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Episode 200: Spiritual Awakening (Yami Bakura on the Move)

As the storm rages, Yugi confronts Dark Bakura in an alleyway. Weevil and Rex lie on the ground behind Bakura, and Yugi asks what he's done to them. Bakura says they got what they deserved—they had something that didn't belong to them, so he banished them to the Shadow Realm. (Japanese Yugi says, "You're Bakura-kun." Yami Bakura says that everyone knows Yugi has the God cards, so it's not surprising that people like these would try to steal them. It's Yugi's mission to protect the God cards, isn't it? Too bad for these guys.) Yugi is horrified (Japanese Yugi now notices that the thieves are Haga and Ryuuzaki), but Bakura says Yugi should be grateful (Japanese Bakura says that was a close one, and tells Yugi he should be more careful), and tosses Yugi's bag back to him.

Yugi takes out the Puzzle box and looks inside to find the God cards safe. But Bakura's kept one of the Items for himself—he shows Yugi the Millennium Ring he's wearing, saying that he wasn't quite ready to part with it yet. Yugi tells him to give it back—the Millennium Items belong together. Bakura says that eventually, they will be, and tells Yugi he ought to concentrate on gathering the other items instead of pestering him. When the time is right, Bakura will give Yugi the Millennium Ring. He says that they share a common goal—they both want all seven Items returned to their resting place within the Millennium Stone. (Japanese Bakura asks Yugi to lend him the Millennium Ring for the time being, and then says it belongs to him, anyway. Yugi asks if he's the Dark One, and Bakura says not to worry. When the Pharaoh regains his memory, he'll need all the Millennium Items. At that time, Bakura will return the Ring to him. Yugi wonders what Bakura knows about the Millennium Items. He thinks of the Pharaoh's stone tablet underground in Egypt, with places carved to fit the Millennium Items.)

Yugi doesn't trust Bakura. He says he's collecting the Millennium Items so he can help the Pharaoh save the world from destruction. Bakura asks if Yugi thinks he has a different goal in mind, then tells him to believe what he wishes, but remember that Bakura knows things about the past that the Pharaoh has forgotten. He knows that when the seven Millennium Items are returned to the stone, a doorway to the spirit world will open. (Japanese Yugi asks Bakura what he knows about this. After the seven Millennium Items are placed on the stone tablet, what will happen? Bakura asks if Yugi's talking about the stone tablet at Kul Elna. That artifact connects their world to the underworld. When the seven Millennium Items are placed on the stone tablet, the door to the underworld will open. Cut from the US version is this sequence where Yugi asks, the door to the underworld? Yami Bakura thinks to himself that behind that door lies his real objective. Then he tells Yugi that he should know the significance of opening the door to the underworld.)

Looking at the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi wonders if the spirit world is where the Pharaoh belongs. He asks if, when this doorway is opened, the Pharaoh will be set free. Bakura says Yugi's catching on, and asks if Yugi doesn't want to help his friend—his spirit's been trapped in the Puzzle for five thousand years. Yugi says, of course he does. (Japanese Yugi says he knows that the spirit of his other self, which has been trapped in the Puzzle, must return to the underworld. Bakura tells him, well said. If that's Yugi's mission, Bakura is willing to lend a hand any time.)

The Puzzle activates and Yami takes over, telling Bakura to stop poisoning Yugi's mind. Bakura asks if he's come to bury the hatchet and join forces. Yami says Bakura knows better than that. Bakura says he knows why Yami hates him—the two of them are more alike than the Pharaoh cares to admit. But Yami insists that they're nothing alike. Bakura points out that they're both five-thousand-year-old spirits inhabiting the body of a civilian. (Japanese Yami asks Bakura what his motives are. Bakura says, oh, the king makes an appearance! Is he worried that his other self will be cheated? Yami tells Bakura to answer him. Bakura says they share the same fate—three thousand years ago, their souls were trapped. Yami asks him who he really is, but Bakura says he's forgotten. He says maybe somewhere in the Pharaoh's memory, he remembers. Cut from the US version is this close-up of Yami saying, "Bakura!" Then Bakura, calling Yami "Oh-sama," or "King," says it's time for the ultimate Dark Game. They have a stage perfectly suited for them—the world of the Pharaoh's memory. Yami repeats, the world of my memory?)

The only difference is that Bakura remembers his past, while all Yami's mind contains is an endless labyrinth of questions. The inside of the Puzzle appears behind Yami, and then Duel Monsters cards, as Bakura continues that Yami's life is nothing more than a puzzle wrapped in a game—and Bakura knows the solution. The only way Yami can solve the game is to play a game. (Japanese Bakura laughs, saying Yami is clueless about himself. There's an unsolvable maze in his mind, and he pursues games like riddles. If Yami can recall one particular game, the riddle of his memory will be solved. That is the ultimate Dark Game. Cut from the US version is this bit where Yami says, the ultimate Dark Game? Bakura asks Yami, doesn't he remember anything? It was Yami who started this game. Yami asks, I started this? Bakura says, so let's finish it.)

Yami doesn't know if Bakura's telling the truth, but he'll do whatever he has to to unlock his mind. Bakura wishes him luck, saying he'll need it when the ultimate Shadow Game begins. (Japanese Yami accepts Bakura's challenge. Bakura says that's not necessary—when the door to Yami's memory opens, the game will begin.) Then he turns and walks away, telling the Pharaoh to enjoy his travels. (Japanese Bakura says he's looking forward to it.) As he walks away, Bakura thinks that that encounter went exactly as planned. Now it's time for Phase Two. (This shot of the stormy sky is cut from the US version, as Yami Bakura thinks that he has to prepare for the ultimate Dark Game.)

In his office at Kaiba Corp, Kaiba is at work on his computer, as the storm rages outside. (The words "Kaiba Co" are removed from the front of the building in the US version.)

The power goes out. Bright light flashes from his computer screen, then Bakura appears on the screen. Kaiba asks if he can help Bakura with something, and Bakura holds up an unconscious Mokuba. Kaiba calls out Mokuba's name. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Bakura holding up Mokuba's limp body, telling Kaiba not to worry, he's just passed out. Bakura casually tosses Mokuba down, and Kaiba demands to know what Bakura wants.)

Bakura says he doesn't think Mokuba can hear him. He tells Kaiba to come up to the roof with his cards and his Duel Disk. (Japanese Bakura challenges Kaiba to a Dark Game.) Then the screen goes to static.

Kaiba slams his fist on his desk, then stands up, pulls off his tie, and pulls open the desk drawer to retrieve his trusty briefcase, saying that if that freak wants a duel, he'll give him one he'll never forget! He pulls out his Duel Disk and then takes the elevator up to the roof, finding time to change from his business suit to his snazzy dueling outfit somewhere along the way. When the elevator door opens, Mokuba falls unconscious into his arms. As Kaiba gently lays Mokuba down, Bakura says he'd tell Kaiba where Mokuba's soul is, but Kaiba doesn't believe in the Shadow Realm. Kaiba warns Bakura that whatever he did to his brother, he'd better undo. As soon as Kaiba defeats Bakura, he wants Mokuba back. (Japanese Bakura says he's been waiting for Kaiba. Let the Dark Game begin. Kaiba contemptuously says, Dark Game? How stupid. For this, Mokuba was.... He warns Bakura not to think of leaving.)

Kaiba activates his Duel Disk, and so does Bakura. They each draw their opening hands, then Bakura laughs as purple mists rise around them. Kaiba is startled by what he's seeing, and Bakura asks him what's wrong—there's no such thing as magic, right? And those visions Kaiba's been having don't exist, either. Kaiba doesn't want to hear the Egyptian speech again. He asks when these people are going to realize that he focuses on the future, not the past. Bakura laughs, saying Kaiba's attitude hasn't changed in five thousand years. Kaiba says that's enough. (Japanese Bakura tells Kaiba not to be so shocked—he used to play this game 3000 years ago. Kaiba says a 3000-year-old game? He looks to the future. If Bakura wants such a meaningless honor, go find Yugi. Bakura says, that's right, Yugi took part in this Dark Game, too. Cut from the US version is this shot of Bakura licking his lips.)

Bakura thinks that with a little time, he'll make Kaiba a believer. Before this Shadow Game ends, not only will Kaiba accept his ancient heritage, he'll long to return to his roots. (Japanese Bakura thinks that for his and Yugi's ultimate Dark Game, he must gather some insurance. His best monster is still sleeping.)

Bakura begins the duel by playing Polymerization, fusing Headless Knight and the Earl of Demise to form the Duke of Demise (2000 ATK). Since it's his first turn, he can't attack, so he says Kaiba gets off easy this time. Kaiba says it will take more than a rotting carcass with a sword to intimidate him. He draws, and summons Vorse Raider (1900 ATK) in attack mode, then plays his magic card, Shrink, to cut the Duke of Demise's attack points in half. Vorse Raider attacks the Duke of Demise. Bakura's monster isn't destroyed, but he does take 900 points of damage, reducing Bakura's life points to 3100.

Drawing, Bakura says he isn't worried, even though he has to pay 500 life points due to the Duke of Demise's effect. He has something worse in store. He sacrifices the Duke of Demise to summon Diabound Colonel (1800 ATK), then plays the magic card, Spirit Illusion, creating a doppelganger of his monster—an exact duplicate of the original. Kaiba says now he has two useless monsters, but Bakura says they'll see. He activates his doppelganger's special ability, reducing Vorse Raider's attack points by the doppelganger's. Vorse Raider's attack goes down to 100 points. Then the original Diabound Colonel attacks, destroying Vorse Raider. Kaiba loses 1700 life points, bringing him down to 2300. Bakura sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Saying no more Mr. Nice Guy, Kaiba plays Lord of Dragons (1200 ATK). As long as Lord of Dragons is on the field, any dragon he plays is safe from all magic and trap cards. Then, he plays the magic card, Flute of Summoning Dragon, allowing him to summon two dragons from his hand. But, he says, he only needs one dragon—his Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000 ATK). Bakura smiles as the dragon appears on the field, thinking that this is just the card he hoped Kaiba would play. Now it's time for a little stroll down memory lane.

Kaiba sees himself, dressed as an ancient Egyptian, kneeling in ruins before a stone tablet carved with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He holds a white-haired woman in his arms. Ancient Seto asks, what has he done to you, Kisara? In the name of the Pharaoh, he vows to save her. (There's no dialog in the Japanese version of the vision.)

Present-day Kaiba exclaims, oh no! It's that vision again. (Japanese Kaiba wonders who that beautiful woman is.)

Kaiba thinks his mind is playing tricks on him again, just like when he dueled Yugi. He remembers when their God cards clashed, and they found themselves spinning through space together, to end up hovering over a ruined city. Yugi said that his Millennium Puzzle transported them to another place and time. Kaiba thought it had to be some kind of illusion—they were just in the middle of a duel. Yugi thought it looked familiar, and wondered if it could be ancient Egypt. Kaiba thinks he's not falling for that nonsense. Whatever happened in the past has nothing to do with him.

Bakura asks Kaiba if he's feeling all right. Kaiba glances to the side, where Mokuba lies unconscious, and says he's never felt better. Now, he says, let's get back to the duel. He orders his Blue-Eyes to attack Diabound, but Bakura activates his trap card, Spirit Shield, protecting his monster from the attack by removing one monster in his graveyard (Headless Knight) from play. As long as he has monsters in his graveyard, Kaiba's attacks are useless. Kaiba says that won't last, then sets one card face down and ends his turn. Bakura thinks that soon the power of Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragon will rest in his hands. (Yami Bakura's smile is changed in the US version.)

Bakura draws, then plays Pot of Greed to draw two more cards. One of them is the magic card, Grief Tablet, which he activates. It seals Lord of Dragons in a stone tablet. The only way to free his monster is to destroy the tablet, but when he does, Kaiba will receive 500 points of damage. With Lord of Dragons sealed away, Bakura's doppleganger is able to weaken the Blue-Eyes White Dragon by 1800 points, leaving it with only 1200 attack points. Then Bakura attacks with Diabound.

Kaiba activates his trap card, Attack Guidance Armor, redirecting Diabound's attack to the sealed Lord of Dragons. Kaiba loses 600 points from Lord of Dragons' destruction and 500 points from Grief Tablet's, taking him down to 1200 life points, but his Blue-Eyes White Dragon is safe. Grumbling, Bakura sets two cards face down and ends his turn.

As Kaiba draws, Bakura thinks that he can sense Kaiba's fear. Kaiba thinks that Bakura will pay for what he did to Mokuba. No one messes with the Kaiba family and gets away with it. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that Bakura has studied his strategy. If Kaiba can be victorious, it will show his true strength. For the sake of his deck, and for the Blue-Eyes....) Kaiba plays Card of Demise, letting him draw four more cards, and after five turns his hand goes to the graveyard. Bakura asks if Kaiba's forgetting about his Spirit Shield. Nothing Kaiba can draw will damage him.

Kaiba disagrees. He plays his magic card, Soul Release, allowing him to remove up to five cards in Bakura's graveyard from play. Earl of Demise and Duke of Demise are removed from play, and without any monsters in his graveyard, Bakura's Spirit Shield is destroyed. Next, Kaiba plays the magic card, Silent Doom, allowing him to bring back a monster from his graveyard in defense mode. He chooses Vorse Raider, then sacrifices Vorse Raider and his weakend Blue-Eyes White Dragon to summon another Blue-Eyes White Dragon at full strength. Bakura asks if he's supposed to run in fear, and Kaiba says that when the Blue-Eyes attacks his little snake boy, he will. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon destroys Diabound, and Bakura goes down to 1400 life points.

Not bad, Bakura says, but not good enough. He activates his trap cards, Mirror Tablet and Rebirth Tablet. Rebirth Tablet allows him to bring Diabound back to the field, while the Mirror Tablet absorbs half the attack points of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Kaiba sacrificed and adds them to Diabound, raising its attack to 3300. The powered-up Diabound destroys Kaiba's Blue-Eyes, and takes Kaiba down to 900 life points.

Kaiba plays Monster Reborn and brings back his Blue-Eyes. Bakura thinks, if only Kaiba knew what Diabound has just accomplished. (This shot of Bakura is inserted into the US version.)

By destroying the Blue-Eyes, Daibound was able to duplicate and absorb its attack power. Mission accomplished.

Then the sun begins to rise, and Bakura tells Kaiba he's in luck. He has some other business to attend to. Kaiba is furious that Bakura's leaving in the middle of a duel, but Bakura says he'll be back to finish what he started. In the meantime, he tosses something to Kaiba, who catches it and is astonished to find himself holding the Millennium Eye. (The flashback to Kaiba's duel with Pegasus is changed slightly in the US version.)

Didn't this once belong to Pegasus, he asks. Bakura says yes—Pegasus once used it to capture Kaiba's soul. He tells Kaiba to bring the Millennium Eye to Egypt, and he'll give him a little history lesson. Kaiba says he doesn't have time to run halfway around the world chasing a fairy tale. (Japanese Bakura tells Kaiba that the Eye is his invitation to the ultimate Dark Game. He tells Kaiba that if he wants to attend, to bring the Eye to Egypt. Kaiba says it's ridiculous. He won't go—he's not interested in solving riddles.) Bakura asks if he's not interested in learning why he shares such a strong bond with his Blue-Eyes. Kaiba wonders what that's supposed to mean. Bakura says the answer lies in the sands of Egypt—"Seto."

Diabound attacks the playing field with a brilliant flash of light. When the light clears, Kaiba finds himself alone on the roof. He stares at the Millennium Eye in his hand as dawn rises over the city.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Yugi is about to board his flight to Cairo, when suddenly his friends show up to come along. (The "Exit" sign over the doorway is removed from the US version.)

Yugi tells them they don't have to do that, but Joey says they wouldn't miss it for the world—and besides, Téa paid for the tickets. Téa protests that she lent them the money, because Tristan and Joey conveniently forgot their wallets. Joey promises that he and Tristan will pay back every penny, and Tristan says his check's in the mail already. (Japanese Anzu says she lent them the money from her school fees. Jounouchi says he'll pay her back from his wages. Honda says he borrowed the money from his brother.) Joey says the important thing is, they're not letting Yugi take this trip alone. Yugi says they're the best!

Watching the friends, Yami thinks that he hopes they're ready for this. It's so much more than a trip to his homeland—it's a journey into his ancient past. (Japanese Yami thinks that the path to his memory world is before them. For him and Bakura, the ultimate Dark Game will begin.)

As the plane takes off, Yugi tells the Pharaoh he hopes he finds what he's looking for.

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