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Episode 97: Showdown in the Shadows, Part 2 (One Turn Kill)

Dark Bakura laughs—now that he's seized Dark Marik's Egyptian God card, Dark Marik's defeat is guaranteed! With Marik on his side, there's no way he can lose. (Japanese Yami Bakura tells Yami Malik it's his turn.)

Dark Marik draws. Dark Bakura asks him how it feels to know his opponent is holding his most valuable card—the Winged Dragon of Ra. (Okay, now the card on the bottom of his hand has turned into a magic card again. [See Episode 96] I still can't tell what it is, but the other two cards in his hand, besides Ra, are Premature Burial and the Portrait's Secret. In the Japanese version, the magic card on the bottom is Spirit Message "A.") After it strikes, Dark Marik will be consumed by darkness—and Marik will reclaim the body that was stolen from him. (Japanese Malik says that Yami Malik's not the only one who can recite the hieratic text. Next turn, he'll bury Yami Malik in darkness. This long shot of Yami Malik is cut from the US version.)

Dark Marik says Marik is wrong. He should be on his knees thanking his dark side. Marik would never be where he is today without him. Dark Marik was the one who claimed the Millennium Rod. Since that day, the Rod was Marik's, but now that Dark Marik is in control, the Rod's power is his. Marik says, only until the Winged Dragon of Ra destroys him. Dark Marik thinks Marik's ranting has become tiresome. (Japanese Yami Malik says the Millennium Rod accepts him—maybe he's the real Malik. Malik protests that he's Malik Ishtar.)

Dark Marik plays the magic card, Vengeful Bog Spirit, which forces all monsters to wait one turn after being summoned before attacking. So even if Dark Bakura does manage to summon Ra, he won't be able to use it yet.

Dark Bakura says that will only delay Dark Marik's inevitable destruction. He draws, while Marik tells Dark Bakura that he must summon the Winged Dragon of Ra, of which Dark Bakura is well aware. (Sheesh. Now the other monster in Dark Bakura's hand is Dark Necrofear. It's still the Portrait's Secret in the Japanese.)

Dark Bakura sacrifices his three monsters to summon the Winged Dragon of Ra.

But Dark Marik activates his trap card, Joyful Doom, which strips Dark Bakura's three tribute monsters of their attack points, adding them to Dark Marik's life points. Dark Marik's score rises to 8550, while the three monsters' attack points go to zero. Dark Marik laughs. Dark Bakura's dragon is completely powerless!

The mighty golden dragon rises behind Dark Bakura. Its defense is 3450, but its attack is zero. Dark Bakura stares at it in dismay. How can this be? Marik explains that Ra's attack points are equal to the total attacks of the three monsters sacrificed to summon it. And since those monsters' attacks were made zero by Dark Marik's trap card, so is Ra's. Dark Bakura rages at Marik. Why didn't he warn him this might happen? But Marik wasn't aware that Dark Marik had that card.

Dark Bakura switches Ra and Puppet Master to defense, while Dark Marik laughs that he doesn't have much choice. (In the real game, he couldn't do that. A monster's position can't be changed in the same turn it's summoned, so Ra would have to remain in attack position.)

Meanwhile, Téa wakes up and finds herself in Bakura's room. But where's Bakura?

Yugi wakes up with Téa knocking on his door. He opens the door, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. She tells him that Bakura's missing.

Back at the duel, Dark Marik draws, saying that this duel is done. He attacks Puppet Master with Drillago, destroying it. (This close-up of Puppet Master getting drilled is cut from the US version.)

Dark Bakura draws, insisting that he'll turn the duel around with one card. The Winged Dragon of Ra might be powerless, but he can sacrifice it to summon something stronger—the Dark Ruler (2450 ATK). (The real card's name is the Dark Ruler Ha Des.) Dark Marik says he'll regret sending Ra to the graveyard, but Dark Bakura says it was too weak. Now it's buried, so neither of them can use its power. Even if Dark Marik brings it back from the graveyard, it will have zero attack points. Now Dark Bakura will proceed with Dark Marik's destruction. Marik agrees—that evil being must be destroyed, so he can regain control of his body!

Next, Dark Bakura sacrifices three monsters from his graveyard to summon Dark Necrofear (2200 ATK). (Actually, he removes three Fiend monsters in his graveyard from play to Special Summon Dark Necrofear. Once again, Dark Necrofear's crazy teeth-chattering baby is cut from the US version.)

Then he activates Magic Burial (real name: Premature Burial), paying 800 life points and losing a bit of his thigh, to bring the Earl of Demise back from the graveyard. With three monsters on his side of the field, he thinks Dark Marik will think twice about attacking him. But Marik warns him to be more careful with their life points. (This shot of Yami Bakura yelling at Malik is cut from the US version.)

Dark Bakura turns on him, saying he hasn't helped him at all. It's his fault Bakura wasn't able to use the Winged Dragon of Ra. Marik accuses Dark Bakura in turn, saying it's his fault they've lost so many life points. Dark Marik watches them argue, amused. Then he reminds them that Vengeful Bog Spirit is still in effect, so none of their monsters can attack this turn. Dark Bakura says he knows, and tells Dark Marik to go ahead and make his move.

Téa and Yugi have looked all over, and haven't found Bakura. Yugi thinks Marik's behind it.

Kaiba is still at his computer, studying the Winged Dragon of Ra, while Mokuba sleeps in a chair nearby, covered in his brother's coat. (This shot of Mokuba and Kaiba is cut from the US version.)

Kaiba wonders what would happen if his Crush Card combo took on the Winged Dragon of Ra, and is shocked to see that the computer predicts only a 13% chance of victory. Ra has even more power than he thought!

Dark Marik laughs, saying he'll destroy Dark Bakura with the God card Bakura threw away. (Japanese Yami Malik says, "One Turn Kill." He'll use Ra to destroy Bakura in one round.) Dark Bakura thinks he's bluffing, but Dark Marik says Ra has a few special abilities his opponents aren''t aware of. Marik thought he knew all of Ra's abilities. Apparently, Dark Bakura says, he doesn't.

Kaiba has just discovered one of Ra's special secret powers—Instant Attack (in the Japanese, it's One Turn Kill).

Kaiba must have it. (Japanese Kaiba sees that under certain conditions, Ra can destroy all the opponent's monsters in one attack.) He already owns Obelisk the Tormentor, and winning Slifer will be simple. But Ra is in a class by itself! (Japanese Kaiba ticks off the three God cards: his Obelisk, Yugi's Osiris the Sky Dragon, and Malik's Ra.) The Egyptian God cards are the most powerful cards in all of Duel Monsters. Trap cards are useless against them, and magic cards only last for one turn. But the Winged Dragon of Ra possesses several abilities that aren't even written on the card. Even if a duelist is able to decipher the ancient text, he still won't know how to use all of its powers.

Dark Marik knows that if he uses Monster Reborn to bring back the Winged Dragon of Ra, it will only remain on the field for one turn. And with Vengeful Bog Spirit on the field, monsters can't attack in the turn their summoned. But he can use Ra's power of Instant Attack.

Kaiba has also figured it out—if Ra is brought back from the graveyard, it can attack right away with its power of Instant Attack. (The computer screen is changed from a close-up of Ra to all three God cards in the US version.)

Yugi and Téa rise in the elevator, as Yugi says that the Stratos dueling arena is the only place they haven't checked.They emerge from the elevator to find the dueling arena covered in a dark fog—it's a Shadow Duel. Yugi realizes that Bakura must be in there, dueling Marik. The Millennium Puzzle activates, and Yami takes over, saying that if Bakura loses, he'll be trapped in the Shadow Realm. This is dangerous, and enough people have gotten hurt already. He asks Téa to go back downstairs, but she refuses. She was there when Yami found out about his past, and she's not leaving him now. She's going to stay and help, and that's final. (Japanese Anzu tells Yami he's always like that. Every time there's an emergency, she's excluded! This shot of Yami and Anzu is cut from the US version.)

(She's not someone who knows nothing about the Millennium Items. She wants to help, too.)

Dark Marik plays Monster Reborn, and brings back the Winged Dragon of Ra from the graveyard. It bursts from Bakura's Duel Disk graveyard in flames, and reforms on Dark Marik's side of the field. Dark Bakura freaks, but Marik tells him to calm down—the monster's attack is still zero. Plus, the Vengeful Bog is still in play, so Ra can't attack this turn.

Dark Marik says he's mistaken. First, he uses Ra's power of Instant Attack, so that it can attack right away. (Japanese Yami Malik begins to recite a spell. Malik doesn't know what he's saying—he hasn't heard these words before. Yami Malik thinks that his other self doesn't accept what the Millennium Rod has revealed to him. Only he understands Ra's special abilities. This shot of Yami Malik chanting is cut from the US version.)

Then Dark Marik uses Ra's point to point transfer ability. Dark Marik's body begins to disappear as he gives his life points to Ra to increase its attack strength. (This shoy of Yami Malik's legs disappearing is cut from the US version.)

Dark Marik keeps a single life point for himself, while Ra's attack power rises to 8549! Dark Marik merges with the Winged Dragon of Ra, appearing on the dragon's forehead, while only a fragment remains on the field holding his cards.

Dark Bakura stares in horror, saying this can't be happening! The Winged Dragon of Ra attacks, blasting away all of Dark Bakura's monsters. (This scene of Yami Malik saying that the players are next, and Yami Bakura being engulfed in flame, is cut from the US version.)

Then Marik is swept away into the Shadows.

Outside the cloud, Yami tells Téa that he must put an end to Marik's evil plans. But Marik seems to become stronger and more evil with each duel. Now Marik has begun targeting Yugi's friends. He must be stopped before anyone else falls victim to his insanity. (Japanese Yami says that he doesn't understand what the Pharaoh's lost memory is. But he wants to recover it, regardless of what kind of memory it is. But he doesn't want to put everyone in danger any more.)

Dark Marik tells Dark Bakura to get ready to enter the Darkness. But Dark Bakura smiles, saying he is the Darkness! As his body dissolves, he tells Dark Marik he hasn't seen the last of him. Dark Bakura's life points go to zero, and he disappears. (Japanese Yami Bakura says, "Okay, I lost this time. But I'll be back, and I'll kill you. I'm originally a member of the Darkness.") The Millennium Ring falls to the ground.

Téa's eyes go blank, as Marik hides inside her mind. (A yellow glow is added to Téa in the US version.)

The Shadows recede, as Dark Marik picks up the Millennium Ring. Yami approaches him, demanding to know what he's done with Bakura. Dark Marik says asks, where does anyone go after losing a Shadow Game? It won't be long before the Pharaoh joins him.

Ishizu sleeps uneasily, images of the burning Ra in her mind, and of her brother being consumed by Shadows. (The flames in Ishizu's dream are turned purple in the US version.)

She wakes up as Téa enters the room—but it's not Téa. Marik is in control. He tells her he needs her help. (Japanese Malik begs her to save Rishid.)

Dark Bakura has taken refuge within the Millennium Puzzle. Part of him has been hiding here ever since he infused part of his spirit into one of its pieces. Now there's work to be done. Where better to unlock the power of the Pharaoh than within the dwelling of the Pharaoh himself?

Dark Marik enters Odion's room, intending to finish him off. (As usual, the dagger inside the Millennium Rod is digitized out of the US version.)

But Odion isn't there. Ishizu must have moved him.

Kaiba is still at the computer. It seems that certain secret abilities were added to the Winged Dragon of Ra when the card was created. He must possess it, if he is to regain his glory as the world's greatest duelist! (Japanese Kaiba is still thinking about the One Turn Kill, and wondering what strategies can defeat it.) Mokuba wakes up, asking his brother what he's still doing up. Even he needs some sleep—the finals are tomorrow. (This shot of Kaiba saying he knows is cut from the US version.)

Kaiba says he's aware of that, and that's what he's preparing for.

As they go onto the bridge, Kaiba tells Mokuba that they're currently on course for Kaiba Corp Island, where the last round of the finals will be held. Here the champion will be crowned—at the site where their stepfather was last seen, after Kaiba took over the corporation and left him with nothing! The tower Kaiba built there symbolizes the new era of Kaiba Corp, and stands as a reminder of his power. Kaiba has chosen this island for the finals because he's finally ready to return to the land where their stepfather made his billions. Now Kaiba, too, has built a mighty empire, and he's done it on his own terms. He'll win the tournament the same way—on his own, with no help from anyone. He'll prove that there's no one on earth who's superior to him!

(Japanese Kaiba says that their destination is Alcatraz Island, built by their father, Kaiba Gouzaburou. It's an artificial island, built for military industry. Mokuba says that his brother destroyed all the military facilities after that man's death, and built a Duel Tower there. Kaiba tells Mokuba that he'll be the champion on Alcatraz. Once he's been crowned Duel King, he can dismiss the hatred caused by that man. He smiles. If he's right, he knows the way to attack Ra. Wait for him, Alcatraz! He'll become the real Duel King, and win a real future for himself.)

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