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Episode 217: The Dark One Cometh, Part 3 (Summon! The Three Gods)

Bakura tells Yugi he's teetering on the edge of the Shadow Realm—one false move, and he'll be trapped for all eternity! Yugi has his Silent Swordsman LV4 and Marshmallon on the field, while Bakura has Necro Soldier (0 DEF). Yugi tells Bakura he shouldn't get his hopes up, but Bakura says that, thanks to his Cursed Twin Dolls, every card in his graveyard has been released onto the field, while Yugi's seen better duels. Too bad Yugi can't bring out the Pharaoh to save him. (Japanese Bakura tells Yugi not to worry, since his phantom cards can't attack, defend, or use their effects.)

Yugi thinks, maybe not, but he can save the Pharaoh, just as soon as he beats Bakura and gets out of this place. (Japanese Yugi thinks that he has a bad feeling about this, but he must not lose.) Yugi draws, which triggers the effect of Necro Soldier. As long as it remains on the field, every time Yugi's turn begins, another Necro Soldier appears on Bakura's side of the field, and then the new soldier also gets the effect, so a third Necro Soldier is summoned.

Téa wonders how Yugi's supposed to beat an army of zombie freaks, but Yugi thinks that, since each Soldier has zero attack and defense points, it shouldn't be too tough.

Yugi's Silent Swordsman increases to Level 5, with 3500 attack points. Then, Yugi summons Silent Magician (1000 ATK), and orders his monsters to attack all three of Bakura's Necro Soldiers. Téa and Joey celebrate, and Joey says that once Bakura's troop of soldiers is gone, Yugi wins. (Not really, since the Necro Soldiers are all in defense position.) Silent Magician destroys one of the Necro Soldiers, then Marshmallon crunches another one in its sharp teeth. But when Silent Swordsman tries to slice the third Necro Soldier, his sword stops short of the soldier's nose. Bakura laughs, and Yugi wonders why his Swordsman stopped. Bakura explains that he's activated his Narrow Corridor trap card, which prevents Yugi from attacking with more than two monsters in any given turn. And, since Bakura's graveyard is gone, his two Necro Soldiers return to the field as phantoms. (Cut from the US version is this long shot of Yugi behind his monsters.)


Yugi wonders what Bakura's planning to do with all those monsters.

As Bakura draws, Yugi tells him about Silent Magician's special ability—when Bakura draws, it gains one level and 500 points. Now it's Level 1, with 1500 attack points. Bakura laughs, asking if he should be impressed, and looks at the card he's drawn, thinking it's just the card he wanted to see. He says it's time to reveal his true strategy, and plays his Counterbalance magic card. As long as this card remains on the field, each of them must discard a number of cards to the graveyard at the end of his turn—the same number of cards as there are monsters on the field, including the phantom monsters.

Yugi is horrified—they'd be throwing out nearly half of their decks! Why would Bakura play a card that puts him at risk, too? But, Bakura explains, to work it requires a graveyard, and he doesn't have one. So only Yugi's deck will be drained. Yugi realizes that this was Bakura's plan all along, to force Yugi to get rid of his cards. Joey exclaims that Yugi's only got a few turns left!

Next, Bakura summons another monster, Necro Mannequin (500 DEF), and activates his trap card, Necro Cycle. As long as Necro Mannequin is on the field, this trap allows him to summon an extra Necro Mannequin each turn. A second Necro Mannequin appears beside the first. And each one represents a card lost from Yugi's deck. Bakura ends his turn.

Meanwhile, Zorc continues to threaten the palace. Seto tells the others to stand back while he handles it, but the Pharaoh says no, Zorc is his. Seto protests, but the Pharaoh says they've tried everything in their power. There's only one hope left, and it lies in his hands. (Japanese Pharaoh says he won't let the friends who trusted him die in vain.) Holding up the Millennium Puzzle, he says that Zorc invaded his kingdom and threatened his people, and now Zorc must pay for his crime. The Pharaoh calls out, "Millennium Puzzle, activate!" and light blazes from the Puzzle. Raising his Diadiankh, the Pharaoh calls upon the three Egyptian Gods: Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and the Winged Dragon of Ra.

The three Gods burst from the temple and attack Zorc. Slifer is the first to strike, knocking Zorc to the ground. Obelisk stands over Zorc, while Ra hovers overhead.

At the RPG, Yami smiles. It appears the game has shifted in his favor. (Cut from the US version is this sequence in which Bakura says, so the Pharaoh's summoned the three gods. This will be the last turn. As he's said, this war will determine the fate of the world.)

Bakura Bakura

War Destruction

Bakura, whose appearance is growing freakier, says that those monsters are no match for Zorc—and he should know, because he and Zorc are one and the same! (Japanese Bakura says he doesn't need this body any more. He'll return to his original form. Yami says, so Bakura is really Zork.)

Now, Bakura says, they'll go in for a closer look. (Japanese Bakura says, let's return to the battlefield. Yami says it's what he wants.) A dark ball of lightning forms over the RPG, engulfing Yami and Bakura, and transferring them into the Memory World. Yami combines with the Pharaoh, then he tells Zorc to surrender now or face the rage of three Egyptian Gods. (Japanese Pharaoh tells Zork that the gods will destroy him.)

Bakura combines with Zorc, and he says that when he's through with them, the Egyptian Gods will bow before the Lord of Darkness! Ra roars, just as Kaiba shows up, astonished to see the three God monsters standing in the desert. They seem too realistic to be holograms—can they be the real thing? (Japanese Kaiba says, the three gods! Obelisk—Osiris—Ra! The gods are going to battle.)

The Pharaoh tells Obelisk to strike Zorc down with his Fist of Fate. Obelisk slams into Zorc, and Zorc crashes to the ground. Kaiba says it's not a bad start—but they'll see if Yugi can keep it up. (Japanese Kaiba says, it's the power of the gods!) Next, the Pharaoh orders Slifer to attack, and Slifer blasts Zorc. Then he calls to Ra saying, may its light banish the darkness, and Ra rises into the sky, and bright light beams down on Zorc. (Zorc is shown in a slightly closer shot in the US version.)

Zorc Zork

Finally, the Pharaoh calls upon all three of the Egyptian Gods to combine their strength, with Fist of Fury, Thunder Force, and Blaze Cannon Blast attacks. (The Japanese attacks are God Hand Crusher, Thunder Force, and God Phoenix. Again, Zorc is redrawn in the US version so that his second head appears to be coming from the middle of his chest.)

Zorc Zork

The gods' attacks hit Zorc with such force, the Pharaoh and the others are thrown back. Kaiba watches in awe, his coat flapping in the winds. The people of Egypt cheer, as Ra, in its Phoenix form, rises above the desert.

The Pharaoh and the others stand up, and Seto says it's over. The Pharaoh only thinks, let's hope so.

Obelisk stands over the chasm into which Zorc has been blasted, while Slifer and Ra fly overhead. The clouds part, and the sunlight returns. The soldiers cheer that Zorc is gone, and they're free. Mana jumps up, telling the Pharaoh he did it! The Pharaoh says they all did.

But then the ground begins to tremble, and Zorc's fist shoots up from the ground. From his hand, darkness spreads, and once again blots out the sun. Mana asks what Zorc is doing, and the Pharaoh says, he's covering Egypt in complete darkness! Kaiba says that somehow, that thing has caused a solar eclipse.

Frantically, he Pharaoh orders the Egyptian Gods to attack before the light is gone. They fly towards Zorc, whose arm is sticking up out of the sand, but Zorc grabs Ra's leg in his claw, and Ra pulls him up out of the ground as it tries to fly away. Obelisk grabs onto Zorc's leg and the three of them rise into the sky. Darkness begins to emanate from Zorc himself, who says that, as the darkness spreads, his strength grows.

Ra breaks free, and the Pharaoh orders Ra and Slifer to attack, but Zorc repels their attacks, saying that without the sun's rays, they're powerless against him. He counterattacks, and first Slifer, then Ra, are turned to stone and fall to the ground. Finally Obelisk, still clinging to Zorc's leg, is also turned to stone, and crashes to the ground.

The Pharaoh is horrified. How did Zorc defeat the Egyptian Gods? The soldiers say this was their last hope, and even Kaiba thinks it's nuts—no one defeats those monsters!

Zorc lands, crushing the stone body of Obelisk underfoot. The Pharaoh gasps and falls to his knees, Mana beside him.

Meanwhile, at the duel, Bakura reminds Yugi that he'll lose a card for every monster on the field, and now there are ten. Yugi says, not for long! First, his Silent Swordsman increases to Level 6, with 4000 points. At the same time, Necro Mannequin's effect lets Bakura summon yet another Necro Mannequin to the field, making a total of eleven monsters. (Cut from the US version is this long shot of the duel.)


Téa wonders how Yugi's supposed to get rid of all those monsters. Didn't Bakura play a card that limits Yugi's attacks? Bakura says she's right—Narrow Corridor limits Yugi to two attacks per turn. Plus, thanks to his Necro Twins, whatever monsters Yugi destroys will return to the field as phantoms. (There's a mistake in the dub here—Bakura calls the Cursed Twin Dolls by their Japanese name.)

Yugi attacks Necro Soldier with Silent Swordsman, then sends Silent Magician to destroy a Necro Mannequin. Bakura says, not bad, but now Yugi's turn is over, and eleven cards go to his graveyard. (Cut from the US version are these shots of the duel as Bakura says that the Suicide Counterbalance begins. Since there are eleven monsters on the field, Yugi must discard eleven cards to his graveyard. Jounouchi exclaims that that's over a quarter of his deck!)

Bakura Yugi

That leaves seventeen cards in Yugi's deck, and when he runs out of cards, the game is over. But, thanks to the Cursed Twin Dolls' effect, Yugi gains 2200 life points, bringing him up to 3200.

Bakura draws, and Yugi's Silent Magician increases to Level 2, with 2000 points. Bakura summons Necro Wall (0 DEF), which lets him summon tokens equal to the number of zombies on the field. Two Necro Wall tokens appear on the field, making a total of 14 monsters on the field.

Yugi draws, and Silent Swordsman increases to Level 7, 4500 points. Yugi destroys the two Necro Wall tokens with Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician. (Japanese Jounouchi points out that since these are tokens, not monsters, they don't go to the graveyard, they just disappear when destroyed. So they won't return to the field as phantoms.) Yugi can't attack any more, but he plays his Aria From Beyond magic card, which allows him to choose any magic card that has already been removed from the game and reactivate it. He chooses Spirit Sword of Sealing, and uses it to imprison Silent Swordsman. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Silent Swordsman reacting as the sword flies towards him.)

Silent Swordsman

Joey and Téa don't get why Yugi would target his own monster, when Bakura's got a field full of monsters. But Yugi just ends his turn, discarding eleven cards, and gaining another 2200 life points, making his total 5400. But in only one more turn, he'll lose the rest of his cards, and Bakura will win.

Bakura draws, and Silent Magician raises to Level 3, 2500 points. Bakura says he could end his turn now and force Yugi to discard the rest of his deck, but it's more fun watching him squirm. So he summons Necro Jar (Necro Pot) (1100 ATK) and attacks Silent Magician. Necro Jar is destroyed, and Bakura loses 1400 life points, taking him down to 200. Yugi and the others don't get why Bakura would do that. Bakura says it's all part of his master plan. Thanks to Necro Jar's effect, Yugi must discard one card for every 300 points Bakura just lost. Yugi discards four cards, leaving him with only one card in his deck. His life points rise to 6200.

Bakura says, the end is here. Not only the end of their duel, but the end of the world as they know it, as well. With Yugi trapped in the Shadow Realm, the Pharaoh will never defeat Zorc. Bakura summons two more Necro Wall tokens. Now there are twelve monsters on the field, and Yugi has only one card in his deck. Bakura says he knew it all along—without the Pharaoh, Yugi is nothing. The Pharaoh is the King of Games, and Yugi's just a frightened child.

Téa tells Yugi not to listen to Bakura. He can do this. Joey agrees—Bakura's just trying to psyche him out. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Yugi he's a duelist, so he must fight to the end.) Bakura says he's the only one being honest with Yugi, and tells him to think about every important duel he's ever fought. It was the Pharaoh doing all the work.

Yugi wonders if Bakura's right. (Japanese Yugi thinks that he always thought he was with his other self, but really he's just chasing after him.) Suddenly, he sees the palace, with Zorc outside, crushing the remains of the Egyptian Gods. The Pharaoh, on his hands and knees, thinks to Yugi that he can't do this without him. He begs Yugi to help him. (Japanese Pharaoh's thoughts aren't heard here. Instead, Yugi sees the Pharaoh and thinks, no, he won't accept it. He promised his other self he'd find his name. He will help him.)

Yugi returns to himself with a start, then says that the Pharaoh needs him, and this duel is still on. (Japanese Yugi says he won't give up.) Yugi draws, saying that he has one card left, and that's all he needs. Joey tells him, that's the spirit! and Téa tells him to win.

Bakura laughs, and asks Yugi what he expects to do with one card. Yugi looks at his card and smiles. He sacrifices Marshmallon and Silent Magician to summon Gandora the Dragon of Destruction. Bakura watches in shock as the dragon appears on the field. Yugi says the game's not over until the last card is played, and his last card is the one with the power to stop Bakura. Bakura says, but how? He has a field full of monsters, while Yugi only has one.

Yugi activates Gandora's special effect, Boundless Giga Rays, and Bakura screams in horror as all of his monsters are destroyed.

To Be Continued

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