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Episode 192: A Brawl in a Small Town, Part 1 (Rebecca vs Leon)

(The Japanese title of this episode in kanji reads "Tensai Shoujo vs Tensai Shounen" which means "Genius Girl vs Genius Boy." The small katakana above the kanji read "Rebecca" and "Leon.")

A Blue-Eyes White Dragon Train passes by the Kaiba Dome, while inside, Roland announces to a cheering crowd that the KC Grand Championship is heating up! They're moving into the semifinals, where Rebecca Hawkins, Balfry Ginger, Leon Wilson, and Zigfried Lloyd will duke it out for a shot at the international Duel Monsters champion, Yugi Muto! (There's no announcement in the Japanese, just the crowd cheering at the winners shown on the screens.)

One of Kaiba's employees enters the control room where Kaiba and Mokuba are watching the tournament. He says they've conducted an in-depth investigation of Zigfried Lloyd. It appears Zigfried has participated in over fifty tournaments in the last three years, each time ranking in the top five. But their research revealed almost nothing about personal background or family history. And there's no record of any connection with the Schroeder family.

Kaiba says, so this Zigfried has been winning tournaments around the world, and no one knows anything about him? Kaiba's man says that apparently he gains entry into these tournaments with letters of recommendation from local politicians. He's compiled a list with dozens of names, but none were available for comment.

Kaiba says they just need some incentive, and takes the list and begins to go through the names. Number 13, he says. (In the Japanese version, #13's name is "Bayern Governer Fravz." Unsurprisingly, this was digitized out of the US version. The rest of the writing on the pages is also fuzzed up a little, even though it's unreadable to begin with.)

Kaiba says to question that man again, and if he still refuses to make a comment, make him an offer he can't refuse. (Japanese Kaiba says to tell the man he still remembers what happened. That might change his attitude.) Kaiba's man leaves, while Kaiba looks at the photos of the duelists on his screen. He tells Zigfried that he's got him by the tail.

Meanwhile, Rebecca has left the Ferris wheel where her duel took place, and is walking down a path towards her next duel, when she passes by a terminal showing the duel results. She sees that Joey lost his duel with Zigfried. (Again, the names have been removed from the screens in the US version.)

At first, she's sorry for Joey, but then she realizes that it means that Yugi will be free to cheer for her from now on. Yes!

Joey and the others have left the Volcanic Pit and arrive at the Blue-Eyes White Dragon train station. Everyone gets out except Joey, who's still lamenting his loss to Zigfried. He was knocked out of the tournament by a guy with pink hair! Yeah, says Tristan, a guy with pink hair who's an expert duelist! Joey wails that he wants to be Number One. Téa tells him to grow up—there'll be other duels. Joey tells her she's not the one who's a runner-up every year. Tristan says he's got a point, and Yugi says to think of it this way—every match he loses helps make him a better duelist. Tristan says, then Joey should be the best by now. (Japanese Honda tells Jounouchi to come on, stop pulling a long face. Jounouchi says he can't accept it! Anzu tells him to get over it, they have to go cheer for Rebecca now. Jounouchi protests he's tired of hearing Rebecca this, Rebecca that. They should console him, too. Yugi says it can't be helped—Jounouchi's opponent had a deck full of rare cards they'd never heard of, but Jounouchi did very well.)

Suddenly, Professor Hawkins runs into the station saying to Yugi, it's his grandfather! (These shots are cut from the US version, as the gang ask the professor what's wrong, and he says that Yugi's Grandpa is missing.)

Yugi ask what's wrong (Japanese Yugi exclaims, Grandpa!), and Tristan asks if Grandpa ever made it to the medical center after he threw his back out.

Professor Hawkins explains that Grandpa was there. In flashback, Grandpa curls up in his hospital bed, moaning in pain. Professor Hawkins says he'll get the doctor, and tells Grandpa not to move. But on his way to get the doctor, the professor is distracted by a terminal showing Rebecca's duel. Happy that he hasn't missed it, he runs to the terminal, urging Rebecca on as she defeats Abe the Monkey Boy. Then he remembers the doctor. But when Professor Hawkins returns to Grandpa's room with the doctor, Grandpa's no longer there.

Professor Hawkins tells the gang that he wishes he hadn't been distracted. Joey tells him not to sweat it, he's sure Gramps is fine. (Japanese Jounouchi suggests that Grandpa went out to get something to eat.) But the professor says Grandpa was barely able to move a muscle, so there's no way he could have gotten out of bed. Téa says maybe someone came and helped him. But who? Tristan suggests it might have been a secret admirer. (Japanese Honda suggests it might have been a kidnapping ring.) Téa bops him one, telling him to be serious. Duke says they need a plan—Gramps might be in real trouble. Joey agrees, saying that Grandpa has the worst luck of anyone he knows. (Japanese Otogi reminds them that Mokuba said some strange characters had snuck into the tournament. Jounouchi asks what good it would do them to kidnap Grandpa Sugoroku.) Then they notice how worried Yugi looks, and Joey reassures him that he's sure Grandpa is just fine. (Japanese Jounouchi says they should go look for Grandpa.) The others agree, and Yugi thanks them.

Téa tells Professor Hawkins that he should go cheer for Rebecca. Duke says they'll catch up later, as soon as they find Yugi's Grandpa. Professor Hawkins thanks them and wishes them luck. Yugi says to tell Rebecca they're all rooting for her. They agree to split up and find that Grandpa.

Meanwhile, Rebecca has arrived at her duel, but is disappointed to find no one there to cheer for her. (The sign over Rebecca's dueling area says "Welcom[e] to Miniatureland" in the Japanese.)

Then her grandfather runs up, and she greets him happily. He congratulates her on reaching the semifinals, and she asks where Yugi is. Awkwardly, Professor Hawkins explains that Yugi had to deal with a situation, but says he'll be there as soon as he can, and urges her to focus on her duel. He passes on Yugi's message, which cheers her up, and they head off to the duel.

The location of the duel is a tiny town, with buildings that come up to Rebecca's waist. She's delighted to feel tall for once in her life, and runs through the tiny streets, saying it's just like their town, only everything's mini. Except for a full-sized boy lying on a playing field. Professor Hawkins says that the detail on these statues is incredible!

Then the boy sits up—it's Leon Wilson, rubbing his eyes. He must have dozed off, he says. He was up all night practicing, and supposes he just needed a nap. He asks when Yugi's going to show up. He was hoping Yugi could watch his next duel. Rebecca says Yugi will be there—but he'll be rooting for her. Professor Hawkins asks about Leon's friends and family. Won't they be there? Leon shrugs and says everyone was too busy to come, but he's used to being on his own.

Not this time, says Professor Hawkins, and points out the fans arriving to cheer for both duelists. Leon smiles at the cheering crowds and stands up, telling Rebecca they should make this the best duel their fans have ever seen. She agrees, but she still wishes Yugi were there. (Japanese Leon says he still wishes Yugi were there to root for him. Rebecca says, no way. Yugi will only cheer for her. Cut from the US version is this bit where Professor Hopkins looks at Rebecca, thinking she'll be all right, then looks up thoughtfully, wondering what happened to Sugoroku.)

Meanwhile, Joey runs through the jungle, calling out for Mr. Muto, while Tristan searches the train station. Duke looks for Grandpa near the roller coaster, and Téa searches the gardens. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Yugi running by the trains, and stopping to call out for his Grandpa.)

Then an announcement is heard: a short, stocky, elderly gentleman in overalls and a black headband has been separated from his loved ones. If anyone has lost a grandpa, he's waiting for them at the main gate. Yugi, at the jungle ruins, exclaims, that's his Grandpa! He and the others all run to the Blue-Eyes White Dragon statue at the main gate. But Grandpa isn't there.

Téa notices a note tied to the Blue-Eyes' claw, and Yugi retrieves it. It's a map of Kaiba Land, with an "X" drawn on it. (In the Japanese, it's a map of Chinatown, rather than the whole of Kaiba Land.)

If they find that spot, will they find Grandpa? Yugi hopes so.

Duke doesn't like the looks of this. Why would Yugi's Grandpa page them to come there, run and hide and leave a map so they can find him? He thinks someone set a trap for them. Everyone gasps! Tristan says he's not going to fall for any trap, but Duke points out that if they want to save Yugi's Grandpa, they might have to.

In the Kaiba Dome, Roland announces the beginning of the semifinal round. First, it's Zigfried Lloyd against Balfry Ginger, facing off in Kaiba Corp's Galaxy Theater. The second matchup features the two youngest minors to ever join a major tournament—Rebecca Hawkins and Leon Wilson, dueling in Small Town USA Kaiba watches from his control room, and the crowds cheer, as the duelists begin their duels.

Rebecca begins by playing Graceful Charity, drawing three cards and discarding two. (Her hand contains Ring of Magnetism, Shallow Grave, Fire Princess, Polymerization, Luster Dragon #2, a magic card I don't recognize, Gravity Bind, and Marie the Fallen One.) She discards Ring of Magnetism and Marie the Fallen One. With Marie the Fallen One in the graveyard, she'll gain 200 life points with every turn. Next, she summons Fire Princess (1300 ATK) in attack mode, sets one card face down, and ends her turn.

(Cut from the US version are these shots of Leon drawing his card, and Professor Hawkins standing among Rebecca's fans wondering what kind of strategy Leon will use.)

Leon starts off by summoning Forest Wolf (1800 ATK) and attacking Fire Princess. Forest Wolf gulps Fire Princess down. (In the US version, Fire Princess is covered with a shiny glow as she's being swallowed.)

(And the tails of Fire Princess' robes hanging from Forest Wolf's mouth are digitized out.)

Rebecca loses 500 life points, taking her down to 3500. What big teeth he has! Leon says. The better to devour her princess with. Is that the Big Bad Wolf? Rebecca asks. Wrong story, says Leon. Then he plays the magic card, Curse of Thorns. Its thorns dig underground, seizing Marie the Fallen One and preventing her from using her effect. (This shot of Marie the Fallen One bound up in thorns is cut from the US version, and so is most of this pan up Marie's body.)

Rebecca tells Leon, not bad. He laughs, saying, glad she liked it. Leon's supporters, including Luke from their previous adventure in the Kaiba Dome, cheer for him, while Rebecca's fans look on in dismay. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Professor Hopkins thinks that Leon has managed to destroy Rebecca's combo and damage her life points—he's really a difficult opponent.)

Rebecca draws, then summons Luster Dragon (Sapphire Dragon) (1900 ATK) in attack mode, saying that if Leon thinks his Wolf has a big mouth, take a look at her dragon's! (Japanese Rebecca says she has many way of attacking.) She attacks and destroys Forest Wolf, who spits up Fire Princess as he's destroyed. Leon explains that when Forest Wolf is destroyed, whatever monsters he's swallowed return to the field, so Rebecca gets her Princess back. He tells her, nice dueling, and she thanks him, then attacks him directly with Fire Princess. He's down to 2600 life points. Rebecca ends her turn.

Leon says Rebecca's just as good as they say she is. But he's not scared. He draws, then summons Glife the Phantom Bird (1500 ATK) in attack mode. Rebecca thinks, big deal. As soon as she activates her face-down magic card, his bird will be useless. (Japanese Rebecca thinks she'll activate Gravity Bind—a trap card, not a magic card—to stop Leon's monster from attacking.) But then her set card is destroyed. Leon says that when Phantom Bird is summoned to the field, it destroys one of his opponent's trap or magic cards. Then Leon uses Glife the Phantom Bird to attack Fire Princess, destroying it and reducing Rebecca's life points to 3300. Next, he plays the magic card, Gingerbread House, and ends his turn.

Rebecca draws, but before she can make her move, Gingerbread House's effect activates. A giant blue tongue snakes out and slurps up Rebecca's Luster Dragon. (The shot of Gingerbread House swallowing up Luster Dragon is obscured in the US version.)

Then the Gingerbread House spits out Luster Dragon, and it returns to Rebecca's side of the field, bloated, its attack raised to 2500. How strange, Professor Hawkins thinks. Leon just raised the attack points of Rebecca's monster. But then the Luster Dragon explodes. Leon explains that the Gingerbread House gives the opponent's monster 600 attack points, but if the total is 2500 or more, the monster is destroyed, and Leon gains 500 life points. His score rises to 3100.

Rebecca fumes to herself that Leon's cards are so weird! She's never seen any of them before. She plays The Shallow Grave, allowing them both to bring back one monster from the graveyard to the field in defense mode. Rebecca brings back Luster Dragon, while Leon revives Forest Wolf. Rebecca then sacrifices Luster Dragon to summon Luster Dragon #2 (Emerald Dragon) (2400 ATK). Then she attacks Glife the Phantom Bird with Luster Dragon #2, destroying it, and taking Leon down to 2200 life points.

Leon tells Rebecca she's pretty good, but this story isn't over yet. He draws, then switches Forest Wolf to attack mode. Next, he summons Cinderella (300 ATK), who first appears in rags, but then her fairy godmother waves a magic wand over her, dressing her up for the ball. Her special effect allows Leon to automatically summon Pumpkin Carriage to the field. Finally, the fairy godmother waves her wand at Cinderella's feet, to give her her Glass Slippers. (Japanese Leon says that Glass Slippers is an equipment magic card that he equips to Cinderella.)

Rebecca is a bit bemused by all of Leon's fairytale cards and effects. Leon explains that as long as Pumpkin Carriage is on the field, Cinderella can attack Rebecca's life points directly. Cinderella kicks off her Glass Slippers and they crash into Rebecca, reducing her life points to 3000. Then the Glass Slippers form on Luster Dragon #2's hind feet. As long as it wears the Glass Slippers, Luster Dragon #2 can't attack Cinderella. Not only that, it loses 1000 attack points, bringing it down to 1400. Next, Leon attacks Luster Dragon #2 with Forest Wolf, who swallows the dragon up. (Again, the swallowing is obscured in the US version.)

Rebecca's down to 2600 life points. Whenever a monster wearing Glass Slippers is destroyed, Leon explains, Cinderella gets a new pair of slippers she can use for her next attack, and boosts her attack points by 1000, to 1300. Finally, Leon sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Rebecca wonders how she's supposed to fight against Leon's deck of fairytale rejects. It's driving her nuts! She gave up these lame stories when she threw out her teddy bear. She draws, saying it's about time one of them played a real card for a change. She plays the magic card, Tribute to the Doomed, discarding one card to destroy Forest Wolf, thus releasing her Luster Dragon #2. Next, she plays the magic card, Stamping Destruction, which destroys one magic or trap card on the field and delivers 500 points of damage to the card's owner. Leon's Gingerbread House is destroyed, and his life points go down to 1700. Next, she uses Luster Dragon #2 to attack Cinderella.

But Leon activates his trap card, Mirror Force, destroying Luster Dragon #2. Grumbling, Rebecca ends her turn.

Leon draws, telling Rebecca she seems upset. He tells her to relax—dueling is supposed to be fun. Just look at Cinderella—she's having a ball! Cinderella flings her Glass Slippers at Rebecca, bringing Rebecca's life points down to 1300. He laughs, while Rebecca thinks that she can't believe she's fighting against princesses and fairies—and losing! (Japanese Rebecca thinks, "Yugi...")

Meanwhile, in the Galaxy Theater, Zigfried has just defeated Balfry Ginger, telling him that a victory just wasn't in the stars for him. Roland announces Zigfried the winner, while Zigfried smiles, thinking to Kaiba, "Come and get me." Kaiba watches from his control room with Mokuba at his side, thinking that he's on to Zigfried.

Duke and the others run down the street. Tristan wonders if they're going the right way, and Téa says that if that map is right, Yugi's Grandpa should be just around the corner. They all hope he's okay.

They turn the corner and stop. Duke consults the map and says, that's it. (In the Japanese version, all the signs have Chinese characters on them, since they're supposed to be in Chinatown. The characters are removed from the signs in the US version, except for the one over the Chinese restaurant marked on the map.)

They're standing before... a Chinese restaurant? While they were running around like lunatics, Joey protests, Grandpa was eating won ton soup! Yugi steps up to open the door. Téa warns him to be careful, and he nods, then opens the door, calling out to his Grandpa. No matter what it takes, he thinks, he'll save his Grandpa!

To Be Continued

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