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Episode 189: Child's Play (Hot! Rebecca vs Vivian)

Joey and friends leave the jungle area. (The sign over the gate is changed in the US version to show some cartoon-y lions. In the Japanese, it says, "Jungle Zone—Out Gate.")

Tristan congratulates Joey on his first-round win, even though it means he owes Duke a steak. (Japanese Honda teases Jounouchi about not being able to recognize Grandpa in his disguise.) Mokuba runs up to one of the screens located around the park broadcasting the duels, calling to the gang to hurry up—the next duel is about to begin. (The location of Vivian and Rebecca's duel says "Blue Eyes Train Station" in the Japanese.)

On the screen, the announcer introduces the duelists, regional champion and self-proclaimed child genius, Rebecca Hawkins, who'll face model turned actress turned kung-fu master turned duelist, Vivian Wong. Téa isn't happy to see Vivian dueling, saying that that diva is nothing but bad news. (Cut from the US version is this bit showing Grandpa with steam blowing from his nose and his eyes turning into pink hearts over how beautiful Vivian is.)

Grandpa exclaims happily that it's another duel! He can't get enough. Tristan tells him if he doesn't calm down, he's going to hurt himself. Grandpa grabs Arthur Hawkins by the lapels, saying it's been so long since he's been near the action—then he suddenly pitches over, moaning in pain. (Japanese Grandpa says they should cheer for Vivian. Honda asks if Grandpa would cheer for the beautiful woman instead of his friend's granddaughter. Grandpa grabs Arthur, saying that certainly he'll root for Rebecca. Then his back goes out with a huge "crack!" ) Yugi kneels beside him, asking if he's okay, while Arthur bends down on Grandpa's other side, and says it looks as if Grandpa's thrown his back out.

Mokuba pulls out his walkie-talkie, and says he'll radio for a doctor. Grandpa tells Yugi not to worry about him, but to go with his friends and enjoy the rest of the tournament. Yugi says he can't leave, but Professor Hawkins says he'll look after Yugi's grandfather, while Yugi goes to root for Rebecca. He says Rebecca would never admit it, but she could really use some support.

Meanwhile, in the stadium, Fortune Salim is spotted entering the hallway by Rex and Weevil. (The "Keep Out" sign in front of the duelists' area is digitized out of the US version.)

Weevil says this is their ticket in! Rex isn't so sure, but Weevil grabs him by the shirt, telling him not to be so negative. Name the last time one of his ideas didn't work! Rex says every time. Just once, he'd like to get his revenge without looking like a doofus. Salim goes into the men's room, complaining about stadium food, and Rex and Weevil follow him. (Removed from the sign in the US version is a male silhouette and the word "Toilet.")

A scuffle is heard inside, and then Rex and Weevil leave, wobbling inside Salim's robe. A robeless Salim is seen tied up in a broom closet with a toilet plunger on his head. (The shot of Salim is stopped in the US version with the door still blocking most of his face. In the Japanese version, the door opens a little farther to show Salim grimacing.)

In the Blue-Eyes White Dragon station over the train tracks, Rebecca and Vivian shuffle each other's decks. Vivian thinks the duel is going to be short and lame—like Rebecca. She says she was hoping for a real opponent—someone strong, like Yugi. He's so commanding, yet sweet and gentle! (Cut from the US version are these shots of Vivian saying she wishes her rival were Yugi or Kaiba. She could use her beautiful skills to make them her captives of love, and together they'd be the strongest dueling couple in the world.)

Rebecca tells "Viv" she won't be getting within 50 feet of Yugi. Taking back their decks, Vivian says that when she wins the tournament, Yugi will forget all about Rebecca. In fact, he probably already has.

They exit the station onto either side of the train tracks, where Vivian makes a few kung-fu moves. As they face off, a Blue-Eyes White Dragon train speeds between them. When it passes, they stand ready to duel.

Vivian goes first, summoning Kung-Fu Nyan Nyan (1700 ATK) in attack mode. Rebecca starts off her turn by playing the magic card, Graceful Charity (Angel's Mercy), allowing her to draw three cards and discard two. She discards Cure Mermaid and Marie the Fallen One, then summons Fire Princess (1300 ATK) in attack mode. She sets two cards face down and ends her turn.

Just then, Joey and the others arrive at the station, calling out to Rebecca. She waves happily to Yugi, but is interrupted by Vivian, who dances around, calling Yugi her little dumpling, and saying she knew he'd be there to cheer her on. Yugi is mortified, but doesn't know what to say. Fuming, Rebecca tells Vivian that Yugi is there for her, but Vivian ignores her, continuing to gush at Yugi. (Vivian's given shorts to wear under her slit skirt as she's jumping around in the US version.)

Téa steams, but Joey grabs Yugi around the neck and says Yugi's his hero. Tristan asks Yugi what his secret is, and a discombobulated Yugi suggests maybe it's his natural charm. Téa grumbles that this is why she needs more female friends, then shouts encouragement to Rebecca, saying that that "glamazon" has got to go.

It's Vivian's turn. She draws, and Kung-Fu Nyan Nyan's effect raises her attack by 300 points, to 2000. Then Vivian summons Master Kyonshee (1750 ATK). (The kanji is removed from Master Kyonshee's veil in the US version. It means "spell" or "curse.")

She attacks Rebecca's Fire Princess with Kung-Fu Nyan Nyan, but Rebecca activates her trap card, Gravity Bind. As long as it's on the field, monsters with more than three stars can't attack. Both of Vivian's monsters are Level 4, so neither monster can attack. Angrily, Vivian thinks that no one makes a fool of her, and ends her turn, saying that the duel is far from over.

Téa says, so far so good, but Duke points out that Rebecca's card affects her own monsters as well. If they have more than three stars, she can't use them. Téa says that's not good, but Yami appears beside Yugi, saying that he's sure this is part of Rebecca's plan.

Rebecca draws, activating Marie the Fallen One's effect. Rebecca gains 200 life points every turn that Marie the Fallen One remains in the graveyard. Rebecca's life points increase to 4200, activating Fire Princess's effect. Every time Rebecca's life points increase, Vivian loses 500 points. Yami says he knew it, and Yugi says it's awesome—Rebecca's three-card combo allows her to decrease Vivian's life points every turn. (Japanese Yugi says Rebecca can still inflict damage even without high-level monsters.) Rebecca sets a card face down and ends her turn, asking Vivian how it feels to lose to a "preschooler."

Rebecca and the other duelists appear on television screens in Kaiba's office. (This shot of Kaiba with his screens before him is cut from the US version.)

Everything seems to be going smoothly, he thinks. But that's what worries him. He'd have expected his little hacker friend to strike again by now. Then he sits up, realizing that the hacker must already be in Kaiba Land. He calls Roland on the intercom, telling him to run a background check on every competitor. Until then, everyone's a suspect.

The Blue-Eyes White Dragon train speeds between Vivian and Rebecca again, making Vivian's ponytails fly in the wind. She says she's through going easy on Rebecca, and draws, then plays the magic card, Mystical Space Typhoon (Cyclone), to destroy Rebecca's Gravity Bind.

But Rebecca activates her trap card, Imperial Order, which makes all of Vivian's magic cards useless. Then she activates her set magic card, Scapegoat, putting four goat tokens on the field to protect her. Vivian's Mystical Space Typhoon is destroyed by Imperial Order's effect.

Tristan confusedly asks why Rebecca's Scapegoat didn't disappear. Joey tries to explain that it's because Rebecca drew Scapegoat first, but played it last... then admits he has no clue. Yugi says it's simple—the last card played activates first, so the first card played has no effect on the last, even though it was played first. (This sequence of Yugi explaining how chaining works, while the sequence of events is superimposed over him, is cut from the US version.)

Joey collapses on the railing at that explanation. Last is first? asks Tristan, and Yugi says yes. Rebecca played Scapegoat last, so it was unaffected by Imperial Order. Joey agrees that it's simple, and Tristan says then Joey should explain it to him again.

But Vivian's not through yet. She summons Gyaku-Gire Panda (800 ATK). It's a Level 3 monster whose attack increases by 500 points for every monster on the opponent's side of the field. With her four Scapegoats and Fire Princess, Gyaku-Gire Panda's attack rises 2500 points, to 3300, and Rebecca's Gravity Bind can't stop it from attacking one of Rebecca's Scapegoats. Gyaku-Gire Panda's other effect allows it to inflict damage even though the Scapegoat is in defense. One more attack, and Rebecca will be wiped out. Rebecca's life points go down to 900, while Gyaku-Gire Panda's attack points go down to 2800. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Otogi says it won't be easy to defeat Vivian. Honda asks why, and Otogi reminds them that she's one of the top duelists selected by Kaiba to participate in the tournament. He's heard about her. She won the Asian Final against nine other duelists, making her the Asian Duel Queen.)

Vivian taunts Rebecca, saying that her Panda scratched out most of Rebecca's life points with one swipe of its paw. (Japanese Vivian asks Rebecca if she wants to surrender now, and calls her "Chibi-chan," or "Little girl.") Drawing, Rebecca says it's not like she cares. The first thing she'll do is free up her magic cards. Imperial Order is destroyed (because she didn't pay the maintenance cost to keep it on the field, although she doesn't say so). Marie the Fallen One's effect raises her life points to 1100, then Fire Princess's effect takes 500 life points from Vivian, lowering her to 3000. Vivian steams, but Rebecca goes on, playing the magic card, Token Thanksgiving, destroying her three remaining Scapegoats and raising her life points by 800 for each one, to 3500. Since she's only got one monster on her side of the field now, Gyaku-Gire Panda's attack goes down to 1300. And, since Rebecca's life points have increased again, Fire Princess's effect activates again, reducing Vivian's life points by another 500, to 2500.

Finally, Rebecca summons Injection Fairy Lily (Injection Angel Lily) (400 ATK), which raises Gyaku-Gire Panda's attack to 1800. Rebecca pays 2000 life points to increase Injection Fairy Lily's attack by by 3000 points. (Injection Fairy Lily's hypodermic needle is changed to a rocket in the US version.)

Then she attacks Gyaku-Gire Panda. Vivian loses 1600 life points, taking her down to 900.

Téa says, Rebecca's back! Joey, meanwhile, is still trying to figure out how chaining works. (Japanese Jounouchi says the duel changes so quickly, he can't keep up.)

Rebecca ends her turn. Vivian draws, determined to finish Rebecca off. First, she plays the magic card, Luminous Clouds, letting her sacrifice Kung-Fu Nyan Nyan and Master Kyonshee to summon Dragon Lady (2500 ATK). Duke points out that she can't attack with that thing—Dragon Lady is a 7-Star monster. Yami says it's strange, and Yugi agrees, wondering what Vivian's up to. Vivian explains that every turn Dragon Lady doesn't attack, she destroys one of her opponent's magic or trap cards. Rebecca's Gravity Bind is destroyed, leaving her wide open for attack next turn. Then, Vivian plays her Mystic Eruption magic card, taking 1000 life points from any player who's lost a magic or trap card this turn. Rebecca gasps as her life points go down to 500.

The gang watch in horror, and Vivian tells Rebecca this is what happens when she plays with the big girls. But the funniest part of the duel is that Rebecca thought Yugi came to see her!

But Rebecca says that if she was about to lose the duel, she wouldn't be laughing. (Japanese Rebecca asks Vivian if she has any last words.) Rebecca draws, saying this is where it all ends. First, she collects her 200 life points from Marie the Fallen One, raising her life points to 700. Fire Princess's effect reduces Vivian's life points by 500, taking her down to 400. Vivian says she's still no match for her Dragon Lady, so Rebecca sacrifices her two monsters to summon Guardian Angel Joan (2800 ATK). Since Gravity Bind's been destroyed, her Guardian Angel Joan can attack.

Vivian starts to freak, but points out that even if Guardian Angel Joan destroys Dragon Lady, she'll still have some points left. Rebecca says that's why she's playing the magic card, Silent Doom, which lets her bring one monster back from the graveyard in defense mode. She chooses Fire Princess. Then she attacks and destroys Dragon Lady with Guardian Angel Joan, bringing Vivian down to 100 life points. The attack activates Guardian Angel Joan's effect, raising Rebecca's life points by the attack of the monster destroyed, which activates Fire Princess's effect, wiping out the rest of Vivian's life points.

Stunned by her loss, Vivian sinks to her knees, while Téa and the others cheer for Rebecca. Rebecca runs to join them, as Duke says they knew she'd pull through. Rebecca flings herself onto Yugi, telling a frustrated Vivian that no one comes between them. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Rebecca making rude gestures at Vivian.)

Vivian chews her handkerchief and says they'll just see.

The gang check out the screens showing the other duels. Detective Paul McGregor has just beaten Shane Jordan, and, according to Kaiba's chart, Joey will duel whoever wins the next match—Zigfried Lloyd versus Fortune Salim. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the victorious Paul McGregor.)

"Salim" staggers up to the dueling area, Mokuba watching suspiciously. Inside Salim's robes, Rex, holding Weevil on his shoulders, protests that he's the one who should be dueling in this match, not Weevil. Weevil says his insect deck is way better. Then Rex trips on the steps leading up to the dueling area, and the two boys fly apart, revealing their ploy.

Watching on the screens, Joey wonders what those two are doing there, and Tristan says they're acting like complete numbskulls, what else?

Rex calls Weevil a spaz for making them fall, but Weevil says Rex is the spaz! Then Mokuba comes to stand over them, demanding to know what they did with the real Fortune Salim. Weevil says he's tied up right now, and asked them to fill in. Rex agrees, saying Salim thought they would best fill his shoes. Mokuba isn't buying it, and tells them no one can duel unless they're registered.

Zigfried tells Mokuba to just let the boys duel. After all, he did wear his favorite suit, and he looks too good to just win by forfeit. Mokuba says he can't, but Zigfried tells him to think of his business—he wouldn't want to disappoint his public. He asks Mokuba to let him duel these two fools.

Rex and Weevil aren't happy about being called fools, and while they insult Zigfried, he turns to the overhead camera, thinking to Kaiba that he hopes Kaiba's watching, because he has a special show in store just for him.

Kaiba is indeed watching, thinking that he doesn't trust this guy.

Weevil and Rex start up their Duel Disks and face off against Zigfried. Weevil goes first, summoning Pinch Hopper (1000 ATK) in attack mode. Then he plays his magic card, Aerosol, destroying his own Pinch Hopper in order to activate its effect, which allows him to summon any insect monster he wants. He chooses his Insect Queen (2200 ATK), then ends his turn, saying that now his partner is going to get prehistoric on Zigfried. Zigfried doesn't seem impressed.

Rex summons Balloon Lizard (500 ATK) in attack mode, then plays the magic card, Ultra Evolution. (The real card is Ultra Evolution Pill. The image has been altered in the US version to remove the pill.)

This card allows him to sacrifice Balloon Lizard to summon any dinosaur monster. He summons Black Tyranno (2600 ATK), then says he'd like to see Zigfried get past his Jurassic giant. And even if he does, Weevil adds, he won't get past Weevil's incredible insect. (Japanese Ryuuzaki says that their enemies are Yugi and Jounouchi. Haga says he doesn't know who this guy is, but he'll be dead soon.)

Zigfried says they'll see about that. He draws, then smiles. As rose petals fly around him in the breeze, he says his conquest has already begun to blossom. Zigfried plays his magic card, Ride of the Valkyries. (The Japanese card name is "Walkuren Ritt," which I'm guessing is supposed to be German for "Ride of the Valkyries.")

Four Valkyrie monsters appear on the field, riding in circles over the heads of Rex and Weevil's monsters. (In the Japanese version, the music, "Ride of the Valkyries," plays in the background.) A great whirlwind rises around them, destroying Insect Queen and Black Tyranno and wiping out Rex and Weevil's life points in one blow. The four Valkyries disappear, and Kaiba watches openmouthed as Roland announces that the winner of this bout, after only one turn, is Zigfried Lloyd!

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