tristan and Joey clutch each other, and Joey says they should try the next door! Flames shoot from the creature's mouth, and they rush from the room, followed by a blast of flame that knocks them down.

Tristan sits up first, asking if everyone's okay. Yugi jumps up and runs back to where the room was, but it's gone. Shadi says they have now seen the Pharaoh's enemy in his true form. Horrified, Yugi asks, his true enemy? Bakura?

Back at the duel, Illusion Magician still stands, but Mahad has fallen to his knees, gasping for breath. Now that Diabound has picked up a few new tricks, Bakura says, Mahad might as well bid his Illusion Magician farewell. Once he's gone, he'll be sealed in stone, and Mahad will be sealed in the Shadow Realm. Bakura steps forward, but steps into a trap, which snaps shut around his ankle. He falls to the ground, asking Mahad what he's done.

Mahad says the sanctuary is home to several traps, and he's used his magic to conceal them. Then, Mahad stands up and steps on a stone plate, activating another trap—a huge scythe swings down from the ceiling towards Bakura. Bakura manages to roll out of the way, and the trap around his leg is sliced in two, freeing him. Bakura stands up, thanking Mahad. Now, there are three scythes slashing across the bridge. Bakura jumps up to stand on the nearest one, using his weight to swing it towards Mahad, who barely manages to leap aside in time. Then Diabound emerges from the wall behind Mahad, and Illusion Magician flies between it and his master.

Riding the scythe, Bakura tells Diabound to finish off Illusion Magician with his Helical Shock Wave. Mahad recoils from the attack, screaming. (Japanese Mahad calls out, "Pharaoh!")

The Pharaoh and Mana ride out into the desert on a white horse. Mana wonders, where can he be? The Pharaoh says they'll find him, they just need a sign. Suddenly, they see a bolt of blue lightning shoot up from beyond a hill. A sign like that, the Pharaoh says, and asks Mana what lies beyond those hills. Mana says it's the spellcaster's training grounds, but why would Mahad have gone there? Saying there's one way to find out, the Pharaoh urges the horse towards the lightning.

Mahad and Illusion Magician continue to suffer Diabound's attack. Bakura jumps down from the scythe, thinking it won't be long now.

(Cut from the US version is this shot of Mahad's men lying dead or wounded outside the cavern. Only one man is left standing.)

Outside the cavern, the Bakura's men are backing Mahad's men up against the cavern wall, when the Pharaoh and Mana ride up. The Pharaoh picks up a sword from the ground and rushes towards one of Bakura's men, who falls to the ground. (Cut from the US version is this bit showing the Pharaoh's sword slashing across Bakura's man, and the man falling from his horse.)

The Pharaoh asks where Mahad is, and Mahad's man says he's battling Bakura. Mana says he needs help, and the Pharaoh says they must send word to the others. Mana whistled up her hawk, Anzu, and gives it a message to take to the palace. (Japanese Mana doesn't say the hawk's name.) Then the Pharaoh says it's time to deal with these thugs, and tells Mana to get down, then rides towards Bakura's men.

Inside the cavern, the giant scythes sweep across the bridge, with Bakura and Mahad standing on either side, their monsters beside them. Mahad is on his knees, exhausted. Bakura says it looks like Mahad could use some rest, and asks if he wants to make a deal—if Mahad brings him the Millennium Ring, he'll spare him. But if he continues to fight, Bakura will remove Mahad's soul from the world, permanently. (Japanese Bakura tells Mahad that the battle is over, and to give up the Millennium Ring. Mahad thinks to the Pharaoh that he sees the new world the Pharaoh is creating. Cut from the US version is this shot where Mahad continues, thinking that if the Pharaoh wants him to be the basis of that new world, he'll gladly accept it.)

As the Pharaoh battles with Bakura's men, several of the sacred guardians head out from the palace, led by Seto, who wonders why Mahad would do this—he can't beat Bakura alone. Isis remains in the palace, tears streaming down her face.

Mahad stands up, declaring that he'll never give in to Bakura. He says it must be difficult for someone like Bakura to understand loyalty, but he has taken a vow to protect his king. Bakura says he's a fool. Mahad says he knows his Pharaoh would do the same thing for him. (Japanese Mahad says he'll continue to fight with his last ounce of energy. He'll now perform the "Ultimate Unification." Bakura says, "Ultimate Unification?" Mahad says he'll sacrifice his own life to fuse with his monster.) He steps forward, remembering when the prince saved him from the snake bite. Mahad announces that it is time to finally repay his debt. (Japanese Mahad announces to the Pharaoh that his soul will be the Pharaoh's slave forever.) His Diadiankh breaks into pieces. (Cut from the US version is this shot of one of the scythes slashing down towards Mahad, and then across the bridge from below.)

The Millennium Ring is flung away, and the bright light of Mahad's soul flies up to Illusion Magician.

The Pharaoh, seeing the blue lightning shooting from the cavern, asks what is going on. Nearby, on horseback, Seto also sees the lightning, and says that Mahad has been separated from his Item. In the palace, Isis stands up and calls out Mahad's name.

Bakura catches the Millennium Ring. But then he hears Mahad's voice, and sees a shadowy figure in purple robes standing beyond the scythes. The figure warns Bakura that he is traveling down a dangerous path.

Bakura says it can't be—he's already destroyed Illusion Magician. (Japanese Bakura wonders how Mahad's monster can still exist.) But the figure raises his head, and it's Mahad, who explains that he used his remaining power to merge together with his Illusion Magician to defeat Bakura. He aims his staff at Bakura and activates his Dark Magic Attack, while Bakura tells Diabound to finish him off with Helical Shock Wave. The attacks meet, and Diabound's is driven back. In an explosion of white light, Bakura screams. The scythes crash into the bridge. Smoke envelopes Mahad.

The ground outside the cavern trembles, and the Pharaoh turns his horse toward the cavern, calling out to Mahad. Bakura's men turn and ride away. The stone tablet slides down the hill towards Mana, and the Pharaoh snatches her up on his horse and rides out of the way just in time, as the tablet crashes to the ground in front of the cavern.

Mana and the Pharaoh jump down and stand before the stone tablet, which now shows the image of Mahad combined with Illusion Magician. His soul has been trapped in the stone, Mana says. That means he lost. She runs to the stone, weeping. The Pharaoh asks Mahad, why?

Inside the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi stops, asking his friends if they felt that. The room just got cold, and it's shaking.

The sun rises as Seto and the others arrive at the cavern, to find Mana and the Pharaoh before the stone tablet. The Pharaoh hears Mahad's voice telling him that he's made the ultimate sacrifice, and now he can be the Pharaoh's eternal servant. The Pharaoh thanks him.

Yugi looks up, saying it just got warm in there again. (Japanese Yugi says his other self's heart is trembling.) Shadi explains that this labyrinth is a reflection of the Pharaoh's heart. The temperature changes according to his emotions. He tells Yugi to listen carefully, and he'll locate the Pharaoh. (Japanese Shadi says, that's right. This maze is the Pharaoh's heart, and right now, it's painting colors of solitude. Only Yugi can hear the screams of that solitude.) Yugi realizes that all this time they thought they needed to knock on the Pharaoh's door, but what they really need is to wait for the Pharaoh to knock for them. Shadi tells them they must listen with their hearts.

Joey says, let's do it! He thinks if they all concentrate at the same time, they'll be able to hear the Pharaoh. The four friends put their hands together, and Shadi tells them to close their eyes and listen. Yugi hears the Pharaoh call his name, and the others hear it, too. They continue to concentrate, and suddenly, the labyrinth splits open, revealing a bright white light.

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