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Episode 213: Village of Vengeance, Part 5 (Countdown to Demon Revival)

Thief Bakura has been returned to the cavern, where he faces the astonished Pharaoh and his guardians. Bakura says they have some catching up to do. Shada protests that they destroyed him, and Shimon says that Bakura regenerated himself. The Pharaoh wonders, but how?

Turning to look at the Shadow Magus, Bakura says that someone couldn't handle the competition, so he had to step in and correct that. The Shadow Magus begins to protest, but Bakura, walking back to join the Shadow Magus on the Millennium Stone, says that the Magus was close to being defeated. Then he tells the Shadow Magus to let him focus on the Pharaoh. The Magus has other things to do—like convincing his son to pledge his allegiance to Zorc the Dark One. (Japanese Bakura tells the Great Priest of Darkness not to be so surprised. The Priest has experienced Zork's power—Bakura was also revived by the power of Zork.)

Shimon tells Seto not to listen to Bakura. Bakura says that when the Age of Shadows is ushered in, a new king will be needed to rule the darkness—someone like Seto. (Japanese Shimon asks, how can Zork be so powerful? Bakura tells the Great Priest of Darkness that he doesn't have time to linger on old hatreds. He has a new mission—Seto.)

Meanwhile, Kisara is running from the palace. She stops in the marketplace and looks around, wondering, where is he? She hears strange laughter, but doesn't see anyone. She calls out to Seto.

Bakura tells Seto he's been chosen to wield a power that rivals that of the Egyptian gods. (Japanese Bakura says that the Great Priest of Darkness' mission is to give Seto the power of the Blue-Eyes.) The Pharaoh asks what Bakura's talking about, and Bakura taunts him that he's feeling threatened by the idea of being replaced by someone more qualified—someone who controls the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. (Japanese Bakura says that Seto and the girl who wields the White Dragon have been bound since childhood. Destiny is cruel.) Seto mutters Kisara's name, and Shada exclaims that he means that young girl! The Pharaoh asks Shada if he knew about this, and Shada explains that recently he and Seto happened upon a peasant girl who held a power like none he'd ever seen. He recalls testing Kisara with the Millennium Key, and says that whoever this girl is, she possesses a powerful gift—or perhaps a powerful curse. Either way, this force mustn't fall into the wrong hands.

Bakura says that the fact remains that Zorc is about to resurrect at any moment, and there's nothing they can do to stop it. Now they must see if Seto is smart enough to join the winning side before the game is over.

Stepping down from the stone and approaching Seto, the Shadow Magus urges Seto to listen to reason. If he sides with the Pharaoh, he'll be throwing away his future. He was born to be a leader. Seto begins to agree, but Hasan tells him not to do this.

Activating his Diadiankh, Bakura tells Hasan he has bigger things to worry about, and he summons Diabound, ordering him to strike down the Pharaoh. Diabound attacks, and Hasan leaps in front of the Pharaoh to protect him. Shada protests that this can't be—Diabound's stone tablet has already been destroyed. Bakura says that now that he has all seven Millennium Items, he no longer needs a tablet to summon Diabound. With the power of the Items coursing through it, Diabound is stronger than ever. (Japanese Bakura says that having all seven Millennium Items together on the stone has weakened the doorway between this world and the underworld, so Diabound can come through.)

The Shadow Magus stands before Seto, and tells him to see his destiny—Seto shall be king. Isis tells Seto not to listen to him. Shada says Isis is right, and reminds Seto that he's one of the seven Sacred Guardians. Doesn't he remember the vow that he took? Shimon says that if Seto accepts the dark power of the Shadows, he'll be making the same mistake his father made. The Pharaoh calls out to Seto to wake up—he's being controlled.

Seto looks up, startled. The Shadow Magus says he's had enough of their meddling. Opening a portal, he throws Seto through, then follows him into it. The Pharaoh tries to go after them, but Diabound blocks his way. He turns to Bakura as the portal disappears, and asks what Bakura's done with Seto. Bakura says, the same thing he's about to do with the Stone—get it out of the Pharaoh's reach. He snaps his fingers, and the Millennium Stone begins to sink down into the floor, taking the Items with it.

Sitting at the RPG table, Yami asks Bakura, now what? Bakura says their game is at a standstill, so they'll wait for Zorc to arrive, so he can win. In the meantime, he's decided to have a little fun with the game pieces. He'll destroy the guardians, one at a time. (Japanese Bakura says that nothing can stop Zork's arrival, but meanwhile he'll let Aknadin realize his dream.)

Diabound spews out a stream of darkness, which descends over the cavern. As the others watch in horror, Thief Bakura says they're going to play a game of hide and seek.

Meanwhile, Kaiba regains consciousness in an alley and gets up, thinking that he just had the strangest dream. Then he steps out of the alley and finds himself in the ancient Egyptian marketplace. He realizes that maybe it wasn't a dream. He remembers being sucked into the stone tablet and finding himself in ancient Egypt, then passing out. He walks through the marketplace, thinking that he got knocked out and woke up in some oddball town that hasn't changed in five thousand years. He's shocked when a couple of kids run down the street and right through him. (The shot of the boys running through Kaiba is obscured in the US version.)

Kaiba continues to make his way down the street, wondering what's happening—it's as if he doesn't exist here.

Then he hears someone calling him "Seto," and sees Kisara running towards him. She stops in front of him, then realizes that he's not Seto, although he looks like him. Kaiba recognizes her as the girl he saw in his vision. He says that she's Kisara. She asks him who he is, and why is he dressed so strangely? But first, he wants to know where they are, and why she is the only one who can see him. Kisara tells him that an evil force is threatening their land, and they must act quickly or everything will be lost. Kaiba asks if she expects him to believe that. She says he can believe what he wants, but the darkness is coming, and she has to warn Seto. She tells Kaiba farewell, and runs on.

Back at the RPG, Yami asks what Bakura did with his friends. Bakura says he bought some time. The surface of the RPG table now appears as a viewscreen, and shows Mana standing in the deserted village, calling out to the others. Then they see Shada and Shimon, wondering where they are, then Isis and Karim. Yami protests that that's cheating, but Bakura says he makes the rules in this game, and this is the part where they wait for Zorc to resurrect and watch his friends squirm. Yami says he won't let Bakura win. Bakura says he already has.

Mana wanders alone through the deserted village, wondering how she got there, and where everyone else is. Then a shadow passes over her, and a building collapses behind her. She hears the growling of some sort of beast.

(This pan along a canyon is cut from the US version.)

Meanwhile, Yugi and the others stand before the entrance to the Pharaoh's tomb. Téa says that, according to Bobasa, the Pharaoh's name is hidden somewhere in there. Joey says, so let's go! Yugi promises the Pharaoh that they won't let him down. The four enter the tomb.

The Pharaoh stands with Hasan, as Mahad joins them, saying he's seen no sign of the others. The Pharaoh says they can't be too far, and Mahad says that separating them must be all part of Bakura's plan to stall for time. The Pharaoh agrees, but thinks that Bakura must be doing more than waiting. He suspects Bakura's planning to weaken their defenses, so that when Zorc arrives, he'll be unstoppable. (Japanese Mahad says that Bakura plans to separate them and kill them one at a time. The Pharaoh agrees, and thinks that, just as he has met the Black Magician, Seto—no, Kaiba—has gained the power of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.)

Then they hear something, and see a shadowy cloud rise over the nearby buildings. Hasan says it's Egypt's most feared predator. Mana, too, is facing a vicious-looking beast, the Skeleton Fiend. (This shot of Mana facing the Skeleton Fiend and waving her staff wildly is cut from the US version.)

Karim regains consciousness and asks Isis where they are, and tells her she must make sure the Pharaoh is all right. She says she won't leave Karim, but he points out that he has barely enough energy to summon a monster. He's of no use to her, and it's her duty to protect the king. She turns to see a monster, Giant Axe Mummy, standing behind them. Thief Bakura stands atop one of the buildings and laughs, as he sends a swarm of locusts to attack the Pharaoh. Mahad tries to stop them, but there are too many of them. Hasan throws his cloak around the Pharaoh to protect him, as Mahad continues to fight the swarm.

At the RPG, Bakura tells Yami that one by one, his game pieces are being crushed. (Japanese Bakura says he doesn't think they can defeat the insects with their strength. Cut from the US version is this sequence, showing Yami glaring at Bakura, then a long shot of the game table as Bakura says that he's borrowed a bit of Kaiba's soul, so he's strong, and asks what the Pharaoh is going to do.)

Yami thinks that he's running out of time. As Bakura's hourglass counts down to the destruction of Egypt, the Pharaoh's guardians are growing weaker. Before long, Bakura will have succeeded in rewriting history.

Bakura says, if only Yami knew a little more about his past, he might remember how he beat Bakura the first time. But he erased his memory, giving Bakura the chance to destroy him. (Japanese Bakura reminds Yami that if a non-player character dies in the game, that person is gone forever. They can't be revived, as Bakura was.) Yami can only watch helplessly as the Skeleton Fiend attacks Mana. Mana summons Dark Magician Girl to help her, but Bakura says she's just wasting her time. The guardians are even more pathetic now that they've been separated from each other. The only question is, who will lose their souls first? (Japanese Bakura asks Yami what he's going to do now. Go back into the cavern for the stone, and leave these useless bugs to die? Or chase after Seto and the Great Priest of Darkness? He tells Yami he likes the look on his face, and laughs.)

A lizard monster attacks Shada, who summons Two-Headed Jackal Warrior to defend him. The monster is destroyed. (The shot of the lizard monster being cut in half is obscured in the US version.)

Shimon tells Shada, well done. But Shada fears they're not the only ones under attack. Shimon agrees, and suggests they go find the Pharaoh.

Bakura laughs, saying that Yami's pawns don't know when to quit. Yami says they're friends, not pawns. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Bakura saying that the characters are just pieces in the game. They use them, then when they no longer need them, they throw them away. Yami slams his fists on the table and says that's not true, they're his friends.)

Bakura says Yami doesn't remember the first thing about these people, but somehow he still calls them friends. He advises Yami to let them go. (Japanese Bakura tells Yami that these people only live in the game. The real people are gone, like Yami's memories, buried in the dust. Cut from the US version is this shot of Yami across the game table, saying that he has lost the memories of them from the past.)

Yami says Bakura wouldn't understand—he's never had a friend in his life. Even though he doesn't remember them, there's a bond between them that's lasted five thousand years.

The Giant Axe Mummy destroys Isis' Spiria, and Isis falls to the ground, where she can only wait helplessly while the Axe Mummy approaches her. But just as the Giant Axe Mummy is about to strike, Two-Headed Jackal Warrior attacks it. Shada and Shimon run to join Isis and Karim, who's resting in a ruined stable. But Karim asks, who's guarding the Pharaoh? Shada says they'll find him. Karim asks Shada to take what's left of his power. Isis protests, but Karim says that, before he enters the Shadow Realm, he wants the Pharaoh to have his strength. Shada agrees, and the two grasp hands, and Shada's life counter fills as Karim's strength flows into him. Two-Headed Jackal Warrior's strength also increases, and it destroys the Giant Axe Mummy. (The shot of the Giant Axe Mummy being split down the middle is obscured in the US version.)

Then, the Pharaoh comes running to join them, along with Mana, Dark Magician, and Hasan. Karim tells the Pharaoh he knows he'll defeat Bakura, and the darkness will be no more. (Japanese Karim tells the Pharaoh to stop Seto, and not let him join Aknadin.) The Pharaoh agrees, and says that then Karim will return. Karim wishes them luck, and says farewell. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Karim reaches out a trembling hand toward Isis, but before she can take his hand in hers, it falls to the ground.)

(A glow is added around Karim's body in the US version. In the Japanese, he's not going to the Shadow Realm, he just dies.)

Isis takes him in her arms, crying, and the Pharaoh gets to his feet, saying he's seen enough. The Pharaoh runs from the stable and leaps onto his horse, saying it's time to end this madness. He tells Hasan to stay here and protect the others while he goes to find Seto. He won't allow another friend to fall to the Shadows. (Japanese Pharaoh says he won't let anyone else die.) Hasan agrees, and the Pharaoh rides away.

Inside the Pharaoh's tomb, Téa runs her hand over the wall, telling the others to check it out—they can't pass through walls there. Yugi says he's not surprised. From what his Grandpa told him, the Pharaoh's tomb is pretty well protected. Joey asks if Grandpa was there, and Téa asks if he said what was inside. Joey says there's only one way to find out, and runs ahead. Yugi calls out to him to wait, just as Joey reaches the stone serpents that spit metal needles at unwary travelers. Joey stops short as the needles hit the floor in front of his feet. Yugi tells him that this place is loaded with traps to keep out intruders. Joey protests that Yugi could have told him sooner.

Tristan asks if Grandpa mentioned how they were supposed to get through. Yugi says, yup. He just hopes he can remember everything.

First, they enter the room with the maze, protected by statues of warriors with swords. Yugi explains that anyone who enters needs to show respect. He points out that the statues all have their left foot forward as a sign of respect, and leads them onto the maze.

Presently, they enter the final room. Joey asks what happens next, and Yugi says that each of the stone tablets on the bridge has a monster inside. If the monsters sense fear, they'll attack. Joey wonders if Gramps mentioned a short cut. Determinedly, Yugi steps onto the bridge, saying that with the fate of the world depending on them, he doesn't have time to be scared. (Japanese Yugi says that the name of his other self is here. If he can help "the other me," he won't be afraid.) Joey says they're right behind him, and he and the others follow Yugi across the stone bridge.

On the other side, Yugi stands before the stone altar, and says that this must be where Grandpa found the Millennium Puzzle. But there's nothing there now. Téa suggests that the writing on the wall might have some clues, but Joey says the Egyptian is all Greek to him. Now what? Yugi isn't sure. Maybe there's another room that even Grandpa couldn't find. Joey says, good luck finding it, and leans on a pillar—activating a secret entrance to a room behind the room. They found it!

Possessed Tristan smiles to himself, thinking that these fools will never see what's inside!

To Be Continued

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