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Episode 32: Keith's Machination - Part II (Time's Up! Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon)

The score stands at Joey 1150, Bandit Keith 1100. Tristan says this has got to be the closest match he's ever seen! Yugi agrees—with only 50 life points separating their scores, it's anybody's game. Téa tells Joey not to let up now, and Tristan reminds Joey that his sister is counting on him. (In the Japanese version, there's no dialog until Yugi says, good—their life points are very close, but Jounouchi's got a slight lead. Anzu encourages Jounouchi to win for Shizuka-chan, and Honda tells Jounouchi to keep going.) Joey gives his friends a thumbs-up, and says no problem, while Keith grimaces. (A shot of Bandit Keith spitting is cut from the US version.)

Pegasus thinks this has turned into quite a duel—an unknown going card-for-card with the Intercontinental Champion. He wonders what fuels these performances, and uses his Millennium Eye to see what motivates the two duelists. (Japanese Pegasus thinks that the game is leaning Jounouchi's way now, although Jounouchi isn't any better than Keith in experience or the cards in his deck. Pegasus uses his Millennium Eye to see what makes them equal in this game.) He sees that Bandit Keith is driven by a need for revenge, after his humiliating defeat by Pegasus at the Intercontinental Championships. (Japanese Pegasus sees that, after Keith lost the game with him, he became addicted to alcohol and drugs. Cut from the US version this shot of a liquor bottle falling to the ground and shattering.)

(In this shot of Keith staggering down an alley, the bottle in his right hand and the floozy standing in the doorway are removed.)

(The liquor bottles are all removed from this shot of Keith passing out in a bar, his deck of cards slipping from his hand.)

(Cut from the US version are these shots of Keith slugging down liquor from the bottle, and a scene showing him apparently gambling in a bar using Duel Monsters cards.)

Joey, on the other hand, is motivated by his friendships and love for his sister. It's practically a battle of good vs evil, Pegasus thinks snidely. (Japanese Pegasus thinks, it's interesting. One is filled with hopelessness and revenge, and the other with hope and trust. It's like a battle between Light and Darkness. Which one will the Goddess of Victory smile upon? This shot of Pegasus is cut from the US version.)

Bandit Keith calls Joey "Dweeb" and tells him to get on with the match. (In the Japanese, Keith calls Jounouchi "kozou," or "kid." This view of the playing field is cut from the US version, as Keith asks if Jounouchi's ever been pushed to the edge, looking for a way to win. )

Keith says he's got plenty more machine monsters all wrapped up and ready to steamroll Joey's life points. Joey's nothing but a speed bump on his road to duel Pegasus—and that goes double for Joey's friend, Yugi. But Joey comes back with "Geek" and says that even if Keith does beat him, Yugi will cream him. Keith's only dueling for selfish reasons, and people like him never win. His tricks might get him a little way, but only until people with good intentions show up. (Japanese Keith asks if Jounouchi's ever seen hell. Keith's exit from hell is Pegasus. He'll do anything to reach it. Jounouchi says it's useless. He's not going to say any fancy words. Everyone's experienced hopelessness and vengefulness, but Keith's forgotten one important thing. It's too bad, but Keith will have no chance to beat Pegasus, because Jounouchi's going to beat him.)

Bandit Keith says they'll see about that. He sets a card face-down and summons Barrel Dragon (Revolver Dragon), a triple-attack machine with an attack of 2600 points. (Barrel Dragon is redesigned in the US version to turn its revolver-like gun barrels into a "laser discharge system.")

Two of Barrel Dragon's guns discharge, destroying Joey's Garoozis and Axe Raider, reducing Joey's life points to 850. (The Japanese Barrel Dragon works more like the real card—there's a 50% chance each barrel will fire. To attack with the real card, you flip a coin three times, and if you get heads two out of three times, your attack succeeds. Cut from the US version is this shot from inside one of the gun barrels of a round settling into place.)

Bandit Keith tells Joey it's the end of the line for him. (Japanese Bandit Keith says that each barrel has an attack strength of 2600.)

Yugi says, no wonder Keith was acting so confidently! Téa says Joey really has his work cut out for him now. (Japanese Yugi says that Keith's monster can destroy as many as three monsters at once. What kind of card is this? Anzu asks, what chance does Jounouchi have, no matter how many monsters he summons?)

Joey asks Keith if he's done yet, and says he's already figured out how to beat Keith's little blaster. (Japanese Jounouchi says he'll fight gamble with gamble.) He plays Time Wizard, to Keith's dismay. Téa exclaims that that could work! and Yugi says that if the time roulette lands right, Keith's monster will age and corrode. Joey says he's not done yet, and plays Baby Dragon (1200 ATK) (he's using Time Wizard as if it's a magic card, even though it's really a monster card—he shouldn't be able to normal summon two monsters in the same turn) and tells Keith that now he has two things to worry about—Barrel Dragon rusting up, and Baby Dragon growing up. Finally, he activates Time Wizard's Time Roulette. Yugi points out that if the Time Roulette lands wrong, Joey will have something to worry about. Time Wizard will be destroyed, and Joey will be at the mercy of Keith's blaster. (Japanese Yugi explains that the result of losing will be that all of Jounouchi's monsters will be destroyed, plus he will lose life points equal to half the ATK of the destroyed monsters, which is how the real Time Wizard works.) Bakura says it's in fate's hands now. (Japanese Bakura says it's an important gamble.)

The wheel spins... and spins... while everyone watches intently. Finally, it slows—and lands on a time machine! Bandit Keith's Barrel Dragon rusts, reducing its attack to 1800 points, while Baby Dragon grows into the mighty Thousand Dragon, 2400 attack points strong! Yugi tells Joey, nice work—the stage is set perfectly! (Japanese Yugi tells Jounouchi to seize the chance and attack.) Joey orders Thousand Dragon to attack. Barrel Dragon is destroyed, and Joey says Barrel Dragon is history, but Bandit Keith says history repeats itself, and plays his trap card, Time Machine. It travels back in time one turn, and brings back Barrel Dragon, as it was one turn ago. Yugi says that its points have gone back to full power! Keith orders Barrel Dragon to attack, and all three of its guns fire on Thousand Dragon, destroying it. Joey loses 200 life points, taking him down to 650. His dragon's gone! And he's going to stay gone, Keith says—even if Joey had a Time Machine, it would only bring back Baby Dragon.

Joey doesn't get it, but Téa does. She says that the Time Machine brings back monsters as they were one turn before, and Yugi says that since Keith's monster didn't rust until this turn, it came back the way it was last turn.

Bandit Keith laughs, saying he knew Joey was going to play Time Wizard. He reminds Joey that he saw every card in Joey's deck when Joey dueled Bones. Joey says that duels are about more than just the cards you use, and Keith says they're about backbone, too, and judging from the look on Joey's face, he doesn't think Joey has one.

Angry but out of options, Joey plays a monster in defense.

Bandit Keith summons Slot Machine (2000 ATK), then uses Barrel Dragon to destroy Joey's defense monster, Kojikocy. Joey thinks, he could summon a monster to destroy the Slot Machine, but whatever he plays would just be destroyed by Barrel Dragon. Even his most powerful monster, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, isn't powerful enough to destroy the Barrel Dragon. (The cards in his hand are Armored Lizard, Rock Ogre Grotto #1, Shield and Sword, and Red-Eyes Black Dragon, plus one he's holding in his other hand.) Téa and Tristan agree that Joey's in a tough bind. Yugi calls out for Joey to believe in his cards.

Joey plays a card face down, and summons the Red-Eyes Black Dragon (2400 ATK), but ends his turn without attacking.

Bandit Keith says the Red-Eyes Black Dragon might be the most powerful card in Joey's deck, but he's no match for Barrel Dragon's blasting power. He attacks the Red-Eyes with Barrel Dragon, but Joey plays his face-down card, Copycat (Copycat is a monster card, although he's using it as a trap card), and uses it to copy Keith's Magic Metal Force, powering up the Red-Eyes into Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon, with an attack of 2800 points! It withstands the Barrel Dragon's attack.

Yugi cheers, saying that now Keith's dragon is the one in trouble. The Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon counterattacks, and Barrel Dragon is destroyed. Keith's life points go down to 900. Joey asks Bandit Keith how he likes that, and thinks that, with his sister's sight on the line, he plans to get even tougher. (Japanese Jounouchi says he doesn't care if it's luck or a miracle if he can beat Keith. He thinks that if he can win the prize money, he can heal Shizuka's eyes. He believes in himself.)

Tristan says to check it out—with Keith's Barrel Dragon gone, Joey's Red-Eyes is the toughest dragon on the block. Keith's only monster now is Slot Machine, with 2000 attack points. Yugi says not to count Keith out yet. There must be some reason he played that Slot Machine monster. (This dialog isn't in the Japanese version. Instead, Keith says it doesn't matter. He still has plenty of ways to knock Jounouchi down. Jounouchi's attempts don't mean anything to him.)

Keith laughs, telling Joey he knew he was an amateur. (Japanese Keith says the key to winning is the difference between their ability.) Joey mocks him, asking, didn't he just blow Keith's best monster to bits? (Japanese Jounouchi points out that Keith's life points keep going down.) Keith tells him to keep talking, and plays a card face down, then switches the Slot Machine (2300 DEF) to defense mode. Joey thinks Keith's losing it—his red-Eyes can blast that Slot Machine no matter what mode it's in. He also plays a card face down, then attacks Slot Machine with the Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon. Keith activates his face-down card, 7 Completed (7 Card), and Joey's attack fails. (7 Completed has been changed in the US version so that the three cards in the card image have white backgrounds, instead of green. The rest of the image is unchanged, leaving the Japanese title and description on the cards in the image. The kanji written over the "7s" mean "Attack" and "Defense.")

Keith explains that 7 Completed raises Slot Machine's defense points to 3000, more than enough to withstand the Red-Eyes' attack. (The real card is a normal equipment card, not a quick-play card, and can't be activated during the opponent's turn.) Joey loses another 200 life points, bringing him down to 450.

Tristan slams his fist in frustration, saying that this stinks! Yugi says that the Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon's Flash Flare attack is the strongest attack Joey has.

Keith gloats, telling Joey he has two more 7 Completeds in his deck, and each one can power up his Slot Machine's attack or defense by 700 points. Joey says that just because Keith has them doesn't mean he'll draw them (Japanese Jounouchi says, that's a total of 2100 points), but Keith chuckles, thinking he isn't too worried about that. In fact, he has the cards hidden in his wristband, and now he slips one out as he draws. Pegasus notes Bandit Keith's cheating, but says nothing. Bandit Keith uses the card to increase Slot Machine's attack to 2700 points. Joey worries that if he doesn't do something soon, his life points will be cleaned out, and Yugi says that one more 7 Completed will power up Slot Machine enough to destroy Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon. Then Bandit Keith plays Blast Sphere (2900 ATK), which attaches itself to Joey's Red-Eyes. At the end of the turn, it will self-destruct, inflicting 2900 points of damage to the Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon.

Keith ends his turn, and the Blast Sphere goes off. But when the smoke clears, Joey's dragon is still standing, its attack increased to 3400 points. Joey has played his face-down magic card, Dragon Nails, increasing the Red-Eyes' attack by another 600 points. Bandit Keith's life points go down to 400.

Bandit Keith pulls the remaining 7 Completed out of his wristband, using it to power up the Slot Machine by another 700 points, to 3400. Now Bakura points out that their monsters have the exact same attack points, and Téa adds that their life points are nearly the same, too. Yugi says that this next turn could decide the whole match.

Joey studies his hand (he now has Lava Battleguard in his hand, as well as the Armored Lizard, Rock Ogre Grotto #1, and Shield and Sword he had before—looks like he's kept Tristan's card), thinking that Shield and Sword would swap the attack and defense of all the monsters on the field, but that would only help Keith out. He draws, and plays a card face down. Bandit Keith tells him that nothing he draws is going to help, so he should just end his turn. Joey nods grimly, and Bandit Keith grins, saying he'll go ahead and end this duel. (Japanese Bandit Keith tells Jounouchi he hasn't done too badly. But the duel ends now.)

Bandit Keith plays Pillager (Bandit), a magic card that allows him to look at Joey's hand and steal one card from it. (Pillager has been given a slight redesign in the US version.)

He takes Joey's Shield and Sword and uses it to switch the monsters' attack and defense points. Now Slot Machine's attack is higher than the Red-Eyes'. He attacks—but Joey plays his trap card, Graverobber, using it to steal the Time Machine from Keith's graveyard, restoring the Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon from the previous turn, before its attack and defense strength were switched. (The real Graverobber incurs a cost of 2000 life points to activate the magic card you've stolen from your opponent's graveyard.) Keith's Slot Machine is destroyed, and Joey wins the duel.

Pegasus thinks it's remarkable—Keith's rampage for revenge was brought to a halt by a novice dueling for a loved one. (Japanese Pegasus thinks that the Goddess of Victory smiles on Hope.)

The gang cheers, as Croquet declares Joey the winner. Joey celebrates, shouting, "All right!" (Japanese Jounouchi shouts, "Yatta!" which means, "I did it!") In his exuberance, Tristan jumps up onto the balcony railing and nearly falls, and Yugi has to catch him. (A snip of Honda's arm-pumping celebration is cut from the Japanese version. I love the look on Yugi's face in this shot.)

Joey holds Mai's handkerchief in his hand, thanking her for her help. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks, "I won, Mai.")

Bandit Keith isn't ready to concede, though. He claims the duel doesn't count, since Joey's entry card wasn't his. Joey cheerfully agrees—his card was missing, so Mai gave him hers. But how did Keith know the card wasn't Joey's? Keith doesn't have an answer. But Pegasus does—he says it's quite clear that Bandit Keith stole Joey's card. Tristan and the others are outraged, and Tristan says that Keith ought to be disqualified. Pegasus agrees, then he reveals that Bandit Keith was cheating during the match, too, keeping his 7 Completed cards in his wristband. (Japanese Pegasus says he doesn't care whose card it is, but Keith cheated during the duel.) He orders Bandit Keith to be taken away, and Pegasus's goons move in to drag a protesting Keith off.

Pegasus applauds Joey, congratulating him on his win. Then Bandit Keith breaks free of the goons, and runs back to the dueling arena to threaten Pegasus, demanding that he hand over the prize money. (In the Japanese, Bandit Keith has a gun and threatens to kill Pegasus, while in the US version, the gun is removed, leaving Keith pointing menacingly at Pegasus.)

But Pegasus steps on a concealed switch, causing a trap door around his chair to open up. Bandit Keith falls down a tunnel which leads out the side of a cliff, and into the ocean far below.

Croquet announces a ten-minute recess before the final—Yugi vs Joey! This is it, Joey thinks. They can't put it off any longer. Yugi thinks that in order to save his Grandpa, he must duel his best friend!

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