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Episode 221: The Final Duel, Part 1 (The Destined Final Duel)

Ishizu leads Yugi and his friends through the desert to a trap door leading down to the Shrine of the Millennium Stone. As they walk down the steps to the underground cavern, Tristan says this duel is going to be awesome! Joey agrees that Yugi versus the Pharaoh is as good as it gets, while Téa looks unhappy. (There's no dialog here in the Japanese.) She stops when they reach a landing, and Tristan stops beside her, asking her what's up. Joey asks if she has to use the little girls' room, but she says, not quite. (Japanese Jounouchi says, "Anzu.") She was just wondering why they had to rush into this so soon. This could be their final chance to hang out with the Pharaoh before he leaves them for good.

Tristan says, that's right. He was so pumped up for the duel, he forgot it might be the Pharaoh's last one. (Japanese Honda asks Anzu what she's talking about. He'll miss Yugi, too.) Yugi agrees, and looks down sadly. Ishizu says she knows how difficult this must be, but Yugi and the Pharaoh must carry out the battle ritual as quickly as possible. If too much time passes, their window of opportunity will close. (Japanese Ishizu says that the battle ritual requires two duelists at the peak of their strength. Cut from the US version is this bit where Ishizu goes on to say that now, just after Zork has been defeated, is the best time. If they miss their chance, the Pharaoh's spirit will wander in the present time forever. Is that what Anzu wants?)

Ishizu and Yugi

Yugi tells Téa that they all know how she feels, but this is what's best for the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh doesn't belong in their world, and now he finally has the chance to go home. (Japanese Yugi says he feels bad, too, but this battle is necessary. His other self has decided.)

Téa says he's right, so let's do this. Joey tells Téa she's one of the bravest people he ever met. He knows this is tough for her, and he just wants to say he's proud. (Japanese Jounouchi says he knows Anzu knows what's right. She just blurted out what she was feeling. Cut from the US version is this group shot, as Tristan says they all feel the same way. Anzu was just the one who said it.)


Kaiba says if these dorks start holding each other's hands, he's out of there. He didn't come to listen to their lame friendship speeches. Joey says maybe if Kaiba had some friends, he wouldn't feel that way. (Japanese Kaiba says that as long as he's there, no way will this battle be cancelled or postponed. Angrily, Jounouchi tells Kaiba he wasn't invited.) Yugi watches, smiling, as Tristan tells Joey that was harsh, but Joey says Kaiba deserved it. (Honda and Jounouchi don't say anything more here in the Japanese.) Yugi says, let's go.

They continue down the steps, until they finally reach the cavern where the Millennium Stone lies, before a doorway carved with the Eye of Wdjat. Yugi says, that's it! The resting place of the seven Millennium Items! Ishizu walks up to the Stone, and Yugi follows, kneeling before the Stone with his bag containing the Items. Ishizu kneels beside him, crossing her arms over her chest, and says that before the ritual can begin, the Items must be returned to the Stone from whence they came. (Cut from the US version is this shot where Ishizu continues, saying that Yugi must then speak the Pharaoh's name to open the door to the underworld, and release the Pharaoh's soul.)

Yugi and Ishizu

The Eye of Wdjat will then peer into Yugi's soul, thus unraveling the Pharaoh's spirit from Yugi's. (Japanese Ishizu says that the Eye will see the truth. It will stare at the one who took the Pharaoh's sword and defeated him.)

She stands, telling Yugi that if he accepts the terms of the ritual, he must place the seven Millennium Items within the stone. Yugi nods, and takes the Items to the Stone, and begins laying them in their places. First, the Millennium Eye goes into the figure's forehead, then the Key and the Scale on its chest. Marik watches as Yugi places the Rod in the figure's hand, and Ishizu sees the Necklace placed over the figure's forehead. Joey glances at Bakura as Yugi puts the Ring into its place, carefully arranging all the points into their slots. Finally, he takes the Millennium Puzzle in his hands, as Grandpa thinks that all this began the day Yugi solved that Puzzle, and it will end the moment he returns it.

Yugi himself remembers putting the Puzzle together, and making a wish on it. His wish did come true, he thinks, the day he met his friends. He turns to look at them all, standing below the Stone. And thanks to the Pharaoh, he's ready to give it back. (Japanese Yugi thanks the Millennium Puzzle.) He takes the Puzzle from around his neck, and places it within the Stone.

The Items all begin to glow, and waves of light flash around the Stone as Yugi stands before it. Then a light shines from the Eye of Wdjat onto Yugi.

Joey says he supposes that's supposed to happen, and Ishizu explains that the Eye is gazing deep within, searching for the spirit that dwells in Yugi's mind. Yugi raises his arm, activating his Duel Disk, as Ishizu says that once they're separated, the ultimate duel can begin!

Tristan wonders what the deal is, as Yugi's shadow separates, showing two distinct figures on the floor. Ishizu says that the true nature of Yugi's spirit has been revealed. Then Yugi splits in two, and Joey says he's seeing double! No, Grandpa says, it's the Pharaoh. Mokuba says, no way! and Téa murmurs, Atem.

Yugi and the Pharaoh glance at each other, then turn and walk to opposite sides of the cavern. Tristan shouts for Yugi to go get 'em—then adds, the Pharaoh, too. Mokuba wonders which one they're supposed to root for. Téa thinks that if the Pharaoh wins, he can stay, and they won't have to say goodbye. But Joey says they've got to root for Yugi. (Japanese Jounouchi says he stands for Yugi.) It's the only way to set the Pharaoh's spirit free. Sadly, Téa realizes that Joey's right. She should want what's best for the Pharaoh, and that's for his spirit to move on. She has to be strong.

Marik says it's time. Ishizu says that the battle to determine their destinies will now begin.

Yugi and the Pharaoh reach the far sides of the cavern and stop. The Pharaoh thinks that this is the first time he's ever hoped for his opponent's victory. But in order for this duel to truly test their readiness to separate, he must fight with all their strength. (Japanese Atem mentally thanks Yugi for accepting the battle. He really appreciates it. But, as a duelist, he will do his best to win, for his pride as a duelist.)

As Yugi turns towards the Pharaoh, he thinks, now that the Pharaoh has left the Millennium Puzzle, he can no longer hear the Pharaoh's thoughts, but somehow he still knows what the Pharaoh's thinking, and he feels the same way. Yugi kneels down to open the Millennium Puzzle box and take out his deck, thinking that if the Pharaoh has taught him anything, it's to put his heart into his deck and duel with everything he's got. And that's exactly what he's going to do. (Japanese Yugi thinks that if he isn't strong enough, his other self won't be released from his heart. Therefore, he must win!)

On the sidelines, Kaiba says they're about to find out who the true King of Games is. Everyone watches in tense anticipation as the two Yugis face off. The Pharaoh asks if Yugi's ready for this, and Yugi says that's what they're there to find out. They each draw their first five cards and the duel begins.

The Pharaoh starts by discarding one card from his hand to summon The Tricky (2000 ATK). Then he sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Yugi thinks that the Pharaoh's monster might have 2000 points, but he knows how to stop it. He draws, and activates Swords of Revealing Light. Joey says, now that monster can't attack for three turns. Then, Yugi summons Green Gadget (1400 ATK) in attack mode, which activates its special effect, allowing him to move Red Gadget from his deck to his hand. He sets one card face down and ends his turn. (Cut from the US version is this long shot of the duel, as Otogi, I think, says that this is great! He thought Atem would have the advantage with his high-attack monster, but Yugi is controlling the pace. Next is this shot of Kaiba wondering when the god cards will come out. If Atem is serious, he'll attack without mercy.)

Duel Kaiba

The Pharaoh draws, thinking that he may not be able to attack Yugi with his monster, but he can attack him with his own. He activates the magic card, Rebellion. This allows him to select a monster on Yugi's side of the field and force it to attack Yugi directly. He chooses Green Gadget.

Yugi activates his trap card, Stronghold the Moving Fortress, which becomes a monster with 2000 defense points. Yugi says his life points are safe. Green Gadget is blocked, but the Pharaoh says Yugi's life points aren't as safe as he thinks. Yugi loses 600 life points from the attack, bringing his life points down to 3400. Joey says, that's right—Green Gadget is Yugi's monster. Bakura says he's never seen a duel as evenly matched as this one. Joey asks what he expects—these guys shared a brain for years. (Japanese Bakura points out that Yugi buffered the attack to take the least damage possible. Jounouchi doesn't have any further dialog after that.)

The Pharaoh thinks that they never had these cards in their deck before. He wonders what other surprises Yugi has in store. Yugi thinks that, with this new deck he's assembled, the Pharaoh will never figure out his strategy. The Pharaoh thinks that Yugi's cards may keep him guessing, but do they have what it takes to stand up to the most powerful cards in Duel Monsters—the Egyptian gods?

It's Yugi's move, and he activates the magic card, Ties of the Brethren, paying 1000 life points to summon two level 4 monsters from his deck. He summons Red Gadget (1500 DEF) and Yellow Gadget (1200 DEF) in defense mode. The Pharaoh says it will take more than a strong defense to win this duel, but Yugi says he's not through yet. Whenever the three Gadgets are on the field together, they raise the attack strength of Stronghold to 3000. Joey says he taught that kid everything he knows! (Japanese Jounouchi says, so that's Yugi's strategy!) Yugi orders Stronghold to attack, but the attack is stopped. The Pharaoh has activated his Bounce spell, transferring the effect of Swords of Revealing Light to Yugi's monster. Now it can't attack for three more turns. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Grandpa says that the other Yugi really thinks ahead. Bakura says, it's great, isn't it? Otogi agrees.)

Grandpa Otogi and Bakura

Yugi wonders what he's going to do now. He wasn't expecting that! The Pharaoh really is trying to defeat him. (Japanese Yugi thinks that he's trembling, not from fear, but from excitement that his other self is fighting so seriously.) Yugi switches Green Gadget to defense mode and ends his turn.

The Pharaoh thinks that he really hopes Yugi wins, but that doesn't mean he's going to go easy on him. (Japanese Pharaoh thinks that his partner isn't giving up, but he's about to give him something even tougher.) He draws, then sends The Tricky to the graveyard in order to activate the spell, Tricky's Spell 4. This allows him to summon as many Tricky Tokens as Yugi has monsters on the field, giving him four Tricky Tokens. Mokuba says the taller Yugi just evened it all up, but Kaiba says, not exactly. If the Pharaoh's about to do what Kaiba thinks he is, he's way ahead of the game.

The Pharaoh says he's about to take this duel to the next level. Kaiba says he knew it. The Pharaoh sacrifices three of his Tokens to summon Obelisk the Tormentor. Now what? Yugi exclaims (Japanese Yugi says, "Obelisk!"), and the onlookers gasp. Grandpa says this could present a problem. Joey says, maybe for your average duelist, but this is Yugi. Tristan says, Yugi's good, but he's up against an Egyptian god here! (Japanese Grandpa says, he called a god! Jounouchi says Atem really has a good deck, and Honda wonders if it's the ultimate deck to beat Yugi.)

The Pharaoh orders Obelisk to attack Stronghold the Moving Fortress. Obelisk's Fist of Fate smashes through Stronghold. (The shot of Obelisk's fist smashing through Stronghold's chest is obscured in the US version.)

Obelisk fist Obelisk fist

The three Gadgets clatter to the ground as Yugi's life points go down to 1400. Then the Pharaoh sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Joey and Tristan tell Yugi to hang in there. Joey says the Pharaoh means business (Japanese Jounouchi urges Yugi not to give up), and Duke says that not only did Yugi get clobbered by Obelisk, but thanks to Swords of Revealing Light, he can't strike back. The Pharaoh says he told Yugi he wouldn't go easy. (Japanese Pharaoh asks Yugi if he's all right. Is this the end?)

Yugi straightens up, smiling. Mokuba says to check it out—Yugi's back on his feet. Kaiba says, big deal. There's still no way he can stand up to Obelisk. Duke wonders why Yugi's smiling, and Bakura thinks maybe Yugi wants to lose so the Pharaoh doesn't have to go. Joey says, no way. Yugi may not want to say goodbye, but there's no way he'd be happy about losing. Téa asks, why the smile? Joey says, Yugi's having the time of his life! This is Yugi's shot to finally prove himself—he usually takes a back seat during duels, but this time Yugi's in control of his own deck. Now, instead of standing behind the Pharaoh, the two of them are standing face to face for one final duel. (Japanese Jounouchi says Yugi is excited to be dueling the other Yugi. It's the first time they've dueled each other, heart to heart. He used to run after the other Yugi, but now he's fighting him face to face. The Pharaoh's expression is changed in the US version so that he looks a bit less shocked by Yugi's expression.)

Pharaoh Pharaoh

Téa wonders if Yugi can win. Joey thinks, it's going to be tough, but if anyone can do it, Yugi can. (Japanese Jounouchi urges Yugi to show his strength.)

Yugi begins his turn by playing three cards face down. Then he summons Silent Swordsman (1000 ATK). Joey says, yeah! That's the one he used to kicked Bakura's butt. Bakura looks confused, and Joey adds, the evil one. Mokuba wonders, what's Yugi thinking? One attack by Obelisk, and Yugi loses the duel! Kaiba thinks, that geek's up to something. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Marik thinks that god cards are hard to control. One can only use one in a deck. Maybe, if Yugi can beat Obelisk....)


Saying that this could be his last move, the Pharaoh draws, and sets a card face down. Next, he plays the Card of Sanctity magic card, so that both players draw until they have six cards. The Pharaoh asks Yugi if he's ready, and Yugi says, as ready as he'll ever be. The Pharaoh says, here goes. If this works, the duel is over. He says, may the heart of the cards guide Yugi, and Yugi thanks him. (Japanese Pharaoh says they both have to do their best in this duel, otherwise it won't be settled. He'll use all his power. Can Yugi catch up? Yugi says he'll surpass his other self with his best.)

The Pharaoh orders Obelisk to attack Silent Swordsman, and end this duel with his Fist of Fate! Obelisk winds up to attack, and Yugi watches stoically as Obelisk's fist slams towards Silent Swordsman. Téa gasps, and Joey yells, watch out!

Yugi activates his face-down trap card, Ground Erosion. Then, he activates his face-down magic card, Turn Jump, which forces each player to jump ahead three turns, during which neither of them is allowed to make a move. Obelisk's fist stops just short of Silent Swordsman as the three turns spin by, and Silent Swordsman increases from Level 0 to Level 3, with 2500 attack points.

The Pharaoh says it was well done, but it's not enough to defeat Obelisk. Yugi says that, thanks to the Ground Erosion trap card, the Egyptian god is weaker than he thinks. The Pharaoh points out that traps don't work on Obelisk, but Yugi says he's not using the trap on Obelisk, he's using it on the field under him. Once Ground Erosion is played, the monster on his opponent's side of the field sinks into the ground, losing 500 points with each passing turn. Since three turns have passed, Obelisk loses 1500 attack points, making his attack 2500, the same as Silent Swordsman's.

Kaiba says, big deal. Now the duel's at a standstill. (Japanese Kaiba says that now Obelisk's attack won't do any harm.) The Pharaoh says, not so fast. He's also activated a trap card, Summoning Clock, which is triggered whenever Yugi plays a magic or trap card. By sacrificing the Clock and one monster, his remaining Tricky Token, he can summon one monster for each turn that's passed. Yugi realizes this means the Pharaoh can summon three new monsters! The Pharaoh begins by summoning Queen's Knight (1500 ATK) and King's Knight (1600 ATK), which means he can also summon Jack's Knight (1900 ATK). He has one summon left, so he summons Slifer the Sky Dragon. Marik exclaims, no way! Kaiba says, another Egyptian god?

Slifer receives 1000 attack points for each card in the Pharaoh's hand, and he holds three, so Slifer's attack is 3000. Yugi activates his trap card, Ambush Shield, tributing his Red Gadget and adding its defense points to Silent Swordsman's attack points, raising Silent Swordsman's attack to 4000. Joey says, that's one powerful Knight! Téa says, it even has enough points to defeat Slifer the Sky Dragon!

The Pharaoh says, very impressive. But Yugi's remaining Gadget Monsters are still vulnerable. He orders Queen's Knight and King's Knight to attack, and Green Gadget and Yellow Gadget are destroyed.

The Pharaoh has one final move. He sacrifices Queen's Knight, Jack's Knight, and King's Knight to summon one more monster. Is he? Kaiba wonders, and Marik says, he is! The Pharaoh begins to chant a summoning spell (Japanese Pharaoh recites the spell in another language), and Ishizu exclaims that he knows the ancient chant! (This shot of Yugi is changed in the US version to show him standing silent while the Pharaoh continues the chant. Japanese Yugi says, "Mou hitori no boku!" ["The other me!"])

Yugi Yugi

The Pharaoh summons the Winged Dragon of Ra. Joey wonders what Yugi is going to now, as the golden dragon forms above the field. Ishizu says, unbelievable! Kaiba says, he played all three Egyptian gods at once!

With the three Egyptian gods on his side, the Pharaoh tells Yugi that the true test will now begin!

To Be Continued

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