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Episode 105: Courtroom Chaos - Part II (Betting on Victory)

Judge Man finds Joey guilty of poor dueling! But Joey says they'll see. He draws, thinking that the Judge Man's face-down card is probably a trap, but he can't worry about that now. He has to get a monster on the field before Judge Man attacks him again. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that he can defeat Camion Wizard if he uses the rest of Flame Swordsman's attack points to power up Swordsman of Landstar, but he's very worried about that trap card.) He summons Panther Warrior in attack mode, thinking that with 2000 attack points, it should be able to handle Judge Man's Camion Wizard. But just in case, he plays a card face down as well. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks it's not the best strategy, but it's all he can do.)

Judge Man plays the magic card Leading Question (Hades' Leading Question), which adds 800 attack points to fusion monster while it attacks. It increases Camion Wizard's attack to 2100, enough to take on Joey's Panther Warrior.

Joey activates his trap card, Skull Dice, which will reduce Camion Wizard's attack depending on the roll of the die. The die appears to stop at six, and Joey's ready to celebrate, but Judge Man tells him to take a closer look, and the die suddenly takes another spin and ends up on one. Camion Wizard's attack remains unchanged, and as Panther Warrior is destroyed, Judge Man thinks that twisting the facts perfectly legal in his court—as long as it helps him! Now Joey's left with no monsters on the field again, and due to Sinister Justice's effect, Judge Man gains another 800 life points.

Yugi and Téa urge Joey to beat this guy! (Japanese Anzu tells Jounouchi, "You let him turn the duel around! What are you doing, Jounouchi!" and he tells her to shut up.) But Joey doesn't know what to do. The only monster he has in his hand is Swordsman of Landstar—not exactly the king of monsters! (No kidding, Joey.) He draws Graceful Dice, and, hoping that his luck will improve, he summons Swordsman of Landstar and plays Graceul Dice to increase its attack. Once again, the roll looks like it's going to land on six until Judge Man does his hocus-pocus and, once again, the die does an extra twirl and lands on one, leaving Swordsman of Landstar with its original attack of 500 points. Joey throws a fit, wondering what he did to deserve this, and Téa says she's never seen him have such terrible luck before.

Judge Man activates his Deck Master ability, using 1000 of his own life points to destroy Joey's monster, and Joey loses 500 life points, bringing him down to 600.

Joey only has two cards in his hand, a magic and a trap card. He plays them both face down and ends his turn.

Judge Man draws Pot of Greed and plays it, saying he bets "Joseph" wishes he'd drawn this card. It allows him to draw two more cards—something Joey needs to do soon!

That's exactly what Joey plans to do. He activates his trap card, Gamble, which can be used since Judge Man has six cards in his hand, and Joey has none. Yugi explains to Téa that it's a risky move. Joey now has to flip a coin. If he calls it right, he can draw five cards, but if he calls it wrong, he has to skip his next turn—and he can't afford to do that right now.

Joey flips his coin. (Japanese Jounouchi prays to the Goddess of Luck to help him. And Judge Man thinks that the more Jounouchi thinks he can turn the duel around, the sooner he'll lose—that's the frightening nature of gambling.)

Meanwhile, Kaiba and Mokuba have found another door, which leads to a sandy beach at sunset. Kaiba says at least it's a change of scenery, but Mokuba's not so casual. He stomps his feet, saying he doesn't want to be on a virtual beach, in a virtual forest, or even a virtual amusement park! He wants out of there! Then he walks along after his brother, apologizing for the little outburst. Kaiba tells him to relax—if he gets upset, he's letting Noah win. (Japanese Kaiba tells Mokuba to yell at Noah all he wants—they're being monitored by him anyway.) Then he calls out to Noah to show himself! If Noah thinks he can wear them down by playing on their emotions, he obviously doesn't know who he's dealing with.

In his control center, Noah says he knows exactly who he's dealing with—a no-good thief. (Japanese Noah says it's a pleasure to see Seto in a snit.) Then he turns to watch Joey's duel, just as the coin is falling into Joey's hand. Yugi calls out that Joey can do this—he has a fifty-fifty chance! Judge Man thinks, not exactly. Joey calls heads, but it's tails. Téa and Yugi agree this is bad, while Judge Man thinks in his courtroom, he controls the outcome! And Joey's pretty upset, but it's still his turn, so he activates his other face-down card, Scapegoat, to protect himself with four little goats.

Judge Man plays Reinforcement of the Army, allowing him to add a Warrior monster to his hand. Then he uses Polymerization to fuse two monsters in his hand, Armaill and One-Eyed Shield Dragon, to form Dragoness the Wicked Knight. (Hey! I think this is the first time I've seen anyone on the show fuse monsters from his hand, instead of summoning them to the field first. In the real game, fusion material monsters can come from the field or your hand.)

Dragoness only has an attack of 1200 points. (Cut from the US version is a brief sequence where Jounouchi thinks that because of the monster's low attack, he still can't use his trap card, Bottomless Trap Hole, which has been sitting useless on the field during the whole duel. It's replaced in the US version by a pan down Dragoness' helmet from later in the episode.)

But it's a fusion monster, so Judge Man can use Leading Question to power it up by 800 attack points. Which Judge Man does, first powering up Camion Wizard to destroy one of Joey's little sheep, then Dragoness to destroy a second. (Which is overkill, really—the Scapegoats have zero defense points, so anything can destroy them. And, in the US, the violence against the little goats is obscured.)

Two goats down, and two to go.

Joey's about to draw when Judge Man reminds him that he has to skip his turn, since he lost the coin toss. It's Judge Man's turn again. He attacks with his two monsters and destroys Joey's final two Scapegoats. Now Joey's got no cards on the field, and none in his hand. Does he admit defeat? No, of course not! The duel won't be over until Judge Man's defeated. No way is Joey giving up! He punches the railing in determination. Ow! Note to self: do not punch virtual railing. (Japanese Jounouchi says that he lost with Angel's Dice and Devil's Dice, and Gamble as well. He can't believe he had such bad luck.) Téa says that's right! Joey's luck has to get better—it can't get any worse! Joey says that wasn't one of Téa's best pep talks. (Japanese Anzu tells Jounouchi he still has one more turn. He can't give up beore the end. But Jounouchi says the Goddess of Luck has deserted him.) Yugi thinks there's something fishy about this Johnson guy, and Yami agrees—the Judge Man is controlling the outcome of Joey's moves. He can sense it. (Japanese Yami says losing three times in a row is unlikely, and he thinks something's up. Yugi says he thinks the Judge is controlling the outcome.) Yugi says they have to step in, but just then, Noah appears in the courtroom in a shaft of light.

Kaiba and Mokuba come across a television set half-buried in the sand. On it, they see Noah in the courtroom.

Noah stops the duel. Judge Man protests that he's only a few moves away from taking this fool's body. But Noah says Johnson doesn't deserve that prize—he's been cheating, using Noah's virtual technology to tamper with Joey's dice rolls. Johnson says he couldn't risk losing—he can't stand living in this virtual reality a minute longer. (Japanese Judge Man says this isn't the Olympics. Why shouldn't he cheat?) But Noah's bored with Johnson's excuses. He brought the Big 5 into his virtual world to help him defeat Seto Kaiba and his friends, but if they cheat, Noah can't prove he's more deserving than Seto. (Japanese Noah says they can't surpass Seto by cheating.)

Watching Noah on the television in the sand, Kaiba wonders what Noah thinks he's more deserving of. He and Mokuba continue to watch as Noah says that for years, he's lived in Seto's shadow, always trying to prove that he's the better one. He should be the president of Kaiba Corporation, not Seto, and it's time he proved to Gozaburo that he should have left the company to him.

Kaiba is shocked—Gozaburo has been missing without a trace for more than five years! Why would Noah want to prove something to him, anyway? Who is this Noah? (Noah doesn't say this in the Japanese. Instead, Kaiba wonders why Noah should be so intent on confronting him, and comparing himself to Kaiba. He wonders if someone else has instigated Noah to do so, and then he thinks that if anyone did, it must be Gozaburo. But that's impossible—Gozaburo is dead. Then he wonders who Noah really is.)

Joey thinks if Johnson plays by the rules, he could still win. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks if all his losses were due to cheats, the Goddess of Luck hasn't deserted him after all.) He tries to get a word in, but Noah says it doesn't concern him. (This doesn't happen in the Japanese.) Noah's ready to pull the plug on Johnson, but Joey interrupts, saying he wants to continue the duel. (Japanese Jounouchi says there's always cheating in gambling, but he doesn't want to quit in the middle of a battle.) Everybody thinks Joey's nuts, but Noah agrees, and disappears in another sparkle of light.

Joey draws Pot of Greed and uses it to draw two more cards. Now he has just the cards he needs! He moves Flame Swordsman onto the field, and then equips it with Burning Soul Sword (Burning Soul) to power up Flame Swordsman. But Burning Soul Sword won't work unless Joey sacrifices a monster—and he has no other monsters on the field.

Joey's not finished yet. He plays Arduous Risk (Painful Decision), another gamble card. Yugi explains to Téa that Joey will now draw two cards from his deck, and Johnson has to pick one of the cards. If it's a monster, Joey can summon it to the field, but if it's a magic or trap card, it will go to the graveyard and Joey's turn is over.

Joey draws Shield & Sword and Goblin Attack Force. He holds them up, telling Johnson to choose one. The outcome of the duel is riding on this one move, and with Noah watching, Johnson can't cheat. It will all be decided by chance. If Johnson chooses a monster card, Joey can summon it to the field, then sacrifice it to power up his Flame Swordsman. But if it's a magic or trap card, Joey's turn ends, and Flame Swordsman will remain weak enough for Judge Man's monsters to destroy. What will it be? (Japanese Jounouchi thinks "I believe in my fortune" as he draws. He's feeling pretty spunky, so he tells Judge Man that the two cards are Goblin Strike Force and Shield in the Left Hand Sword in the Right Hand—so Judge Man knows that if he chooses the monster, Jounouchi will be able to power up Flame Swordsman enough to win the duel with his attack.)

Yugi cheers Joey on, saying that Johnson's losing his cool—he won't be able to cheat his way out of this one! Kaiba, watching the duel on TV, says that fool Wheeler is risking the entire duel on a game of chance, and Téa says the suspense is killing her.

Judge Man says he'll choose the card in Joey's left hand—the magic card. Joey asks if he's sure. Judge Man says that's an old trick, and he won't be fooled... but is it? Joey asks again if he's sure. Judge Man says he's spent years convincing people that lies were truth, so Joey has no chance of outwitting him. But at the last second, he panics and chooses the other card.

Joey summons Goblin Attack Force, then sacrifices it, adding its attack of 2300 to Flame Swordsman's 1000, for a total of 3300 attack points. Flame Swordsman gets all gold and shiny, and Joey uses it to attack and destroy Dragoness the Wicked Knight. (Japanese Flame Swordsman says something like, "Go! Burning Sword!" as he attacks.)

Judge Man loses. Joey celebrates with Téa and Yugi, then says they've got to go find the others. Yugi agrees—the other members of the Big 5 could be dueling them right now. Joey panics—Serenity's never dueled before! He has to find her right now! He runs for the door, Yugi and Téa trailing after.

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