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Episode 220: The Final Journey (The Final Test)

Yugi, Joey, Téa, Tristan, and Kaiba lie on the ground of the cavern before the stone tablet. One by one, they slowly wake up. Kaiba turns to see the others standing over him, and says, they're back. Téa says she guesses it's over, and the tablet returned them all to the present. Yugi hopes so. Téa asks if he's worried about Atem, and Joey wonders if Atem is still stuck in the ancient past. Yugi holds up the Puzzle and asks the Pharaoh if he's there.

The Puzzle glows, and the Pharaoh takes over, saying he's right where he belongs. The others agree, and Téa tells him he did it. Atem says they all did it together, and now the darkness unleashed by the Shadow Games so long ago is finally over. (Japanese Atem thanks them, and says that if they hadn't come with him, he might not have been able to win the Dark Game.) Joey puts his hands on Atem's shoulders and says, it only took him five thousand years! He was glad he was there to help. Tristan says he is, too. A guy could get used to this saving the world thing. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Atem why he's talking like that. They'll always be together. Honda says, yes, they're all best friends.) Joey wants to know how getting possessed by an evil spirit was helping. Tristan has no comment. Joey asks if that's because Tristan nearly destroyed the world as they know it, but Téa says it's not like Joey was never possessed before.

As his friends argue, Atem thinks, he's really going to miss them. (Japanese Atem thinks, three thousand years ago, he had his circle of priests. Now he has these friends.) Yugi appears in spirit form, says, "Pharaoh," then corrects himself to say "Atem." He promises that one day, he'll get used to that name. It's hard to believe that after all these years, Atem has his memory back. Atem says it's thanks to Yugi. (Japanese Yugi says, "Atem," then asks if it's all right to call him "Mou hitori no boku" ["the other me"], since they're still sharing the same body. Atem calls Yugi "Aibou" ["Partner"], and says yes.) Meanwhile, Téa has been reminding Joey of when he chained Yugi to an anchor and threatened to take over the world. Joey has no comment. (Japanese Jounouchi says it's great that the Pharaoh came back safely. Téa agrees.)

Kaiba still holds the Millennium Eye in his hand. (Japanese Kaiba thinks it wasn't a dream.) He gets Atem's attention and throws it to him, saying he'll be needing it. As Kaiba walks away, Joey asks where he got his hands on it—you don't just chuck a Millennium Item at someone and walk away! Joey runs after Kaiba, but just as they both reach the bottom of the stairs, they stop at the sight of Bakura coming down the steps towards them. Joey says, it's you! and everyone gathers around, when Bakura looks around, confused, and asks where they are.

Everyone's eyes widen. Wait a second, says Joey. He has a hunch this is the good Bakura. Bakura says that the last thing he remembers is hearing a strange voice, and then... he sways and falls forward into Joey's arms. Atem asks what's wrong, and Bakura moans that he needs food, then passes out. Joey says he's hungry, too, but you don't see him passing out. Tristan helps Joey hold Bakura up and agrees they could all use a bite—after all, it has been five thousand years.

Joey notices that Bakura's wearing the Millennium Ring, and lifts it from around Bakura's neck to hand it to Atem. Atem takes it, thinking that now that Zorc has vanished, so has the evil spirit of the Ring. Bakura is finally free.

Joey and Tristan carry Bakura up the steps, and Téa follows to help. Atem remains in the cavern with Kaiba, and notices two more Millennium Items lying on the floor—the Key and the Scale. He goes to pick them up, and thinks that Shadi's Items will finally be laid to rest. He thanks Shadi, then goes to stand before the stone tablet. According to the inscription on this tablet, he thinks, Seto went on to be a great Pharaoh in his own right. He kept Aknamkanon's dream alive by maintaining peace in Egypt. (Japanese Atem thinks that the Memory World was different from the real world. When he was sealed inside the Puzzle, Seto protected Egypt as Pharaoh, and wrote everything on this stone tablet. Cut from the US version is this shot of the Pharaoh looking at the stone tablet.)


Knowing this, the Pharaoh thinks, his spirit can finally enter its resting place.

Yugi's spirit appears beside Atem, asking what he means. Atem says he thinks Yugi knows. (Japanese Yugi says, "Mou hitori no boku," and Atem says, "Aibou, let's go.")

(Cut from the US version is this sequence showing the Pharaoh turning away from the stone tablet and walking towards the stairway.)

Atem Atem

(When the Pharaoh reaches Kaiba, he says Kaiba's name, and Kaiba heads out with him.)

Atem and Kaiba Kaiba and Atem

Outside the cavern, Ishizu asks Atem if he was able to recover his lost memories, and Atem says yes. Marik says that, after five thousand years, their family's task is finally complete. Ishizu agrees, and adds that the seven Millennium Items are gathered together at last.

Atem says that now he must seal them away forever, so that he can enter the spirit world. Upset, Téa asks if he's leaving them. Atem says that this is the final task of his mission. Sadly, she says she guesses she always knew—he came back after all these years so he could regain his memories and save the world, and now that he's done that, he can finally rest.

Marik and Ishizu nod to each other. Ishizu tells the Pharaoh that she and Marik can lead him to the final resting place of the seven Millennium Items. He asks if she means the Millennium Stone. Ishizu nods, and says that the inscription above the Stone reads as follows: "To the spirit world thou may proceed, but first thou must complete this deed. Return the Items from whence they came, and speak aloud the Pharaoh's name." (Cut from the US version is this bit where Anzu says, "The Pharaoh's name?" and Jounouchi says, "Atem...." Ishizu says, his name is Atem? The Pharaoh nods.)

Atem Ishizu


She asks if he's ready for the final task, and Atem says yes, then switches places with Yugi. Ishizu says she'll guide him to the shrine of the spirit world. (Japanese Ishizu says that now all the conditions are met. She asks if the Pharaoh hasn't changed his mind, and he says he hasn't. Ishizu says she'll guide him to the underworld.)

Presently, they arrive at the docks of a seaport. Joey wonders if they couldn't just fly to this shrine on a plane, but Ishizu says the sanctuary can only be reached by boat. Tristan tells Joey they don't want to rush this. It's the last trip they'll ever take with the Pharaoh. Joey asks, since when is Tristan so sappy. Tristan gestures towards Téa, who's looking sad about the Pharaoh leaving. Joey puts on a jolly face and says he loves boats.

Ishizu tells them that long ago, boats were believed to be the only vessels able to transport spirits to the world beyond. The ancient Egyptians believed that this spirit world existed in the west, where the sun sets. And so, the Pharaoh's court ordered the sanctuary built on an island west of Egypt.

Grandpa's voice is heard, calling out, Ahoy there, maties! Yugi and the others turn to see Grandpa standing on the gangway of a ship, with Mokuba and Duke Devlin right behind him. Grandpa tells them to climb aboard. Grinning, Yugi takes off towards Grandpa, with Joey, Tristan, and Téa right behind him. Mokuba runs past them and leaps onto his brother, flinging his arms around Kaiba's neck.

Meanwhile, Duke tells Yugi that they've been bored out of their minds waiting for him. Yugi says he didn't know they were coming. Grandpa says that ever since Yugi left for Egypt, there's been a voice inside his head asking how he could miss such a momentous event in his grandson's life! Duke adds that, with Grandpa hearing voices in his head, he thought he should come along, too. (Japanese Otogi says that when he got back to Japan, he went to see Yugi. Grandpa told him Yugi was in Egypt, so he decided to come, too.) And when they got there, they ran into Mokuba at the airport.

Mokuba slides to the ground, still hanging onto Kaiba's waist, and says that his brother left without telling anyone, so he and Roland tracked him down. Kaiba says he didn't know he had to report every move he made to his little brother. (Japanese Kaiba says he's sorry, but he had to check something out.) Grinning up at him, Mokuba says Kaiba had better not do it again, or he'll take over Kaiba Corp and make Kaiba work for him. (Japanese Mokuba says he was so worried. After they arrived in Egypt, they couldn't contact him.)

Joey asks Duke if he really came all this way just to keep Gramps company. Duke says it's not like anyone invited him, so he invited himself. After everything they've been through, he says it would have been nice to get a phone call. Yugi apologizes, saying he had a lot going on. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Duke telling them that he wanted to bring everyone, but it was so sudden. Yugi asks, everyone? and Duke says, well, everyone who knows Yugi.)


Duke says Grandpa filled him in on the flight over, so he understands. And while they were waiting for Yugi to show up, Duke took the liberty of explaining to everyone else Yugi forgot to call.

Far away in his office at the top of the Industrial Illusions building, Pegasus stands looking out the window. Yugi-boy has finally done it, he says. Everything Pegasus spent his life creating has been leading up to this—from the moment he received the Millennium Eye, from the moment he recreated the ancient Shadow Games in the form of Duel Monsters. It was fate's hand guiding him to set the stage for the Pharaoh's final journey home. But he wasn't the only one led by fate. Every person the Pharaoh encountered along the way was destined to play a role in his journey—and he's willing to bet most of them didn't even know it. (Japanese Pegasus says that for Yugi the moment has arrived... maybe it was fate. Pegasus received the Millennium Eye in Egypt, and used the stone tablets as a guide to create the game of Duel Monsters. Maybe everything was designed for this day, and he created a path of destiny. He doesn't say anything more after this. The following scenes of Yugi's friends have no narration in the Japanese.)

As Pegasus continues, we see Mai sitting in her car parked along a canal, and Rebecca standing in front of her trailer as her grandfather walks up beside her and puts his hands on her shoulders. Pegasus says that each individual, no matter how utterly clueless, was a necessary piece needed to complete the puzzle of the Pharaoh's life. Rex and Weevil walk together through a city, amid broken glass and rubble from the recent battle with Zorc. Weird fisherman duelists, Pegasus says, as Mako emerges from the water along a rocky shoreline with a fish on his spear, or annoying mousy little girls. Joey's sister, Serenity, pauses as she walks along a sidewalk.

All of these people have one thing in common, Pegasus says. Each one is connected by a young man named "Yugi-boy." Alister stands on the ruin of a factory, while Varon stops his motorcycle on a paved path at the side of the ocean, and Rafael stands before the Arc de Triomphe. They, like all the others, pause to look up into the sky.

Vivian Wong looks up while eating a bowl of noodles, and Leon stands on the balcony of his castle home, as Pegasus says, not only did these individuals help Yugi, but in turn, Yugi touched each of their lives, as well.

Meanwhile, the ship carrying Yugi and the others heads off into the sunset. Yugi and his friends stand at the railing, and Yugi thanks everyone for being there. Téa says, of course! while Kaiba grumbles, enough, already. (Japanese Yugi says it's beautiful, but he feels lonely. Anzu says, "Yugi.") Joey, who's leaning on the railing, a melancholy look on his face, turns to Kaiba and asks what he's still hanging around for anyway. Mokuba says they have their reasons, then, in an aside, asks his brother what their reasons are again. Kaiba just leans against the bulkhead, looking humorless.

Yugi also turns to Kaiba and asks why he came. Ishizu says that, although he'd never admit it, Kaiba is here for the same reason they're all here—to witness the Pharaoh's final rite of passage. Joey says, so Kaiba does believe! (Japanese Ishizu says that as one whose fate is influenced by the gods, Kaiba should witness this event with his own eyes. Jounouchi says, fate?)

Marik tells Yugi that before they go any further, there's something else he should know. There's another ancient passage inscribed above the Millennium Stone, which mentions a battle ritual. Yugi exclaims, a battle? (This is where the commercial break comes in the Japanese version. This shot of the ship is cut from the US version, followed by Yugi repeating, a ceremonial battle?)

Ship Yugi

(Then Marik says he hopes the Pharaoh can hear him, and Atem appears in spirit form beside Yugi. Marik continues telling Yugi about the ceremony.)

Yami and Yugi Marik

In order for the Pharaoh to enter the spirit world, he must first face off against a worthy opponent in battle—and lose. Joey asks what kind of battle Marik means. Marik explains that in ancient times, this referred to a battle with swords, but today we duel one another with cards. (Japanese Marik says that the spirit cannot rest unless he puts down his sword. Jounouchi asks what he means. Marik says that for a duelist, cards are his battle weapons—his sword.) Yugi, with the Pharaoh standing beside him in spirit form, exclaims, a duel! Atem says, exactly. He must lose in a game of Duel Monsters. (Japanese Yugi says, cards? Atem says to put down his sword means to lose a duel.)

Yugi tells Marik that he doesn't get what the challenge is in losing a duel. Duke points out that winning is easy for the Pharaoh, but being able to accept defeat is probably the greatest test of his character there is. (Japanese Yugi exclaims that someone must defeat the Pharaoh in a duel! Otogi says he sees—if anyone can put an end to Atem's life of battle, his soul will be released.) Téa thinks Duke may have a point. But where will they find a duelist who's good enough to beat the Pharaoh?

Later, at night, the gang is still standing by the railing. Joey tells Yugi that this really takes him back. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday they were all on a boat like this headed for Duelist Kingdom? Yugi agrees. Joey says he's come a long way since then, and, given a chance, he could kick the Pharaoh's butt! Yugi and the others are all surprised, as Joey says he'd like a shot against the Pharaoh. (Japanese Jounouchi says his greatest wish is that Yugi throw the Millennium Items into the river. Everyone is shocked, and Jounouchi says he's just joking. Then he says he'll duel Atem.) Yugi says it's too risky, and Téa says he'll lose. Duke agrees there's no chance. (Japanese Yugi, Anzu and Otogi all say, Jounouchi!) Joey isn't happy about the lack of support, but says someone's got to beat the Pharaoh, so why not him?

Just then, Kaiba comes out onto the deck, and tells Joey he's a joke. He walks up to Yugi, Mokuba following behind him with his briefcase, and says he's been waiting for this moment for years. He challenges Yugi to the ultimate duel! (Japanese Kaiba says if this is his final duel, he'll repay all that he owes Yugi. He'll see Yugi off.)

Yugi just stands there, looking troubled, and asks if Kaiba's sure. Joey jumps in front of Yugi, telling Kaiba he was in line first. Kaiba pushes Joey out of the way, and says he doesn't believe in all this ancient Egyptian nonsense, and he never did, but he deserves a shot against Yugi. (Japanese Kaiba says he'll fight the other Yugi, and he'll win this time.) Yugi frowns, and says Kaiba means the Pharaoh. Then he says it does make sense—after all, Kaiba and the Pharaoh have had a rivalry going on ever since the Pharaoh showed up in this world. Kaiba says, then let's do this.

But Yugi says no. He's already decided he's going to duel the Pharaoh. Kaiba and the others all react in shock, and Joey says he doesn't think Yugi can. Yugi says that this duel will be a test for him, too. (Japanese Jounouchi exclaims, Yugi! Yugi says no matter what, he won't let him win.) Joey leans down and puts a hand on Yugi's shoulder, telling him he can't play a duel against himself. Yugi says he doesn't plan to. (Japanese Jounouchi says, he sees, Yugi's made up his mind. Yugi says, "Jounouchi-kun.")

Angrily, Kaiba grabs Yugi by the collar and lifts him up, saying he's not going to stand there and watch Yugi give a title shot to his imaginary friend. (Japanese Kaiba tells Yugi he can't beat the other Yugi.) Joey tells Kaiba to drop him, while Yugi says this is something he knows he needs to do. And deep down, Kaiba knows it, too. (Japanese Yugi says this is something he must do.)

Kaiba lets go of Yugi, who grabs his throat and coughs, while Joey hovers over him. Kaiba turns to Mokuba, who nods, and releases the catch on the briefcase, revealing hundreds of Duel Monsters cards. Kaiba says he doesn't know what kind of stunt Yugi is pulling, but if he's going to be dueling, he may as well build himself a real deck.

Yugi says that's a pretty impressive collection, but he won't be needing it. He'll be sticking with his usual deck. The Pharaoh and he built it together, so it's only fitting he use it. Joey says it makes sense. If you want to lose, Kaiba sneers, then turns and walks away, muttering about a waste of time. Mokuba closes up the briefcase and runs after him. Yugi tells Kaiba to enjoy the cruise.

Later, Téa knocks on the door of the stateroom where Yugi is sitting at a table, going through his cards. He invites her in and asks her what's up. She says that, as the self-appointed cruise director, she thought she'd tell him that they arrive tomorrow. She sees the cards on the table, and says she sees he's getting ready for his duel against the Pharaoh. He says yes, it's like his final gift to the Pharaoh before the Pharaoh leaves them forever. Téa shouts that she gets it! then, guiltily, admits that she guesses she doesn't want to see him go. (Japanese Anzu asks Yugi what the other Yugi says about it.) Yugi doesn't either, but he says it's time for the Pharaoh to move on. Besides, if he wins, that means he's ready to separate from the Pharaoh, too. (Japanese Yugi says he doesn't know, the other Yugi is hiding somewhere inside his mind. He won't come back until Yugi has finished making his deck.) Téa thinks that Yugi's right, but that doesn't make it any easier.

Yugi asks if she's okay, and Téa puts on a smile and says everything's great, then quickly says she'll see him tomorrow and leaves. Yugi holds the Millennium Puzzle, and tells the Pharaoh he has a feeling she wanted to say goodbye to him. (Japanese Yugi says to Anzu that he knows she was here to see his other self.) He's sorry.

Leaning against the door, Téa thinks that she knows this is what's best for the Pharaoh. He doesn't belong in this world, and now that he has his memory back, he can finally be free. But, secretly, she keeps hoping Yugi will lose so that the Pharaoh has to stay. (Japanese Anzu thinks, the Pharaoh has a place he must return to. She knows she can't keep him.) Tears stream down her face.

In his stateroom, Yugi continues to go through his cards. Before he solved the Millennium Puzzle, he thinks, he was a completely different person. Timid, shy, lonely. (Japanese Yugi thinks that his Grandpa gave him the Puzzle, and he spent eight years trying to put it together.) He remembers putting the last piece of the Puzzle into place, and releasing the Pharaoh's spirit. Ever since that day, when he and the Pharaoh joined together, he's been strong and confident. If he wins the duel tomorrow, he'll prove that he's ready to face the world on his own. All he has to do is remember everything the Pharaoh taught him, and he can do this! (Japanese Yugi thinks that ever since that day, he and the Pharaoh have been together. With him, Yugi was able to be more confident. Yugi thinks he's gotten stronger. So, for the Pharaoh's sake, he'll do his best.)

Joey is still outside at the railing, alone. Tristan and Duke join him, saying they've been looking all over for him. Duke wonders if Joey's still down in the dumps about not getting to duel the Pharaoh, and tells him to let it go. (Japanese Honda asks Jounouchi if he can accept this, and Otogi says this would be Jounouchi's last chance to duel the other Yugi.) Joey says that being on this boat has made him do a lot of thinking about the last few years. A lot has changed since he met the Pharaoh, who taught him that, even if the odds are against you, you have to keep fighting and never give up, no matter what. But there's someone whose life he changed even more. (Japanese Jounouchi says he's too weak. Even a kid can beat him. But he's never given up. When he dueled the other Yugi, he started to become powerful. The other Yugi became his goal.)

Joining Joey at the railing, Tristan agrees—Yugi's. Joey says that's why Yugi needs to be the one to duel the Pharaoh, to see if he's finally ready to be on his own. Tristan says Joey's a lot smarter than he looks. Joey wonders what that's supposed to mean. (Japanese Jounouchi says he wants the other Yugi to realize his goal. Only Yugi is capable of being his opponent. Honda and Otogi say Jounouchi is right. This shot of Otogi speaking is cut from the US version, and the shot of Honda talking is repeated to fit the changed dialog.)


In his own stateroom, Kaiba sits staring out the window with his arms crossed. So, let's say this Pharaoh does exist, he thinks, and he's the reason Yugi's been winning duels all these years. Then how on earth is a twerp like Yugi going to defeat the true King of Games? (Japanese Kaiba thinks that this will be a duel of the gods. He wonders what Yugi will do. Will he battle the gods to defeat the other Yugi?)

Bakura, meanwhile, is in his stateroom, cheerfully chowing down on a tableful of food. Grandpa lies in bed, and Ishizu turns in her own bed. Odion sits looking out the window, and Marik lies in bed staring at the ceiling.

(Cut from the US version is this bit showing Yugi sitting at the table looking at his deck, as he thinks that he's always worked on decks together with his other self before. But this deck was made by himself with the cards they chose together.)

Yugi Deck

(It's now night time, as the ship continues on past the buildings on the shore.)

Ship Shore

(Yugi sets the deck down on the table, saying, all right!)


With a big smile, Yugi draws the Puzzle box towards him and places his deck in it. That was harder than he thought, he says, then leans back in his chair with a big sigh. The Pharaoh appears beside him in spirit form, asking if it's safe to come out now. Has Yugi chosen his cards? Yugi says yes, his deck's complete. Is that why he hasn't heard from the Pharaoh in the past few hours? The Pharaoh says yes. He traveled to a distant corner of Yugi's mind to give him some privacy. It's only fair—the cards in his opponent's deck should be a mystery. (Japanese Atem thanks Yugi for taking his challenge.) Yugi nods, and says he's not planning on going easy on the Pharaoh in tomorrow's duel. (Japanese Yugi says he'll do his best.) The Pharaoh says, good. Yugi adds that he's gotten to know the Pharaoh's strategies pretty well. When you share a mind with someone as long as they have, you learn a think or two about how the other one thinks.

Yugi says it's time for the Pharaoh to pick his deck, and he promises he won't peek. Yugi holds the Millennium Puzzle and switches with the Pharaoh. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Yugi, as he thinks that, in fact, he doesn't want to fight this duel. But if his other self isn't defeated, he can't be released from Yugi's soul.)


Inside the Pharaoh's mind, Yugi thinks that this is by far the toughest duel of his life. Not just because the Pharaoh is such a great duelist, but because winning this duel means losing his closest friend. (Japanese Yugi thinks that beating the Pharaoh is his mission. There's very little time left. He'd like to talk to his other self, but a decisive duelist knows when to be silent.)

The Pharaoh sits at the table, looking at his cards. He thinks that he feels as though every opponent he's ever faced was preparing him for this moment—the moment that will decide the fate of his spirit. If he wins, he remains here, sealed within the Millennium Puzzle. But if he loses, he's free to enter the spirit world where he belongs. (Japanese Atem thinks that he has fought many enemies, but this is his toughest one. The Ceremonial Battle... his partner has accepted his destined combat.) He looks at the Puzzle box, and thinks that within it lies Yugi's deck, chosen from a collection they created together, but built completely on his own. And now it's his turn to do the same.

Dawn lightens the sky, and the ship sails into port. The Pharaoh thinks, it is now complete. He has succeeded in building his strongest deck ever. Now the time has come to put it to the test. He thinks, "Yugi, it's time to duel!"

The ship docks, and the Pharaoh steps out onto the gangway, surprised to see everyone else already on the dock waiting for him. Worriedly, Téa tells him good luck, and Joey says, let's get this duel on the road!

The Pharaoh says, let's go, and starts down the gangway.

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