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Episode 126: The Darkness Returns, Part 2 (Jounouchi vs Malik - Part 2)

Serenity stands at the window of Mai's room, thinking that the dark cloud covering the top of the Duel Tower is the same dark cloud that surrounded them during Mai's duel. That means Marik and her brother are fighting a Shadow Duel!

Marik and Joey trade insults. Marik repeats that every time one of Joey's monsters is attacked, Joey will lose a little more strength. (It's ironic that the dubbers have Marik calling Joey "Little Joey" all the time, when in the Japanese, it's Jounouchi who likes to call Malik "Malik-chan"—the honorific used for little children. It's also ironic that the dubbers have Joey telling Marik he could use a haircut when, well, just look at Joey's hair.... There's actually no dialog here in the Japanese.)

Téa asks about the card Marik put in Joey's graveyard. Tristan explains that it removes one card from Joey's hand each turn, and Duke says that some of Joey's best cards could be destroyed before he ever gets the chance to use them. (Japanese Anzu says that one of Jounouchi's cards will be sent to graveyard each turn, and Honda says that Malik played a dirty trick. Otogi says the situation turns against Jounouchi.)

It's Marik's turn. He draws the trap card, Coffin Seller. Now he has several traps just waiting to be triggered by one of Joey's pathetic monsters. All he has to do is lure Joey into attacking him, and he's finished. (Japanese Malik observes that Jounouchi has two monsters on the field, Panther Warrior and Rocket Warrior. But they're only level 4 monsters and he can get rid of them at any time. Besides, Panther Warrior has the Plasma Eel attached, so it will lose 500 attack points each turn, and can't be used as a sacrifice. He decides to let Jounouchi keep his monsters. This shot of Panther Warrior is cut from the US version.)

Marik sets two cards face down and ends his turn.

Joey wonders why Marik isn't attacking. He's got Drillago on the field and no cards in his hand. But his own cards aren't anything to brag about. (Japanese Jounouchi sees that he only has one monster in his hand—Baby Dragon, and it's only a four-star monster. He needs a high-level monster.) To his relief, he draws Insect Queen. But he has to sacrifice two monsters to play it, and that's too risky right now. So he plays Baby Dragon in defense. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi knows he can't summon Insect Queen because he can't use Panther Warrior as a sacrifice as long as Plasma Eel is attached. He plays Baby Dragon, hoping he'll be able to use it next turn as a sacrifice.) Marik has three set cards. Joey's sure that as soon as he attacks, Marik will spring one of them.

Marik taunts him, asking if he's too afraid to attack. Joey seethes, thinking he can't let Marik bully him. Duke tells Joey not to let Marik push him around, and Téa tells him he can't attack, because Marik will just use one of his trap cards. (Japanese Anzu tells Jounouchi to calm down and think. This shot of Yugi staring intently at Jounouchi is cut from the US version.)

But Joey thinks he can't just sit around and wait. He needs to take action. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that if he can destroy Drillago, Malik's defense will be broken. If he ends his turn without attacking, he won't get any damage. But Panther Warrior will lose another 500 attack points due to Plasma Eel's effect. If he doesn't do anything because he's afraid of Malik's trap cards, Malik will take advantage. He doesn't know what the traps are, but... Much of this scene has been cut in the US version, including more shots of Panther Warrior and Jounouchi.)

Tristan tells him to wait. But Yugi thinks Joey should attack, and force Marik to reveal his trap cards right away. Once Joey knows what they are, he can devise a strategy to use against them. (Japanese Yugi points out that Panther Warrior will lose 500 attack points at the end of this turn, whether he attacks or not. But if he attacks, at least he'll find out what Malik's got hidden, and learn a little more about his strategy. He thinks it's better to attack than do nothing.)

Joey agrees. He uses Rocket Warrior's invincible mode to reduce Drillago's attack to 1100.

But Marik laughs—now he can activate his trap, "Card of Last Will," which allows him to draw five cards. (Japanese Malik says he appreciates Jounouchi's courage. Card of Last Wil''s cross has been changed to a rounded gravestone in the US version.)

He studies his new hand, wondering which of his cards he should use first. He's drawn his God card, the Winged Dragon of Ra. (Japanese Malik explains how his trap card works and thinks, "You're not qualified to fight my God card.") But Joey says he doesn't care what cards Marik drew. He sacrifices a sheep and attacks Drillago with Panther Warrior, destroying it, and taking Marik's life points down to 2900. Marik clutches his chest in pain, and Joey exults.

Then Marik activates Coffin Seller, which will inflict 300 points of damage to Joey's life points every time one of his monsters is sent to the graveyard. Now Joey's turn ends, and Helpoemer steals another of his cards. It's Insect Queen! Not only does he lose the best monster in his hand, he loses 300 points from Coffin Seller's effect, taking him down to 3700. Marik laughs. He's devised a foolproof plan to deplete Joey's life points each turn, and he doesn't have to do anything at all! (Japanese Malik sees that, since Coffin Seller was activated, the card Helpoemer took must have been a monster card. He asks Jounouchi if it was a powerful one.) Yugi agrees—Joey loses one card each turn, and if that card is a monster, Joey loses points. Marik reminds Joey that Plasma Eel is still attached to Panther Warrior as well. It lowers Panther Warrior's attack to 1000, while Joey cries out in pain.

Marik draws, sets another card face down, then activates the magic card, Premature Burial, paying 800 life points to summon Drillago from the graveyard. Then sacrifices Drillago to summon a new monster, Legendary Fiend (Legendary Devil). But its attack is only 1500. Joey thinks it's not very powerful. Marik explains that it will gain 700 attack points each turn, and ends his turn.

The score stands at Marik 2100, Joey 3700. Tristan says that Joey still has way more life points than Marik, so he's not worried. But Yugi says that life points aren't everything. (Japanese Honda says he can't believe there's such a monster, that increases its attack each turn. Yugi says that Jounouchi has more life points, but the situation is turning against him.)

Joey realizes that Marik's got the upper hand. If only he had his Jinzo! But that card's in his graveyard. He'd better draw something good now, or he's a goner. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that if he can draw a certain card, he can break Malik's traps.) He draws... Little-Winguard, a weak monster with only 1400 attack. (This monster was called Tiny Guardian in previous episodes. Little-Winguard is the Japanese name, and also the name of the real English card. The card has been given a slight redesign in the US version.)

Joey begins to summon Little-Winguard, but Malik activates his trap card, Nightmare Wheel (Scratch Wheel), which traps Rocket Warrior so that it can't attack. Unable to use his Rocket Warrior-Panther Warrior combo, Joey summons Little-Winguard in defense, switches Panther Warrior to defense mode, and ends his turn.

Panther Warrior's attack is reduced to 500 points by Plasma Eel's effect, and Jounouchi suffers its pain again. Joey thinks he doesn't know which is worse—that he's losing, or that he's losing to Marik. If he doesn't get control of this duel, Marik will win, and he won't be able to save Mai! (Japanese Jounouchi thinks he won't give in to the pain. Instead, It strengthens his determination to beat Malik.)

Serenity stands at the window, urging Joey to be careful, or he'll end up trapped in the Shadow Realm, too, just like Mai.

It's Marik's turn. He draws, and Nightmare Wheel takes 500 life points from Joey—a little effect Marik forgot to mention. Legendary Fiend's attack increases to 2200. Then Marik attacks Little-Winguard with Legendary Fiend. Little-Winguard is in defense mode, but Coffin Seller's effect takes another 300 life points from Joey when the monster is destroyed. Malik sets another card face down and ends his turn. He tells Joey to take his turn, even though it's hopeless. Next turn, he thinks, he'll activate Malevolent Catastrophe (Devil Disaster) to send every monster on the field to the graveyard. Coffin Seller's effect will cause Joey to lose 300 life points for each monster, and then Marik will wipe out the rest of Joey's life points with Legendary Fiend. (Well, except that Legendary Fiend will be in the graveyard.... The Legendary Fiend card has been added over the shot of Marik in the US version.)

Mokuba says this doesn't look good for Joey. Kaiba says he's not surprised. (Japanese Mokuba exclaims that Jounouchi doesn't have a chance to fight back! And Kaiba sniffs that it isn't even an entertainment.)

It's Joey's turn. Marik's trap cards are really doing him in. He thinks he'd better put his faith in the heart of the cards. Marik asks why he's hesitating, telling him there's no way he can win this duel, and he'll soon be banished to the Shadow Realm. Joey tells Marik he's going down. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks the situation keeps getting worse. He can only hope for that card to break the situation. He prays for help. Malik laughs, saying he's taking a short break to watch and enjoy Jounouchi's suffering. Jounouchi calls Malik a few names, vowing not to lose to a player like him. He draws, and laughs. "Malik-chan," he says, "Now the goddess smiles on me." He says he'll be the one taking short breaks in the following rounds. The scene of Jounouchi closing his eyes and drawing, then looking at his card and smiling, has been cut from the US version.)

Joey plays the magic card, Question (Quiz). Marik has to guess the monster at the bottom of Joey's graveyard. If he gets it right, the monster will be removed from play. But if he can't guess it, the monster will be summoned to the field. Joey taunts Marik, telling him to come on and guess.

Marik's in trouble. He knows the first monster to go into Joey's graveyard was Alligator Sword, but it was removed from play when he played Tribute Burial to summon Helpoemer. And he hasn't seen the cards Helpoemer has stolen from Jounouchi's hand and taken to the graveyard. Joey laughs, telling Marik there's no way he can know which monster's at the bottom of his graveyard, and gives him a count of five to guess, while Marik fumes, saying nothing. Joey gets his monster back from the graveyard. Marik thinks the joke will be on Joey when his Malevolent Catastrophe destroys all of Joey's monsters.

But Joey summons—Jinzo! Not is it only a powerful monster, Jinzo's effect destroys all of Marik's trap cards on the field. ("Now your traps won't work, Malik-chan," says Jounouchi.) Rocket Warrior is freed from the Nightmare Wheel, Coffin Seller is destroyed, and so is the face-down Malevolent Catastrophe. (This long shot of the field and the gang at the sidelines is cut from the US version.)

The gang cheer, and Joey remembers winning Jinzo from Espa Roba. He told Roba that Roba has his brothers, while Jounouchi has his sister and his friends. As long as they have that, nobody loses. He wasn't alone then, and he's not alone now. He's got his sister and Mai to inspire him, and he's got the gang cheering him on. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that a man who has friends is very powerful. He looks to the sidelines at his friends, and thinks to Yugi, "Let's meet in the final." Mai and Serenity are added to the shot of the field in the US version.)

Yugi mentally urges Joey on, telling him he can do it. If he beats Marik now, Marik will be out of the tournament, and the world is saved! (Japanese Yugi thinks, "You're great, Jounouchi." Yugi thinks about Jounouchi's heart and soul and strength that have helped him win in his battles to become a True Duelist. This shot of Jounouchi standing in the sky over Domino is cut from the US version.)

Joey tells Marik he's not through with him yet. He switches Baby Dragon and Panther Warrior into attack mode, then destroys Legendary Fiend with Jinzo, reducing Marik's life points to 1900. Now Marik has no monsters on the field, and no trap cards. He's wide open for a direct attack. Joey's friends cheer him, thinking he's about to win the duel. Mokuba says it looks like Joey might win after all, but Kaiba says he'll believe it when he sees it. He thinks, never underestimate a duelist who holds an Egyptian God card. (Japanese Mokuba says Jounouchi's about to shock the world! But Kaiba just says, "Keep your eyes on the owner of the God card." He thinks the goddess will never smile on "that guy.")

Joey sends the rest of his monsters to attack Marik directly. But Marik plays his set magic card, Dark Wall of Wind, which blocks all of Joey's monsters attacks. Joey's turn ends, and he loses another card to Helpoemer, and Plasma Eel reduces Panther Warrior's attack to zero.

Marik says he doesn't need monsters to bring Joey to his knees. Joey should have known that beating him would be no easy task. That's what Mai thought, but her fate was an eternity of darkness and despair. And Joey will soon join her. ("How dare you shout at me!" Japanese Malik says, "I'm going to show you hell. I'll return you double the damage you gave me, and torture you with ultimate suffering!")

Serenity sits at Mai's bedside, telling her that wherever her mind is, Joey is going to get it back. She tells Joey she's here for him, and so is Mai. (Japanese Shizuka wishes she could see the duel with her own eyes. But Mai.... What should she do?)

Marik draws Lava Golem, a level 8 monster with an attack of 3000. Joey tells him he can't play it without making a sacrifice, and he has no monsters on the field. Marik says he has every intention of making a sacrifice. Instead of his own monsters, he sacrifices Joey's Jinzo and Baby Dragon, and summons Lava Golem to Joey's side of the field. Joey's trapped in a steel cage, surrounded by the huge burning Lava Golem. He asks what the deal is, and Marik says he thought Joey'd be pleased to receive a monster with 3000 attack points.

Joey says, "This monster is mine?" (This pan of the gang exclaiming over Lava Golem is cut from the US version.)

Yugi thinks that Lava Golem comes with a heavy price. (Japanese Yugi wonders why Malik would give Jounouchi such a high-level monster.) Mokuba says he doesn't get it, and Kaiba says that all of Lava Golem's weaknesses become Wheeler's problem, and tells him to just watch. (Japanese Mokuba says, "Big Brother, that's..." and Kaiba says, "Hm.")

Lava Golem's beginning to melt, Marik says, and when it does, Joey will lose life points. A blob of hot lava falls in front of Joey's shoe, burning his toes.

Marik sets a trap card and ends his turn, taunting Jounouchi to attack him with his 3000-point monster. (Japanese Malik tells Jounouchi that since Psycho Shocker is off the field, he can set a trap card. Jounouchi wonders why Malik would tell him it's a trap card, but Malik says it doesn't matter. This shot of the trap card on the field is replaced in the US version by a shot of Jounouchi in Lava Golem's cage from later in the episode.)

(And this shot of the field, then Kaiba and Mokuba is replaced in the US version by more of Marik talking.)

Joey's friends call out to him to be careful. Yugi knows that even though Lava Golem causes Joey to lose life points, it still has 3000 attack points, making it powerful enough to help Joey win. So why would Marik give it to him? (This shot of Yugi thinking that Malik must be plotting something is cut from the US version.)

Marik laughs at Joey suffering in the heat.

Serenity wipes Mai's face, telling her that Joey's fighting for her. (Japanese Shizuka thinks, "O-nii-chan," which means "Big Brother." It's a more affectionate way of saying "Big Brother" than Mokuba's "Nii-sama." Japanese kids never call their older siblings by their first names, but always use some form of "Big Brother" or "Big Sister." Girls generally put "O-" in front of it, while boys don't. Malik calls Ishizu "Nee-san.")

Joey clutches the bars of the cage, calling "Get me out of here now!" Joey wonders what to do, while Marik continues to taunt him to attack.

To Be Continued

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