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Episode 202: The Intruder, Part 1 (Meet Thief King Bakura!)

Bakura and his men ride toward the palace, dragging the former Pharaoh's sarcophagus along the ground behind them. As the frightened townspeople watch, the tomb robbers shoot flaming arrows into buildings, setting the marketplace on fire as they ride through.

The Pharaoh's guards stand before the entrance to the palace, armed with spears, demanding that the tomb robbers halt. Bakura calls them fools, and tells them to step aside if they value their souls. He leaps his horse over the heads of the guards, the sarcophagus sailing along behind. The guards call out for the alarm to be sounded, then begin to do battle with Bakura's men.

Inside the palace, Mahad's Millennium Ring glows intensely, and he says they're in the presence of pure evil. The sacred guardians watch in horror as one of the palace guards is cut down, and Bakura steps into the palace, saying that someone left him off the guest list. The Pharaoh growls Bakura's name, and the dancing girls and other entertainers scatter.

Yami asks Bakura what he wants, and Bakura says he thinks the Pharaoh knows what he came for. (Japanese Bakura says they finally meet, "Yugi—no, Pharaoh." Then he says the game begins. Cut from the US version is this bit where Seto calls Bakura a robber, then Mahad tells Bakura that they'll never let him get near the Pharaoh. Bakura says that's fine, he'll fight them first, since the Millennium Items are all here.)

Yami realizes Bakura's after the Millennium Items.

Meanwhile, back at the chamber containing the stone tablets, Yugi, clutching the Millennium Puzzle, repeats what Shadi has told them: the only way to reach the Pharaoh is to find a doorway inside the Millennium Puzzle. Shadi says that there are many doorways within the Puzzle, and some lead to dark and dangerous realms. He'll guide Yugi on his journey, but when Yugi and the others wish to return, they'll be on their own. (Japanese Shadi says that when they enter the Millennium Puzzle, the only way out is to find the real door. Are they still willing to go, despite that?)

Joey says they have no choice, and tells Yugi, let's do this! Tristan says all for one, and one for all. Yugi tells them thanks, but he's doing this alone. Téa asks if he's nuts. Yugi says he's put their lives in danger enough times already. This is something he needs to do for the Pharaoh, and he's going to do it on his own. Joey says Yugi should realize by now that he can't ditch them that easily, and Téa reminds him that they've stuck with him on every adventure for the last four years. Tristan asks if Yugi thinks they're going to stop now. Yugi asks if they're sure. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Yugi what he's talking about—they're partners. Anzu says that's right, and while they're arguing, the other Yugi... Honda finishes, he might be in danger. Yugi says, "Minna," which means, "Everyone.")

Shadi tells everyone to hold hands and concentrate. They form a circle, and Yugi sends out his thoughts to the Pharaoh, saying that wherever he is, Yugi will find him. Shadi invokes the sacred energies of the Millennium Key, asking it to guide them through the labyrinth of the Millennium Puzzle. He holds up the glowing Key, and the Puzzle glows in response.

Back at the palace, Bakura laughs, saying he hopes he didn't ruin the Pharaoh's celebration. (Japanese Bakura asks if they think they can capture him with their tiny power. Cut from the US version is this scene where Aknadin says that the seven Millennium Items are used to maintain order in the world. Only priests like them who've undergone soul training, and the Pharaoh, can possess them. People whose hearts are full of evil, like Bakura, will burn their souls if they touch the Items. Bakura tells Aknadin to stop telling him things that excite him. Now he's even more determined to possess them.)

Seto holds up the Millennium Rod, telling Bakura he'll be punished for mocking the Pharaoh. Bakura says he lives on the outskirts of their little kingdom, and their rules don't apply to him. He tells the sacred guardians to hand over their Millennium Items. (Japanese Seto says that they'll use their power to sentence Bakura to death right then. Bakura says to stop joking—they can't do anything, even if Bakura kills them all right there. He tells the priests to be wise and hand over the Millennium Items.) But not for free, he says, and tosses riches from the tomb at their feet. Horrified, Shimon says Bakura stole them.

Unconcerned, Bakura says he's brought another token of his esteem, and whistles for his horse, which gallops into the palace dragging the former Pharaoh's sarcophagus behind it. The sarcophagus slides towards Bakura, who stops it by stepping on it with one foot, telling the Pharaoh and guards to say hello to their previous king.

Seto reacts in outrage, and Yami says now Bakura has gone too far, and his soul must be judged by the Millennium Items. (Japanese Yami says, the previous Pharaoh? Could this be his father?) Seto orders his men to bring a sealing tablet at once, and says, let the Millennium Trial begin!

Bakura says their weak magic will never contain him, and laughs. Shada says that no mortal can resist the power of the sacred items, but Karim steps forward with the Millennium Scale, telling them to hold on. The Scale tips back and forth, and Karim says it's unable to find balance, which means that the evil in Bakura's heart is immeasurable. Aknadin agrees, saying that he sees a darkness which knows no bounds. Bakura's soul is a bottomless pit, in which thrives a terrifying creature.

Shada holds up the Millennium Key, telling it to reveal the beast lurking within Bakura. Bakura laughs, and Shada starts back as a huge serpent appears in his vision. (Cut from the US version of Shada's vision is this bit where the serpent strikes Shada, swallowing him up.)

Gasping, Shada says that that's no ordinary beast. It's the most powerful being he's ever witnessed. The sealing tablet is far too small. Seto thinks that's ridiculous, and Aknadin says Seto's right—they've never had any difficulty before.

Bakura continues to laugh, and suddenly Diabound bursts into being behind him. Aknadin says it's unbelievable! How can such a creature live in the heart of a petty thief? Bakura introduces Diabound to the Pharaoh, telling Yami to meet the creature of his demise.

Seto tells him he's mistaken, and uses the Millennium Rod to seal Diabound within the stone tablet. Just as he suspected, Seto says. Bakura's soul has been cleansed.

In a gentle voice, Bakura thanks Seto for saving his life. That horrible creature was controlling his mind, and now he's finally free!

But then Bakura's voice changes back to that of the thief, and he continues, free to annihilate them!

That's impossible, the sacred guardians exclaim. It didn't work! The sealing tablet begins to crack, and Diabound bursts forth. Bakura thinks he's already won this game, before it's even begun.

Meanwhile, the gang lie on the floor inside the Millennium Puzzle. Joey, the only one conscious, kneels over Yugi and calls his name. Yugi's eyes suddenly open, and he sits up, asking Joey if he's okay. Joey nods, then turns to the other two, shaking their shoulders and telling them to rise and shine. Téa and Tristan wake up, and Téa asks where they are. Yugi says they're inside the Millennium Puzzle, deep within the twists and turns of its many passageways. Joey says it seems bigger than last time, and asks if Yugi did some remodeling.

Shadi appears, telling them that the Puzzle is a reflection of the Pharaoh's mind, and is ever changing. Joey says that explains why this place is so complicated. Tristan asks what they're waiting for—they should get up and find the Pharaoh. As Yugi looks up at the many interconnected doorways and stairways, Joey tells Shadi to use his Millennium Key to point them in the right direction.

In his office at Kaiba Corp, Kaiba is on the phone with Roland, who's just told him that Yugi has left the country. Their flight logs indicate that Yugi boarded a jet for Cairo with three companions just yesterday.

Staring at the Millennium Eye on his desk, Kaiba wonders why the Geek Squad would fly to Egypt, and why now? He remembers Bakura giving him the Millennium Eye, and telling him to bring it to Egypt. Turning to stare out the huge picture window, Kaiba thinks that Bakura must have gotten to Yugi, too. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Kudaran," which means "boring" or "ridiculous.")

Bakura laughs, telling the sacred guardians that he knew they'd be powerless against the dark energy of his Diabound. Aknadin tells the other guardians that they must unite to conquer this adversary. They agree, and all hold up their arms, unfolding gold devices with wing-like sections. Yami exclaims to Shimon that they have Duel Disks, but Shimon doesn't know what the Pharaoh is talking about. Yami points out the device on his own arm, and Shimon explains that it's for calling forth Shadow creatures that have been sealed away in stone tablets. Once the creatures have been sealed in stone, he explains, they're stored in tablet sanctuaries until summoned by the mechanism known as a Diadiankh. Yami thinks they're like ancient Duel Disks.

Bakura waits for the guardians to come out and play. Aknadin warns the other guardians to be careful, saying they must combine their power, but Seto says he can defeat this thief on his own. Ignoring Aknadin's caution, Seto raises his Diadiankh and calls forth a creature of darkness to join him in battle.

Elsewhere, within a pyramid-shaped structure filled with stone tablets, a light shoots forth from one of the tablets and speeds through the air toward the palace, where it's absorbed by Seto's Diadiankh. The creature's outline forms on one of the Diadiankh's wings. Yami exclaims that this is where it all began!

Seto summons Garestgolath, and the dragon-beast forms before him. But Bakura only laughs, saying, now this is a Shadow Game! Seto orders Garestgolath to wage war with Diabound, and Yami exclaims that he's witnessing the origin of Duel Monsters!

Seto says that no one who disrespects the Pharaoh shall go unpunished. Yami thinks he must be watching one of the first Shadow Games ever played. Garestgolath attacks Diabound, but before it reaches Bakura's monster, Bakura calls forth Winged Sage Falcos, which attacks and destroys Garestgolath. Seto protests that only those in the royal court can summon monsters, and Mahad asks Bakura how he summoned that beast—he doesn't have a Diadiankh.

Bakura reminds them that he paid a visit to the old Pharaoh's tomb, and "borrowed" a few of his toys—like his Diadiankh. The wings of the Diadiankh spread, revealing images of Diabound and Winged Sage Falcos. Isis warns Bakura that he's interfering with forces beyond his control, but Bakura says he's in complete control of these forces, thanks to their former king and his personal collection of monsters.

Seto is outraged that Bakura dared to disturb the great protectors of the sacred crypt of King Aknamkanon. Aknadin protests that those creatures were placed there to safeguard the tomb of the Great Pharaoh. Bakura says he disagrees. The former Pharaoh was a tyrant, who destroyed Bakura's village when he tried to fashion the seven Millennium Items in a selfish attempt to further his own power.

Yami is amazed that it was the previous Pharaoh who created the Millennium Items. Aknadin says Bakura lies—King Aknamkanon put an end to the war that ravaged their nation, and brought peace and prosperity. He created the seven Millennium Items to insure that harmony would reign forever in Egypt. Seto adds that the Pharaoh then gave the Millennium Items to them, in order to keep the peace and help rule the land with justice, as well as to thwart evildoers like Bakura.

Bakura asks, what do they think they are? The Millennium Items were built to react with the inner darkness of the person that holds them. The fact that they wield the seven Items makes every one of them an evildoer, just like their so-called keeper of the peace, King Aknamkanon. Bakura says that the king wanted power—that's why he devised a plan to use the seven Millennium Items to control the world. The secret lies in the village of Kul Elna.

Aknadin tells Bakura that what he speaks is treason. But he wonders to himself, how can Bakura possibly know about the village of Kul Elna? The secret of its existence was buried ages ago.

Bakura says that deep beneath the sands of Kul Elna lies the Millennium Stone. Place the seven Items in this stone, and ultimate power will be yours. Yami wonders if Bakura speaks the truth.

Aknadin says he doesn't know where Bakura came from, but he knows where Bakura must go. He tells Seto to destroy him. Seto says nothing would please him more, and summons Battle Ox.

The other guardians call upon their monsters: Karim calls Bastet; Isis summons Spiria; Shada, Zelua; Aknadin, Gadius; and Mahad, Illusion Magician. From the tablet sanctuaries, the beasts rise and fly to the guardians' Diadiankhs.

Mahad's Illusion Magician destroys Winged Sage Falcos. (Cut from the US version is this close-up of Winged Sage Falcos being destroyed.)

Bakura says they'll have to do better than that, and orders Diabound to attack. Bastet, Zelua, and Gadius are destroyed, and the other three monsters are thrown back against the wall. Shada says he's never seen such strength, but Aknadin says Bakura's outnumbered. Mahad wants to attack again, but Seto says his creature would only be destroyed. He'll have another chance, but they need to weaken his monster first.

Seto summons Mystic Horseman, then tells Karim to take over. Using the power of the Millennium Scale, Karim combines the spirits of Mystic Horseman and Battle Ox. As Rabid Horseman forms before them, Yami realizes that this must be the origin of monster fusion. Seto orders Rabid Horseman to attack Diabound. Diabound counterattacks, and immobilizes Rabid Horseman's sword arm with the coils of its serpent tail. Seto tells Mahad that this is his chance, and Mahad uses Illusion Magician's power of Binding Illusion to capture Diabound. But Diabound breaks loose, sending shockwaves towards the guardians that throw them against the wall.

Shimon wonders how this can possibly be! One man overpowering six guardians? Bakura laughs, telling the Pharaoh he should consider replacing his staff. Furious, Yami tells Bakura that he's on sacred ground, and his disrespect is appalling. Bakura says to excuse him for not respecting a kingdom that destroyed his home. Diabound attacks again, and Isis comes forward to activate Spiria's shield. Diabound's attack is repelled, but Spiria is destroyed, and Isis collapses. Angrily, Mahad turns to Bakura, telling him that this isn't over.

Bakura says it will be soon. One more attack, and the palace will be reduced to rubble!

Yami gets up from his throne and stands before his guardians, ordering Bakura to leave. Seto tells him to let them deal with the intruder, but Yami stands determined. He asks Bakura if this is the ultimate Shadow Game he spoke of—trespassing on sacred ground and tarnishing the name of the Pharaoh's ancestors? He's reached a new low.

Bakura says Yami doesn't know the first thing about his ancestors. Kicking the sarcophagus towards Yami, Bakura says that maybe this will jar his memory. Shimon falls upon the sarcophagus, crying that he never imagined that King Aknamkanon's return to the palace would be so disgraceful. With tears in his eyes, he says he's sorry the Pharaoh had to see this. They can't let this monster continue to dishonor their heritage with his false accusations and lies. Yami mustn't believe anything Bakura says about the former Pharaoh, Aknamkanon. He was kind and just.

Yami kneels down to touch the sarcophagus, telling Shimon he believes him. Suddenly, the sarcophagus seems to pulse, and Yami hears the words: "Justice lies with the Egyptian gods."

Bakura reminds them that they're in the middle of a battle. He says the Pharaoh interrupted him just as Diabound was about to deal the finishing blow. He asks if Yami has any last words before Bakura ends this Shadow Game and seizes their Millennium Items, then orders Diabound to attack.

Yami stands up and activates his Diadiankh, telling Bakura he's forgotten something—Yami can call the Egyptian gods.

The guardians are shocked—can it be? The legendary God monsters? Shimon asks Yami if he's referring to the three Egyptian gods that guard the Pharaoh's tomb. The scriptures say that only the chosen king will know the names of these monsters.

Yami calls upon the legendary gods of Egypt, in the name of every Pharaoh that came before. The voice of Aknamkanon tells Obelisk to awaken and rid the sacred palace of this darkness. (The Japanese voice of the former Pharaoh repeats that justice is with the gods.)

A column of light forms over the palace, and Yami summons Obelisk the Tormentor. The guardians all gasp as the mighty god monster appears. Bakura says, this can't be happening! He orders Diabound to use the power of Blue-Eyes' White Lightning attack. The two monsters clash, the power of their attacks filling the palace with bright light.

In his office, Kaiba turns from the window to stare at the Millennium Eye. He could swear he just heard Blue-Eyes!

Atop a rocky outcrop, a white-haired woman watches the light from the battle rising from the palace.

To Be Continued

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