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Episode 17: Arena of Lost Souls - Part I (Terror! Call of the Living Dead)

Joey is running frantically through the fog, pursued by the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He stumbles and falls, and the dragon looms over him. He turns and sees a huge Kaiba looking down at him, and tells Kaiba to call off his dragon. But Kaiba just taunts Joey, calling him a little puppy dog, cringing in fear. Joey protests that he's not afraid of Kaiba, but Kaiba says"Bad dog!" and tells him to sit. Joey finds himself in a dog suit crouching at Kaiba's feet, and he begins to whine like a scolded puppy. (Japanese Kaiba repeats what he said after their duel, telling Jounouchi that he'll be too frightened to duel any more, and calling him a loser [makeinu]. Jounouchi says, "Loser?" and Kaiba says over and over, "You're a loser." In the Japanese, the kanji for "lose" [make(ru)] is on the back of Jounouchi's dog suit.)

The fog clears away and Joey's whimpering in his sleep, crouched under a bush. (This sparkly transition is cut from the US version.)

A drop of dew falls on his face and wakes him—it was all a dream. Angry with Kaiba for humiliating him, he says, they'll see who eats the dog chow on this island! (Japanese Jounouchi says he's not a loser!) He jumps up, telling everyone to wake up. (The graphic, which reads, "Duelist Kingdom, Tournament Second Day," is removed from the US version.)

They ask him what's wrong, but Joey says nothing's wrong—it's a brand new day, and he's eager to duel. Tristan says he doesn't need to yell about it. (Japanese Yugi tells Jounouchi he's in high spirits today. Jounouchi says yes, it's the second day of the tournament. They'd better get out there and collect Star Chips right away, so they can get to Pegasus' castle.)

Téa emerges from the bushes, carrying Mai's backpack. The guys say good morning, and Joey asks where Mai is. Téa says Mai had to go, but she left Yugi a note. It reads, "I owe you eight Star Chips," and is sealed with a kiss. Yugi blushes like a little girl. (Mai's note gets turns into a bunch of smudges in the US version. How the heck can Yugi read it?)

Tristan thinks Yugi can kiss those chips goodbye, but Yugi's not so sure. Maybe they can trust Mai. Joey announces that they're still the team supreme, and everyone agrees. (Japanese Yugi says that Mai decided to go on alone. Jounouchi asks if everyone's ready, then says, "Let's go!" His graphic reads, "Jounouchi: 4 Stars.")

(And Yugi's says, "Yugi: 6 Stars.")

As the gang walk along through the woods, Bakura wonders how many duelists are left on the island. Joey says they shipped a couple dozen home yesterday. Téa says even more will have been eliminated by now. Yugi notes that some of them were really good duelists with powerful cards. They could be next. (Japanese Anzu says that the Player Killers must have eliminated some of the duelists, and Yugi says that half of the original forty participants are probably out.) Tristan points out that those other guys just wanted the prize—Yugi and Joey have a lot more at stake. Yugi agrees, but says that the duelists they face today will be even stronger because they survived the first round. (Japanese Honda tells Jounouchi he'd better be careful, and Yugi says, yes, but they can't go too slowly, or they'll run out of time. Then he says that the duelists that survived the first day will be stronger.) Joey pauses, repeating, even stronger? Tristan teases him, warning Yugi to watch what he says—Joey's shaking in his sneakers. Joey puts up his fists, saying he's not a scared little puppy dog, and he and Tristan are about to get into it, when Téa tells them to break it up. Joey says to bring on any duelist, and he'll cream him! Yugi encourages Joey, saying he has to believe in himself.

On a hill nearby, three duelists are watching our gang, picking out their next victims. One guy, Bonz (Ghost Kotsuzuka), says he wants Joey. The guy next to him says if Bonz likes them tall, skinny, and stupid, Joey fits the bill. The other guy agrees that Bonz will demolish Joey. (Japanese Kotsuzuka asks, what about those guys? The guy next to him says that it appears that two of them are duelists.)

Sid asks who these guys are, and Zigor, the one with the binoculars, tells him to keep his shirt on while he focuses. Sid says he doesn't know who the others are, but he thinks that little runt is that Yugi kid. Zigor says that Yugi's the one who beat Kaiba, and they rush off to tell the boss—who turns out to be Bandit Keith. They say they found two duelists—one's just a stupid git, but the other one is Yugi, the kid who beat Kaiba. Everyone figures him to make it all the way to Pegasus' castle.

Bandit Keith says he's heard of Yugi—he's supposed to be a tough little squirt. (Japanese Bandit Keith says he's never heard of Yugi, but they're the ones who are going to make it to the castle.) Zigor agrees, saying they've never seen him duel. How do they know how good Yugi really is? Sid says no one's going to Pegasus' castle except them, because they're teamed up with the most brilliant duelist on the island. Bandit Keith says that's right, so if they want to win the tournament, they'll shut up and let Bandit Keith do all their thinking for them. That's fine with Zigor, who agrees that Keith has all the brains. He's just the muscle. Sid says they'll hammer any duelist who gets in their way.

Bandit Keith turns towards the castle, thinking that it will soon be payback time for the way Pegasus humiliated him at the Intercontinental Championship. He remembers their duel, when Pegasus scribbled some notes and called over a kid from the audience to duel for him. Following the instructions Pegasus had written down, the kid won the duel. Bandit Keith thinks that Pegasus may have defeated him, but nobody makes a fool out of Bandit Keith.

He turns back to his minions, telling them to take "the dweeb" (Joey) out first.

Back with the gang, Joey thinks he hears someone following them. Téa tells him he's being paranoid, and Tristan says Joey's been acting hyper ever since he woke up that morning, and asks what's eating him. (Japanese Jounouchi says they haven't seen any other duelists yet. Anzu wonders if they've wandered too far. Honda says it's because there are fewer duelists now. It will take time to find them.) Joey insists they're being stalked, and he runs off to try to find out what it is. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi tells everyone to wait for him while he runs off to pee. In the US, our cartoon boys do not have such bodily functions, apparently.) Sid and Zigor are nearby, watching from the bushes, chuckling evilly to themselves.

Meanwhile, Bandit Keith is leading Bonz through some caves to a hidden dueling arena. Bats fly over them and Bonz freaks out, but Bandit Keith says Bonz ought to feel at home down there. It's dark and dank and really creepy, just like Bonz. Then he asks Bonz if he loaded up his deck with zombie cards. Bonz says he did, and Bandit Keith takes Bonz's deck to check it out. He says it's good but it could use some brute force, and opens his vest to reveal a dozen hidden pockets full of cards, saying he's got enough power to build the strongest deck in Duel Monsters history.

Presently, Bandit Keith says it's time to move on to the graveyard. It's a perfect arena for Bonz, he says, handing Bonz back his deck. With all these new zombie cards, Bonz can't lose. Bonz says he won't let his boss down, and Keith says he'd better not, or he'll find himself in a world of hurt. He slaps Bonz on the shoulder to make his point, and Bonz falls into a pile of skulls, scaring the bejabbers out of him. (In the US it's made to look as though Bandit Keith smacks Bonz deliberately as a warning, but in the Japanese it looks more like Bandit Keith is giving him an encouraging slap, which sends him flying because he's such a tiny little guy.) Bonz goes all goggle-eyed, tossing a skull into the air, which Bandit Keith catches, saying Bonz's face is scarier than this old thing. (Japanese Bandit Keith tells Kotsuzuka not to be so scared—the skull's a fake.) He tosses it aside and walks away, leaving Bonz to run after him.

Joey's washing his hands in a waterfall, saying to himself that maybe Téa was right and all he heard was the waterfall (Japanese Jounouchi says he feels better now), when Zigor sneaks up behind him. (Cut from the US version is the scene where Jounouchi asks Zigor who he is, then Zigor punches Jounouchi in the stomach and knocks him down. Sid and Zigor stand over Joey, laughing.)

Joey wakes up down in the caves with Zigor laughing in his face. He asks where they are, but Zigor only says that the boss wants him. Suddenly, he's raised up on a dueling platform, to find himself in Dueling Arena Number 13, a spooky graveyard arena covered in gravestones and crosses, lit by candles. He freaks when he sees a tombstone on the other side of the arena—then freaks even more when Bonz rises up behind it, welcoming him to the Arena of Lost Souls. Abandon hope, Bonz tells him—no duelist gets out of here alive. Joey screams, a ghost!

The gang are beginning to get worried about Joey. Yugi says he's been gone an awfully long time, and Téa wonders if he got lost. Yugi doesn't think so, but Joey could have been challenged to a duel. Tristan bets that's it. He thinks he got on Joey's case a little too hard about being scared, so now Joey's gone off to fight a duel all by himself. (Japanese Honda wonders if Jounouchi went off to collect more Star Chips in secret. He says Jounouchi'd do something like that.) Bakura suggests they split up and try to find him. Yugi and Téa go one way, while Tristan and Bakura go the other.

Down in the cave, Bonz continues with the spooky psyche-out, telling Joey that this arena will be his graveyard. Sid and Zigor laugh—Bonz has Joey so scared, he's fainted on his feet. Bandit Keith tells Zigor to wake him up, so Zigor tosses a skull at Joey's head. While Joey clutches his head, Bonz tells him that the ghosts are all around him. There's no escape from his fear. Joey admits that he was afraid, but not of the graveyard. It was Bonz's creepy face that gave him the willies. Slapping his knee, Bandit Keith laughs that Joey has a point, and Zigor says that Bonz even spooks him out. Bonz tells them to stop laughing at him, then asks Joey if they're going to duel, or just stand around talking.

Joey protests that he never agreed to this duel, but Bandit Keith tells him he doesn't have any choice. Joey looks around, saying there has to be some way out of this. Keith says if he wants out, he can hand over all his Star Chips and crawl away like a scared little puppy dog. Joey remembers his bad dream, with Kaiba telling him to sit at his master's feet, and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon looming over him. If he runs away from this, he will be a scared little puppy dog—so he'll just have to win. (This part was switched around the US version. In the Japanese, Jounouchi slams down his Star Chips first, then thinks to himself that if he doesn't fight, he will be a loser.) He wagers all four of his Star Chips, and the duel begins.

Zigor tells Bonz to put Joey away with a zombie card. Joey suddenly gets what they're up to, and Bonz explains that the arena is one big graveyard field, so all his zombie cards will get a field power bonus.

Meanwhile, Tristan and Bakura search for Joey. Yugi stops by the waterfall where Joey was jumped by Sid and Zigor, saying that Joey's not there. Téa wonders where he could be—if he were fighting a duel, they'd be able to see the arena. He seems to have just vanished. Yugi's worried.

Joey faces Bonz, determined but tense. Bonz starts to play a zombie card (it's Snake Hair), but Bandit Keith stops him, telling him to play the card on the far left instead. It's Zanki (Armored Warrior Zanki)—not a zombie card—and Bonz doesn't want to play it, but Keith insists. Sid and Zigor urge Bonz to do what Keith says. Joey protests—what is this, dueling by committee? Bonz reluctantly follows Bandit Keith's orders and summons Zanki (1500 ATK) in attack mode.

Joey summons Axe Raider (1700 ATK) and destroys Zanki, taking Bonz down to 1800 life points. Bonz asks Keith why he made him play that lame card. He says that if that had been one of his zombie cards, he could have clobbered Joey. Joey crows a little, asking Bonz where all his spooky chatter is now. Whatever Bonz's next card is, Joey's ready.

Bonz thinks he'd better play a zombie card this time but, again, Bandit Keith instructs Bonz to play a non-zombie card, the Crawling Dragon (Dragon that Crawls on the Ground) (1200 DEF). Bonz thinks that as soon as he plays it Joey will obliterate it, just like last time. Bandit Keith tells Bonz to be patient—they're working on a strategy. He reminds Bonz that no duelist has ever beaten Bandit Keith without cheating. Bonz plays his monster face down in defense. It, too, is destroyed by Axe Raider.

Once more, Bandit Keith orders Bonz to play a non-zombie card, Crass Clown (Murder Circus)—and this time, he tells Bonz not to put it in defense. If Joey can't see Bonz's monster, Keith says, he might hesitate to attack. Bonz grumbles under his breath, but summons Crass Clown (1350 ATK). Joey asks if that's the best he's got, then summons his Flame Swordsman (1800 ATK) to destroy it. Bonz's life points are down to 1350, and Joey thinks he's got Bonz on the run, and he's going to keep it that way. There's too much riding on this duel for him to blow it. His sister, Serenity is counting on him, so he's going to chase Bonz right out of his own graveyard! (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that Yugi has been helping him up until now, and he's very grateful for it, but now he's winning by himself. Serenity is added to the shot in the US version.)

(He'll prove to Kaiba that he's not a loser.)

Now what? Bonz wonders. Bandit Keith tells him to relax—he's already got this duel won. Joey taunts Bonz, asking if he can't fight the duel on his own. Maybe his coach would like to take Joey on. Bandit Keith just laughs, telling Joey he needs a lesson in strategy.

Bonz draws, then smiles, telling Bandit Keith he'd totally forgotten about this magic card. Now he understands. Bandit Keith tells him to lay it down, and Bonz plays the Call of the Haunted (Call of the Living Dead). (The real card is a trap card, and the card in the US version has the red background of a trap card, but in the Japanese version, it's a magic card with a green background.)

Call of the Haunted brings all the monsters in Bonz's graveyard back as zombies with the power of immortality. (The real Call of the Haunted allows the player to bring back one monster from the graveyard. And it doesn't turn it into a zombie or make it immortal.) Joey watches in horror as Bonz's monsters crawl back up from the ground.

Téa finds a wallet on the ground, which Tristan recognizes as Joey's. Inside it is a picture of Joey's sister, Serenity. Tristan says Joey would never be careless enough to lose that. He's beginning to suspect foul play. Then they notice the cave entrance nearby. They all run to investigate, saying they don't like the look of this.

They stop just inside the entrance, where they find coffins standing on either side of the cave. Yugi warns that it could be some kind of trap. Bakura and Téa go to investigate, while Yugi says he wouldn't touch them, and Tristan tells them to be careful. Téa says not to be silly, but then chains start to rattle and the coffins open up, revealing skeletons inside which pop out and start chasing her and Bakura around. Much girly screaming ensues, until Tristan smashes the one chasing Bakura and Yugi manages to knock down the other. Tristan remarks that Pegasus sure has a sick sense of humor.

Joey now faces all three of Bonz's monsters, brought back from the grave as zombies. And as zombies, they all gain a field power bonus from the graveyard. Armored Zombie's attack rises to 1950, Dragon Zombie's to 2080, and Clown Zombie's to 1755, while their defense points all become zero. Bonz orders Dragon Zombie to attack Axe Raider. Joey tries to fight back, but Axe Raider's attack has no effect on it. (The shot of Axe Raider's axe splitting Dragon Zombie in half is obscured in the US version.)

Axe Raider is destroyed. The other zombies prepare to gang up on the Flame Swordsman, while Joey wonders what he'll do now. Nothing can kill those monsters! He blew it—he's dead meat.

To Be Continued

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