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Episode 128: The Darkness Returns, Part 4 (Jounouchi Falls)

Marik orders the God Phoenix to destroy Joey's monster and drain his soul. The burning Ra attacks, as Joey stands helpless. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that if he loses, he'll be far away from Mai and Yugi.) At the bottom of the Duel Tower, Serenity, feeling the force of the attack, stops and calls out to Joey. As Ra's fire consumes him, Joey screams in pain. Serenity says she's coming, and runs into the Duel Tower. (Japanese Anzu calls out to Jounouchi, and Yugi thinks Jounouchi's spirit will be burned out. A brief scene is cut from the US version, showing Malik laughing, and Jounouchi screaming.)

Yugi calls out to Joey to fight it, as Marik laughs. Téa says they have to stop the attack, but Yugi says they can't. (Another brief shot of Jounouchi and Gilford the Lightning being consumed by the flames is cut from the US version.)

Mokuba says that this is nuts. Marik's gone over the line—they should stop the duel before things get any worse. But Kaiba thinks there's no way he's stopping the duel. He has to see Ra's special ability with his own eyes. (Japanese Kaiba thinks he's seen Ra's third ability! It's a nice job for a "bonkotsu.")

Gilford the Lightning is destroyed, and Joey hunches over, feeling his monster's destruction. Marik calls Ra back, telling Joey that when the smoke clears, he'll be nothing but a motionless shell. The Shadow Realm will consume his mind and his soul. (Japanese Malik thinks he can see Jounouchi's soul rising as white smoke.) But as the smoke clears, he's shocked to see Joey still standing. It can't be! No one can stand the devastating fury of an Egyptian God monster!

The gang cry out in surprise! Joey is still standing—but for how long? Joey begins to straighten up, while Marik continues to rage that Joey should be wiped out by now. ("It's impossible!" Japanese Malik says, "He's alive!")

Weak and stunned, Joey has a vision of Yugi standing across the duel ring from him. (Stars have been added to Joey's vision in the US version.)

Is Marik messing with him again? Yugi puts his deck in his Duel Disk, telling Joey that he's getting ready for their duel—it's the last match of the Battle City finals. The last thing Joey remembers is Marik attacking him with his Egyptian God card. Yugi tells him his will power was strong enough to resist the force of Ra, and Joey realizes that now Marik's wide open for attack. Yugi tells him to get back there and finish Marik off. (Japanese Yugi tells Jounouchi it's their final. Jounouchi seems to remember the end of his duel with Malik. He was attacked by the God Phoenix, and then, in the next round, after the effect of Raise Dead disappeared, Ra disappeared, too.... Yes, Yugi tells him, you summoned Gearfried the Iron Knight to beat Malik. Jounouchi straightens up joyfully, telling Yugi it's time to carry out their promise, and Yugi throws aside his jacket, ready to duel.)

Marik is horrified to see Joey still fighting. If Joey manages to attack him, he'll lose the duel and his Egyptian God card. (Japanese Malik says, "Can Jounouchi's spirit be better than God?") Joey says it's his turn. The gang cheer. All Joey needs now is a monster with enough attack points to wipe out Marik's life points. Even Mokuba cheers, and Kaiba is stunned, wondering how Joey withstood Ra. (Japanese Kaiba thinks, "He defeated God!") Yugi calls out to Joey to make his move.

Joey draws Gearfried the Iron Knight. He puts it on his Duel Disk, thinking It's got more than enough power to wipe Marik out. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks, "I win.") Serenity arrives at the top of the Duel Tower to see her brother on the field, barely standing. But the shock was too much for Joey. Before he can announce his attack, he falls senseless to the ground. Gearfried breaks up and disappears.

The gang watch in horror, calling out for a doctor. But Kaiba insists that the duel is still on. Joey has thirty seconds to get up. Yugi demands that Kaiba forget the rules! Joey needs help. (There's no dialog here in the Japanese, except for Yugi screaming Jounouchi's name.) Marik says nothing can help Joey now. (Japanese Malik says this took so much time and effort.)

The cloud of the Shadow Game fades away, and Roland declares the duel over. Mokuba leaps up onto the dueling platform, telling him to forget the duel, and runs to Joey, grabbing him by the shoulder and telling him to wake up. (Cut from the US version is a bit where Mokuba puts his hand in front of Joey's nose to feel for his breath, then says Jounouchi's not breathing. The gang all stare in horror.)

Roland announces Marik the winner. (Japanese Isono announces that because Jounouchi isn't able to duel any more, Malik Ishtar is the winner.) Yugi, Tristan, Duke, and Téa all rush to Joey's side, followed by Serenity. Mokuba tells Roland they have to get Joey downstairs right away. He needs to see a doctor.

Kaiba watches as the platform lowers, thinking he never thought Wheeler could withstand an attack by the most powerful Egyptian God card. Marik says, there goes another soul into the dark abyss of the Shadow Realm. (Japanese Kaiba doesn't say anything. Malik says he never thought this kind of guy could force him to this step. Cut from the US version is a scene where Malik, overcome by the strain of the duel, gags into his hands.)

Tristan lifts Joey by the shoulders and shakes him, demanding that he wake up. Téa and Serenity add their pleas. Tristan holds Joey up by the shirt, demanding that he stop fooling around and get up. (Cut from the US version is this scene where Honda is about to hit Jounouchi when Otogi stops him, telling him to calm down. Otogi asks Mokuba where the doctor is, and Mokuba says they're on their way. Honda screams in frustration.)

Yami stands by, frozen, telling Joey to fight it. Little Yugi, in spirit form, falls to his knees, crying, insisting he won't lose Joey to the Shadow Realm. (Japanese Yugi screams, it's a lie! It's a lie!) Even Kaiba seems moved, thinking that Jounouchi's performance was quite impressive. Maybe he's not the third-rate amateur Kaiba thought he was. (Japanese Kaiba thinks, "Jounouchi... the way you die—at last I'll recognize you as a duelist.")

Marik laughs. Now that Joey's out of the way, he's one duel away from world domination! Yugi says that's enough. When will this madness come to an end? When the infinite power of the Pharaoh belongs to him, Marik says. (Japanese Malik says, one more soul sacrificed to darkness! Yami shouts at him to shut up—Jounouchi's not dead yet! He will be soon, Malik says.)

As Marik walks away, Kaiba stops him. Marik will be dueling against him in the last round, Kaiba says, and he intends to win. First he'll face off against Yugi and strip him of Slifer. Then he'll be ready to crush Marik and claim his Winged Dragon of Ra. He's been studying it carefully and has just the card to destroy it. Marik says maybe Kaiba should focus on getting past the next round first. (Japanese Kaiba says Jounouchi's struggle is not nothing to him. Because of this duel, Malik revealed too much. Kaiba's seen Ra's third ability, and now he knows the key to attacking Ra is hidden in this card. "Go for it," Malik says.)

The stretcher arrives, and Joey is taken away. As he walks by, Marik says they're wasting their time. Joey will never awaken. (Japanese Malik doesn't speak, but chuckles evilly.) Everyone follows the stretcher except Yugi, who stands alone in the middle of the duel ring. The announcer says the next semi-final will take place in one hour. Kaiba tells Yugi he's been waiting for this moment. Victory will be his! Without turning around, Yugi says that once he knows Joey's all right, he'll deal with Kaiba. He walks into the elevator, as Kaiba says he'll see him in one hour, adding to himself that he'll take him down. (Japanese Kaiba calls out to Yugi, "Stand on the court of your friend's death and duel." Yugi doesn't turn around. He doesn't speak. He walks away. "I'm waiting for you," Kaiba thinks.)

Joey's in the infirmary on the ship, wired up to machines. (This shot of Jounouchi wired up and the gang around his bed is cut from the US version.)

The doctor says Joey's brain is functioning normally and his heart rate is fine. (The Japanese doctor says he's recovered a little, but he still might not survive.) Téa says he doesn't look fine! He hasn't moved or spoken in twenty minutes. Serenity weeps at her brother's side, begging him to open his eyes. (This close-up pan of Jounouchi's chest is cut from the US version.)

Unconscious, Joey has another vision. He's back home in Domino, standing in the street. This isn't Kaiba's Duel Tower, he says. How did he get here? Then Yugi's Grandpa calls out to him. Yugi and Téa are there, too. They tell him they've been looking for him, and Grandpa starts pushing him along. But where are we going? he asks. A huge Duel Monsters starts today, Yugi says, and Joey's late for his first duel! Aren't they already in a tournament? Joey asks. It's a dream, Yugi says, it's not supposed to make sense. Grandpa continues to push Joey along, telling him that if he misses this duel, he'll be disqualified. Joey thinks that might not be such a bad thing—he could use some rest. But Yugi says this is the most important tournament of Joey's life!

(Cut from the US version is this scene where Honda throws himself at the doctor's feet. With tears in his eyes, he begs the doctor to save Jounouchi.)

(But the doctor says there's nothing he can do. Honda jumps up and grabs him by the shirt, telling him he's a doctor, and it's his job to cure the patient. Anzu tells Honda to stop it.)

The doctor says it's very strange. Joey's brain activity is quite high, but he's not conscious at all. Ishizu comes in, thinking that Joey's will is quite strong. He must be fighting off the Shadows. Ishizu puts her hands on Serenity's shoulders, telling her that it's all right. Both of their brothers must now battle the darkness. (Japanese Ishizu thinks that there's nothing medical science can do. The only hope is that power of his heart keeps Jounouchi alive. Cut from the US version is a scene where Honda continues to threaten the doctor, who tells him that even if he knew what was wrong, he doesn't have the equipment here to treat Jounouchi. They need to send him to a better-equipped hospital. Honda says he'll ask them to take him on the Battle Ship, and Anzu says she'll go too.)

Mokuba shows up at the door, looking down at the floor. Téa asks when they're moving Joey to a real hospital. Mokuba says he's got bad news. They're not moving Joey—Seto's orders. Tristan runs up to him, saying he's got to be kidding. Mokuba explains that Kaiba says their own doctors are good enough. Besides, the ship's engines were damaged escaping from the explosion on their way to the island. They made it here, but now the engines are down. But don't worry, he says, he'll radio headquarters for a helicopter to come and get Joey. (Japanese Mokuba doesn't say that Kaiba refuses to let them go for help, only that the ship can't fly right now. Cut from the US version is Honda momentarily forgetting the doctor to yell at Mokuba.)

Yugi thanks Mokuba. Asking them to promise not to tell Seto, Mokuba runs off.

Yami and Yugi stand at Joey's bedside. The scene fades until all they see is Joey lying on the bed, his Duel Disk at his pillow. Yugi says it's his fault this happened to Joey, and he falls to his knees, crying on the bed. He should have faced Marik, he says. No, Yami says. (Japanese Yugi begs Jounouchi not to die, and says his name over and over. Yami says, "Aibou" [Partner].)

Yami goes out into the hall, Yugi beside him on hands and knees, still sobbing bitter tears. Marik is pure evil, Yugi says. First he got Mai, then Bakura, and now this. It's not fair. Maybe they should stop fighting. It just seems to make things worse. Yami switches off his Duel Disk, telling Yugi to wait, that they've come too far to stop. He hears Jounouchi saying that together, they won't let any duelist beat them. He tells Yugi he knows this is hard for him—Marik is the toughest foe they've ever faced. But if they walk away now, then Marik wins. Yugi looks up at him, thinking that's true. He stands up, reaching for Yami, saying Joey never gave up, and neither should they. They have to finish what they started, no matter what. He fades back into Yami, who glares furiously, thinking that Marik's madness has to stop. He slams his fist into the wall, saying he won't give up if Joey doesn't. He urges Joey to keep fighting the Shadows.

(This scene is quite different in the Japanese, Yugi cries, "Jounouchi-kun, if you die, I...." Yami switches off his Duel Disk, saying, "I can't fight anymore." He remembers his promise to Jounouchi to duel with him when Jounouchi has become a True Duelist. To carry out his promise should have been his goal in Battle City. Finding his memory, the God cards—it's all nothing compared to a promise to a friend. Did he sacrifice Jounouchi for that? Yugi stands up and reaches a hand out to Yami, then fades together with him. Yami thinks that all he has left is his hatred for Malik. He punches the wall, saying, "But after that, what do I have left?")

Joey's dream tournament continues, and he wins his duel, using Flame Swordsman to destroy his opponent's monster. Yugi, Grandpa, Tristan, and Téa cheer for him. He's winning duels left and right, he thinks, and he's not going to stop till he gets to the top. (Japanese Jounouchi remembers that after this tournament in the city, he was on the road to becoming a True Duelist.)

Yami turns his face to the wall, leaning onto his arm, saying that Marik's path is so unpredictable. He doesn't know what's next. It's all so unclear. (Japanese Yami begs Jounouchi not to die.) Joey appears in the hall beside him, saying it doesn't have to be. He tells Yami to check his pocket. (Japanese Jounouchi asks, "What is a True Duelist?") Yami looks up, but Joey is gone. It must have been wishful thinking. Then something in Yami's pocket begins to glow. It's the Millennium Necklace. While spirit Yugi watches, Yami holds it in his hand. He remembers Ishizu giving it to him. But the last time she used to predict the future, it was wrong. Can he trust what it shows him? Yami sees a vision of himself standing in the city street, facing Joey, who says that now that that's all over with, let's duel. (Japanese Jounouchi says, "Our Battle City is not over.")

Maybe the Millennium Necklace is telling him that Joey's going to be okay. Yami hears the announcement calling the duelists to the arena for the second semi-final. He has to believe in what the Necklace predicted. Soon this insanity will be over, and Joey will be all right. He just has to get past Kaiba so he can duel Marik. (Japanese Yami thinks, "I believe in this future. I will fight as a True Duelist.") He switches his Duel Disk back on.

Mokuba is in the control room trying to reach Kaiba Corporation to call for a helicopter, but the radio isn't working.

Yami goes back into the infirmary. (This long shot of Yami walking into the room is cut from the US version.)

Joey's condition is the same, Tristan says, but knowing Joey, he's doing whatever it takes to wake up. (Also cut is this shot of Yami walking over to Jounouchi, then looking down at him.)

Yami picks up Joey's Duel Disk and slips it back onto Joey's arm, saying Joey would want it close by, for his toughest fight yet. (Japanese Yami says, "I'm going back to the duel ring where Kaiba is waiting. Jounouchi-kun, please keep fighting here, as a True Duelist." Yet another bit is cut, showing Yugi and the gang standing by Jounouchi's bed.)

(And a pan of Jounouchi with the Duel Disk on his arm is also cut. Boy, the dubbers really didn't want to show Jounouchi lying there all wired up.)

Telling the others to look after Joey for him, Yami leaves. (The "Medical Room" sign on the door is digitized out of the US version.)

Téa runs after him, not believing that he's really going to duel! Has he forgotten how many people have gotten hurt in the tournament so far? She can't stand the thought of losing him too. He says that if he walks away now, everyone's suffered for nothing. He remembers the vision the Millennium Necklace showed him. (Japanese Yami says he fights in order to keep his promise to Jounouchi. The Millennium Torque showed him a vision of the future, and if he stops fighting now, he'll never see that future.)

He reminds Téa of the Egypt exhibition at the Domino Museum. She remembers that they found out he was a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, and now he's supposed to save the world from evil, just as he did 5,000 years ago. He must win a Duel Monsters tournament in order to fulfill his destiny. When Joey found out, he vowed to help. If Yami gives up now, he'd not only be giving up on Joey, but the entire world. (Japanese Yami says, "My soul was supposed to be lost a long time ago. But I'm alive here." He tells her Jounouchi will be back. He believes in this future.) He tells her and the others to stay with Joey, while he takes care of Kaiba. Tristan and Duke urge Yami to win, and he says he will.

Kaiba waits at the top of the Duel Tower. Yugi heads for the tower alone to meet him. Dueling Kaiba won't be easy, Yugi thinks. He's never had to face Obelisk the Tormentor before. (Japanese Yugi doesn't mention Kaiba or Obelisk. Obelisk is added over Yugi's face in the US version.)

He really wishes Joey could be there to watch, but he knows he'll be there in spirit. Kaiba may think he's the world's greatest duelist, but the fate of the world is riding on Yugi's victory! (Japanese Yugi says, "Jounouchi-kun, I want to fight to realize our promise. Please don't surrender. Fight, as a True Duelist, for the day of our fight to come!")

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