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Episode 206: Village of Lost Souls (The Secret of the Birth of the Millennium Items)

Inside the tablet sanctuary, Bakura stands over Aknadin, his foot on Aknadin's chest. Aknadin tells Bakura to release him at once, but Bakura says Aknadin's in no position to be making demands. Aknadin says Bakura won't get away with this, but Bakura says he's already destroyed one of Aknadin's cohorts, and he has the Millennium Ring to prove it. Aknadin realizes that it's true. (Japanese Bakura says that with the Millennium Ring, he's invincible. Aknadin asks what Bakura did with Mahad, and Bakura says that Aknadin was at the massacre of Kul Elna, so why should he be upset? Aknadin asks what Bakura is talking about. Cut from the US version are these shots of Bakura saying that he was lucky to survive the destruction of Kul Elna, and Aknadin's reaction.)

Bakura taunts Aknadin, saying it's painful to lose someone he cares about, isn't it—he should try losing his whole village. (Japanese Bakura says to forget about it. It was a very Dark Game, and he doesn't want to have anything to do with it any more.)

Bakura steps off of Aknadin, grabs him by the robes and hauls him up, saying that he destroyed Bakura's homeland, took away Bakura's family and left him with nothing. Raising the Millennium Ring, Bakura says that it's time to pay the price, by serving him. He knows Aknadin has a dark side, it just needs to be brought out. (Japanese Bakura says Aknadin hasn't changed a bit. Aknadin can work for him. He's been waiting three thousand years for this—he has to realize his dream this time.) He reaches for Aknadin's face, and Aknadin screams.

Standing on the balcony of the palace, the Pharaoh gasps, and holds up the Millennium Puzzle, saying that it senses a dark presence. Shimon runs out onto the balcony to tell the Pharaoh that a village along the Nile has just been attacked. They hear an explosion and see smoke rising. It's Aknadin's sanctuary. Seto, still standing by Kisara's bed, looks up.

Shimon says there's only one person capable of an act of treason like this. The Pharaoh agrees—Bakura.

Bakura runs along a stone walkway, high above the guards. The Pharaoh orders them after him, and they run to search the courtyard. Unseen, Bakura leaps down from the roof of the palace.

Aknadin lies within his ruined sanctuary, with Seto, Shada, and Karim gathered around him. He moans that "he" must be stopped. Seto, holding Aknadin's head up, asks him who did this, and he answers, "Pure evil," then passes out. (Japanese Seto asks what happened. Aknadin says, "Seto." The blood on his face, dripping from the Eye, is removed in the US version.)

Shada says Aknadin will be fine, he's just been under incredible strain. Seto lowers Aknadin gently to the ground, saying that they can't let that rogue continue to get away with these despicable acts. He stands up, and says that they must take Bakura down once and for all! (Japanese Seto tells Shada to look after Aknadin, and tells Karim to come with him.)

Bakura has stolen a horse and is riding away, with guards in pursuit. Five men block his way, but they're swept away by an invisible force before Bakura reaches them. Diabound appears over Bakura's head.

Then the Pharaoh rides after Bakura on a white horse. Looking back, Bakura says that the mighty Pharaoh has taken his bait. The Pharaoh calls upon Slifer the Sky Dragon, which emerges from the tablet sanctuary and flies above him. Bakura says that the ultimate battle for the future of mankind will begin once again, only this time, he'll prevail. The Pharaoh calls out for Bakura to stop running like a coward and face up to what he's done.

Outside the city gates, Yugi and the others are sitting against the wall, asleep, when the gate suddenly blasts open. They jump up to see the Pharaoh ride out after Bakura. Yugi exclaims, it's the Pharaoh! (Japanese Yugi says, "Mou hitori no boku," or "The other me.") Slifer follows, and Bobasa adds, and that is a big red dragon! Joey says that this sort of thing used to surprise him, but now—not so much. (Japanese Jounouchi says that was definitely Yugi, even though he was dressed strangely.) Tristan asks if anyone got a good look at who the Pharaoh was chasing, and Téa says, Bakura. (Japanese Honda asks, wasn't that Bakura he was following? and Anzu says, "Yugi.") Saying that they've got to help, Yugi runs after the Pharaoh, and the others follow.

Inside the palace, Aknadin lies in bed, bandages wrapped over his eye. Bakura appears beside him, laughing, and says that he knows all of Aknadin's secrets. He knows what Aknadin did at Kul Elna. These events may have occurred fifteen years ago, but time doesn't heal all wounds.

(Cut from the US version of the flashback are these scenes of battle.)

In flashback, a guard kneels before the previous Pharaoh, Aknamkanon, telling him that they've lost their stronghold to the north, and the enemy continues to march towards the capital. The Pharaoh asks how long they can withstand the attack, and the guard replies that if all goes well, perhaps a week. Grimly, Aknamkanon says that the end has come. One of his councilors says that they can't give up. This conflict will not just decide the fate of their country, but the entire world. If the enemy advances much further, they might seize the Millennium Spellbook.

Aknamkanon says that the enemy must not succeed. It is said that whoever deciphers the book's ancient text will be able to control a power known only to the gods. The councilor, Aknadin, agrees, saying that maybe they can tap that power to defeat the enemy. Impatiently, the Pharaoh says that they've been through this before, and no one has been able to decode those spells.

Aknadin says that's not true—they've had a breakthrough. They haven't decoded the whole book, but Aknadin has managed to decipher one of its spells, a ritual allowing the spellcaster to forge seven Millennium Items, which could eliminate the invaders and bring tranquility to Egypt. The Pharaoh asks how long it will take to create them. Aknadin says it will take seven days. Fortunately, he's already begun experimenting with the Shadow magic necessary to fashion the items. The Pharaoh says that if it will bring peace, Aknadin should proceed. Calling Aknadin "brother," Aknamkanon tells him to make their father proud.

As the flashback continues, Aknadin sits horseback outside the palace, talking to his wife, who stands with their infant son at her side. He tells her that in order to save their kingdom, he must do the unthinkable. If his actions are discovered, people may seek revenge, so for their own protection, no one must ever know that he has a family. They must run as far from here as they can. Aknadin tells her he wishes there were another solution, and she says she does, too. He tells her that Seto must never learn the truth about who his father is. (Japanese Aknadin tells his wife to tell Seto that his father was a soldier who died in battle.) Then Aknadin rides away.

Later, Aknadin stands before a group of soldiers, telling them that they're the Pharaoh's strongest soldiers, and the future of their land depends on them. They must never repeat what he says. Aknadin and the three men standing with him put a spell on the soldiers so that they'll obey Aknadin only. They've been chosen to take part in an experiment to save the land of Egypt. Their mission begins tonight in a small village on the outskirts of the kingdom. To Kul Elna!

As Aknadin and his men ride out that night, Aknadin thinks that the Pharaoh must never learn of the events that are about to follow. According to the book of spells, evil spirits must be captured in order to create the seven Millennium Items. His brother would never approve. (Japanese Aknadin thinks that in order to perform the Dark Ritual, they will need human sacrifices. In order to protect the kingdom, they have to do it. The Pharaoh must never know. He asks his brother to forgive him.)

Aknadin and his men pause on a ridge overlooking Kul Elna. He says it's an evil village, its inhabitants possessed with the darkest spirits known. That's why they've been raiding the royal tombs and stealing their riches for years. But tonight, they'll put an end to Kul Elna's evil ways. (Japanese Aknadin says that this is the village of Kul Elna, the thieves' village. They're the cause of all the chaos. Their evil actions have angered the gods. They must be destroyed.) Aknadin orders his men to capture those spirits (Japanese Aknadin tells his men not to let anyone get away), and they ride on the village, rounding up the villagers and herding them into an underground cavern. Little Bakura hides behind a doorway, watching in horror. (This long shot of little Bakura, with the shadows of the human sacrifices falling into the pit on the wall beside him, is cut from the US version.)

Aknadin recites the spells as a cauldron of molten gold is poured into a stone mold. Aknadin says that the treasures won't be forged of gold, but from the darkness that lies within the hearts of men. (Japanese Aknadin says that the rite is performed using living human sacrifices.)

Later, the mold is broken with mallets, and his men retrieve the Millennium Items. But then the cavern begins to rumble, and the floor splits open. The man holding the Ring falls into the chasm. (Glowy purple stuff is added to the chasm in the US version, obscuring the man's fall.)

The others are thrown to the ground. Aknadin watches as a stone tablet rises from the chasm. One of his men wonders if they've angered the gods. (Japanese Aknadin, in voice-over, says that they didn't know the real purpose of the seven Millennium Items.)

The stone tablet contains impressions into which the seven Millennium Items fit. The Ring rises from the tablet, and Aknadin's men are thrown against the wall. Aknadin wonders what he has unleashed. (More purple stuff is added to the wall against which the men are thrown in the US version.)

The shadowy form of a huge monster rises from the chasm, and grabs Aknadin in its clawed hand, lifting him high off the ground. Terrified, Aknadin asks what the creature wants. It tells him to return those treasures to their resting place. Aknadin, holding the Millennium Eye in his hand, says that these items belong to them. He reaches up and places the Eye in his own face. (The blood dripping from below the Eye is removed in the US version.)

Aknadin demands that the creature unhand him, and it drops him to the ground. The others run to him, saying that they must leave at once. He grabs the Millennium Ring from the tablet, and the shadow creature disappears. Aknadin and his men run from the cavern.

(Cut from the US version is this bit showing Aknadin and another man walking through the desert. The other man falls, unable to go any further. Aknadin encourages him to go on, but the man tells Aknadin to go without him. He must take the seven Millennium Items to the Pharaoh. Besides, the fewer people who know about it, the better. Aknadin takes the sack with the Millennium Items and goes on alone.)

Aknadin stumbles through the desert alone, carrying a sack over his shoulder. He falls exhausted to the ground, then looks up over the ridge to see the city below. He's made it. He struggles to his feet, and continues towards the city.

Later, the invaders gather on the same ridge, preparing to attack the city. It seems the King of Egypt has given up, one of them says, and they laugh, saying that the city has been abandoned. They attack, led by men on horseback, but find seven men standing before the city gates. Thinking an army of seven will be no threat, their leader tells them to show no mercy.

Aknamkanon, standing in the center of the seven defenders, activates the Millennium Items in the name of Egypt, and calls upon the mighty spirits to protect the kingdom. Seven creatures appear over the city walls. The invaders are repelled.

Back in the present, Aknadin lies in bed, thinking that he'll never forget that day. It was both his greatest achievement and his darkest hour. His efforts had saved Egypt from destruction, but he deserted his family to do so, and his only son, Seto, would never know of his noble ancestry. (Japanese Aknadin thinks that he had to hide the truth to protect their kingdom. He had to accede to the Pharaoh's request and hide his real identity. He is loyal to his country to the end. He has only one regret.)

In another flashback, Shimon welcomes the new guardian of the Millennium Rod, Master Seto. Though raised by peasants, he has risen to excellence, passing his tests with the highest scores ever seen. Seto kneels before the throne where Aknamkanon sits, the young future Pharaoh at his side. Aknamkanon welcomes Seto to his sacred court, and Seto thanks him for the great honor, and promises to serve him well. Aknadin watches as Aknamkanon tells Seto that, as the youngest royal guardian, he'll sit at the right hand of the Pharaoh's son. Shimon turns to Aknadin, saying that he's been unusually quiet. In voice-over, Aknadin thinks that he was in shock—there, kneeling before the Pharaoh, was his own son. The boy he'd abandoned and stripped of his heritage had overcome every obstacle and risen to greatness, all on his own merit. At that moment, he realized it was Seto who should be Pharaoh.

Sitting up in bed, Aknadin grimaces, continuing to think that his son deserves to be king, and king he shall become!

Meanwhile, Seto rides out of the city. Far ahead, the Pharaoh chases Bakura, while Slifer pursues Diabound. Bakura says it's about time to show off Diabound's newest ability, and orders it to use Illusionary Shockwave to attack Slifer. The Pharaoh grimaces in pain as the attacks strike Slifer. Bakura says that Diabound steals the abilities of the enemies it defeats—that attack came courtesy of Mahad. The Pharaoh orders Slifer to use its Lightning Blast, and watches as the attack makes a direct hit on Diabound. But then he notices an attack coming up behind him, and Bakura tells him that he's not in the clear just yet. Diabound appears beside the Pharaoh and attacks, but Slifer jumps between Diabound and the Pharaoh and counterattacks. Diabound is thrown back into the sky. Now it's Bakura's turn to clutch his chest in pain.

Bakura says the Pharaoh will pay for that, but the Pharaoh says Bakura's forgotten who he's dealing with. Bakura says the Pharaoh's forgotten that this battle isn't one of his little card tournaments. In this arena, Bakura has the advantage.

Bakura orders Diabound to destroy the city. Diabound's attacks blast the buildings and sweep away the citizens. Bakura laughs as he rides through the destruction. The Pharaoh shouts at him to stop, saying that the fight is between Bakura and himself. Bakura tells him it's time to decide—continue to fight him, or save his people. (Japanese Bakura says it's a game—how many lives can the Pharaoh save?)

Diabound descends on two children standing helpless in the street. But before Diabound's attack reaches them, Slifer intervenes, saving them. They run, as Slifer continues to absorb Diabound's attacks. The Pharaoh orders Slifer to protect the villagers. Bakura wonders how much abuse Slifer can endure, and says he guesses they'll see.

The villagers run, and Bakura stops atop a building at the end of an alley. The Pharaoh rides up below, as Bakura tells him it looks like a dead end—so much for saving his villagers. The Pharaoh insists that no harm shall befall the people of his kingdom. Slifer attacks Diabound, who counterattacks, and the two blasts of energy meet in a huge fireball.

Some distance away, Yugi and the others pause, watching the fight between the monsters. Tristan says those are definitely not holograms, and Yugi agrees.

Slifer grabs Diabound's serpent tail in its teeth and carries it up into the sky. The Pharaoh says he refuses to let Bakura put the people in any more danger, and orders Slifer to take the fight to the skies. The Pharaoh says his people are safe.

Bakura says that Slifer may control the skies, but Diabound commands the darkness, making him infinitely more powerful. Diabound suddenly disappears, and Bakura explains that his creature has the ability to move in Shadow. By the time it reveals itself, it will be too late.

An attack blasts out of nowhere, hitting Slifer. Bakura wonders how he should conclude this battle—should he destroy Slifer, or this city? Or perhaps he'll have Diabound crush the Pharaoh. Then he says there's a simpler way for the Pharaoh to save his city—surrender the Millennium Puzzle to him, and he'll leave the Pharaoh and his villagers alone.

The Pharaoh thinks that if he hands over the Millennium Puzzle, Bakura will become unstoppable. But he can't let Bakura harm his people. The Pharaoh takes the Puzzle from around his neck. Bakura smiles triumphantly as the Pharaoh holds out the Puzzle. But the Pharaoh thinks that if he can just distract Bakura for long enough, he might be able to defeat him. It's his only hope.

Bakura orders the Pharaoh to get off his horse and kneel before him. As Bakura laughs, the Pharaoh tells Slifer, now! Slifer flies towards Bakura, jaws open. The Pharaoh tells Bakura to call off Diabound, but Bakura says no. Two can play at this game. Just as Slifer remains with its teeth about to snap over Bakura's head, Diabound is behind the Pharaoh with its claws poised to crush him.

Bakura says it looks like a draw—but looks can be deceiving. He orders Diabound to destroy the Pharaoh.

Just then, another monster leaps into the fray, defending the Pharaoh from Diabound. The Pharaoh says that's Seto's creature (Japanese Pharaoh says it's Seto's Duos), and turns to see Seto and the other guardians riding towards him.

Seto shouts to the Pharaoh that they will save him!

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