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Episode 212: Village of Vengeance, Part 4 (The Great Priest of Darkness)

As they face each other across the RPG table, Bakura tells Yami that when the sands fall through the hourglass, the world as Yami knows it will fall into ruin. Yami says that he defeated Bakura five thousand years ago, and he'll do it again. (There's no dialog here in the Japanese. Yami and Bakura just stare at each other grimly.)

Meanwhile, the Great Shadow Magus exhorts Seto to obey his destiny and stand by his side, so they may rule Egypt as father and son. Seto insists that he's not the Magus' son—his father would never betray the Pharaoh like this. Stepping up to stand by the Pharaoh's side, he says that the Magus lies, and he won't join him. (Japanese Zork Necrophades says, "Seto." Seto steps forward, asking if Aknadin is really his father. Zork Necrophades says it's the truth. Then he says that soon, the Dark Lord Zork will be revived.)

Pointing at the Pharaoh, the Shadow Magus says that that impostor is no Pharaoh. It is Seto who should be king. Seto says he vowed to protect the king, not to replace him. The Magus says Seto deserves more. (Japanese Zork Necrophades asks Seto to join with him to beat the Pharaoh and take over the throne. stunned, Seto mutters, "Aknadin-sama... my father...." Zork Necrophades tells Seto to come and join him.)

Hasan turns to Seto, and tells him it's true that he's the son of Aknadin. However, Aknadin has lost his identity to the Shadows, and the creature that stands before them is no longer Seto's father. The Pharaoh says Hasan is right, but the Shadow Magus says that's nonsense! Seto is his flesh and blood, and that makes him royalty. He tells Seto not to let these fools deny him the power he deserves. (Japanese Hasan tells Seto not to listen to one who has sold his soul to the devil. He says that Seto is one of the priests who guard the throne. He should stand with the Pharaoh and protect their country. Zork Necrophades tells Seto to listen to the voice of the royal blood inside him, and not deny his destiny.)

In the present day, Kaiba walks down the stairs to the cavern where the stone tablets are kept, passing Bakura lying on the steps. He asks Bakura what happened here, then says he guesses their rematch will have to wait, and goes on, leaving Bakura lying there. (Japanese Kaiba says, that's Bakura! What's he doing here?) Arriving at the bottom of the stairs, Kaiba is surprised to see Yugi, Joey, Téa, and Tristan also lying unconscious on the ground. Kneeling by Yugi's side, he says he's guessing they didn't fly all the way to Egypt just to take a nap. Then he looks up and sees the stone tablet with the Pharaoh and the sorcerer carved on it. He stands up, saying he's seen this before, in the museum back home.

The Millennium Eye in his hand starts to glow, then emits beams of light that illuminate the stone. Images of the Pharaoh and guardians, and the Shadow Magus, appear on the stone. Kaiba sees Seto, and exclaims that that's him!

The Pharaoh tells Seto that his father chose a path of hatred and greed, but he begs Seto not to make the same mistake. He asks Seto to fight by his side, and together they can restore peace to Egypt. (The Japanese Pharaoh tells Seto not to be fooled. Their mission is to protect their country. Therefore, they have to beat Zork. How can they let that demon tread on their motherland?)

The Shadow Magus says he heard the same words uttered by his brother when he was Pharaoh. His brother didn't understand the first thing about leading this kingdom. In fact, his idealistic approach nearly destroyed Egypt. (Japanese Zork Necrophades asks, who's been protecting the country until now? You? No, that's wrong. Your father? The Pharaoh asks him what he's trying to say. Zork Necrophades says that losers like King Aknamkanon could never protect the country. That harshness was left to his brother.)

Flashbacks show the people of Egypt bowing before the Pharaoh Aknamkanon, as his brother Aknadin stands behind him on the balcony of the palace. In voice-over, the Shadow Magus says that while the people worshiped their Pharaoh, it was he who was truly responsible for their safety. Flashback Aknadin says that their enemies draw near. (Japanese Aknadin says, "Brother... no, Pharaoh." He calls his brother, "Ani-ue," one of many Japanese ways of saying, "Big brother.")

The Pharaoh Aknamkanon sits on the throne, telling Aknadin that Egypt will only fight as a last resort. Aknadin protests that he's already moved the soldiers into position to attack. It's the only way to prevent invasion. If they don't act now, they'll be destroyed. Aknamkanon tells Aknadin that he's overstepped his bounds. Aknadin acquiesces, bowing to the Pharaoh, who tells him that he wants what's best for Egypt, but he won't accept violence as the only answer. They must try to find a peaceful solution. Aknadin reluctantly agrees. Aknamkanon says he believes they'll live in harmony one day, and he needs his brother to share that belief with him. (Japanese Aknamkanon says that hatred breeds hatred, and the war will never end. He asks Aknadin to understand.)

The Shadow Magus says that he was right—their enemies didn't share his brother's belief in peace. As flashbacks show a battle (several close-up shots of battle are cut from the US version),

followed by triumphant Egyptians cheering the Pharaoh, the Shadow Magus goes on to say that, thanks to him, when their enemies attacked, they were ready. Of course, his majesty received all the credit, while he was ignored. It was then that Aknadin realized that his brother would be the light, while he would be the shadow. If Egypt was going to survive, drastic measures would be necessary. Flashbacks show Aknadin and his men, cloaked and carrying torches, meeting before an underground cavern at night. The Shadow Magus says that hidden deep beneath the sands lay an ancient manuscript with a dark secret. Aknadin picks up the book, as the Shadow Magus says that this Millennium Spellbook contained the secret to a power known only by the Egyptian gods. The flashback shows the Pharaoh and the sacred guardians using the Millennium Items to repel the invaders.

The Shadow Magus says that if it hadn't been for him, the Millennium Items wouldn't exist. Shimon adds, and neither would this mess. The Millennium Items may have helped them stop one enemy, but their creation gave rise to an even greater enemy. Hasan agrees, saying that they sparked the rebirth of Zorc the Dark One. (Japanese Zork Necrophades says he saved his country... no, he saved his brother. Shimon asks Aknadin, why? Why does he hate the king? He fought for the good of the king—why betray him now?)

The Shadow Magus says, exactly! And now Zorc can finish what Aknadin began, by crushing the Pharaoh and his followers, and allowing a new king to take the throne. (Japanese Zork Necrophades tells Shimon not to use foul words like "betray" to describe him and his brother. Hasan tells Aknadin that he's just using Aknamkanon as an excuse to indulge himself in his own darkness. Zork Necrophades tells Hasan that if he's the companion of pharaohs, he should know the truth about Aknamkanon and Aknadin. They were born as twins. Cut from the US version is this shot of Hasan, with the Pharaoh behind him exclaiming, "Twins!")

The Shadow Magus tells the others that they'll never understand what he's been through—he devoted his life to his brother, and received nothing in return. Shimon says he's wrong, but he's too blind to see it, and the Pharaoh agrees. The Shadow Magus says he gave up his wife and his only son, just so he could save his brother's kingdom. (Japanese Zork Necrophades says they were born in the same moment, but the one held up as the older brother was Aknamkanon, and that was only because he cried louder. Shimon says, so he knows this much. Zork Necrophades says that, even so, he always tried to help his brother. He gave up his wife and child, and killed innocent people, and his loyalty never changed.)

Flashbacks show Aknadin and his men attacking Kul Elna to make the Millennium Items, then show Seto becoming a sacred guardian. Somehow, the Shadow Magus says, even though he abandoned his son, Seto found his way back to him. It was Seto's destiny to reenter the palace and rise to greatness.

Seto thinks that when he joined the royal court, he pledged his devotion to the Pharaoh. And the one person who was always there to guide him was Aknadin. (Japanese Seto thinks that he'd been told he had no father. They said his father died in the war and his mother raised him. He wanted to serve his country and the Pharaoh, and the one who supported him in this was Aknadin.) Flashbacks show Aknadin encouraging Seto to study in the library, and then teaching him swordfighting in the courtyard. Seto thinks that there were four other guardians in the Pharaoh's court, but Aknadin spent most of his time training Seto—and now Seto knows why. Secretly, Aknadin knew that Seto was his son. (Japanese Seto thinks that Aknadin was always like a father to him, and now he knows why. But why tell him now?)

The Shadow Magus tells Seto that he was destined for greatness from the day he was born. That's why his path keeps crossing with that of the White Dragon. Seto remembers seeing the dragon rise above his village, and the Shadow Magus tells him he was chosen to wield its power. Seto's eyes go gold and shiny, as he begins to fall under the Magus' control. (Japanese Seto wonders, is the White Dragon a sign of his destiny to become Pharaoh? Seto's eyes never turn gold in the Japanese. He remains in control of himself, trying to figure out what to do.)

Seto says that perhaps he should rule—and the White Dragon will help him.

In the present day, Kaiba watches his counterpart in the stone tablet, fist clenched. Oh, great, he thinks. He's hallucinating again. (Japanese Kaiba says, white dragon? Blue-Eyes White Dragon!)

The Pharaoh tells Aknadin to stop lying to his son, and set him free. (The Japanese Pharaoh says that when Dark Lord Zork is revived, the world will be destroyed. What's the point of being the pharaoh then?) He turns to Seto, telling him he mustn't give in to this temptation. The Shadow Magus sends a blast of power between Seto and the Pharaoh to separate them. Seto turns to the Magus, demanding to be told the truth. Why is he really doing this?

The Shadow Magus says he wants Seto to experience what he never had—power and respect. And when Zorc arrives, that's exactly what Seto will receive. Zorc will usher in the Age of Shadows, and someone will need to reign over this new world. (Japanese Zork Necrophades says that when Zork is revived, this will become a country of darkness. They'll worship Zork as their god, and create a new world. The king to rule this world is Seto.) Seto's eyes go glowy again, and he says he will reign. (Japanese Seto says, "Father...." Again, the gold glow is added to Seto's in the US version.)

The Pharaoh calls out Seto's name, but Seto steps forward, saying that he must join his father. (Japanese Seto doesn't say anything here.)

Kisara awakens, and sits up in bed, telling Seto not to do this. As Seto walks towards his father, the White Dragon suddenly rises before him, and the spell is broken again. The Shadow Magus tells Seto that the White Dragon is urging him to join him. (Japanese Zork Necrophades tells Seto that he's the real king.) The Pharaoh tells Seto not to go—his father is under the control of an evil force, and if Seto joins him, he'll lose himself to the Shadows as well. (Japanese Pharaoh says that this country was not meant to be ruled by darkness. He tells Seto that they must work together to defeat Zork.) Shimon and the other guardians also urge Seto to stay and help them. The Shadow Magus tells Seto the others are lying to him. The Pharaoh is threatened by Seto's power, and is trying to keep him down. Hasan says that the Pharaoh is protecting Seto, just as Aknadin's brother protected him.

The Shadow Magus says that his brother took all the glory and left him to wallow in the shadows—and now his brother's son shall pay! (Japanese Dark Necrophades says he doesn't care about all this. He doesn't have to wait for Zork to destroy the Pharaoh. He'll do it now.) He sends a magical attack at the Pharaoh, who throws up his arms to protect himself. The Shadow Magus tells the Pharaoh he's weak, like his father. But then he sees Hasan, who has jumped in front of the Pharaoh to block the attack. Hasan says that as long as he's here, no harm will befall the Pharaoh. Seto looks on in surprise.

Kisara runs through the hallways of the palace, calling out to Seto. She stops for a moment, saying she hopes she's not too late. Possessed Tristan watches from around a corner, smiling evilly to himself. Bakura, in control of Tristan, tells Kisara to keep running—soon she'll join forces with Seto on the other side.

(Cut from the US version are these shots of empty shelves.)

Bobasa sits dejectedly in the empty storage room, wishing he had just one more luscious apple, or even the teeniest little grape! Coming up behind him, possessed Tristan wonders who this Bobasa character is. He must find out what role Bobasa plays in this Shadow Game. (Japanese Bakura thinks that when he stopped time, Bobasa was the only one who could still move. He must find out what this Non-Player Character is.) Tristan asks Bobasa if he was able to find the Pharaoh's name, but Bobasa doesn't answer. (Japanese Honda asks Bobasa what his role in this game is.) Annoyed, he raps Bobasa on the head with his knuckles, saying "Knock, knock" but Bobasa just says, "Who's there?" and goes on weeping with hunger. (Cut from the US version is this shot of an exasperated Honda demanding that Bobasa tell him. Then he hits Bobasa and tells him to stop crying, but Bobasa only cries harder.)

Joey, who has just entered with Yugi and Téa, says this isn't the best time for jokes. Tristan says he was just trying to cheer Bobasa up, but he wasn't doing a very good job. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Honda what he's doing. Honda says, nothing. Jounouchi asks why Bobasa is crying, and Honda says he doesn't know.) Yugi asks Bobasa what's wrong, and Bobasa says there's not a scrap of food left! Joey, Yugi and Téa all sink to the floor, and Joey asks why it feels like they haven't eaten in days. Téa says it's because they haven't.

Yugi says this must be where they store all the food for the palace—but there's nothing left. Bobasa cleaned the place out! Joey complains that Bobasa didn't leave them a crumb, but Bobasa just keeps crying. Tristan says Bobasa's done nothing but hold them back, and it's time they lost him. Joey thinks Tristan might have a point, but Yugi wants to stop and think about it. They've already searched the whole palace for the Pharaoh's name.... Tristan agrees, and suggests that they get out of there. Téa tells Bobasa to pull himself together, but he says he can't move a muscle until he eats another morsel. Joey says Bobasa's already eaten all there is to eat. Tristan again urges the others to leave Bobasa behind, but Yugi says they need to help him. Tristan asks what Bobasa has ever done for them, and Yugi points out that he helped them find the Pharaoh. Téa agrees, and says they should go find him some food.

Yugi, Joey, and Téa begin searching for food, while Tristan waits impatiently. Bakura wonders why these fools would drop everything to help that useless oaf. Then Yugi goes out onto a balcony, and calls for the others.

The gang all get together to push and pull Bobasa out into the courtyard, where a bunch of grapes is growing on a tree. Happily, Bobasa leaps for them, then turns to thank Yugi and the others, who are sitting on the ground, exhausted from moving Bobasa. Joey says they've finally found someone who loves food more than he does. Yugi laughs, saying it's hard to believe. (Japanese Bobasa holds up the grapes and says he's hungry. Jounouchi says that's why they found the grapes for him. Yugi and Anzu tell him to go ahead and eat them. Bobasa asks, really? Can he really? Jounouchi tells Bobasa to hurry up and eat them, or he will.)

Bobasa eats the grapes. Yugi asks if he feels better now, and Bobasa abruptly inflates into a big, round balloon. Now that he's full, he says, he can grant their wish. He tells them to get onto his back, and they'll go find the Pharaoh's name. Joey and Téa are a bit reluctant, but Yugi says they have to trust Bobasa—it's their only hope. They all sit on Bobasa's back, and he floats away out of the palace with them.

Yugi asks Bobasa where he's taking them, but all he says is, "This way." Joey thinks a little more specific answer would be nice. (Japanese Bobasa asks if they want to know the Pharaoh's name. They ask if he knows it. He says he doesn't, but he knows where they can find it.)

Tristan smiles to himself. Bakura thinks he's beginning to understand Bobasa's role in the game. He was placed there as a shortcut—feed him, and skip to the prize.

Elsewhere, Bakura's men wait on a cliff overlooking the city. They spot Bobasa, and head off to follow.

Bobasa tells his passengers that they're approaching the Valley of the Kings, and thanks them for flying Air Bobasa. (Japanese Bobasa sings a song about his name. He sings that "Bo" is for Bordeaux wine, "Ba" is for bar and grill... Cut from the US version is this bit where Yugi says that Bobasa seems very happy. Jounouchi wonders, what about "Sa"? What's "Sa" for?)

(Bobasa keeps singing. Then he tells them it's over there.)

Yugi remembers that the Valley of the Kings is where the Pharaoh's tomb is. In the old days, a pharaoh's tomb was built while he was still alive, so the Pharaoh's name must have already been carved on his future tomb.

Bobasa hovers over the ground, and Tristan jumps off, running to the opening of the tomb. He plans to destroy the name before the others can see it.

Yugi thanks Bobasa, who deflates and settles back onto the ground. He thanks Yugi and the others for feeding him those grapes. Since then, he hasn't been hungry at all. Téa realizes that she's no longer hungry, either. Yugi says she's right, but Joey thinks he could use a bite. Yugi says it's been one mystery after another since they got there. Joey adds that Bobasa is the biggest mystery.

Bobasa says he finally knows why he was put there—for them. He tells them that life is like a game, and sometimes helping others is the key to winning it all. Joey wonders what that means, but Bobasa just tells them goodbye, and disappears in a sparkle of gold. (Japanese Bobasa starts singing his song again. When he gets to "Sa," he sings that "Sa" is for "Sayonara." Then he disappears.) Yugi, Joey, and Téa call for him to come back, but he's gone.

Back at the RPG, Bakura laughs, and tells Yami that his friends are doing much better than he ever expected. In fact, they're close to uncovering Yami's ancient name. Yami asks how Bakura knows that—he's been spying on them, hasn't he? Bakura says, of course not. But it doesn't matter—the countdown is on, and the resurrection of Zorc is near.

Bakura says it's time to add another little twist to the game. As the Shadow Magus continues trying to destroy the Pharaoh, who's safe behind Hasan, Bakura says that the sides are uneven, but he's about to change that. He'll use a tactic he learned earlier from Yami. He reminds Yami of when the Pharaoh was drained of energy, but Yugi gave him a boost.

Bakura says that two can play at that game. He's going to bring back a former pawn of his. But first, he'll need to borrow some strength from outside. He calls for Kaiba. As Yami protests, Kaiba finds himself drawn into the stone tablet, where he flies through a vortex and into ancient Egypt. Astonished, Kaiba says that this place seems familiar, but he's not sure why. Bakura looks down on the playing field and laughs, telling Kaiba he'll find out, when Bakura borrows his soul.

A piece of Kaiba's soul flies out of him. Seto, who's fallen under the Shadow Magus' spell again, says he must join his father now. (Japanese Seto, still not under a spell, says he chooses to remain with the Pharaoh.)

Kaiba's energy blasts into the middle of the cavern, stopping the Shadow Magus' attack. A whirlwind of sand forms into Thief Bakura, who stands laughing. It's good to be back in the game again, he says. And it looks like he's just in time to observe the finale, featuring Zorc the Dark One's long-awaited return, and the Pharaoh's farewell performance!

To Be Continued

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