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Episode 205: Birth of the Blue-Eyes (Blue-Eyed Kisara)

Isis rides through the desert to join the other sacred guardians, along with the Pharaoh and Mana, in front of the cavern where Mahad battled Bakura. Mana is on her knees, weeping, before the stone tablet that now contains Mahad's soul. Isis dismounts, saying, so it's true. Mana begs Mahad to come back, then sinks to the ground. The Pharaoh kneels beside her, his hand on her shoulder. She begs him to use his powers to release Mahad from the stone, if he can.

Isis tells Mana that Mahad's spirit is alive within the stone. In fact, he's even stronger now. Her Millennium Necklace has shown her—he fused himself together with his most trusted creature. Mana says she's confused. Isis explains that Mahad has been transformed, and will now be knows as the Dark Magician. But Mana isn't comforted. She wails that her training isn't complete and she needs Master Mahad. She wants to become an elite spellcaster, and she can't do it alone. (Japanese Isis says that Mahad's injured soul must recover before he can be called out of the stone. Even when he recovers, Mana won't be able to call him, because she doesn't have enough power. Isis tells Mana to believe her, and take on Mahad's ambition. Mana cries out that she wants to become a great magician. She falls to the ground, promising that she will.)

Yugi and the others stand at the opening in the Millennium Puzzle, looking out over the Egyptian city below. Yugi says they've found it—the world of the Pharaoh's memory!

Shadi says Yugi's right. Now, Shadi's work is done, and the others must continue on their own. Only those who were called upon by the Pharaoh may enter this realm. He tells them that the King of Egypt needs their help, and wishes them good luck.

They turn to the opening, and Joey asks, how do they get out of there? Smiling, Yugi leaps from opening and falls toward the city. Saying he was afraid of that, Joey and the others leap after him.

Back at the palace, Seto tells the Pharaoh that, due to Mahad's carelessness, Bakura is more dangerous than ever, for now he has the Millennium Ring. (Japanese Seto says that the problem is, did Mahad destroy Bakura? If Bakura escaped, he could have the Millennium Ring.) Karim protests that that has yet to be confirmed. For all they know, Bakura was buried under rubble when the sacred sanctuary collapsed. (Japanese Karim says that it will take weeks to dig up the rubble to find out.) Shada says, perhaps, but his key still senses Bakura's presence. Shimon asks Isis if her Millennium Item can see Bakura's future, but she says it can't. Seto apologizes for their failures, and promises they won't disappoint the Pharaoh again. Isis also apologizes. (Japanese Seto says it's all Mahad's fault, and asks Isis if she knew what Mahad was planning to do. She says she's sorry.)

Shimon says that apologies aren't necessary. What they need are solutions. Isis says she'll do everything in her power to break through the darkness that conceals Bakura from her vision. The Pharaoh says that's all they can ask.

Seto says that time is of the essence, and asks the Pharaoh to allow him to lead the hunt for Bakura. He already has a plan in place. Aknadin gasps as Seto continues that all gateways to and from the kingdom must be sealed to keep Bakura in, and every citizen must be carefully observed, since no one can be trusted. (Japanese Seto asks the Pharaoh's permission to bring his army into the city to build up the defenses. Aknadin gasps, as Seto says that they can't let the Nile shed tears of sadness. They must protect the city from the terror of Bakura.)

Shimon tells the Pharaoh that Seto's right. Until they have more information, everyone's a suspect. The Pharaoh reluctantly agrees, and tells Seto to proceed. (Japanese Shimon says that the city needs defenses. The Pharaoh agrees, but says that the citizens must not be harmed.)

Yugi, Joey, Téa, and Tristan land in the marketplace in the ancient Egyptian city. Joey asks if they just traveled through some kind of time warp (Japanese Jounouchi says they've really come to ancient Egypt), and Tristan says they stand out like sore thumbs. Téa says he's right, but for some weird reason, everyone's ignoring them. Joey steps up and announces his presence, but no one pays any attention. He steps in front of a woman to greet her, but she walks right through him, and he promptly freaks, falling onto his butt and screaming that she's a ghost.

Yugi notices that the Millennium Puzzle is gone, then realizes that, if they're in the world of the Pharaoh's memories, it's no wonder people don't see them. They didn't exist five thousand years ago, so they're not really part of this place. Téa wonders if that means that when they find the Pharaoh, he won't be able to see them either. Yugi doesn't know, but there's only one way to find out—they have to go and see him. (Japanese Yugi says that he doesn't know, but if his other self has any memory of them, he will.)

Meanwhile, at the palace, Seto and Shada are being carried through the streets, while the citizens bow at the sides of the street. Shada asks if Seto believes that Bakura still walks among them, and Seto says, of course. Bakura controls a monster with powers equal to an Egyptian god. Mahad was a fool to face him, and that's why his spirit is now sealed. Shada asks what they should do, and Seto says they should strengthen their own army of shadow creatures, and take Bakura down. They'll do this by extracting the beasts of darkness from the souls of the Egyptian people. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Seto tells Shada to use his Millennium Key to test the hearts of the people, and try to find people who are home to strong monsters.)

Shada is shocked, asking if Seto is suggesting that they punish the innocent. What would the Pharaoh say about that? (Cut from the US version is this bit where Seto asks if Shada thinks they can fight Bakura, who now has the Millennium Ring?)

Seto says that he's doing this to protect the Pharaoh and the citizens of Egypt. Shada still doesn't like it, but Seto tells the guards to stop, and jumps down from his chair, then tells Shada that he's not targeting the innocent, but seeking out the souls of potential criminals. (Japanese Seto says that Mahad's actions may have been foolish, but they should now take over for him, and not depend on the gods to challenge Bakura.) Seto turns to the guards and tells them to scour the kingdom and bring him any villager they find suspicious.

In a river, Bakura emerges from the water, gasping. One down, he says to himself, and five guardians to go. And then the seven Items will be his. He steps out of the river, laughing.

The guards bring a man before Seto, forcing him to his knees. The man cries out for mercy, saying there's been a mistake. He swears he's innocent. (The Japanese man asks what he's done wrong. In the US version, this man is changed, given a turban and beard, missing tooth and dark circles under his eyes.)

Seto says there's one way to find out. The man will be judged by the Millennium Items. (Japanese Seto says he's done nothing. They're just testing the possibility. Cut from the US version is this shot of the guards forcing the man's head back with their staffs, while Seto turns to the guards who've brought another man.)

The guards throw another man down before Seto, saying that they overheard him disrespecting the Pharaoh. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the guards lifting the man's head with their staffs.)

Seto tells Shada to see into the man's spirit.

Shada holds up the Millennium Key, asking it to show him what lies within the man's heart. A clownish monster appears (it's Saggi the Dark Clown), and Shada says that he senses an evil spark beginning to grow. The man appears harmless now, but Shada tells Seto that the man shows potential for greater evil. Seto says the vagrant is useless to him, and orders him locked up. The man cries out that they're making a mistake. Why waste their time on the likes of him, when there's a much more serious threat among them? Seto says they're aware of Bakura, and they've already taken actions to stop him. (The Japanese man says he's just returned from the desert. He can't have committed any crime. Seto tells him he has a dark monster within him, and that's evidence of a criminal mind. Cut from the US version is this bit where the man says they'll be cursed if they do this. In the middle of the desert, he saw a monster that was the reincarnation of a god. That's how he was able to come back alive.)

The man says he's referring to the White Dragon. (The Japanese man says that the White Dragon led him here.)

Seto turns to the man in surprise. The White Dragon? In a brief flash of memory, he sees the White Dragon attacking a village, and he says it can't be. The man insists it's true—the White Dragon stalks their town. (The Japanese man says that the White Dragon is in the city, protecting him.) But Seto says he's heard enough, and orders the man taken away. He walks away, the man still screaming protests after him.

Bakura stands, laughing, as Diabound appears before him. The more chaos and danger he sparks, Bakura thinks, the faster Diabound will evolve.

Yugi and the others are running through the streets, when Joey suddenly stops, falling wearily to his knees, asking if they can take five. He says he can't run on an empty stomach. Disgustedly, Téa tells him they're here to help the Pharaoh, not to eat. Joey just whines that he wants a hot dog.

Tristan sinks to his knees, too, asking, did Joey say hot dog? Yugi reminds them that it's like they don't exist there. They won't be able to touch the food, let alone eat it. Tristan and Joey both tell him to say it ain't so!

Then they see a big, round man standing in front of one of the vendor's stalls, busily stuffing his mouth with the vendor's fruit. Joey says something's not right—that guy's devouring everything in sight, and no one's saying a thing. Joey and Tristan yell at the man, who turns to them in surprise. They ask if he's got something for them, and he shouts that he's being attacked by hungry ghosts, then turns and runs away, with Joey and Tristan following. As they run after him, Joey realizes that the man can see them. The man stuffs the remaining handsful of fruit into his mouth, then doubles back as Joey and Tristan leap towards him. As he runs past Yugi and Téa, Téa stretches out a foot and trips him. He bounces end-over-end through a crowd, and Joey and Tristan dive after him.

They all land in the middle of an angry crowd, gathered around a girl lying on the ground. The round man says, "Bobasa goes bye-bye!" and disappears into the crowd, while Joey and Tristan leap across the girl, who's being threatened by the mob. (Cut from the US version is this shot of rocks being thrown over the heads of the mob, followed by this shot of Jounouchi and Honda watching in horror as the mob continue to throw rocks at the girl, saying she must be a witch.)

Joey and Tristan turn to face the crowd, ready to fight to protect the girl, while Yugi and Téa run to her, asking if she's okay. Joey says she can't hear them. (The rocks being thrown at the girl are removed from this close-up of her lying on the ground.)

Tristan remembers that none of these people can see them, or hear them. Joey says, no wonder the stones the mob is throwing don't hurt. Tristan tells them to think. They have to do something.

Just then, Seto shows up, asking what's going on. Yugi and the others all gasp in surprise, and Yugi exclaims, it's Kaiba!

Shada steps forward with his Millennium Key, but reacts in shock, saying that the power within her is too strong! He screams and falls to his knees, saying that he's never felt such a powerful spirit before. Really? Seto asks, then, staring at the girl, he realizes that there's something familiar about her. He orders the guards to bring the girl with them, and give her all the food and water she wants. Then he orders the mob to leave at once, or he'll put them all in shackles. They immediately disperse.

Joey says, way to go, fake Kaiba! Téa tells Yugi to look, and he says he knows—Kaiba has the Millennium Rod, and the other guy has the Key. It makes sense—Kaiba was carved on that ancient tablet. He must work for the Pharaoh.

Seto turns to his guards and tells them not to say a word of this to the Pharaoh. They needn't concern him until they have a full understanding of what's going on. Then he says to return to the palace.

Yugi and the others realize that Seto and his men could be their ticket to see the Pharaoh. They follow the guards back to the palace, pausing as they approach the palace walls to stare at its size. Téa cautions them to speed things up, as the gates are closing. But they don't react in time, and the gates close them out. Now, what will they do? Joey laughs, reminding them that they can walk through everything. But he crashes into the gate and falls to the ground. He gets up, complaining that he doesn't get it! Are they invisible or not? Tristan and Yugi run up to the gate, and also find it solid. Tristan says it's time for one of their famous Plan Bs.

A voice behind them says that perhaps he can help. It's Bobasa, the big, round man, sitting on one of the stone statues lining the road. He greets them, telling them they gave him a scare—he's not used to people seeing him. (Japanese Bobasa says he saw them protecting that girl, so he now knows they're good people.) He hops down from the statue, bouncing over to them like a huge beach ball. Then he holds out an armful of fruits and vegetables, asking if they'd like a snack. Joey and Tristan eagerly grab the food, while Téa asks, if he's invisible like them, why can he touch things? Confused, Bobasa says he has no idea, then snatches back a handful of food and gulps it down.

(Cut from the US version is this scene of Yugi asking Bobasa why they can't get into the city, and Jounouchi and Honda looking worriedly at their food while Bobasa says he doesn't know. Then Bobasa grabs more food and eats it.)

Téa asks where he's from, but Joey and Tristan tell her not to ask any more questions. Bobasa explains that when he gets nervous, he gets hungry. Joey and Tristan tell Téa to stop making Bobasa nervous, but she says she's trying to get them into the Palace. Bobasa wonders what they are going to do. Joey and Tristan, clutching their food, tell Téa to quit it. She protests that she's trying to help.

Yugi turns away from his bickering friends with a sigh, and walks up to the gate. With one hand pressed to the stone, he looks sadly up at the gate, thinking that he knows the Pharaoh is in there, and he's going to figure out a way to help.

Standing on his balcony, the Pharaoh looks up in surprise. Someone is calling out to him.

Night falls, and the Pharaoh's guards patrol the gate. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the full moon outside the palace gates, while the guards say that if anything happens, they'll see it.)

Bakura is hiding nearby, behind a stone column. The time has come, he thinks. On to phase two. The Shadow Game has taken an interesting twist, as the past and the future have begun to converge. Take the Egyptian gods—the Pharaoh can only control them thanks to his knowledge of the future. But Bakura has a power he doesn't. Bakura gets up and starts to walk towards the gate, fading into invisibility as he approaches. Thanks to the Millennium Ring, he thinks, he can enter the Palace undetected.

Inside the tablet sanctuary, Seto approaches Aknadin, who's standing at the top of the inner pyramid. He tells Aknadin that their mission was a success. They searched the land for Shadow creatures, and their findings were greater than he could ever have expected. But Aknadin demands that Seto release these innocent people immediately. Seto protests, but Aknadin tells him he must do as he says. Seto is heading down a dangerous path. Aknadin remind Seto that he is a guardian, and he must act like one. Again, he orders Seto to free those people, for he has disgraced the name of the Pharaoh. (Japanese Aknadin says that the captives have done no wrong, and Seto should let them go. Evil will cause fear, and fear brings people to the realm of darkness. Cut from the US version is this scene where Seto asks Aknadin, what is fear? What is danger? What is more frightening than the demise of royal power?)

Seto refuses, saying he did this to protect the Pharaoh. It's the only way they can defeat Bakura. Aknadin continues to protest, but Seto tells him farewell and walks away, saying there's work to be done. Aknadin calls after Seto that he's making a mistake, but Seto's already gone. Sinking to his knees, Aknadin says he should know—long ago, he made the same mistake himself.

The Millennium Ring appears, and Aknadin jumps up, asking who's there. Bakura stands at the foot of the stairs, wearing the Ring and laughing.

Seto enters the room where the girl is being kept. He asks the guards if she's awake, and they say not yet. Seto stands over the bed where she sleeps, thinking that her face is so familiar to him. He touches her face, wondering if this is the girl he saw that day long ago—the girl with the blue eyes and white hair.

He remembers riding horseback through the desert as a youth, and coming across a band of marauders holding someone prisoner in a cage on a cart. They say that the prisoner has been nothing but trouble, and they should have run her out of town like the rest of them. (The Japanese marauders say that such a thing is rare in their country. Blue eyes and white hair—they're lucky.) Young Seto sneaks up to the cart and unlocks the cage, helping the girl to escape. The marauders spot them and give chase, but they manage to outrun them on Seto's horse. Once they're free of pursuit, Seto tells the girl to take the horse to the next town, and jumps down, telling her his name is Seto. She rides on, calling out to him that she'll repay him some day.

Young Seto turns, and sees his village in flames in the valley below. It must have been those scoundrels! He runs to the village, screaming at the marauders to get out. (Japanese Seto screams for his mother.) Before the burning village, one of the marauders stands holding a torch, shouting that this land is theirs, and they're taking it back. (The Japanese marauder shouts to his men to look for her. Cut from the US version is this bit where he grabs a village running past, and demands to know where the blue-eyed one is. The villager says he doesn't know.)

Seto runs up, and the marauders recognize him as the kid who freed their prisoner. They surround him, and he tries to escape, but they hold him helpless while his village burns. (Cut from the US version is this close-up shot of one of the marauders using a torch to set a building on fire.)

Suddenly, a huge white dragon rises over the village, roaring. The frightened marauders run away, but the dragon attacks and blasts them. Young Seto watches in awe as the dragon looms over the burning village.

Seto stands over the sleeping girl, thinking that it is her. She has returned.

(Cut from the US version is this sequence in which Aknadin is slammed against the wall of the tablet sanctuary, then flies through the air away from the wall, tumbles head over heels down the steps, and crashes onto the floor, where Bakura slams a heel into his chest.)

Meanwhile, Bakura has Aknadin on the floor, one foot on his chest. They meet again, Bakura says. Only this time, Aknadin is alone. But Bakura isn't. A shockwave of power runs through the sanctuary, and Diabound forms behind Bakura, more powerful and terrible than ever.

Leaning over Aknadin, Bakura says he could seize the Millennium Eye in an instant, but he has something more amusing in mind. They still have a score to settle. Bakura reminds Aknadin of the incident in the village of Kul Elna a few years ago—Aknadin crushed Bakura's people and abandoned his son, a young boy named Seto! Aknadin clutches the foot at his throat, moaning in horror.

Bakura stands over him and laughs.

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