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Episode 215: The Dark One Cometh, Part 1 (Great Dark Lord Zork's Revival)

Bakura and Yugi face off on a stone bridge beneath the Pharaoh's tomb. It all comes down to this, Bakura says. If he defeats him in a duel, Yugi's free to go and tell the Pharaoh his name. But if he loses, he'll go to the Shadow Realm. Yugi protests that he doesn't even have a deck or a Duel Disk—then a Duel Disk forms on his arm, and a deck appears in its slot. (Japanese Bakura explains that their decks will be created from images in their minds. The order of the cards won't be revealed until they draw. Yugi says, images from his mind?)

Bakura says it's been a while since they faced off in a duel. But this time, Yugi doesn't have his alter ego to bail him out. (Japanese Bakura says, Yugi must realize that this is a Dark Game. When one of them runs out of life points, he dies.) Worried, Téa suggests that maybe Yugi shouldn't go through with this. Joey says that Téa's right—not till they know where Tristan is. (Japanese Jounouchi says, wait a minute—what did Bakura do with Honda?) Bakura laughs, remembering when Tristan attacked Thief Bakura, after the Pharaoh's fall. He says that Tristan was weak, and he was able to take over Tristan's mind. (Japanese Bakura says he infiltrated Honda's mind as a spy. Cut from the US version are the same parts of the flashback that were cut when this scene was originally shown.) Téa says that now everything makes sense! Joey asks where Tristan is now. They want their friend back.

Bakura says if they ever want to see Tristan again, they'd better get this game under way. Yugi agrees, and they prepare to duel.

Outside, the dark clouds swirl and rocks begin to fly up to the Millennium Puzzle hanging in the sky. Hasan tells Shada, Shimon, Isis, and Mana to take cover. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Karim's body lying in one of the partially-fallen buildings.)


Remembering Karim, Isis starts to turn back. (Also cut is this shot of Karim's hand as his body sinks beneath the rubble.)


Shimon takes her arm and urges her to hurry. A building starts to fall on them, but Dark Magician Girl comes to their rescue and destroys the wall with a blast of magic.

Thief Bakura stands over them, riding the Millennium Stone like a flying carpet, and tells them that it's hopeless—the age of darkness has arrived. As Diabound rises behind him, he says that If they thought Diabound was frightening, just wait—the Lord of Darkness is here. Then he and Diabound dissolve into red light.

At the RPG, Bakura gestures grandly, telling Yami to behold the mighty Zorc! The RPG table glows red, and they see waves of light emerging from the Millennium Stone and shooting up into the sky. Then bright red light beams down from the clouds, and the Millennium Stone breaks apart, the Millennium Items flying away. The red light strikes the ground, splitting it open, and fire bursts forth.

Amid the fire, the great beast arises. Isis says that it's true—the being responsible for creating the Shadow Realm has crossed over into our world! Mana asks how they stop him, and Shada says that, according to the prophecy, there's only one person who can defeat Zorc—the chosen Pharaoh. (Japanese Isis says, "That's...." Mana asks what's going on, and Shada says, it's the Dark Lord Zork.)

Zorc looms over them, as the skies roil and rocks fly all around. (Zorc's extra serpent-headed appendage has been altered in the US version to look as though it's coming from his stomach. Japanese Zork's serpent comes from between his legs.)

Zorc Zork

RPG Bakura says, checkmate! His most powerful game piece has joined the competition. Now, to wipe Yami's kingdom off the map. He orders Zorc to reduce the land to rubble and envelop Egypt in eternal darkness. Zorc exhales steam between his fangs, and his red eyes glow. RPG Bakura tells Yami that the same force that threatened his homeland five thousand years ago has returned to finish the job!

Isis calls out to Zorc, asking what he wants from them. Zorc replies that ages ago, he created the Shadow Realm, where he has resided for centuries. Now that he has been released, their worlds will converge, and they will be swallowed by darkness. (Again, Zorc's nether regions are covered up in the US version.)

Zorc Zork

Fire shoots from his serpent mouth, as he bids the mortals farewell. Yami watches in horror as the fiery blast aims at Isis and the others. But before it can reach them, Hasan leaps in front of them to protect them. Shimon says that, according to legend, not even Hasan can defend them from the Dark One. Hasan urges them to go and evacuate the kingdom while they still can, and they all mount their horses and ride away, while Hasan holds off Zorc's attack.

Zorc tells Hasan that a protector of Pharaohs is no match for the Lord of Darkness. He doubles his attack, and Hasan is thrown down. Dying, Hasan tells the Pharaoh he has failed him. (As with all the fallen characters, a glow is added around Hasan's body in the US version to make it look as though he's gone to the Shadow Realm, rather than simply dying.)

Hasan Hasan

(This shot of Hasan's body falling limp has also been cut from the US version.)


Back at the duel, Bakura tells Yugi that the Dark One has already begun its rampage—but no need to worry about that. As long as they remain underground, Zorc can't harm them. (Japanese Bakura says they're protected by magic.) But that doesn't mean Yugi's safe from Bakura! Téa and Joey call encouragement to Yugi, who thinks that if they want to help the Pharaoh take down Zorc, then he has to take down Bakura.

Yugi draws, thinking that if he loses this duel, the Pharaoh will never figure out what his real name is, so it all comes down to this. Yugi plays one card face down, then sets a monster in defense and ends his turn.

Bakura says if that's the best move Yugi can come up with, Bakura's already won. Bakura draws, then summons Doomcaliber Knight (Deathcaliber Knight) (1900 ATK) and attacks Yugi's face-down monster. (The shot of Marshmallon being sliced in half is obscured in the US version.)

Marshmallon Marshmallon

But Yugi says Bakura has triggered his monster's special effect—it's called Marshmallon (500 DEF), and when it's attacked, his opponent loses 1000 points. Bakura's life points go down to 3000. As an added bonus, Marshmallon can't be destroyed in battle. The little monster's body slips back together, and it smiles its upside-down smile at Bakura, who asks if that's a monster or a dessert topping. Bakura sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Meanwhile, Isis uses Spiria to observe Zorc, then tells Shada, whom she's riding behind, that Zorc is approaching the kingdom. Shimon, who's riding double with Mana, says they must hurry—it's their duty to protect Egypt at all costs.

Zorc marches across the desert, his footsteps causing the ground to shake. Watching from the ruin, the Pharaoh asks Kaiba if he believes him now. Arms crossed, Kaiba says that for all he knows, this whole thing is a bad dream. The Pharaoh turns to see Seto, still kneeling at Kisara's side. Seto tells Kisara to rest here, and he'll return for her. (Japanese Seto asks Kisara to lend him her power. Cut from the US version is this scene where Seto covers Kisara with a cloth, then stands up.)

Kisara Seto


(Kaiba and the Pharaoh watch, and Seto turns to them, Kisara's shrouded body lying behind him. Seto says, "Pharaoh," and the Pharaoh nods.)

Kaiba and Pharaoh Seto

The Pharaoh asks Kaiba, why doesn't he try telling that to Seto? Kaiba asks if he's supposed to feel bad because some guy who looks like him lost his girlfriend. The Pharaoh tells him to have it his way, and walks away. (The Japanese Pharaoh asks Kaiba what he's going to do, and Kaiba says he's already told the Pharaoh he won't listen to him. The Pharaoh says, whatever.)

The Pharaoh rides away with Seto on his horse. Kaiba walks over to Kisara and stands over her. (Kisara's shrouded body is changed to look like a pile of dirt in the US version.)

Kaiba Kaiba

(And this close-up shot of Kisara's covered face is changed to a shot of glowing Kisara in the US version.)

Kisara Kisara

Kaiba remembers encountering her in the city. Then he turns away and walks off through the swirling sands.

Lightning flashes in the sky, as the panicked citizens of Egypt watch. The palace guards urge them to seek refuge in the palace. The Pharaoh and Seto ride towards the city, noting with approval that the soldiers are already gathering on the hillside, preparing for battle. The troops wheel wooden missiles and stone catapults into position as the Pharaoh and Seto arrive, calling out to Shimon and Shada, who welcome them back. Shada tells them they're just in time, and Isis is grateful to see that Seto is safe. Seto says he wishes he could say the same for his father. (Japanese Seto says he's sorry for worrying them.) Shada asks if Aknadin is still under Bakura's control, and the Pharaoh tells them that Aknadin is in the Shadow Realm now, but he promises Seto that he'll return. (The Japanese Pharaoh says that Aknadin has been destroyed, and Seto is free now.)

The Pharaoh starts forward, about to begin planning for Zorc's attack, when he falters and falls to his knees. Seto catches him, telling him he's too weak for this, and asks to be allowed to lead the soldiers and reclaim his honor. The Pharaoh agrees, telling Seto that he trusts him.

Zorc appears on the horizon, and Seto orders his men to be ready. In the name of the Pharaoh, they shall prevail. (Japanese Seto tells the soldiers to protect their homeland with their lives, for the Pharaoh. These shots are added to the US version.)

Seto Soldiers

(Cut from the US version is this sequence, beginning with a pan across the duel.)

Duel Duel

(Yugi looks at his deck, and thinks that this deck, created from images in his mind, is so different from his real deck.)

Yugi Duel Disk

(He tells his other self to wait for him. He'll defeat Bakura with this deck and bring the Pharaoh his name. Bakura looks at him and smiles.)

Yugi Bakura

(Yugi draws his next card.)

Yugi Yugi

Back at the duel, the score stands at Bakura 3000, Yugi 4000. Yugi draws, then sets a card face down and summons Silent Swordsman (Silent Swordsman LV0) (1000 ATK). (The real card is Silent Swordsman LV3, and it's a Level 3 monster, rather than Level 4, as in the show. All of the Silent Swordsman monsters used in the show are somewhat different from their real counterparts.) Joey is confused—first that Marshmallon thing, and now this? What kind of freak deck is Yugi playing with? Téa hopes it's not one Bakura picked. (Japanese Jounouchi says he's never seen these cards before. Anzu says Yugi's deck is different.) Bakura wonders what sort of strategy Yugi is planning with these weak monsters. (Japanese Bakura thinks, he thought Yugi would keep defending with Marshmallon. But Yugi summoned a weak monster. What's he planning?)

Yugi activates his face-down magic card, Marshmallon Glasses, and places them on Bakura's Knight. Now the only monster it can attack is Marshmallon, but that monster can't be destroyed. Yugi says his life points are safe.

Only if he remains in defense mode, Bakura says, which he won't. Bakura draws, and smiles at his new card. He tells Yugi that without the Pharaoh controlling his every move, he doesn't stand a chance, and plays the magic card, Negate Defense, forcing Marshmallon into attack mode (300 ATK). Then Doomcaliber Knight attacks it, reducing Yugi's life points to 2400. Marshmallon reassembles itself, and Bakura places a card face down and ends his turn.

Zorc continues his march towards Egypt, with angry spirits swirling around his feet. Seto tells his men to have patience—wait until they see the "reds" of his eyes. As Zorc approaches, Seto gives the command to fire, and the wooden missiles are launched. They strike Zorc, but seem to have no effect on him. Then the catapults fire, but the stones likewise do no damage. Seto tells his men not to give up—Zorc is but one beast against a great army. Then Zorc responds with a wave of his clawed fist that sends a huge shockwave towards the Egyptian army. (This shot of the Egyptian troops being blasted is cut from the US version.)


At the RPG, Yami says, enough! But Bakura says things are just getting interesting. The Millennium Puzzle hanging over the table begins to sway, and red electricity buzzes around the table. Yami asks what's going on, as the Shadow stuff around them clears to reveal scenes of devastation around the world. Bakura says that the events of the past are beginning to affect the present. If the world was destroyed five thousand years ago, he explains, then the world of today would cease to exist. Yami protests that Bakura can't do this, but Bakura says he already has. As soon as Zorc covers ancient Egypt in darkness, he'll have completed what he began centuries ago. This Shadow Game is the crossroads of time, where the past and the future meet, and before it's through, Bakura will have destroyed both. And none of it was possible without Yami, who allowed Bakura to reunite with the Dark One. Now the Shadow Realm has been unlocked, and the darkness has been released. (Japanese Bakura says that it seems that the world of the Dark Game is affecting the real world. It really is the ultimate Dark Game. Events have developed beyond his expectations. This is perfect—he'd intended to find out Yami's real name as the eighth key to bring Zork into the real world, but this saves him the effort. The real world and the world of the Dark Game are now the same. He'll bury everyone in darkness. Yami thinks that he must seal Zork away again.)

Zorc's attacks tear up the ground at the army's feet. (This shot of the red lightning striking the troops is cut from the US version.)


Shada says, he's just too strong! The Pharaoh tells Seto that they must retreat and regroup. Seto agrees, and orders his men to the palace.

In the present day, Zorc's attacks rebound, causing a hurricane in Domino square that shatters the glass in the clock, and blows Weevil across the ground, shouting that his deck is being blown away, while Rex hangs onto a lamppost, saying that they've got bigger problems. (Japanese Haga yells, "Help me, Mommy!" and Ryuuzaki cries out that he doesn't want to die.) Bakura laughs madly, saying that Yami spent years trying to save the world, only to lose now. Yami insists this fight is far from over. (Japanese Bakura says, more, more! Destroy everything! Yami says, Bakura, you...!)

Back at the duel, it's Yugi's move. He draws, and his Silent Swordsman grows from a Level 0 to Level 1, with 1500 attack points. (The real Silent Swordsman cards are LV3, LV5, and LV7, with attacks of 1000, 2300, and 2800 points, respectively.) Bakura thinks, it doesn't matter. Even with a few extra attack points, Yugi's scrawny Swordsman doesn't stand a chance against his Doomcaliber Knight. (Japanese Bakura realizes that Silent Swordsman grows stronger each turn. Yugi thinks that Silent Swordsman now has 1500 attack points—still not strong enough to destroy Deathcaliber Knight. So....)

Yugi starts to play another card, but Bakura tells him to hold on, and activates his trap, Call of the Earthbound. This allows Bakura to force Silent Swordsman to do battle with any monster he chooses. Then he activates his second trap, Zoma the Spirit, which turns into a monster with 500 defense points. Bakura makes Silent Swordsman attack Zoma.

Joey says that Bakura's new monster is weaker than Yugi's Swordsman, so why would he force Yugi to attack it? Bakura tells them to just watch. Zoma dissipates under Silent Swordsman's attack, then reforms into a new monster that has the ability to strike back, attacking Yugi directly with twice the attack strength of the Swordsman. Since Silent Swordsman has 1500 attack points, Yugi will lose 3000 life points. Téa says that Yugi doesn't have that many life points! And Joey adds that when Bakura's monster attacks, Yugi will lose the duel.

Bakura says he hears the Shadow Realm is lovely this time of year (Japanese Bakura says that this is the purpose of his trap combo, and tells Yugi to die), and the transformed Zoma attacks. But Yugi says his trip's been postponed, and activates his face-down magic card, Turn Jump, which allows him to stop the attack by skipping over the Battle Phase of this turn. Not only that, Yugi's Silent Swordsman jumps to Level 4, increasing his attack to 3000 points. Bakura is horrified, as Yugi orders his powered-up Swordsman to attack, destroying Doomcaliber Knight and reducing Bakura's life points to 1900.

Joey says, one more. Téa asks, one more? And Yugi agrees, one more. (Japanese Jounouchi says that's great, and Anzu says, "Yugi!") Yugi orders Marshmallon to attack Bakura directly, and the vicious little cream puff bites Bakura's stomach, for another 300 points of damage. (Marshmallon's attack has a glow added in the US version.)

Marshmallon Marshmallon

Bakura's down to 1600 life points. Joey laughs, asking if Bakura wants "s'more."

Téa watches wide-eyed, thinking that this is probably the toughest duel Yugi's ever fought. Usually, the Pharaoh steps in and takes over, but now Yugi's doing it on his own, with his own deck. She grins and tells Yugi to go get him! Bakura grumbles that that little twit has no idea what he has in store.

Zorc strides towards the palace, where the Pharaoh and his guardians have gathered. Shimon says he's afraid the Dark One is too powerful for an army of mere mortals to defeat. The only way to face a supernatural threat is to use a supernatural army. As Zorc stops before the palace, Seto tells the Sacred Guardians to summon their most powerful monsters. Mana brings forth Dark Magician Girl, and Isis calls upon Spiria. Shada summons Two-Headed Jackal Warrior, and Seto activates Duos.

Zorc tells them that their meek warriors are powerless against him, and his red eyes glow. Seto calls for Duos' Aura Sword, and Shada orders Two-Headed Jackal Warrior's Battle Axe. Dark Magician Girl uses Dark Burning Attack, and the three monsters attack Zorc, but their efforts have no effect. Zorc says that their feeble attempts at combat insult him, and counterattacks. (This shot of the army being blown away is cut from the US version.)


Zorc sweeps all the monsters away with one blow. Seto cries out that Zorc is invincible! The Pharaoh says that everything has a weakness.

At the RPG, Bakura says he was hoping for more of a challenge. After all, conquering Zorc didn't seem to be too much of a problem for the Pharaoh the first time around. It appears that Yami's lost his touch. (Japanese Bakura says that such a one-sided game isn't much fun. He expected more from Yami. It's time to end it now.) Zorc's attack blasts towards the Pharaoh. Bakura says, "Farewell." (Japanese Bakura says, "The End.")

Shada has leapt in front of the Pharaoh, protecting him from the attack. (These shots of Shada lying on the ground, with the Pharaoh beside him, are cut from the US version.)

Shada and Pharaoh Shada

(The Pharaoh calls out to Shada to wake up.)


Shada falls, telling the Pharaoh farewell. (A glow is added around Shada in the US version.)

Shada Shada

(Also cut is this shot of the Pharaoh closing Shada's eyes.)


Bakura tells Yami that another of his mindless minions goes to the Shadow Realm. Yami says Shada is his friend, but Bakura says, was his friend. Shada won't be too much use to him any more. But, Bakura says, the Pharaoh will be joining him shortly—they all will. In moments, darkness will blanket the entire world. (Japanese Bakura says that the Pharaoh's loyal servants have saved him, but it will only cause him more suffering. Bakura tells Yami to give up—his chance of winning is zero.)

The Pharaoh speaks Shada's name, then stands up, fist clenched, staring fiercely up at Zorc. He tells Shada that his actions will not be in vain. He will defeat this menace. (The Japanese Pharaoh wonders if he has no chance.)

At the duel, Bakura tells Yugi that the Pharaoh must be knee-deep in darkness by now—and the only thing that can save him is locked down here! (There's no dialog in the Japanese, only Yugi staring fiercely at Bakura.)

To Be Continued

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