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Episode 191: Down in Flames, Part 2 (Goddesses of Monster Removal)

Lava spurts around Joey and Zigfried, as Zigfried asks if Joey would like to meet his friends. The magic card, Ride of the Valkyries, allows him to summon every Valkyrie he has in his hand, and he has four. The four Valkyries on horseback, each with 1600 attack points, descend to the field. (They are three Valkyrie Zweites and one Valkyrie Erste, or Valkyrie Altest in the Japanese.)

Zigfried says he'll begin with his favorite, Valkyrie Zweite. When she's summoned to the field, one of his opponent's monsters is automatically destroyed. Valkyrie Zweite charges, and Jinzo is sliced in half. (A shiny stripe covers Jinzo's split in the US version.)

His next Valkyrie steals the attack points of monsters that have been removed from play, so she takes on Jinzo's attack of 2400. Then Zigfried uses her to attack Joey's life points directly.

Yugi calls out, Oh no! One more attack, and Joey's finished. Zigfried says he's right, and orders the other three Valkyries to attack. Laughing, Zigfried tells Joey thanks for playing, and the gang all gasp, as Yugi says Joey lost the duel! As the Valkyries return to Zigfried's side of the field, Zigfried tells Joey to look on the bright side—Kaiba Corp may have some lovely parting gifts for him.

But Joey looks up, smiling. He's still got 800 life points. Yugi exclaims that Joey's still in the duel! But how, Zigfried wonders. No one could survive that onslaught.

Unless, Joey explains, they have a handy little magic card called Hyper Refresh (Hyper Fresh). It doubled his life points to 8000 right before the attacks, so his life points never hit zero. (Japanese Jounouchi explains that he can activate this card when he has no monsters on the field and his opponent's total attack strength exceeds his life points.) He's still in the game.

Zigfried says that won't last long. He sets one card face down, then ends his turn. His Valkyries return to his deck. He shuffles, then holds his deck to his cheek, telling his "ladies" it's been a pleasure. Joey tells him he can talk to his cards till he's blue in the face, but he's still not going to win. He's wide open, and it's Joey's turn.

Meanwhile, Kaiba receives a message that his people have isolated the virus and rebuilt the mainframe hard drive. If Kaiba will do the honors, they'll be back in business. Kaiba enters the command to initiate the backup system. (Japanese Kaiba doesn't receive any messages. He's doing the rebuild himself. As he works, he says, "Data input halted. Protocol shutdown. Memory wiped. Access standby. Download complete." Then, as he presses the Enter key, he says he won't let the hacker do this. Kaiba's keyboard has been changed in the US version to remove all the labels from the keys.)

The Ferris wheel stops, and Rebecca and Abe's car comes to rest. Smiling, Rebecca asks, now where was she? (Cut from the US version are these shots of the Blue-Eyes White Roller Coaster coming to a stop, and an overhead shot of Kaiba Land as people exclaim that it's repaired.)

In the Volcanic Pit, the flames finally subside. Tristan says he'd hate to see the gas bill. Mokuba says he should check with Seto, and takes off. Zigfried thinks congratulations to Kaiba for stopping the virus. Kaiba's saved the day—or so he thinks. (Japanese Sieg thinks that he expected Kaiba to be able to stop his virus. But can Kaiba find him?)

Watching the duels on his screens, Kaiba thinks that it looks like the computer whiz kid who broke into his father's company is all grown up, and he's back to his old tricks again. (These shots of the party at which Kaiba first met Sieg, and a close-up of Kaiba, are cut from the US version.)

Kaiba tells Roland to run another background check on Zigfried Lloyd. Kaiba needs to know if he's connected to the Schroeder family. Right now that freak is his number one suspect. He reminds Kaiba of a kid he once met. (Japanese Kaiba says that in order to build relationships with European businessmen, Gozaburo met with the Schroeders at some boring party.) Turning back to the screens, Kaiba thinks that that kid had the most dangerous programming skills he'd ever seen.

Back at the duel, Zigfried tells Joey, let's go, time is money. Adding that talk is cheap, Joey looks at his cards, then summons Swordsman of Landstar (500 ATK) in attack mode. He orders Swordsman of Landstar to attack Zigfried directly, but Zigfried says it won't be that easy. He activates his trap card, Fricka's Mediation, allowing him to neutralize the attack by removing a card from his graveyard. (Japanese Sieg says that he activates Fricka's Mediation by removing Wotan's Judgment from play.) Joey sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Laughing, Zigfried says he's in shock—beating Joey is more fun than he thought. He plays his magic card, Nibelung's Treasure. This allows him to extract another magic card from his deck and place it on Joey's side of the field. He chooses Nibelung's Ring, which equips itself to the Swordsman of Landstar, and lets him draw five cards. Joey asks him what's the deal with the Ring, but Zigfried says they'll talk more about that later. Then Zigfried plays three magic cards, the Goddess Urd, the Goddess Verdande, and the Goddess Skuld. (In a later duel, he calls them Goddess Urd's Verdict, Goddess Verdande's Guidance, and Goddess Skuld's Oracle.) Zigfried says it's one underdog against three divas. Looking at Zigfried, Joey says it's four divas.

First, Zigfried uses the Goddess Skuld's effect. Each turn from now on, he can look at the top three cards on Joey's deck and rearrange them any way he pleases. Joey complains that that's not fair, and Tristan says Joey's future isn't looking too bright. Joey takes the three cards from the top of his deck and shows them to Zigfried, who tells him to place the middle card on the top, then the first card, then the third. Joey does so, saying he doesn't see what good that's going to do.

Zigfried says Joey will understand when he activates the Goddess Verdande. Her effect allows him to guess what type of card is on top of Joey's deck. If he guesses correctly, Joey is forced to play that card face down on the field. He announces that Joey's top card is a monster, which of course it is, since Zigfried's the one that put it there. Joey sets the monster face down. Finally, Zigfried uses the Goddess Urd's effect, which allows him to guess the identity of one of Joey's face down cards. If he's right, the card is removed from play. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Honda, Anzu, and Otogi complaining that it's too easy, Sieg shouldn't be able to do that.)

Zigfried knows that Joey's face-down monster is Panther Warrior, so the monster flies off into the sky.

Yugi exclaims that first he took out Jinzo, and now Panther Warrior! Téa adds that those are Joey's best monsters. Not any more, Tristan says. Zigfried ends his turn, telling Joey to step it up a bit—he's getting bored. Joey says it's official—Zigfried is the most annoying opponent he's ever faced.

Joey draws, but Zigfried interrupts him, saying he almost forgot about his gift—Nibelung's Ring. It allows Joey to draw an extra card each turn—and it also prevents the monster wearing it from attacking. Joey draws his second card, but then Zigfried says he's activated Nibelung's curse—if either of the cards he's drawn is a monster, the Ring forces him to discard it to the graveyard. Thanks to his goddesses, Zigfried already knows that Joey's drawn a monster, Knight of Dark Dragon, and Joey is forced to discard it. Yugi says that Zigfried is eliminating Joey's best monsters one by one. Yami says he has a feeling that's been Zigfried's strategy right from the beginning. He's using his magic ring and his three goddesses to dismantle Joey's deck, one card at a time.

Joey thinks that thanks to those three goddesses, Zigfried knows what card Joey's going to draw before Joey does. But not for long. Joey plays his magic card, Dangerous Machine Type 6. Joey will spin it at the beginning of each turn, and what it does will depend on the numbers that come up. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Jounouchi saying that he's so lucky, people say that's one of his advantages. Then Honda says that's what Jounouchi says, too.)

Zigfried says, so Joey's depending on Lady Luck to win the duel. Well, he can't depend on skill.

Joey says it took more than luck to get him where he is today, and he's about to prove it. But it's now Zigfried's turn, so Joey must show him his top three cards (Grappler of Landstar, Goblin Attack Force, and Sasuke Samurai). Zigfried tells him to put the second card on top, then the first, then the third. Joey is forced to set Goblin Attack Force, Zigfried "guesses" it, and it's removed from play. Then Zigfried sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Joey draws, and thanks to the Ring, his monster is discarded. Then Joey spins the Dangerous Machine Type 6, which comes up threes, allowing Joey to draw an extra card. Joey summons Sasuke Samurai (500 ATK). Zigfried says Joey's Samurai is useless, and activates his trap card, Loge's Flame. As long as it remains on the field, monsters with 2000 attack points or fewer can't attack. So Joey activates his face-down card, Graceful Dice, which will increase Sasuke Samurai's attack, depending on the number it rolls. Joey needs a five or a six, but it comes up a three, so Sasuke Samurai can't attack. Zigfried says Joey's so terrible at this game, it's frightening.

Cut to the House of Horrors, where Ethan Shark has just lost to Leon Wilson, who still has all 4000 life points. And on screen in the Kaiba Dome, Rebecca is waving at the camera, telling her adorable boyfriend, Yugi, that she did it! (Cut from the US version is this shot of Vivian watching Rebecca's win from the back of the stadium, then turning to walk away.)

Joey says that before Zigfried can start guessing his cards, he's going to pick out a mystery card to keep him on his toes. He sets a card face down and ends his turn.

It's time for Zigfried's goddesses to do their thing. Joey shows him his three cards (Blue Flame Swordsman, Gearfried the Iron Knight, and Release Restraint), and Zigfried rearranges them to put Gearfried on top and remove it from play. Then Zigfried plays his magic card, Swan Maiden, which allows him to summon one Valkyrie from his hand, and he chooses Valkyrie Erste, who takes on the attack of all the monsters that have been removed from play. Yugi says she's too powerful! and Téa adds, he'll lose the duel!

The Valkyrie attacks. But Joey says it's not over yet. He activates his Silver Dollar trap card, which can protect any monster with 1000 attack points or less. The Valkyrie's sword falls away from Sasuke Samurai, leaving it unharmed. Joey says he loves it—a rich snob gets stopped by a silver dollar. Zigfried says Joey did something right for a change. But, he says, as he sets a card face down, Joey's brief streak of luck won't last much longer.

Joey draws his two cards, then activates Dangerous Machine Type 6. It comes up threes again, and Joey draws an extra card, which he promptly activates—Roll of Fate. He rolls a six, allowing him to draw six cards from his deck. Next, he plays Giant Trunade, sending every magic and trap card on the field back to its owner's hand. Zigfried's goddesses are blown away. But Zigfried activates his trap card, Apple of Enlightenment (Freya's Apple). Joey protest that that card should have been blown off the field, but Zigfried says Apple of Enlightenment activates whenever it's taken off the field. It allows Zigfried to draw one more card from his deck. Plus, when his Loge's Flame leaves the field, it allows him to summon Valkyrie Brunhilde (1800 ATK). She gains 300 attack points for every Warrior and Dragon monster on the field, including Joey's. Her attack rises to 2400.

Joey sacrifices Swordsman of Landstar to summon Maximum Six (1900 ATK). Whatever number Joey rolls is multiplied by 200 and added to its attack points. He rolls a six, so Maximum Six gains another 1200 points, raising its attack to 3100. Then Joey plays his Star Blaster magic card, sacrificing Sasuke Samurai so that he can summon a monster whose level depends on the number he rolls. He rolls a five, which, added to Sasuke Samurai's two stars, lets him summon a seven-star monster—Red-Eyes Black Dragon (2400 ATK). (Cut from the US version is this pan of the field, while Jounouchi's friends cheer him on.)

Joey attacks Valkyrie Brunhilde with Maximum Six. But she's not destroyed. Zigfried explains that Brunhilde avoids destruction by giving up 1000 defense points. Her defense goes from 2000 to 1000, and Zigfried's life points are reduced from 1600 to 900. So Joey attacks and destroys the other Valkyrie with Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Zigfried's life points go down to 100. Joey plays Dangerous Machine Type 6 again, sets a card face down and ends his turn. (The words "Type 6" are removed from Dangerous Machine Type 6 in the US version.)

Joey's friends cheer, while Zigfried looks grim. But then Zigfried chuckles, telling Joey he should have ended this duel when he had the chance.

Zigfried draws, saying this duel has gone on long enough. He plays the magic card, Enchanted Sword Nothung, raising Valkyrie Brunhilde's attack points by 400, to 2800. According to the legend of Nothung, Zigfried says, it was the world's greatest dragon slayer. With Nothung's effect, he can remove every dragon from play. Joey watches his Red-Eyes dissolve from the field.

Then Zigfried plays the magic card, Rainbow Bridge Bifrost, so that his Valkyrie gains 500 attack points for every monster he's removed from play. Yugi says, now he gets it! And Yami says Zigfried's been planning this from the beginning. That's why Zigfried removed all of Joey's monsters—to power up his own. Valkyrie Brunhilde's attack rises to 5000 as she gains 500 points from Jinzo, Panther Warrior, Goblin Attack Force, Gearfried, and Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

Joey activates his trap card, Compensation Mediation. Zigfried taunts Joey for relying on luck again. Joey says Zigfried's scared because Joey never loses. Zigfried must choose two cards from his graveyard and shuffle them together with Compensation Mediation. Joey will choose one card, and if he picks his own card, he's saved. But if he fails, Zigfried wins.

Yugi says he knows Joey can do it. Joey picks the card in the middle.

But the card is Zigfried's Swan Maiden. Joey's luck has run out. Brunhilde attacks, destroying Maximum Six and taking the rest of Joey's life points.

Joey falls to his knees, and Yugi calls out to him. Zigfried walks away, saying that some things never change. A rose is a rose, and a loser is a loser. (Japanese Sieg says that the goddess favors him, and walks away without another word.)

Roland announces Zigfried Lloyd as the winner. (The names on the screens are changed from Zigfried and Joey in the US version to Lloyd and Jyonouchi in the Japanese. The Japanese version also says "Win" and "Loss" under the respective pictures.)

As Mokuba and Kaiba watch, Roland says that the KC Grand Championship is down to its final four duelists. (Japanese Mokuba says, Jounouchi almost won, and Kaiba says, hmm.)

Joey's friends gather around him, and Tristan says, big deal, so he lost the duel on a lousy game of chance. Duke says Joey must have just run out of luck. Téa says, nah, Joey wins his duels with talent, not luck. So, Duke says, Joey didn't lose because he ran out of luck, he lost because he ran out of talent. (Japanese Honda asks Jounouchi how he could guess wrong at the very end! Otogi says that's not Jounouchi's style. Anzu asks if he lost because it wasn't an important duel.) Furious, Joey turns to ask if this is how they cheer him up. It's time for him to spread a little cheer of his own. Joey goes after them, and they run away laughing.

Yugi thinks that Joey did a great job. And sooner or later, he's going to learn to control his temper. Yami says, probably later. (Japanese Yugi says it's too bad Jounouchi lost. It was a good duel. Yami says, yes, Joey is a tough man.) Joey continues to run after the others, complaining that he gets no respect.

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