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Episode 219: In the Name of the Pharaoh (In the Name of the Pharaoh)

Kaiba, Yugi, Joey, Téa, and Tristan are all lying on the ground in the cavern in front of the stone tablet, which has become a whirling portal to the Memory World. Beyond the portal, the Millennium Puzzle hangs in the dark sky over Egypt. Zorc stands outside the palace and says, look at the mighty Pharaoh now—barely standing beside the ruins of what was once his kingdom. (Japanese Zork growls, but doesn't say anything. And, one more time, Zork's extra head is moved in the US version.)

Zorc Zork

The Pharaoh insists that this isn't over. The light of hope still burns bright. (Japanese Pharaoh says, the light of hope—he can't give up. For those who have fought along with him, he can't give up. Cut from the US version is this bit where Zork says the Pharaoh is a fool who still hasn't realized—it's human beings who increase the forces of darkness and give him eternal power. The Pharaoh asks, what? and Zork says that living under the light, people ignore the darkness.)

Zork Pharaoh

(Zork tells the Pharaoh to look at his own shadow. Without the dark side, no one can ask himself the meaning of existence.)


Zorc says that the Pharaoh's friends have been given over to the Shadows, and his soldiers have deserted him. Yet he speaks of hope? The Pharaoh says they'll be back. Zork tells the Pharaoh to open his eyes—his reign is over. The Pharaoh shouts, never! then collapses to the ground. (Japanese Zork says that people continue to kill each other—this is their natural instinct. The Pharaoh tells him to stop, but Zork says he'll use his power to show humans the image of the dark world. The Pharaoh again shouts at Zork to shut up, then collapses.)

Zorc says that, centuries ago, the Pharaoh had the power to lock him away. The Pharaoh seems to have grown weak in his old age. (Japanese Zork tells the Pharaoh that he'll regret his sins in hell.) The Pharaoh calls for Yugi, saying he can't stop Zorc without his help. (Japanese Pharaoh says he can't die here.) Zorc prepares a final fireball to destroy the Pharaoh, laughing. The Pharaoh struggles to his knees, calling out to Yugi. Zorc stands over him, ready to launch his attack, when four lights appear in the sky, hurtling towards them. It's Yugi and the others.

Yugi says it's not too late, and the others call to the Pharaoh, who thanks them. Zorc says they should have stayed in their own world, and throws his fireball at them. They manage to dodge it, but realize there's not much time. The Pharaoh tells them to watch out. They turn and see that Bakura's robed robed men are riding towards them. Joey says, great—first the Lord of Darkness, now these guys! Téa asks Yugi if he has any plans, and Yugi gets fierce and a Duel Disk appears on his arm. When in doubt, he says, put your faith in the heart of the cards. With the deck he and the Pharaoh built together, he can blast this creep back to the Shadow Realm. The Pharaoh hopes so. (Japanese Yugi says his and the Pharaoh's souls are in each card. The Pharaoh says, "Aibou.")

Yugi says, it's time to duel! and summons Dark Magician. The Pharaoh says, Mahad is back! Mahad says he made a vow to protect the Pharaoh at all times. (Japanese Black Magician thanks everyone from the strange world for giving him his life.)

Joey says Yugi's not going in there alone! He calls up his own Duel Disk and summons Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Tristan and Téa follow suit, summoning Super Roboyarou (Rare Metal Knight) and Fire Sorcerer. Bakura's men turn into zombies, who fly towards the gang. Dark Magician and Red-Eyes Black Dragon attack, blasting the zombies. Fire Sorcerer and Super Roboyarou join the attack, but the zombies reappear and continue attacking. Téa and Tristan wonder what to do, then they hear a voice saying perhaps she can help—it's Dark Magician Girl. Dark Magician wonders how, and Yugi says that someone must have summoned her.

On the palace balcony, Mana kneels, working her magic. Téa says she has a feeling she knows who. Dark Magician Girl joins Dark Magician, and they tell the others to go to the Pharaoh and leave the zombies to them. With the two Magicians holding off the zombies, Yugi and his friends gather around the Pharaoh, who lies weak on the ground. He says he knew they'd return, and thanks them as they pick him up.

Zorc prepares another fireball. Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl see him, and send their combined Dark Magic Attacks at Zorc. But Zorc is unharmed, and throws his fireball at them. They barely manage to fly out of the way.

The Pharaoh, standing with his arm around Joey's neck, asks Yugi if he managed to find his name. Yugi hesitantly says yeah, and the Pharaoh asks what it is. Zorc laughs and says that these humans may have found the location of the Pharaoh's real name, but they were unable to read it, since it's written in a language unfamiliar to them. The Pharaoh asks if this is true, and Yugi reluctantly admits that it is. They made it through the Pharaoh's tomb, and found the name on the back wall, but it was carved in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Yugi says he knows what it looks like, but he doesn't know how to say it.

Joey says that, name or no name, they've got some butt to kick, and orders the Red-Eyes Black Dragon to attack Zorc. Tristan tells Super Roboyarou to attack as well, but spines from Zorc's back fly out to spear and destroy Tristan's monster. Tristan gasps and clutches his chest, and his life points go down to 2800. Next, Zorc destroys Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Joey loses 2400 life points, leaving him with 1600. Yugi asks if Joey's all right, as Zorc next attacks and destroys Fire Sorcerer, leaving Téa with 3000 life points.

Tristan says this is a little more painful than dueling back home. Joey asks what makes him think that—the fact that they're all doubled over in pain? (Japanese Tristan realizes that when their monsters are destroyed, they use life points equal to the monster's attack points. Jounouchi wonders if they'll die if they lose all their life points.) The Pharaoh points out that the zombies are back, surrounding Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. Dark Magician tells Dark Magician Girl that the fate of the future depends on them, and they break through the zombies, combining their strength in their most powerful attack at Zorc. They settle to the ground as the smoke clears, waiting to see if their attack was successful, but Zorc is still standing.

Zorc says he is impervious to all attacks, including theirs. Dark Magician admits that they just blasted Zorc with all their strength. There's nothing more they can do. Zorc sends purple flames across the ground towards them. (The flames are yellow in the Japanese.)

Purple flames Yellow flames

As the fire consumes them, Dark Magician says he knows the Pharaoh will defeat Zorc, and Dark Magician Girl tells the Pharaoh farewell. Yugi screams as his life points go down to 1500 with Dark Magician's destruction, and Mana gasps and falls to the ground.

Zorc stands over the Pharaoh and the others, and says he'll send the Pharaoh's friends to the Shadows one at a time. Téa knows they have to figure out a way to tell the Pharaoh what his name is.

Zorc says that nothing can save them now, and tells them to surrender to the darkness. Yugi says they're not giving up. They'll find a way to tell the Pharaoh his name so he can lock Zorc away. But how? the Pharaoh wonders. As he pushes himself up, the cartouche falls out from under his robe, and Téa sees it and gasps, remembering when she gave it to him, telling him that when he gets his memory back, he can engrave his real name on it so he won't forget it again. She tells the gang to concentrate on those symbols and make them appear on the cartouche.

Yugi thinks she's right, since they were able to fly there just by concentrating. They all put their hands together and concentrate on the symbols. Zorc says they've been a nuisance to him long enough, and prepares to attack again. Kaiba lifts his head and sees the gang surrounding the Pharaoh. The cartouche begins to glow, and the Pharaoh says, it's working!

The continue to concentrate on the Pharaoh's name. Zorc says it's too late, and blasts another fireball at them. But Kaiba's Ring of Defense appears, deflecting the blast. Kaiba stands before Zorc, Duel Disk on his arm. Furious, Zorc sends a wall of flame at Kaiba, burning through the Ring of Defense and throwing Kaiba back. He and the gang are engulfed in smoke. Zorc says it's over.

But when the smoke clears, the Pharaoh is standing, his name engraved on the cartouche. He holds up the cartouche, astonished, exclaiming that it worked! A bright lights shines from it. Téa asks if it worked, and Yugi asks if the Pharaoh knows what his name is.

Yes, the Pharaoh says. His ancient name has been revealed. "I am King Atem!" Light shines forth all around him, and Zorc recoils. (This shot of Yugi and the others watching Atem in the light is cut from the US version.)


The Pharaoh's father appears beside him, saying that Atem now has the power to defeat the Dark One. The Pharaoh asks, how? His father tells him to call forth the light of the three Egyptian Gods to swallow the darkness. (Japanese Aknamkanon tells the Pharaoh that justice is with the gods. The Pharaoh says, "Father." Aknamkanon says that the Pharaoh is also a god. In his name, he'll rule the three gods.)

The Pharaoh calls for the Gods of Egypt to revive. Yugi's deck glows, and red, blue, and gold lights fly out of it. The lights arc past Zorc to the statues of the three Egyptian Gods, and the monsters rise again. (Cut from the US version, between the shots of the gods reviving, are these shots of Jounouchi saying, "Osiris no Tenkuuryuu" [Osiris the Sky Dragon],)


(then Kaiba saying, "Obelisk no Kyoshinhei" [Obelisk the Great War God],)


(and Anzu saying, "Ra no Yokushinryuu" [Ra the Winged God Dragon].)


Téa wonders if they'll win this time. Tristan says, of course, and Yugi agrees that the Pharaoh knows what to do. But Zorc says that the Gods are powerless against him. The Pharaoh already tried this and failed.

The Pharaoh says there's something he didn't do last time—merge them together. (Japanese Pharaoh says he'll rule the three gods in the name of the Pharaoh. Cut from the US version is this pan of the gang bathed in the light of the merged gods, as Honda says that it feels comfortable, Anzu says the light is gentle, and Jounouchi says it's warm.)


The three Gods join to form the Creator of Light (Horuakuti). The Pharaoh commands the darkness to begone! The Creator of Light opens her eyes, and beams of light flash out, destroying the zombies, and engulfing Zorc. Zorc tries to grab the Pharaoh in his fist, but the beams of light pull him away, then shine through him, destroying him.

In the real world, Rex and Weevil lie on the ground, along with the broken glass from blown-out windows. Rex moans, while Weevil says that wasn't so bad. Rex agrees—other than the tornado damage, lightning explosions, and poisonous acid rain! (Japanese Haga says, it's quieting down. In the streets, people wonder what happened. Ryuuzaki wonders if they're safe now.)

The storm clears over Egypt, and the Kaiba jet flies into clear skies again. Mokuba says, now all they have to do is find Seto.

The Creator of Light looms over Egypt, bright with golden light. Tristan wonders if that's it—the big shot Lord of Darkness is gone? Joey says, yup, thanks to this bigger shot. (Japanese Jounouchi yells, we did it! Atem says, yes. Honda says he always knew Yugi could do it.) Téa says they can't forget to thank the Pharaoh, um... Tristan chimes in with "Atem." Joey says it will take a while to get used to that. (Japanese Anzu asks "Yugi" if he's all right, then hesitates. Honda says, that's right... Jounouchi says the Pharaoh isn't Yugi any more.) Yugi thinks it's cool that after all these years, they finally know the Pharaoh's real name. The Pharaoh says it's all thanks to them. (Japanese Yugi says he can't call the Pharaoh "mou hitori no boku" ["the other me"] any more. Atem says, no, just keep calling him the usual.)

Téa wonders what's next. Atem doesn't know. Wait for the next bad guy? (Japanese Anzu says, "Atem—that's your real name." Atem looks at the cartouche and says, "My real name...") The Creator of Light says no. He has conquered the embodiment of evil from which all darkness is borne. So, he's done? Atem asks. Not quite, the Creator tells him. But he's nearly fulfilled his destiny. That's why he returned to this world after five thousand years—so he could rescue the world from the inevitable return of the Shadow Games. Now, there is only one task left for him to carry out before his spirit can return to its resting place. (Japanese Horuakuti tells Atem that three thousand years ago, he couldn't defeat Zork on his own. The Pharaoh says, "Horuakuti." She says that three thousand years ago, he chose to seal himself with Zork. But when Zork was revived, Atem chose to protect his friends and companions. That is the only power that can defeat Zork. A single person's power is not enough. If everyone joins their power together, the impossible becomes possible.)

The Creator of Light fades away. Atem turns to Yugi, thinking that he can hardly believe that his journey is almost complete. Does this mean that when he accomplishes his final mission, he and Yugi will separate? (Japanese Atem thinks, "Atem"—this feels strange. He's always shared the name "Yugi" with his partner. But it's different now.)

Atem says it's strange—he finally feels like his old person. (Japanese Atem says, "Atem. That is my name.") Yugi thinks, ever since he solved the Millennium Puzzle, the Pharaoh's been sharing an identity with him. But now that he's regained his lost memories, he's ready to be himself. (Japanese Yugi thinks that his is himself and no one else now. He feels a little lonely, but it doesn't matter.)

Atem thanks Téa for the cartouche. They couldn't have defeated Zorc without it. Then he turns to the others and thanks them, too. If not for their help, he could never have fulfilled his destiny. He tells them they're all heroes.

Joey agrees that he was brave. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Atem why he's being so reserved, and calls him "Atem-kun." I believe this is the only time in the series that Jounouchi ever uses an honorific with someone's name, and he seems to be using it in a somewhat teasing manner.) Tristan says the Pharaoh was talking about him. Yugi says Atem meant everyone. After all, they're a team. (Japanese Honda says they're all friends. Yugi says that even if their names are different, their relationship will stay the same.)

Kaiba wants to know when these geeks are going to stop giving that lame friendship speech. (Japanese Honda walks up to the gang without saying anything. Anzu says, "Kaiba." Both Kaiba and Anzu's faces are changed in the US version so that his mouth is moving and hers isn't.)

Kaiba Anzu

Tristan says, when Kaiba stops pretending everything's a magic trick. (Japanese Honda says he can't believe Kaiba came to this world.) Joey says Kaiba can't deny this one—how does he explain that there are two Yugis standing there? Kaiba sighs and says maybe there is some truth to this junk. Joey asks if everyone else heard what he heard—Kaiba admitted that this is all real! (Japanese Jounouchi says Kaiba can't call this a magic trick—there are two Yugis here. Surprised? Kaiba says he wouldn't be surprised if the sky fell. Jounouchi says that for someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural, Kaiba's pretty calm about all this.)

Nice try, Kaiba says. He said it was all a mind trick. Joey protests, asking the others if they heard him. Nope, they all say. (Japanese Kaiba calls Jounouchi "bonkotsu" and tells him not to pretend he knows anything. Jounouchi gets mad and tells Kaiba to say that again. The others laugh.)

The Egyptian people gather in their ruined land, picking up the rubble and repairing the damage. Atem stands with Seto on the balcony of the palace. It's not going to be easy, he says, but this kingdom will return to its former glory. (Japanese Atem says the darkness has fallen, but the cost was high, and too many lives were lost. Cut from the US version is this shot of Atem with the images of Shimon, Karim, Shada, Mahad, and Isis appearing as he speaks.)


Atem Atem

(Atem says they'll light up the lights in their hearts and create the history of the future.)

Seto and Pharaoh

And Seto will see to it that this occurs. Surprised, Seto asks, what? Atem turns to Seto, telling him that he will be leaving this world, and Seto will take the throne. (Japanese Atem says he'd like to ask Seto something. Will he take over the kingship and become the new pharaoh?) Seto protests, but Atem says, so let it be written, so let it be done. Seto says that, after everything they've been through, this kingdom needs a strong leader to move them ahead. Atem agrees—who better to lead this new nation than Seto?

Atem turns to his friends standing in the courtyard, and thinks that, the truth is, he has no memory beyond this point, so he can no longer exist here. Turning back to Seto, he says that his time is running out. He begins to turn transparent, and says that he'll soon join the pharaohs who came before him, and Seto will rebuild the land of Egypt. He tells Seto to trust the light in his soul. Seto thinks of Kisara as he repeats, the light in his soul? Atem hands Seto the Millennium Puzzle, as proof of his right to the throne, and asks Seto to preserve his father's dream and maintain peace in Egypt. Seto agrees, and takes the Puzzle, as the Pharaoh turns completely ghostly, and turns to walk away.

The spirit Pharaoh joins Yugi and the others, and they all step off the ground and begin to fly back up to the Puzzle in the sky. Mana waves to them, saying she'll miss them, and thanks them for everything. Seto stands on the balcony, holding the Millennium Puzzle and the Millennium Rod, and tells the Pharaoh farewell. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon appears at his side.

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