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Episode 27: Champion vs. Creator - Part II (Kaiba Falls! Invincible Toon World)

Yugi tells the others that Pegasus's Millennium Eye somehow lets Pegasus see all the cards in Kaiba's hand. Mai's skeptical, but Joey wonders how anyone can win against that kind of power. Yugi says not to count Kaiba out just yet—he may be behind now, but he didn't get to be world champion without learning a few comeback tricks. (In the Japanese, Bakura thinks, that's the power of the Millennium Eye. Yugi says there must be a way to defeat Pegasus. Kaiba must find it.)

Kaiba thinks this is absurd—it's as if Pegasus can see his cards before he plays them. Shaking his head, he protests to himself that that's impossible. He tells himself he just needs to trust his old skills. He draws, but he doesn't have anything in his hand that can stand against the powered up Dark Rabbit, so he plays a monster face down in defense, to join his Rude Kaiser, and ends his turn.

Pegasus draws, then asks Kaiba if he liked watching cartoons in his youth. Kaiba just glares at Pegasus, who sadly says that Kaiba is even more cold-hearted than he thought. For Pegasus, cartoons were the absolute best. He goes on to rhapsodize about his favorite cartoon rabbit, Funny Bunny (Funny Rabbit), who was forever evading Ruff Ruff McDogg and his long paw of the law! (Japanese Pegasus says the bouncing cartoon characters were quite wonderful. Ever since those days, they've been his friends. In his heart, they are still running around.) Angrily, Kaiba tells Pegasus to just make his move, and Pegasus says that is his move—and he plays the magic card Toon World. (Japanese Kaiba says, "So what?" Pegasus says his cartoons would never betray him, and tells Kaiba to let him treat him to that world, then he plays Toon World. The title "Toon World" is removed from the book in the US version.)

The gang look on in confusion, Téa saying Toon World looks like some kid's pop-up book. Joey says he's never even heard of this wacky card. Yugi thinks it sounds familiar—and then Tristan notices that Pegasus's Dark Rabbit has disappeared. Kaiba asks if that's the magic of Toon World—now Pegasus can make his creatures disappear? Pegasus tells Kaiba that his Dark Rabbit has gone to live in his new home, and as soon as Pegasus closes the book, its bindings can't be penetrated by anything. But first, he sends Dark Rabbit (2200 ATK) to attack Kaiba's defense monster, Battle Ox (1000 DEF), destroying it. Then, after making rude faces at Kaiba, Dark Rabbit retreats into Toon World's pages. Pegasus taunts Kaiba, saying that maybe the next time Dark Rabbit comes out, Kaiba can attack him.

Kaiba calls Pegasus a coward, and Téa exclaims that that's not fair! Yugi says Pegasus will keep doing this the entire duel. (Japanese Yugi says that Kaiba can't attack.)

Kaiba looks at his cards in desperation. He can't attack, so he sets a card face-down. Saying it's time to show off more Toon power, Pegasus plays the Blue-Eyes White Dragon he took from Kaiba. The mighty dragon rises on the field—then gets sucked up into the pages of Toon World. When it emerges, it's been turned into the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon (3000 ATK), a cute little cartoon dragon. Kaiba's furious, growling that Pegasus has stripped the dragon of his pride, but Pegasus says he's converted the Blue-Eyes to his supreme form—and made him look much more cuddly.

Joey says that of all the things Blue-Eyes is, cuddly isn't one of them! For once, Yugi says, he thinks Kaiba would agree. Farther along the balcony, Bandit Keith thinks, let's see the world champ get out of this!

Pegasus orders the Toon Dragon to attack Rude Kaiser (1600 DEF), and the dragon easily destroys Kaiba's monster. Pegasus says, how embarrassing—a world champion blasted by a caricature of his own most trusted beast! How did that happen? (Japanese Pegasus says he feels the anger coming from inside Kaiba's heart.)

Kaiba says he doesn't know how Pegasus is cheating, but his underhanded dueling tactics have gone on long enough. He lays down his hand, saying that if Pegasus can see his cards, he'll abandon them. If he can't see what he's playing, perhaps Pegasus can't, either.

Yugi says it's a gutsy move, and Tristan asks how Yugi thinks Pegasus is cheating. (Japanese Yugi says, "Kaiba-kun!" Honda says Kaiba's acting crazy.) Joey thinks maybe Pegasus has some hidden cameras set up in here—he wouldn't put anything past that sleazy slimeball. He adds that now that Kaiba's not even looking at his cards, he has to trust more in the heart of the cards, if he's going to have any chance of rescuing his brother. (Japanese Jounouchi says, no, he understands how Kaiba must feel. He's staking everything on his next card he draws. He really trusts his deck. He's shouldering a heavy burden, to make him do it this way.) Mai's impressed, thinking that Joey's come a long way since their first duel. Yugi says, here he goes!

Kaiba draws, saying he puts all his faith in this card. He plays it without looking at it—and it's another Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000 ATK)! Mai says it's incredible—that's got to be the luckiest draw she's ever seen. Tristan says he thinks that draw was more about faith than luck, and Joey agrees, saying that Kaiba listened to his heart, and it paid off for him big time. (Japanese Honda says that the cards have responded to Kaiba's heart's desire. Jounouchi says he hates to admit it, but Kaiba is really a first-rate duelist.)

Kaiba says Pegasus' card prophesying has failed him, and now his Toon Dragon will fail him as well. Pegasus just smiles, and Joey says he's never seen a monster go up against a wigged-out version of itself before. Normally, Yugi thinks that normally, this would end in a draw, but he doesn't know all the rules to Toon World, so he can't be sure. Pegasus applauds, saying this is going to be such fun! A Blue-Eyes attacking its Toon counterpart? There's no end to the zany antics that could ensue from this! Angrily, Kaiba says this isn't one of Pegasus' afterschool cartoons—the Toon Dragon won't escape from this. (Japanese Kaiba says Pegasus has turned his Blue-Eyes White Dragon, his pride, into an unbearable sight. He won't forgive Pegasus for this.) Pegasus fans himself with his cards, saying, oh no!

Mai says something's not right here, and Joey agrees—it's Pegasus. Pegasus chuckles as Kaiba orders his Blue-Eyes to attack. (These scenes are switched around in the US version. In the Japanese, Kaiba orders his attack immediately after Pegasus waves his cards like a fan, then we see the gang, with Mai saying that the Toon Dragon is evading the attack, and Jounouchi saying, has he missed? Then we see Pegasus chuckle.) The Toon Dragon easily evades the attack, its Toon body stretching away from the Blue-Eyes' White Lightning bolts. Kaiba says, no way! Joey asks, what was that? and Mai says, that Toon just stretched out of the way. Pegasus tells Kaiba he should have watched more cartoons—the cuddliest creature never gets hit. In 3013 episodes of Funny Bunny, Ruff Ruff McDogg never laid a paw on the cuddly hero. Such a clever little rabbit! And his creatures will employ the same cleverness—as long as Toon World is out, all his creatures will be just as hard to attack as the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon.

Yugi says Kaiba will get creamed if all of his opponents are nothing but Toons. Joey says this isn't fair—just because Pegasus invented the game, doesn't mean he should be able to use some super card that no one knows about. Mai asks Yugi if he ever heard of Toon World, and he says all he knows is that the card was never put into circulation, because it was too powerful. Pegasus must have the only one. Joey mutters that that sounds real fair. Téa asks how anyone can beat Pegasus when he has cards like that at his disposal?

Pegasus asks, where were they? Ah yes, it's his turn. He thinks that he can no longer look through Kaiba's eyes at his hand, but perhaps he can look elsewhere. A duelist of Kaiba's experience has long since memorized his entire deck, so he doesn't need to look through Kaiba's eyes to see what cards he keeps—he simply needs to look through Kaiba's mind. Pegasus next plays the magic card, Shine Palace, which raises the Toon Dragon's attack by 500 points. (The real card, which was only released in Japan, raises the ATK of a Light monster by 700.) Kaiba says, that won't bring this story to an end, but Pegasus begs to differ. He thinks he's just written the final chapter of Kaiba's defeat. The light energy the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon absorbs from Shine Palace makes him stronger than Kaiba's Blue-Eyes. The little dragon's biceps pump up and explode like volcanoes, and its attack rises to 3500. [Note: It's at this point that my Hong Kong DVD of the Japanese episode ends. I am doing the rest of the comparison from an .avi of the raw episode, so notes on the dialog will be limited to what I can figure out without any subtitles.]

Mai says she's no cartoon expert, but exploding volcano biceps have to be bad. (Japanese Mai says the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon's attack is now greater than Kaiba's Blue-Eyes.) The Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon attacks, but Kaiba activates his trap card, Negate Attack, stopping the Toon Dragon's attack. Yugi says, so that was the card Kaiba played two turns back! Pegasus thinks it was a clever move, but the defensive magic of Negate Attack only lasts for one turn, while his Toon Dragon will endure. (Japanese Pegasus says that, of course, he knew what Kaiba's set card was. But its effect only lasts for one turn, so it won't protect Kaiba next time.)

It's Kaiba's turn, and as he reaches for his next card, he thinks that he's bought some time, but he won't be able to block that Toon Dragon's attack again. He has to destroy that comic monstrosity now, or he'll not only lose the duel, but he'll lose his only chance to win his brother's soul back. He has to trust in his deck, for the both of them. (I think Japanese Kaiba asks Mokuba to draw with him.) A vision of Mokuba appears, his hand reaching out with Kaiba's for his deck. Kaiba draws a magic card, Shadow Spell, which he plays. (Shadow Spell gets a slight redesign in the US version. The real card is a trap card.)

Shadow Spell wraps the Toon Dragon in chains, preventing it from attacking and lowering its attack by 700 points, to 2800. Pegasus grumbles to himself, how dare Kaiba shackle a free and wondrous spirit like his Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon! Kaiba will pay for interrupting his fun. (Japanese Pegasus thinks that Kaiba drew the one card that could defeat his Toon monsters.)

Kaiba attacks with his Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Trapped by its chains, the Toon Dragon is unable to evade the attack, and it's destroyed. Pegasus' life points go down to 1200.

Yugi cheers, saying Kaiba sent that Toon Dragon back to the drawing board! Mai says, he pulled it off—impressive! Kaiba asks if Pegasus now realizes that nothing will stop him from rescuing his brother, even destroying his own Blue-Eyes.

Pegasus says Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragons mean so much to him, don't they? As creator of Duel Monsters, he's touched by Kaiba's devotion. He draws, asking when Kaiba will learn that the same devotion is not returned by the Blue-Eyes? (Japanese Pegasus thanks Kaiba, saying that he wanted him to do that.) He plays Dragon Capture Jar. (The Dragon Capture Jar card is a trap card, but it's played as a monster, with 100 ATK and 200 DEF.)

Laughing, Pegasus says this will make two Blue-Eyes White Dragons he's stolen from Kaiba—how Kaiba must hate him! Kaiba's Blue-Eyes is sealed in the jar. As Kaiba seethes, Pegasus says that the Blue-Eyes' defense is transferred to his Dragon Capture Jar. The Jar's defense rises to 2700.

Kaiba thinks, he can't let Pegasus steal another of his dragons. He needs to find a way to destroy the Jar. He draws, grimaces, then sets a monster in defense.

For his turn, Pegasus plays a magic card face down, and then plays the Dragon Piper (1800 DEF) in defense mode. Yugi says that could only mean one thing, and Kaiba says Pegasus is planning to take the Blue-Eyes White Dragon under his control. Pegasus laughs, saying that Kaiba read his mind. Soon he'll make the dragon a Toon, just like he did Kaiba's other Blue-Eyes, and then the fun will begin all over again!

Kaiba summons Swordstalker (2000 ATK) and attacks the Dragon Piper, but Pegasus activates his face-down magic card, Doppelganger (Copycat), which he says can copy any card on the field. (Doppelganger has also been given a slight redesign in the US version.)

He uses it to copy Kaiba's Crush Card (although the Crush Card isn't on the field, it's in the graveyard) and uses it to infect his Dragon Piper. (The real Crush Card can only be activated by tributing a Dark monster with an ATK of 1000 or less. Dragon Piper is a Fire monster.) But Kaiba's already declared an attack on Dragon Piper, Yugi says—Kaiba's Swordstalker will be charging right into a trap. Pegasus says, it's too late for Kaiba to do a single thing about it.

Yugi calls out to Kaiba to call off his attack—it's a trap! Pegasus says it's worse than a trap, it's a virus. It incapacitates every one of Kaiba's monsters with more than 1500 attack points, including the ones in his deck. Kaiba watches in horror as his deck is decimated by his own virus. Pegasus tells him that's what he gets when he stacks his deck with monster cards that all have more than 1500 attack points.

Joey can't believe it! Kaiba's getting done in by the same card he tried to beat Yugi with. Yugi says this can't be it! Téa says that Crush Card totally obliterated Kaiba's deck. Kaiba stares at his deck, saying that all of his cards are gone. He only has one card left that the virus didn't affect, so it's the only card he can play. He uses Monster Reborn to revive Saggi the Dark Clown (600 ATK).

Pegasus taunts Kaiba, saying it's Kaiba's last move and he's going to use it reviving a clown? Oh, yeah, it's the best Kaiba can do with the virus affecting his deck. Kaiba sees Mokuba in his mind, and tells his brother that he tried his very best. (Japanese Kaiba asks Mokuba to forgive him.)

Pegasus tells Kaiba that his best failed him. He summons Bickuribox (Devil Box) (2300 ATK), which bounces out of Toon World with a scythe and attacks Kaiba's monster. Kaiba asks Mokuba to forgive him, and says he's so sorry. He closes his eyes as Bickuribox destroys Saggi. Pegasus tells Kaiba that since there are no more cards he can play, he loses.

And Kaiba's lost much more than a duel, Pegasus adds. He's lost his only chance to rescue his baby brother. But Pegasus tells Kaiba not to worry, he'll spare him the agony of carrying on in this world without him. He holds up an empty soul card, telling Kaiba this is the final fate of his soul. Pegasus uses his Millennium Eye to trap Kaiba's soul in the card. And while Kaiba's soul is away, Pegasus says, Kaiba's body will be employed as his obedient servant. He holds the Kaiba brothers' soul cards, one in each hand—so close, but their souls have never been further apart. Now he has both of the brothers' souls in his possession.

Pegasus orders his men to take Kaiba's empty shell away, and teach it to wash dishes or something. Joey can't believe what he just saw. Yugi's eyes fill with tears, and he says that now Kaiba's gone, too, just because he was trying to help his little brother. He buries his face in his arm on the balcony railing, weeping that Kaiba was like them—just trying to help someone he cared about. He straightens up, asking Pegasus, why? Who is he to toy with their friends and families? He tells Pegasus he won't let him get away with it. But Pegasus only laughs, thinking that Yugi can just try to stop him.

Then the Millennium Puzzle activates, and Yami comes out. (The US version still adds back the whole sequence with the Puzzle glowing and things spinning and Yugi's hair flying up, etc. The Japanese version goes right from Pegasus seeing the Puzzle glow to Yami standing on the balcony with the eye glowing in his forehead.) Pegasus senses that Yugi has tapped into the power of his Millennium item, and welcomes the arrival of the spirit of the puzzle. Yami says it won't be long until he puts an end to Pegasus' games. Pegasus reminds him that he still has to make it through the remaining rounds of the tournament before he can even with the privilege of challenging him. Yami insists he'll be in the finals, but the true privilege will be defeating Pegasus and undoing all the evil acts he's committed against Yugi's friends.

Pegasus says he looks forward to Yugi's finest efforts, and wonderful performances from all the finalists. They truly are the best of the best, but he's confident that, with the power of Millennium Eye, nothing will keep him from victory—not even Yugi and his Millennium Puzzle.

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