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Episode 193: A Brawl in a Small Town, Part 2 (Leon of Fairytale Land)

Yugi opens the door to the Chinese restaurant, where they've come in search of Yugi's Grandpa. Everyone gasps when they see Grandpa in Chinese clothes, striking a huge gong with a mallet. They cover their ears from the ringing noise, as the interior lights up, and they enter the biggest Chinese restaurant they've ever seen! It's several stories high inside, with balconies all around, and there's a huge dragon carving in the middle of the high ceiling. The tables are set with numerous Chinese dishes. (Japanese Jounouchi and Honda say that there's shark fin and prawns, and Peking duck, too! This additional pan of the restaurant tables, set with food, is cut from the US version.)

A drooling Joey and Tristan run for the food.

But they're stopped by Vivian Wong, standing on the highest balcony in a kung-fu pose, who tells them she didn't see their names on the guest list. It's Vivian, they exclaim, and Duke says, she led them here? Yugi asks, but why? Téa suggests it's because Vivian's nuts, as Vivian continues to prance about on the high balcony, holding a fan in each hand, making kicks and leaps. Joey tells her to come down there and tell them what's going on, and she promptly hops off the balcony. (Japanese Jounouchi and Honda say, "What?" Yugi says, "That person...." and Anzu says, "Vivian!" Jounouchi doesn't say anything more.)

Joey and Tristan clutch each other in horror, and the others gasp, as Joey calls out, Oh no! She's falling... really slowly. Vivian floats down toward the floor, and Duke points out that Vivian's got a little helper—Grandpa stands at the side, lowering Vivian on a rope.

Grandpa notices them noticing him. Yugi says, Grandpa? Joey thinks this is getting weird. Yugi asks Grandpa what he's doing. Flustered, Grandpa lets go of the rope, saying he can explain. (These further shots of Jounouchi and Honda freaking out and grabbing each other as Vivian falls are cut from the US version.)

Vivian tumbles to the floor, landing nose-first. She gets up, yelling at Grandpa that he had one simple job! He asks her to give him another chance. (Japanese Grandpa calls her "Vivi-chan.")

He works for her? Joey wonders. Yugi asks Grandpa if Vivian kidnapped him, or did they plan this together? (Japanese Jounouchi says, "Vivi-chan?" Yugi asks Grandpa what's going on. They were so worried about him! This long shot of the gang, as Grandpa continues to attempt to explain, is cut from the US version.)

Vivian tells him to forget about that old man. She wants to talk about Yugi and herself. She snaps her fingers, and Grandpa bangs the gong again. (Cut from the US version is this shot of a scroll unrolling from the dragon's mouth, and the gang watching it from below.)

Vivian welcomes Yugi to the real Grand Championship tournament, where he and she are going to duke it out for the crown!

Téa angrily tells Vivian to give it up. She had her chance, and Rebecca canceled her out. Duke says that's right. Only the winner of the tournament gets a title shot, and Vivian already blew it. Vivian insists she's starting her own tournament, and the first match is Vivian against Yugi. (Japanese Vivian says that as long as both players are sincere, any time and place for a duel is acceptable.) Yugi says he's sorry, but it's against Kaiba's tournament rules. (Japanese Yugi just says he can't duel with her.) But Grandpa tells Yugi the right thing to do is duel against Vivian.

Joey thinks Vivian must have hypnotized Grandpa. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks Grandpa has a crush on Vivian.) Grandpa blushes, and tries to explain. After Professor Hawkins left Grandpa's hospital room, Vivian came by. (Cut from the US version is this sequence where Grandpa looks up at Vivian, red-faced. Running her fingers along his back, Vivian asks if he's Yugi's grandfather. He says he is. Half-crawling onto the bed with him, she asks if he'll listen to her request.)

She said she might be able to help him, if he helped her. Grandpa said he'd do anything! And with one swift chop to his back, Vivian put it back into place. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Grandpa grimacing as Vivian's fingers sink into his back.)

If it hadn't been for Vivian, Grandpa says, he wouldn't be standing there, so he owes her a favor. That's why he led the kids there. Tristan adds, and turned his back on his grandson. (Japanese Honda says it's more than that. Grandpa's motive is obvious.) Grandpa protests that he heard that! Joey says, to think he once looked up to Grandpa! He forgot what's important—the heart of the cards! (Japanese Jounouchi says Grandpa's a disgrace. If that's how it is, he's through with him.) Yugi says Joey's right. (Japanese Yugi says, "Grandpa.")

Grandpa slumps, saying he's sorry. So Vivian hits him in the back and puts his back out again. (Cut again from the US version are these close-ups of Vivian's hand, fingers sinking into Grandpa's back.)

He curls up on the floor, moaning. Vivian tells Yugi if he wants his Grandpa to walk upright again, he'll have to duel her. Joey says that's a dirty trick. Vivian agrees, saying she can't believe she didn't think of it sooner. (Japanese Vivian says she'll do anything for love.) She jumps up onto one of the tables, asking Yugi what will it be? His grandfather, or her? (Japanese Vivian says, love that blooms because of a duel—how great is that! Cut from the US version is this long shot of the gang, as Anzu yells at Vivian some more.)

Joey says they can save Grandpa without her help, but Yugi doesn't know how. Yami appears in spirit form to say that Grandpa needs them. They have no choice but to duel. Yugi agrees, and they switch.

Yami jumps up onto one of the tables, ready to duel. Vivian says she knew he couldn't resist her charm. She sets the terms—if she loses, she'll fix Grandpa's back. If she wins, she and Yugi go on a date. (Japanese Vivian says that if Yugi loses, he must become her love slave.) Téa goes ballistic, shouting that Yugi doesn't like her and he never will!

Yami accepts the terms. (Japanese Yami says it doesn't matter, since he'll win.) Duke says it's no problem—Yugi can duel circles around her. (Japanese Otogi says as soon as Yugi wins, they can go cheer for Rebecca.) Vivian says, don't count on it. They get ready to duel.

Meanwhile, back in Small Town USA, Rebecca and Leon continue their duel. Rebecca has 1300 life points to Leon's 1700, and Leon has Cinderella and Pumpkin Carriage on the field. It's Rebecca's turn, and she plays Pot of Greed, drawing two cards. Then she summons Witch of the Black Forest (1100 ATK). She attacks Pumpkin Carriage with Witch of the Black Forest, saying it looks like his princess isn't going to the ball after all.

Leon draws, and attacks Witch of the Black Forest with Cinderella. Rebecca loses 200 life points, and Cinderella gets her Glass Slippers back. But Witch of the Black Forest's effect allows Rebecca to transfer her Ruby Dragon to her hand. Leon summons Tom Thumb in defense, sets a card face down, and ends his turn.

Rebecca summons her Ruby Dragon (1600 ATK), then plays her Dragon's Fire magic card (the real card is called Dragon's Gunfire), which gives her dragon the ability to destroy any monster with 800 defense points or less. Cinderella is destroyed. Then, she attacks Tom Thumb with Ruby Dragon, but Leon activates his trap card, Negate Attack, stopping Ruby Dragon's attack. (In the Japanese episode, Negate Attack is a magic card. The US version shows it as a trap card, which is what the real card is.)

Rebecca thinks that Leon counteracts her moves every turn, and without Yugi there to cheer her on, she doesn't have the confidence to stop him. (Japanese Rebecca thinks that Leon's really good. She looks around, thinking, "Yugi....") Then three of her fans start to chant her name, and she realizes that she has tons of support. Her grandfather says they're all behind her, and she nods, then turns back to the duel.

Leon says he'd pay attention if he were Rebecca. He plays the magic card, Giant's Training, saying that this card will be her downfall. It lets him sacrifice Tom Thumb to summon Globerman (2600 ATK). He uses Globerman to attack Ruby Dragon, destroying it and reducing Rebecca's life points to 100. She activates her trap card, Rope of Life, discarding her hand to bring back her monster with an extra 800 attack points. Next, she activates her set magic card, Adamantine Sword Revival. It lets her replace the dragon she just brought back with an even stronger one from her deck—her Diamond Head Dragon. It starts out with the same number of points as Ruby Dragon had, but then it gets an extra 1000 points from her magic card, making its total attack 3400.

Leon ends his turn, but tells Rebecca to wait till she sees what he's got planned next. (Japanese Rebecca thinks that she won't lose.)

Back at the Chinese restaurant, Joey and Tristan are busily stuffing their faces. Téa tosses a toy panda at them, asking them how they can be eating now! Yugi needs them. Joey says Yugi doesn't need them yelling in his ear to win, and Tristan tells her to relax and try the chicken. Then Duke tells them that things aren't looking so good for Yugi. (Japanese Otogi says it looks like Vivian just drew her key card.)

Holding the magic card Luminous Clouds, Vivian sacrifices Master Kyonshee and Kung-Fu Nyan Nyan to summon Dragon Lady (2500 ATK). Next, she plays Lightning Saber, increasing Dragon Lady's attack by 300, and attacks Yami's Dark Magician. The gang watch in shock as Dark Magician is destroyed. They're even more shocked when Dragon Lady attacks again, attacking Yami directly. Her new sword allows Dragon Lady to attack a second time, with half the attack strength. Yami's down to 1800 life points.

He draws, and plays Big Shield Gardna (2600 DEF) in defense, then sets a card face down and ends his turn. Tristan says that even if Yugi loses, he gets a date. Téa insists that Yugi won't lose! (Japanese Honda wonders if Yugi is all right. He must be afraid. Anzu says, why should Yugi be afraid?)

Vivian attacks Big Shield Gardna with Dragon Lady, but Yami activates his trap card, Mirror Force, to stop her attack. Vivian plays her magic card, Snowfall Sword, to cancel out the effect of Mirror Force. (In the real game, Vivian's move wouldn't have worked. You can't chain a continuous spell card to the activation of a trap card. She'd have had to play it before Mirror Force was activated in order to negate Mirror Force's effect.) Dragon Lady's attack goes through, and Big Shield Gardna is destroyed. Then Dragon Lady's attack is cut in half, to 1400. Between bites of food, Joey says this is no good. Yugi doesn't have any monsters on the field to protect him. Vivian plays the magic card, Flying Dragon Whirl, discarding four dragon cards to raise Dragon Lady's attack by 1200 points, to 2600. She orders Dragon Lady to attack Yami directly, then begins to celebrate, saying she did it! She won!

But Yami tells her to guess again. He discards Kuriboh, protecting his life points. Vivian whines, how dare he! Just wait until next turn.

Yami says there is no next turn. He's ending this right now. Yami draws, then summons Skilled Dark Magician (1900 ATK) in attack mode. Next, he plays Pot of Greed, drawing two more cards, and a light glows on Skilled Dark Magician's shoulder. Then he plays Emblem of Dragon Destroyer, allowing him to bring back Buster Blader from the graveyard to his hand, and Skilled Dark Magician's other shoulder lights up. Vivian asks what those lights are, and Yami says they're spell counters. Every time he plays a magic card, another one lights up. Finally, he plays one more magic card, Monster Reincarnation. This lets him bring Dark Magician back from the graveyard to his deck, and lights up Skilled Dark Magician's third spell counter. Now he can sacrifice Skilled Dark Magician to summon Dark Magician.

Yami's not through yet. He plays Polymerization to fuse Dark Magician with Buster Blader, forming Dark Paladin (Black Paladin). Dark Paladin gains 500 attack points for every dragon on the field and in their graveyards. Vivian starts to cry, realizing that she just sent four dragons to the graveyard. Dark Paladin's attack rises from 2900 to 4900, and Yami uses it to attack Dragon Lady, destroying it and the rest of Vivian's life points. Game over.

As the gang cheer, Yugi switches with Yami, and tells Vivian to pay up. Grandpa's waiting. Still curled up on the floor in pain, Grandpa thanks Yugi.

Back in Small Town USA (again, the Japanese version says "Welcome to Miniatureland"—but this time they spelled "Welcome" right),

Yugi and the gang finally arrive to cheer Rebecca on. Leon says, let's go, and Joey tells Rebecca, no sleeping on the job, with only 100 life points left. She says she can't lose now that her lucky charm's finally here.

Rebecca attacks Globerman with Diamond Head Dragon. Leon loses 800 life points, taking him down to 900. Then she sets one card face down and ends her turn. Thanks to her set card (Japanese Rebecca says it's Dragon's Rage), she thinks, even if Leon summons a monster in defense, the difference between its defense points and her monster's attack points comes out of Leon's life points. So as long as he plays something with less than 2500 defense points, she'll win.

Leon draws, then plays his Gold Moon Coin magic card. He gives his every card in his hand to Rebecca, then he can draw the same number of cards from his deck. He gives her one card, Spinning Wheel Spindle. Rebecca looks at it, and says it doesn't make sense, He could have used this card to destroy her monster. Leon says that's true, but it wouldn't have wiped out her life points. He has a better idea—one that lets him win the duel right away. (Japanese Leon says that if she summons a monster with more than 900 attack points next turn, he could still lose. He says he'll leave the duel's outcome to fate.) Yugi wonders how, and Yami says he doesn't know, but something tells him Leon isn't bluffing. (Japanese Yugi says, "Leon-kun." Yami says Leon is quiet, but exudes power.)

Leon returns to his side of the field, then draws his card and plays the magic card, One Hundred Year Awakening. (This shot of Marie the Fallen One bound up in thorns is cut from the US version.)

It lets him sacrifice his Curse of Thorns to summon Thorn Princess (400 ATK). (Japanese Leon says he's summoning Thorn Princess from his deck. Thorn Princess's cleavage is obscured in the US version.)

Thorn Princess's special effect allows him to take control of one of Rebecca's monsters. He takes over Diamond Head Dragon and uses it to attack Rebecca's life points directly, wiping her out and winning the duel.

At the Kaiba Dome, one of Kaiba's employees comes to tell him that they've completed their investigation of Zigfried Lloyd, and Kaiba's assumptions were correct. Kaiba looks at the screens showing the duels, telling Zigfried his little game is over.

Rebecca stands with her head down. Leon tells her not to sweat it—she played a great duel. She says she doesn't need his pity, but thanks him anyway, and tells him not to let it go to his head. There's a long way to go. (Japanese Leon tells Rebecca he's sorry. She asks him why he's apologizing, then congratulates him on winning. She says, now he has to win the final and duel Yugi.) Yugi tells her, good game, and Joey says it wasn't half bad for a couple of kids. Kids that can outduel Joey, Tristan adds. (Japanese Jounouchi says there's a good side to Rebecca. Honda says she's a better loser than Jounouchi.)

Yugi jumps over one of the little houses to join Rebecca, telling her she did great. She thanks him, then starts to cry and flings herself onto him, saying she wanted to win so badly! (Japanese Rebecca tells Yugi she lost because he was late.) Grandpa wonders, must she be so dramatic? And Téa, Tristan and Joey say, look who's talking! (Japanese Grandpa says Rebecca's too inexperienced. The others tell him it's not up to him.)

Rebecca cries on Yugi's shoulder.

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