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Episode 188: Let the Games Begin! Part 2 (Phantom Ancient Dragon)

Grandpa and Joey's duel continues. Grandpa has his Ancient Giant and two Stone Giants on the field, along with Ancient City and Ancient Key, while Joey's field is empty. Grandpa suggests that Joey summon a monster if he wants to stay in the game. Joey does just that, summoning Goblin Attack Force (2300 ATK) and sending it to attack Ancient Giant.

But Grandpa activates his trap card, Ordeal of a Traveler. This lets him hold up a card from his hand, and Joey has to guess whether it's a magic, trap, or monster card. If Joey guesses incorrectly, his attacking monster is returned to his hand. If he guesses correctly, he can attack. Grandpa holds up a card.

Joey stares at the card, then closes his eyes with his finger to his temple, trying to sense what kind of card it is. Téa says Yugi's Grandpa is beating Joey at his own game, and Tristan agrees that it's because Grandpa knows Joey's strategy. He did teach him how to duel, after all. (Japanese Anzu says that Jounouchi is being really careful. Honda says it's because Grandpa beat him at dice.)

Joey decides it's a trap card. No, it's a magic card. Or a monster... he needs more time! Grandpa says he's not getting any younger, and Joey finally guesses it's a trap card. (Japanese Jounouchi decides it's a magic card.) But he's wrong, it's a monster card—Sinister Serpent. Joey's Goblins go back to his hand. (Japanese Grandpa tells Jounouchi the luck he depends on has deserted him. Cut from the US version is this bit where Jounouchi protests that it's not just about luck, it's ability, too. Honda wonders if Jounouchi knows what he's talking about, and Otogi says Jounouchi has no monsters now. If Grandpa Sugoroku attacks him....)

Joey sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Grandpa laughs, saying it looks like Joey's defenseless. Grandpa draws a magic card, thinking this will be helpful later. (Ancient Tome is redrawn in the US version, with some rune-type writing and a dragon on it. The Japanese card is more abstract.)

Grandpa then attacks Joey directly with Ancient Giant. Joey activates his set magic card, Scapegoat, to protect himself with four little goats. Ancient Giant destroys the yellow one, but Joey's life points are saved. Next turn, Joey says, he can blast Apnarg with his Goblins. But Grandpa tells him he's one step behind the rest of the class—Ordeal of a Traveler is a continuous trap card, so Joey will have to guess a card each time he attacks. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Grandpa not to look down on him—he doesn't just rely on luck. Grandpa tells him to guess with his brain, then, since Ordeal of a Traveler is a continuous trap.)

But Joey thinks he can figure it out. Grandpa has two cards in his hand, and Joey already knows that one of them is Sinister Serpent. If he can get the masked man to play his other card, Joey will know what's in his hand.

Grandpa plays his magic card, Ancient Tome. As the image of a stone chest with a book resting on it rises behind Grandpa, Joey smiles, thinking that now he knows that the card left in his opponent's hand is a monster.

Then Grandpa explains that Ancient Tome allows him to switch the card in his hand with one from his deck. (It must be the top of his deck, although he doesn't say so.) Joey complains that he had it all figured out! Shaking his finger, Grandpa says Joey'd like to think that, but old Apnarg was way ahead of him. Grandpa switches his Stone Giants to defense mode, costing him 1000 life points, and ends his turn. As the Giants change position, the Ancient Key turns in the lock.

Yami appears in spirit form, exclaiming that Grandpa just lost 1000 life points for not attacking with his Stone Giants, plus he switched them into defense mode, which could cost him more points next turn! Yugi says it doesn't make any sense.

Joey draws, saying it's go time! But then he stares at his hand, wondering what he's supposed to do now. He could summon his Goblins again, but as long as that trap card is on the field, he can't attack unless he guesses what's in Apnarg's hand. And his Scapegoats won't last much longer. If Apnarg draws a monster next turn, Joey could lose the duel! (Cut from the US version is a further shot of Jounouchi thinking, but the man's card has to be Killer Snake.)

Joey summons Goblin Attack Force. Grandpa asks if he cares to attack. Joey grimaces, but says no, and ends his turn.

Tristan says Grandpa's strategy worked—he now has Joey in the palm of his hand. Téa wonders what Grandpa's strategy is, anyway, and asks Yugi if he knows. Yugi doesn't, but he has a feeling Professor Hawkins, who's watching the duel with shiny eyes, does. Tristan just hopes Joey figures it out soon.

Meanwhile, at the roller coaster, Leon has just wiped out Dr. Goat, who cries, "Noooooo!" and falls to his knees in despair, asking his nurse when his next appointment is. She says it's 10:30. (Japanese Dr. Goat doesn't say anything. The nurse announces that the "time of death" is 10:53.) He's carried away on a gurney, asking for a second opinion, while a bemused Leon is announced the winner.

Also meanwhile, two figures wearing ratty robes and carrying walking sticks struggle down a road, complaining about how hot and tired they are. They slowly make their way to the entrance to Kaiba Land, where they fall to their knees, tears streaming down their faces. It's Weevil and Rex, who've come to enter the tournament. Rex has a few ideas about how, which is what worries Weevil.... (Japanese Haga and Ryuuzaki say that they have to beat Yugi and Jounouchi this time. It doesn't matter what they have to do to get into the tournament. The sign above the entrance says "Kaiba Land U.S.A. in the Japanese version. The writing has been removed in the US version, leaving only the Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the sign.)

Back at the duel, Joey tells Grandpa that for some reason he feels like they've met before. As he draws, Grandpa says he gets that a lot. Then, he discards Sinister Serpent in order to maintain Ancient Tome on the field. This activates Sinister Serpent's effect, allowing it to return to his hand. His magic card is safe, and he didn't have to give up a thing! Joey gets steamed, telling Grandpa he's had about enough of him. Grandpa says he hasn't even unleashed his most devastating card! It's his most prized possession—and he's been preparing for it ever since he played his first card. (Japanese Grandpa says that while Jounouchi has been getting angry, he's been searching for treasures. Jounouchi says, "Treasures?" Grandpa says that the ancient dragon sleeping in the city is the treasure. Jounouchi doesn't know what Grandpa's talking about. Cut from the US version is this shot of Yami and Yugi, as Yugi says to Yami, "The other me.")

Every card he's played is an element needed to let loose this great beast, and only a few steps remain. (Japanese Grandpa says that when the divine door is opened, the dragon will be revived, Finally, he's collected all the keys to open the door. Cut from the US version is another shot of Yugi and Yami, as Yami says that now he sees.)

First, Grandpa switches his two Stone Giants back into attack mode, which turns the Ancient Key a little further in the lock.

Spirit Yami says that every move Grandpa makes must get him closer to unlocking that door. Next, Grandpa activates Ancient Key, using the power of the Stone Giants, the Ancient Tome, and the Ancient Giant to unlock the Ancient Gate. Finally, Grandpa sacrifices Ancient Gate, Ancient Giant, and Ancient Tome, in order to bring forth his ultimate monster, Ancient Dragon!

Everyone gasps in awe, and Professor Hawkins chuckles in pleasure. The Ancient Tome and Ancient Giant disappear, and the Ancient Dragon (2800 ATK) flies out of the city to loom over the field.

Professor Hawkins says it's breathtaking! Yami says, so that's what he's been waiting to summon! Yugi says it's awesome. Grandpa says that for once it seems that Joseph Wheeler is at a loss for words.

Walking over to Yugi, Professor Hawkins tells him that his grandfather isn't the only one with that card. He holds out his own deck to show Yugi, with the Ancient Dragon on top. Yugi and the others gather around, exclaiming that the professor has an Ancient Dragon, too! But, he explains, he's never been able to summon it, because he doesn't have all the necessary components. Grandpa is the only person he knows who possesses all seven cards needed to call for this divine creature. He hopes the kids appreciate the rare event they've just witnessed. Over the past few years, he and Grandpa have been in a friendly competition, both hunting down the same cards. Until recently, they each had six of the seven cards they needed, but that would soon change.

In flashback, Grandpa is at the airport talking to Professor Hawkins on the phone. By the way, he says, he has some interesting news to report. Looks like Arthur owes him a chocolate shake! He's managed to track down the fifth card. Professor Hawkins reacts in astonishment, as Grandpa continues that now he can finally summon the Ancient Dragon. Professor Hawkins says he must see it. But when? Grandpa reminds his friend that he's joined Kaiba's tournament. What better way to show off his new card!

Professor Hawkins tells the kids that that was the cheeriest he'd heard Grandpa in a long time. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Professor Hopkins says that Sugoroku is a good duelist, but he likes cards more. So when he saw this card, he was thinking about the best way to surprise everyone with it.)

Yugi's grandfather is happiest when he's dueling. Professor Hawkins says he thinks it keeps him young. Téa says she guesses he's just a kid at heart. Professor Hawkins says just look at him—he's managed to summon a card he's been waiting to play for years! And he's about to use it to win this duel. (Japanese Anzu says Grandpa is like a big kid, and Yugi says, really. Professor Hopkins says that the game of Duel Monsters should make everyone regain their pure hearts from the enjoyment of the game. Cut from the US version is this bit where Professor Hopkins continues that Sugoroku enjoys the game. Yugi thinks about it for a moment, then says he sees.)

Grandpa says Joey should consider it an honor to be attacked by the Ancient Dragon. Joey thinks it's a huge waste of time to spend the whole duel setting up for one card. Grandpa says he's disappointed. Joey seems to have forgotten everything he taught him. Joey's confused, but Grandpa just tells him to suit himself. Either way, he's about to be wiped out. (Japanese Grandpa asks Jounouchi what he thinks of Grandpa's treasure. Isn't it interesting? Jounouchi says it's just one dragon. He wouldn't build a deck around just one card. Grandpa says Jounouchi's turned into a boring man. Now he'll let Jounouchi see the power of his treasure.)

Grandpa orders the Ancient Dragon to attack Joey's Goblin Attack Force. It's destroyed—and so are Joey's remaining three Scapegoats. Grandpa explains that whenever Ancient Dragon destroys a monster in battle, it also destroys every monster in defense mode on the opponent's side of the field. Joey's down to 1700 life points, with no monsters on the field. Grandpa laughs, while Joey insists he'll never let Apnarg win! This tournament is his chance to finally make it big and get some respect, like Yugi gets. Joey has to be number one! (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that he wants to duel Yugi again.)

Yugi calls out to Joey to lighten up a little bit—he's so caught up in winning, he's forgotten what's important! He forgot to have fun. Joey says this is serious, but Tristan tells him to chill out—this tournament's no big deal. It's just a cheap way for Kaiba Corp to get some publicity. Mokuba reminds Tristan that he's standing right there! Then Téa tells Joey to just be himself. Joey thanks his friends.

Grandpa is weeping tears of joy—he's so proud of all the kids. Joey doesn't know why Apnarg should be proud! Grandpa puts his handkerchief away, and Joey tells him that, from now on, he's not the only one who's going to be having fun. Professor Hawkins tells Joey, that's the spirit! So what if Apnarg is more skilled, and will probably win.... Joey says that's enough motivation. (Japanese Professor Hopkins tells Jounouchi to enjoy himself—he is. Then he roots for "Mask the Rock. Jounouchi asks him what he's doing!)

Grandpa says he's waiting, and tells Joey to bring it on. Joey draws Gilford the Lightning, then says it's time to give his luck one more shot. He plays the magic card, Roll of Fate. This card allows him to draw up to six more cards, depending on what number he rolls, as long as he removes the same number of cards from play. Grandpa's Legendary Gambler activates to roll its own die. Joey's roll is four, and Grandpa's is three—Joey's roll wins, and he draws four cards, then removes another four from play.

Joey looks at his hand and laughs happily. First, he activates the magic card, Landstar Forces, which lets him special summon every Landstar monster in his hand. He has three—Brigadier of Landstar, Knight of Landstar, and Grappler of Landstar. Next, he sacrifices all three of them to summon Gilford the Lightning (2800 ATK). As Gilford appears on the field, Grandpa's Ancient Dragon is destroyed. By sacrificing three monsters to summon Gilford the Lightning, Joey activated Gilford's effect, destroying all monsters on his opponent's side of the field. Next, Joey orders Gilford the Lightning to attack Grandpa directly.

Grandpa still has his trap card, Ordeal of a Traveler, on the field, requiring Joey to guess whether the card Grandpa holds up is a trap, magic, or monster card before he can attack. Joey's not worried—he's been paying attention. Grandpa only has one hand card left, and it's a monster, Sinister Serpent. Joey's attack goes through, and Grandpa's down to 1200 life points. Joey ends his turn, and Grandpa chuckles—his Ancient Dragon returns through the gate of the Ancient City! Grandpa explains that as long as Ancient City remains on the field, he can bring his Ancient Dragon back from the graveyard. Joey should have known that a monster this special can't be gotten rid of so easily!

Grandpa draws, then orders Ancient Dragon to attack Gilford the Lightning. The two monsters' attacks are equal, so both are destroyed—but Ancient Dragon comes back from the graveyard, and Gilford doesn't.

Joey sighs, then pulls himself together and draws, saying his cards never let him down. He's drawn Pot of Greed, which he plays, drawing two more cards. He looks at his hand and gasps—he just drew Giant Trunade! (The cards are Jinzo, Polymerization, Alligator Sword, Giant Trunade, and Premature Burial.) That sends every magic and trap card on the field back to the owner's hand. He can use it to get rid of Ancient City, and prevent Grandpa from bringing back his Ancient Dragon. Hold on—Giant Trunade also sends Joey's magic and trap cards back to his hand!

Tristan calls out that he can't believe he's about to say this, but Joey's thinking about it too much! Joey tells him to keep his comments to himself! He may not have a deck full of rare cards like Apnarg's, and he may not plan out his strategy step-by-step, but he thinks pretty quickly on his feet, and always trusts his instincts. That's because he had some good teachers. Grandpa thanks him, then corrects himself, saying good for Joey. Joey says he was taught to play the game with heart, and always have fun, and that's just what he's doing. (Japanese Jounouchi has been calling his opponent "Mask yarou," which means "Masked guy" or "Masked bastard." This time, he says "Mask yarou—no, Mask the Rock...." He goes on to say that thinking about all kinds of strategies and combos is making him happy. He was like that when he was learning, but he hasn't felt that way for a long time. But now he'll win!)

Joey first plays Premature Burial, paying 800 life points to bring Goblin Attack Force back from the graveyard. (Premature Burial has been redesigned for the US, smearing out the cross and the head of the buried man.)

That brings Joey down to 900 life points. Then he plays Giant Trunade, sending all magic and trap cards on the field back to their owner's hands. Grandpa's Ancient City and Legendary Gambler return to his hand (and Ordeal of a Traveler, too, although it's not shown), and so does Joey's Premature Burial. Grandpa watches in horror as his Ancient City crumbles. Professor Hawkins looks disappointed, but Mokuba says it's awesome—if Joey doesn't screw this up, he may actually have a shot at winning this duel! (Japanese Mokuba says that without the Ancient City, the Ancient Dragon won't be able to come back.)

Now Joey plays Premature Burial again, paying another 800 life points to bring back Gilford the Lightning. Down to 100 life points, he uses Gilford the Lightning to attack Ancient Dragon. Both monsters are destroyed, and, this time, Ancient Dragon can't be revived. So Grandpa's wide open when Joey attacks with his Goblin Attack Force. Grandpa's life points are wiped out.

The gang look on in amazement. Did Joey just win? It would appear that he did. (Japanese Honda says that Jounouchi won by using his head!)

Everyone runs to Grandpa, still lying on his back after being trounced by the Goblins. Joey offers him a hand up, telling him it was a nice duel. Grandpa sits up and pulls off his mask, revealing himself to Joey, who freaks out to find it was Grandpa he was dueling with all along. Grandpa laughs, saying it was a pretty good disguise—maybe that will be his new look.

Joey asks Grandpa why he joined the tournament in the first place. Grandpa says he was hoping to duel Joey. He did teach Joey everything he knows, so he thought it was time to test him. Joey asks if he passed, and Grandpa gives him an A-plus. Mokuba says there's a first time for everything, and Tristan says to pinch him—he must be dreaming. Then he complains that it was a figure of speech, while Duke laughs. (Japanese Grandpa tells Jounouchi he passes. Mokuba wonders, passed what? Honda says he has a headache. Anzu says she still doesn't know what Grandpa wants.)

Yami tells Yugi that his grandfather dueled quite well. Yugi agrees, and says he thinks Grandpa had more fun than anyone. (Japanese Yami says that Yugi knows, doesn't he? Yugi says, certainly. He wants everyone to be happy.) Joey asks Grandpa why he picked the name "Apnarg," and Grandpa explains that it's "Granpa" spelled backwards. Ooooh, says everyone, while Joey says he doesn't get it....

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