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Episode 218: The Dark One Cometh, Part 4 (Zork vs Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon)

Holes appear in the walls and stairways that wind through the interior of the Millennium Puzzle. Shadi, standing inside the Puzzle, says that the labyrinth of the Pharaoh's mind is disappearing. The Pharaoh must be regaining his memories. But if the Dark One isn't defeated soon, all will be lost.

Zorc stands beneath the eclipsed sun and says that the Egyptian Gods have fallen. The Pharaoh kneels, exhausted, and stares at the petrified bodies of the three Gods. Zorc says that even their deities were forced to surrender when confronted with the power of the Shadow Realm, a world that is now converging with their own, for when the Pharaoh's people fashioned the Millennium Items, they opened the doorway to the darkness. And now the world as they know it shall crumble. (There's no dialog here in the Japanese.)

Zorc punches the statue of Ra, breaking off its head. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the Pharaoh spitting blood as he pitches forward.)


The Pharaoh shudders in pain and collapses onto the ground. Mana grabs him by the shoulders, asking if he's all right, but he remains where he is. She says it's no use, he's too weak to fight. Seto turns to Zorc, who says the Pharaoh is cowering at the feet of the new lord and ruler of Egypt. (Japanese Zork says he's invincible. They can't defeat him.) Zorc starts towards the Seto and the soldiers, who say that all is lost, and they must surrender.

The soldiers turn and run, hoping to find safety within the walls. Seto orders them to hold their ground, but the panicked soldiers ignore him. (As before, Zork's re-drawn in the US version so that his second head emerges from his upper body instead of from between his legs.)

Zorc Zork

Zorc attacks, sending a fireball over the walls into the city, and says that soon there will be nowhere to hide.

Seto tells Mana to take the Pharaoh back to the palace. She protests, but he tells her to go and leave Zorc to him. Mana lifts the Pharaoh to his feet and leads him away. (This shot moves Zorc into closer view in the US version, so that his nether regions aren't shown, as well as re-drawing his chest.)

Zorc Zork

Seto faces Zorc alone. Lifting his Millennium Rod, he tells Zorc that in the name of the Pharaoh, he'll return Zorc to the Realm of Shadows. (Japanese Seto says, "Let's go, Kisara.") He runs at Zorc, but Zorc calls him a foolish human and says that the Shadow Realm is now here on earth, where he will reign supreme. He blasts fireballs at Seto, who dodges them and continues to run towards Zorc. Seto says that Zorc is a trespasser in this kingdom, and this world. He calls upon Kisara to lend him her power, and summons the White Dragon, which attacks Zorc, knocking him down.

Watching from a cliff top above, Kaiba says this is finally starting to get interesting. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Blue-Eyes White Dragon!") The White Dragon launches another attack at Zorc, who lifts his arm to deflect it. (Cut from the US version is this bit showing Zork's arm flying off in front of the eclipsed sun, and landing on a building inside the walls, where it dissolves away.)

Zork's arm Zork's arm

The darkness begins to recede from the sun, whose rays shine on the dragon.

The people of Egypt run into the streets, astonished to see that the White Dragon has conquered the darkness. Seto looks up at the dragon, and tells Kisara that her strength is greater than he thought. The White Dragon roars.

But then Seto and Kaiba both watch in horror as Zorc bursts up from underground to seize the White Dragon by the throat. (Zorc's jaws around the White Dragon's neck are obscured in the US version.)

Zork biting White Dragon Zork biting White Dragon

Zorc stands, holding the dragon's head in his hand and its neck in the fangs of his second mouth. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Zork growing a new arm, which he uses to take hold of the dragon's head.)

Zork Zork's arm

Zorc says that eventually, every creature must serve the darkness. Seto says, not him, but the shadows begin to consume his arm and the Millennium Rod.

The White Dragon is turned to stone and thrown against a building, shattering. (The shot of Zork throwing the dragon aside is moved here from later in the Japanese version. Cut from the US version is this shot of Zork holding the White Dragon over his head, as he says that even though the dragon is invincible, it can't defeat him. He's still above the gods. Then he breaks the dragon's head off.)

Zork and dragon Zork breaking dragon

Seto falls to the ground, covered in darkness. (Cut from the US version is this close-up shot of Seto saying, "Kisara.")


(Also cut is this shot of Zork throwing the White Dragon's head to one side, where it lands and disintegrates.)

Zork with dragon's head Dragon's head

(Following that is the shot, moved earlier in the US version, of Zork tossing the dragon's body aside.)


The sun is once again blotted out. The people in the streets despair. The White Dragon was their last hope. Now Egypt belongs to Zorc.

Kaiba runs towards Zorc, thinking to himself that that sideshow freak beat Blue-Eyes and the Egyptian Gods! Zorc stomps towards the city, saying he'll collapse one brick at a time. (Here's a side view of Zork's alteration in the US version.)

Zorc Zork

Crashing through the city wall, Zorc says, first Egypt, and then the world! Zorc strides through the streets, blasting away with fireballs from both mouths. People run about in terror.

Kaiba has somehow managed to get ahead of Zorc and up on top of one of the buildings in Zorc's path. He says nobody likes a bully—especially him. He sees a boy and his brother try to run from Zorc, then jumps down into the street, and tells Zorc if he wants to pick on someone, pick on him. Zorc's okay with that. He blasts a fireball towards Kaiba. (Japanese Kaiba tells the boys to run. Cut from the US version is this scene where Kaiba yells at Zork to stop, and Zork attacks him with fire.)

Kaiba Zork

(Kaiba turns to run, just as the fire hits the ground behind him.)


(The two boys look back in horror, as Kaiba runs towards them shouting for them to run, with Zork's flames right behind him.)

Egyptian boys Kaiba running

(Kaiba watches the boys clutch each other and scream.)

Kaiba Boys

(The fire zooms on past Kaiba to consume the frightened brothers.)

Fire Fire

(Kaiba says he won't forgive Zork, then whirls to face him, calling him, "Kisama!")

Kaiba Kaiba faces Zork

Kaiba waves his arm around, and a Duel Disk magically appears on his arm. It worked! he says (Japanese Kaiba says, "This... ?" surprised to see a Duel Disk on his arm), drawing a card and slapping a Blue-Eyes White Dragon down on the Duel Disk. The dragon appears in the sky facing Zorc.

Zorc isn't impressed. He says Kaiba's Egyptian counterpart already tried this and failed. What makes Kaiba think his fate will be any different? (Japanese Zork says, I know you. You're Kaiba Seto. Do you think you can resist me?) Kaiba says he's been smacking around virtual monsters like Zorc since he could talk. As a matter of fact, his first words were "Neutron Blast Attack." Zorc says Kaiba should have stayed in his own world. His cards and holograms are useless here. (Japanese Kaiba says he doesn't care who Zork is, or what will become of this world. But he won't let Zork play with human lives.) Pulling out his two other Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, Kaiba says Zorc may have been able to handle one Blue-Eyes, but let's see him stand up to three—in the form of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon! (Cut from the US version are these shots of the souls rising from Kisara's and Seto's bodies to merge with the dragon.)

Kisara Seto

The three dragons merge, and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon attacks Zorc, sending him crashing back through the city wall. As he gets up, Zorc says that's the last mistake Kaiba will ever make. He tells Kaiba to prepare to join his other half in eternal darkness. Zorc and the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon attack and counterattack.

Meanwhile, at the duel, Yugi has just sacrificed Marshmallon and Silent Magician to summon Gandora the Dragon of Destruction. Bakura asks, but how? He had the perfect strategy! Yugi says it was good, but not perfect. Bakura's zombies almost wiped him out, but he found a card that could stop them. Bakura whines that it's not fair. Yugi says it's the luck of the draw, and uses Gandora's effect to destroy all of Bakura's monsters.

Bakura screams while Gandora wipes out his monsters, but then says that his monsters may be gone, but his life points aren't. Joey says he's right. This duel's not over yet. Téa thinks, that was the last card in Yugi's deck, so if he doesn't get rid of Bakura this turn, he loses. (Japanese Bakura says Gandora's destroyed every monster on the field. Jounouchi can't believe Yugi can summon a monster with that kind of power! Anzu thinks, this deck is created by Yugi alone. He's said farewell to the monsters used by the other Yugi.)

Yugi says that after Gandora strikes, it goes to the graveyard, and Gandora disappears from the field. And, when one of his monsters is destroyed, the Spirit Sword of Sealing is deactivated, so Silent Swordsman is freed, and returns to the field with 4500 attack points—more than enough to wipe Bakura out. Yugi orders Gandora to attack, and Bakura's life points go to zero. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Bakura coughing up blood after the attack.)


(And the blood is removed from Bakura's face in the US version.)

Bakura Bakura

Joey says he never gets tired of watching Yugi kick butt! As Bakura sinks to his knees, he says he wouldn't be celebrating if he were them. Yugi's victory is all in vain. Yugi says they'll see about that, and tells Bakura to let them go. Laughing, Bakura says all right, but it's too late to save the Pharaoh. (Japanese Bakura says he can't believe he was defeated by a "container." Yugi says that he won.)

While they were playing cards, Bakura says, Zorc was ushering in the age of darkness. So, despite Yugi's apparent victory, Bakura wins the game. (Japanese Bakura says that the Pharaoh's soul is disappearing. If the Pharaoh dies, the game will end with Bakura's victory.) He laughs, then suddenly falls to the ground, where his body fades away, leaving Tristan lying there. Yugi, Téa, and Joey run to him, and Joey leans down to shake Tristan, urging him to wake up. Tristan suddenly jumps up to his hands and knees, asking where they are. Did he pass out or something? Joey tells him Bakura was wearing his body like a cheap suit. Tristan stands up, saying, he was possessed? Joey says that's right, and if it weren't for him, they wouldn't be trapped in this tomb. Tristan asks what he did, and Téa says, first he double-crossed them, then he attacked them, and then he almost sent Yugi to the Shadow Realm. Turning to Yugi, Tristan apologizes for all the trouble. (Japanese Anzu tells Honda it's all right now, Yugi saved him. Honda thanks Yugi.) Yugi tells him not to worry about it. It's not his fault.

They hear a crash, and realize that the tomb must be collapsing. They all turn to run, and Tristan asks if they have any idea where they're going. Joey says, not a clue, as they run from the cavern into a tunnel.

Presently, they come to the end of the tunnel, which opens out onto the side of a cliff. Tristan wonders how they get down. Joey tells everyone to follow him, and steps onto the steep side of the cliff, and begins to slide down. The others join him, and they soon reach the bottom, where hooded riders confront them, drawing their swords. Tristan goes ballistic and attacks the riders bare-handed, saying he's caused enough trouble, and it's time he paid them back. Tristan jumps one of men, dragging him off his horse, and Joey follows. One of the remaining riders takes a swing at Joey with his sword. (This shot of the rider raising his sword is cut from the US version.)


Joey flings up his arms as Yugi cries out. To Joey's surprise, the sword hits a Duel Disk that's appeared on his arm like a shield. Joey wonders where that came from, and Yugi says he gets it. He remembers how the Duel Disks formed on Bakura's and his arms when they dueled, and says that in this world, if they concentrate hard enough, their thoughts can become real.

Tristan stands up and says, guess what he's thinking! A Duel Disk forms on his arm, too, and he and Joey run towards the remaining riders. Joey stops, pulling two cards from his deck and summoning Gearfried the Iron Knight and Flame Swordsman. Tristan summons Lava Battleguard and Swamp Battleguard. The monsters leap into battle, as Joey and Tristan join Téa and Yugi, who are soon surrounded by the riders. Yugi says there's no time to fight—they've got to concentrate on getting out of there.

The four close their eyes and concentrate. Soon, they begin to glow, and shoot up into the air, leaving the riders behind. Tristan wonders, if they think hard enough, can they turn those punks into something more interesting? (Japanese Honda wonders if they can make the riders disappear.) Joey says there's one way to find out. He and Tristan close their eyes and begin to chant, "Pork chops and applesauce." (Japanese Jounouchi and Honda chant, "Those guys disappear.") But the riders remain riders. Joey complains that they have the power to fly, but they can't get a decent meal.

Yugi says they're running out of time, and suggests that they kick it into hyperspeed. The four zoom off over the desert.

In the real world, the Kaiba Corp jet is flying over Egypt in a storm. Mokuba stands behind the pilot, trying to reach Kaiba on his radio headset. Suddenly, a bright light illuminates the jet, and Mokuba sees the image of the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon ahead of them. Then the image disappears, and a hole opens in the clouds, revealing a vision of ancient Egypt.

In the Memory World, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Zorc continue to clash, their combined attacks shooting up to rend the sky. The real world begins to appear beyond the clouds. Zorc says that the ultimate collision of light and shadow has created a bridge between their realms. Now Zorc has a new world to conquer—the world of the future! As the ground begins to crack under Kaiba's feet, Zorc tells him to bow before his new lord and master. Kaiba says, never!

At the palace, Mana kneels over the unconscious Pharaoh, calling on her powers to restore the Pharaoh's strength. He sits up and asks where Zorc is now, then jumps up and runs to the balcony wall, looking out to see the battle between Zorc and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. He asks Mana about the dragon. She says that while he was unconscious, Seto's White Dragon was defeated by Zorc, and then came back in a different form. The Pharaoh says there's only one person he knows who can summon the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon—Kaiba! Then he looks up into the sky, where the energy from the battle has opened a portal, and tells Mana that he needs the Millennium Scale.

This may be their last chance to defeat Zorc. The Pharaoh holds up the Scale, and asks Karim to lend him his power. The Scale, the Puzzle, and the Pharaoh's Diadiankh glow. Mana wishes him good luck, and the Pharaoh leaps down from the balcony, calling out to Kaiba. Kaiba looks up at the Pharaoh flying down towards him and thinks, he's nuts! The Pharaoh calls out that he knows Kaiba knows what to do.

Kaiba clenches his fists and shouts, then flies up into the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. The Pharaoh says they have merged to become—Master of Dragon Soldier! He stands atop the dragon, calling for Dragon Saber Blast, and the fused beast lets out a quadrupled blast of power. It hits Zorc, and their combined attacks create a great ball of light over the city. The light expands to hit the Dragon Soldier, blowing it to bits, then engulfs Zorc as well.

Finally, the light fades. The Pharaoh lies on the ground, looking out at the hazy desert, and says it's over. But then Zorc appears through the haze. He lives!

Shadi stands in the crumbling Millennium Puzzle, looking down at the huge crater formed by the battle with Zorc standing at the edge. The time has finally arrived, he says, holding up the Millennium Key and Millennium Scale. He has waited his entire life for this, and knows what must be done.

The Items glow, and then they and Shadi turn into a ball of golden light that shoots out over the desert and into the body of Hasan. He stands up, thinking that with the power of Hasan, he'll protect the Pharaoh, and flies up into the sky.

Zorc stands over the Pharaoh and says, they now stand face-to-face for the last time. The light of hope stands against the darkness, and darkness shall prevail. The universe was born without light. All that existed was a vast wasteland of shadows, and though fleeting moments occur in which light attempts to illuminate the darkness, in the end, it is always extinguished. The same holds true for the Pharaoh, a mere flicker whose faint glow has expired.

The Pharaoh says Zorc is wrong. There is no darkness without light. It is light that gave life to the world, light that gives hope. And it is light that will defeat Zorc! (Japanese Pharaoh says that even if he's defeated, the light of his soul will be passed on to someone else. It won't disappear until Zork is defeated.)

Zorc says, let's put that theory to the test, and attacks the Pharaoh. But before the attack can hit, Shadi/Hasan leaps in front of it. The attack breaks Hasan's mask, revealing Shadi underneath. The Pharaoh recognizes him and calls his name. Shadi tells the Pharaoh he must never surrender to the darkness. The light of hope will soon arrive, bearing the information he needs. Then Shadi is destroyed.

Zorc says it's exactly as he predicted. Everything will return to darkness, just as it always does. (Japanese Zork tells the Pharaoh to die.)

Four glowing figures fly through the sky towards the Pharaoh. Yugi thinks to the Pharaoh to hang in there—help is on the way.

To Be Continued

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