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Episode 190: Down in Flames, Part 1 (Jounouchi vs Sieg: A Magnificent Duel)

(As shown in the Japanese title, Sieg's name is written as "Jiiku" in katakana, although it's spelled "Sieg" when written in Roman letters.)

In the Kaiba Dome, Roland announces that the first round of the tournament has come to a close. Round Two opens with the undefeated boy wonder, Leon Wilson, and the man-eater, Ethan Shark. Watching the announcements of the matchups on a screen in the waiting room, Joey tells Roland to quit the fancy intros and get to his duel! (The names of the duelists are removed from the US version. You can't really read them in the screencap, but they read: Katsuya Jyonouchi, Sieg Lloyd, Balfy Ginger, Paul McGregor, Rebecca Hopkins, Abe, Ethan Shark, and Leon Wilson.)

Téa says Joey's a model of patience, and Yugi tells him he might want to take this time to run through his game strategy. In the room around them, other competitors are studying their decks. Yugi says it couldn't hurt. With his arm around Joey's shoulders, Tristan says Joey hates cramming, which is too bad, because he's about to get schooled by that freakazoid who took out Weevil and Rex in one move. "That freakazoid," Zigfried, sits calmly off to the side, reading a book. Joey says the only thing he's scared of is that hairdo, and tells Zigfried that Pinky the Clown called and wants his wig back. Rebecca mutters that doesn't think Joey's in any position to make fun of anyone's hairdo. (Japanese Honda reminds Jounouchi that Sieg beat Haga and Ryuuzaki in one turn. Jounouchi says that he beat Ryuuzaki, too. Then he says, being nervous isn't his style. Rebecca says that's right, Jounouchi is unpredictable.)

Joey whirls on her, saying he heard that. Duke tells him to settle down—he's too high-strung to duel. Joey insists he's cool as a cucumber, then turns on Tristan when Tristan says, oh yeah, real cool. (Japanese Otogi says Jounouchi's strengths are "sharp feeling" and good luck. Jounouchi asks if Otogi is saying that he doesn't even think about his moves. Honda says Otogi's right.) Joey and Tristan start to scuffle. Téa tells them to grow up, but gets knocked back against the wall by a stray elbow, causing her to protest again that she needs some female friends. (Japanese Anzu asks Jounouchi what he's doing.) As both boys protest that the other one started it, she notices that Leon's kind of quiet and asks if he's all right. He says he just has a case of the pre-duel jitters. He guesses they can't all be as calm as Joey.

Joey breaks off wrestling with Tristan and turns to tell Leon that he can't be too bad if he made it to the final eight. Leon should just do what he does, and believe he's going to win. Leon admits that he's afraid to win, because then he'll have to face off against Yugi. Yugi is surprised by Leon's admission, but Joey tells Leon to just take it one duel at a time. Rebecca agrees, saying it's too soon to worry about the championship duel. Besides, he'll have to duel her before he can get to Yugi. Leon asks her to go easy on him. Zigfried observes from under his bangs while Leon tells Rebecca that she can be brutal.

The door opens and Mokuba enters, telling everyone it's time to get this show on the road. As the duelists all file out, Joey extends a hand to Zigfried, wishing him luck. Ignoring the offered handshake, Zigfried says that, unlike Joey, he doesn't rely on luck. Joey runs after him, growling that he was just trying to be nice. He stops Zigfried, saying that where he comes from, you show your opponent some respect. Zigfried just laughs and walks away. Joey runs after him again, this time ready to fight, but Zigfried sidesteps him and he falls. He jumps up, still angry, but Yugi tells him to stop. Zigfried continues to walk away, saying that if he were Joey, he'd listen to his little friend. Joey says he's not Zigfried, and Zigfried says if he were, he'd be a street punk with no talent and an appalling taste in outerwear. Joey tells Zigfried to bring it on, but Zigfried says he's wasted enough time on Joey already. Tristan restrains Joey from going after Zigfried, telling him to save it for the duel. Joey shrugs him off and walks off, saying it's time to beat the designer pants off that chump.

Watching in dismay, Duke says that Joey had better get a grip or he'll be history. The duel hasn't even started and already Zigfried's messing with his head. Rebecca says she'd better head off to her match, too. Yugi asks her if she's okay, and she says she knows that Joey needs Yugi, but that means he won't be there to watch her duel. But there's a bright side—she's planning to stay in the tournament until the very end, so they'll have plenty of chances to root for her. As she runs off, Yugi tells her to go get 'em.

Tristan tells Yugi, Téa, and Duke to come on—Joey's going to need all the help he can get to beat Zigfried. But before they can leave, Mokuba comes up, telling Yugi he needs to speak to him right away. (This shot of Yugi turning to Mokuba is cut from the US version.)

Mokuba asks if Yugi has noticed any strange behavior from any of the competitors. Yugi says he doesn't think so, and asks what's going on. Mokuba makes him promise not to tell—if word of this gets out, it could ruin the Grand Championship, and their whole company.

Mokuba reminds them of when the DuelTek computer went berserk and locked them inside the Kaiba Dome. Afterwards, he asked his brother if the system was secure now. Kaiba told him he'd reinforced the firewall, so that no one could break in from the outside, but he had a bad feeling that the person they were after was already on the inside. Mokuba wondered how anyone could have snuck in without them noticing, but Kaiba said no one snuck in—they'd invited the hacker in. Kaiba swore that when he found out who was out to ruin him, he'd pay. He was conducting background checks on all the duelists, and he was counting on Mokuba to keep an eye out for suspicious activities.

Yugi asks Mokuba who he thinks the hacker is, and Mokuba says he doesn't have the slightest clue. That's why he needs Yugi and the others' help. They have to let him know if they notice anything strange. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Honda says everyone there is acting strange. Then he says he knows who it is—Haga and Ryuuzaki have infiltrated the tournament. Mokuba says no, he's taken care of them. They've been sent back to Japan.)

Téa readily agrees, but says he does realize that strange things happen to them all the time. Yugi says he was hoping that this time would be different. Just once, he'd like to duel in a tournament for the thrill of it, and not have to worry about who's trying to take over the world!

Yami appears in spirit form to try to calm Yugi down. But Yugi wonders why things can't just be easy for a change. They should be having fun, instead of hunting down bad guys. Mokuba tells him not to worry. They'll find the hacker soon. He's not going to let some punk ruin this tournament. Téa says he can count on them to help out. Tristan agrees, then says, let's get out there and watch Joey's duel and do what they do best—cheer from the sidelines. Yugi still looks a little sad, but he smiles and nods.

With Vivian watching them from behind a doorway, Téa tells Yugi to look on the bright side—there's never a dull moment. He says that's for sure, as Vivian smiles to herself. (The doorway leads to the women's restroom. The Japanese sign has a pink female silhouette and the word "Toilet" on it.)

In the Kaiba Dome, Roland says the next bouts are now under way. Facing off in the house of horror are Leon Wilson and Ethan Shark. (The Japanese sign says "Horror House.")

Then it's showtime in the Kaiba Land Theater, as Detective Paul McGregor faces Balfry Ginger. They move on to the Wheel of Wonder, where regional champion Rebecca Hawkins faces Abe the Monkey Boy. And finally, in the Volcanic Pit, trendsetter Zigfried Lloyd squares off against Jumpin' Joey Wheeler!

Joey arrives at his duel in a Blue-Eyes White Dragon train car, to find Zigfried already waiting on a rock outcropping in the middle of the volcanic pit. Joey tells "Ziggy" it's time to get down to business, just as the rest of the gang arrive in more Blue-Eyes White Dragon train cars, calling out for him not to start without them. Joey says it's about time they showed up, then turns to growl at Zigfried, who chuckles as Joey approaches. As they shuffle each other's decks, Zigfried says, may the best-dressed duelist win. Joey says the whole world will see Zigfried shaking in his patent leather shoes. (Japanese Sieg doesn't say anything. Jounouchi says he'll make Sieg regret what he said.) Zigfried turns to observe the camera broadcasting their duel. In his office, Kaiba watches the duelists intently.

Zigfried continues to watch the camera as he shuffles Joey's deck. Joey thinks he's shuffled it enough, and gets mad all over again as Zigfried finally hands it back. Tristan tells Joey not to let Zigfried get to him, and Yugi adds to just stay calm (Japanese Yugi calls out, "Relax, relax" in English), as Joey stalks back to his side of the field and asks Zigfried if he's ready to roll up his sleeves and get dirty. Zigfried says he won't even break a sweat on Joey. (Japanese Jounouchi says he won't lose, and Sieg says, let's go, idiot.)

They and all the other duelists activate their Duel Disks, and the second-round duels begin.

Zigfried tells Joey that since Joey's at such a disadvantage, he should make the first move. (Japanese Sieg doesn't say anything. Jounouchi thinks that his opponent is insufferable, just like Kaiba.) As Duke tells Joey to stay focused, Joey draws, then gulps as he looks at his hand. He can't play a single monster! (His cards are Landstar Shot, Jinzo, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Graceful Dice, Polymerization, and another magic card I can't see.) Zigfried notes that Joey's beginning to sweat, and asks if it's the molten lava or something else. Grumbling, Joey plays one card face down and ends his turn.

Téa is surprised that that's all Joey is going to play. Yugi says he has a feeling that's all he can play, and Tristan covers his eyes, saying he can't watch.

Zigfried draws, telling Joey to watch and learn. He starts by playing a magic card, Graceful Charity, which lets him draw three cards and discard two. Then he ends his turn by playing one card face down. Téa says it looks like Zigfried doesn't have such a great hand, either, and Tristan says he knew they had nothing to worry about. Yugi just watches wide-eyed, and Yami appears to say that it's very strange. Yugi says he doesn't trust that guy. He thinks Zigfried's setting Joey up for some kind of trap. Yami agrees, and hopes Joey figures it out.

Joey laughs. He actually thought Zigfried might win in one move, like he did last time! But he couldn't even summon a monster. Zigfried just glances at the camera, thinking that he thought Kaiba would be onto him by now. Maybe he needs a little hint. Zigfried pulls back his sleeve to check his watch, thinking that it's showtime. Kaiba jumps up from his chair as his computer screens go crazy.

Joey draws, saying it's time to turn up the heat. Just then, gouts of flaming lava shoot up around the players. Jumping out of the way of the flames, Joey says, not that hot! Téa says it's a little too realistic, and Tristan tells Mokuba to turn down the flames. But Mokuba says there's one small problem—this isn't part of the attraction! Téa asks, if Kaiba Corp's not controlling those flames, then who is? That's what Mokuba would like to know.

As Rebecca duels Abe the Monkey Boy, Abe asks the monkey on his shoulder what to do, and the monkey chooses a card for him. But before they can play it, the giant Ferris wheel they're riding on begins to toss. Rebecca runs to the window of their card to see that the entire wheel is spinning out of control.

Detective Paul McGregor draws his card, telling his opponent, Balfry Ginger, that he's clued into his strategy. Then the theater's curtain comes down, leaving them in the dark. And in the House of Horrors, visions begin flashing all around Leon and his opponent. Leon exclaims that this house is haunted for real!

In the Kaiba Dome, Roland announces that they're experiencing technical difficulties, and asks everyone to stand by. Kaiba works desperately at his terminal, saying that this is impossible! Roland bursts into Kaiba's office to tell him that they've got trouble. Kaiba says he's on it, while Roland asks how this could have happened. The entire unity system is down! Finally, Kaiba's screen displays a Virus Alert. (The words "Virus Invasion" have been removed from the alert in the US version.)

Kaiba thinks that he secured the entire network after the last attack. There's no way someone could break in again—not even a computer genius. He watches onscreen as Rebecca struggles to her feet in the caroming car, wondering if it was that cybergeek, Rebecca Hawkins? No, not even she could pull off something of this magnitude. The only person he knows who could pull off a brilliant scheme like this is himself!

Wait—Kaiba suddenly remembers a party given by his adopted father a long time ago. (This pan of the party guests is cut from the US version.)

A man with a German accent tells Gozaburo that Seto is the talk of the town. His son, too, is a prodigy. The boy facing young Seto is a mini-version of Zigfried, right down to the pink hair and frilly tie. He asks Seto, why don't they spice things up a bit? The lights begin to flash, and Gozaburo says there must have been a short. Kemo comes to whisper in his ear that their mainframe has been infected. Gozaburo says there must be some mistake. The KC mainframe is protected by a fail-safe system. No one can get in. Seto looks at the other boy in surprise. The boy says he dabbles in technology. He guesses that when you spend all your time alone, you tend to tinker in your own little projects. He says that Seto knows how it is.

Present-day Kaiba thinks, it can't be!

Meanwhile, Joey stands amid the shooting flames. He says now's as good a time as any to get his "A" game back on track, and summons Brigadier of Landstar (900 ATK) in attack mode. Then he powers him up with the magic card, Landstar Shot, increasing Brigadier's attack by 600, to 1500. (Landstar Shot's gun barrel is smoothed out and turned green in the US version.)

Then he orders his monster to attack Zigfried directly.

But Zigfried activates his trap card, Wotan's Judgment, which stops Joey's attack, and lets Zigfried switch any magic card in his hand with the top card on his deck (the card is Valkyrie Zweite), and reshuffle. He says if that's Joey's "A" game, he won't last much longer. (Cut from the US version is this scene where Honda says, it's too bad, Jounouchi lost a good chance to attack. Then Sieg finishes shuffling and puts his deck back in his Duel Disk. Yami appears beside Yugi, and Yugi says that Sieg's card wasn't just to stop the attack. Yami agrees that Sieg drew a new card for some purpose.)

It's Zigfried's turn, and he plays Pot of Greed, drawing two cards from his deck. Next, he plays the magic card, Erda's Guidance. As the goddess of knowledge, he says, she controls the past, present, and future. The hand is the future, the field is the present, and the graveyard is the past. Now he can transfer one card from his hand to the graveyard, then transfer one trap from the graveyard to the field.

Joey thinks that's weird. Zigfried went through all of that just to play some trap card? Joey's even more surprised when Zigfried ends his turn. Tristan, too, wonders that Zigfried isn't going to summon a monster. Téa says she doesn't get Zigfried's strategy, and Duke says, what strategy? Yami appears beside Yugi to say that's the second time Zigfried left himself wide open. Perhaps he's just waiting for the right card, like that magic card he played in his last duel. Yugi says, the one he used to beat Rex and Weevil in one turn? Oh, no!

The lava shoots up, and Zigfried glances at the camera, thinking that he knows Kaiba is watching, so he should enjoy the show while he can, because soon it will be curtains for him.

Joey clears his throat, shouting at Zigfried that the duel's over here! He thinks Zigfried could at least have the courtesy to look at him. Zigfried says he forgot Joey was standing there. Dueling Joey is about as interesting as watching grass grow. Tristan tells Joey not to listen, but Joey says if the duel is too boring for Zigfried, he'll have to make things more interesting. He draws, then sacrifices Brigadier of Landstar to summon Jinzo (2400 ATK). Thanks to Jinzo's effect, Zigfried's trap card is destroyed, leaving him wide open as Joey attacks him directly. Now, Joey says, maybe Zigfried will show him some respect. Zigfried's down to 1600 life points, and the gang cheer, while Zigfried steams. Joey says he's done enough for now, and ends his turn.

Zigfried says Joey was better off when he was ignoring him. But that's over, because now Joey has gotten his attention! Not only will Zigfried defeat him, he'll send him down in flames!

Zigfried draws, and says that this card should look familiar. It's the same one he used to devastate the last two fools. Yugi says, oh no! and Yami says they were right. Zigfried plays the Ride of the Valkyries, and everyone stares in awe, as Zigfried laughs and says "Auf Wiedersehen" to Joey.

To Be Continued

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