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Episode 153: My Freaky Valentine, Part 2 (Revive! The Third Dragon)

Joey's down to 200 life points, while Mai still has 4000. Tristan says the good news is that it's Joey's move now, so he's got one more chance to turn things around. But Téa says it doesn't matter—no matter what happens, someone will lose their soul. (Japanese Honda says if Jounouchi can't find a way this turn, he'll lose. Anzu says the loser's soul will be sealed. She doesn't want to see either Jounouchi or Mai sacrificed.) Yugi, in spirit form, asks Yami if there isn't some way to end this duel without someone getting hurt. Yami says yes, but it won't be easy. The Seal of Orichalcos has limitations—it can only capture a soul when a duelist loses. Yugi doesn't get it. Yami hopes Joey does.

(Cut from the US version is this scene in which Valon says it's useless for Jounouchi to struggle. One more attack, and his soul will belong to Doma. Rafael just says "Hm." Valon asks him what's wrong, but he says it's nothing.)

Joey thinks the odds are against him, but it's not over till it's over. First, he has to keep Mai's Harpies away from his life points. Then he has to destroy that magic circle. If only he could wipe the Seal of Orichalcos off the field! He thinks he might have a card that can do the trick. What has he got to lose?

Joey summons the Fiend Megacyber (Magic Gigacyber) (2200 ATK). It's a six-star monster, but its effect allows him to summon it without a sacrifice as long as Mai has more monsters on the field than he does. He attacks one of the Harpie Ladies with Fiend Megacyber, destroying it and hitting Mai for 400 life points.

Tristan cheers—Joey's back in the game. But Téa says that if Joey wins, they'll lose Mai forever. Yami doesn't think Joey's trying to win. He thinks Joey has discovered the secret to ending the duel without either of them losing.

Valon's glad to see that Joey decided to go down fighting, but Rafael doesn't care. There's no way that punk's going to win. (Japanese Valon sees that Jounouchi suddenly has energy. Rafael agrees—it's because Jounouchi is one of the chosen duelists. Valon says it won't change the fact that Mai is going to win.)

Joey sets one card face down and ends his turn. Mai thinks Joey's decision to fight means he's accepted that they're not friends. She says that the part of her that was dumb enough to like him is long gone. (Japanese Mai says she's been waiting for this for a long time—a serious duel with him to the end. One she'll win.)

In flashback, she remembers Valon taking her to Dartz's temple, and telling her that her life will never be the same again. (Mai's skirt is lengthened in the US version.)

She's greeted by Dartz, who tells her he's finally come home, and no longer will the outside world feed her loneliness. Mai wants to know who told him so much about her, and he says she just did—it's all in her eyes. She remembers being attacked by Ra and trapped in the Shadow Realm by Marik, where she sees Joey and Yugi walk away from her, not hearing her cries for help. Mai falls to her knees before Dartz, telling him that she doesn't want to go back to that place. (Here, Mai's cleavage is partially digitized out, as well as her skirt being lengthened in the US version.)

Dartz assures her that she never will. Those she called her friends have all turned on her. She deserves more than that—she deserves to be the greatest duelist the world has ever seen! She says she'll do anything, and Dartz tells her to surrender her weak side. The seal on his cloak sends bolts of power towards her, and the Seal of Orichalcos appears on her forehead. Dartz welcomes her, saying that from now on she serves the Orichalcos.

Back at the duel, Mai tells Joey it's all over. As soon as she attacks, his life points will be gone—along with his soul!

Duke drives up to the Industrial Illusions building, Rex and Weevil tumbled in a heap in the back seat. Duke rushes to the building, wondering why it would be closed.

Duke stops outside the security gates, calling to the gang inside. Are they dueling in there? Téa says it's a long story and they don't have time for chitchat! Tristan adds that they're trapped inside, and Duke must find a way to get them out. Duke runs off to do just that.

Then Rex and Weevil run up to the gate, where they're horrified to see the same magic circle that they were trapped in.

Mai sacrifices two Harpies to summon Harpie's Pet Dragon (2000 ATK). With the Seal of Orichalcos' effect, its attack rises 500 points, plus it gains another 300 points for each Harpie on the field, giving it a total attack of 3400 points. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Haga and Ryuuzaki amazed that Mai has gotten so powerful, and wondering where she got the Seal of Oreikalkos card.)

Then she attacks Joey's Fiend Megacyber with Harpie's Pet Dragon.

Joey activates his trap card, Compensation Mediation. It gets shuffled together with two cards from Mai's graveyard, then Joey will choose one. If he picks his own card, Mai's attack will be blocked—but if he picks one of Mai's, the attack goes through, and Joey will lose the duel. Valon says it won't be long now, and Rafael agrees that Joey will never win by playing a game of chance. (Japanese Rafael says that as long as Jounouchi has the shining soul of a duelist, he might be able to draw the right card.)

Mai picks two cards from her graveyard, and Joey hands her his trap card. She returns to her side of the field to shuffle them together, telling Joey that after all this time, he's still relying on luck to win his duels. He says it takes skill to play the right card at the right time. But a little luck never hurt! (There's no dialog in the Japanese.)

Mai places the three cards face down on the field. Joey chooses. (A bit of Jounouchi's flourish as he chooses his card is cut from the US version.)

It's Joey's trap card! He's still in the game—for now. But he's helped Mai, too—she gets to put the two cards she pulled from her graveyard on top of her deck. Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation and Harpie Sparrow Formation are two of Mai's most powerful cards.

Mai's turn isn't over. She moves one Harpie Lady to her rear defense, leaving Harpie's Pet Dragon in the front line, then she plays two cards face down.

Joey's got one more shot—but he's all out of ideas! He draws, sets one card face down, sets a monster in defense, then switches Fiend Megacyber to defense. (Cut from the US version is this bit where Valon taunts Jounouchi about having to defend, and an angry Jounouchi tells him to shut up.)

Meanwhile, Duke's run around to the back of the building and is trying the doors, but they're all locked. (Cut is this bit where Otogi finally finds a door that opens.)

(And also this long shot of the duel.)

Mai tells Joey he's pretty calm for someone about to lose his soul. Joey says he's been involved in some pretty insane duels, and he's learned to keep fighting until the last point is gone. She starts to draw, but Joey activates his trap card, Drop Off, to make her discard her card. Then she activates Trap Jammer, discarding one card to cancel out his trap card. (The real Trap Jammer can only be activated during the Battle Phase.) Joey's not happy, but he recovers and gets ready to move on.

Mai completes her draw. It's either Phoenix Formation or Sparrow Formation, but she doesn't play it just yet. (Japanese Mai tells Jounouchi he really has good luck, and sets one card. Yami realizes she must have drawn Sparrow Formation, which is a trap card that must be set for one turn before being activated.) First, she attacks Fiend Megacyber with Harpie's Pet Dragon, then uses one of her Harpie Ladies to attack Joey's face down monster.

Joey gloats—it's Fiber Jar (Fiber Pot), which will cause them both to return all their cards from the field, hand, and graveyard to their decks, and draw five new cards. But Mai activates a trap card, Harpie's Feather Storm (Harpie's Feather Hurricane), which deactivates Joey's monster's effect. Now Joey's out of monsters, but luckily for him, Mai has to end her turn. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Yami thinking that Mai knows Jounouchi's skills, and is dueling against him well.)

Joey draws, sets a monster face down, and ends his turn. Mai thinks he's desperate, and Valon thinks it's time for Mai to deliver the finishing touch. (Japanese Valon thinks Mai will draw Phoenix Formation this time. It'll be over for Jounouchi no matter what monster he's set.)

Mai draws, thinking she has only one monster left to crush, and once she activates Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation, she'll destroy Joey's monster and wipe out the rest of his life points, too. Joey can only stand staring at the ground as she plays Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation. The wind from its vortex begins to rise. Joey's monster is destroyed—but his life points are unaffected! Joey chuckles, telling Mai his monster was Neko Mane King, which has 0 attack points, so he loses nothing, and Mai's just wasted her best card. And, since it was destroyed by a magic card, Neko Mane King's effect ends Mai's turn. Rex says Joey has more lives than his cat! (Japanese Ryuuzaki thinks Jounouchi's luck has to run out some time.) Valon thinks Joey just keeps stalling for time.

Mai impatiently asks if Joey's strategy is to drag the duel out forever until she forfeits from boredom. Joey tells her to worry about her own strategy, but he knows he's just putting things off as long as he can until he can figure out a way out of this mess. He knows there must be a card in his deck that can help him, but what is it? He asks the Heart of the Cards to show him some love.

And his deck begins to glow. Joey stares in wonder. Then Yugi's deck also starts to glow, and he draws out the glowing card—the Eye of Timaeus! Joey and Yami are both surrounded by cylinders of light.

Aboard the Blue-Eyes White Dragon jet, Kaiba's Fang of Critius glows, too.

Three glowing balls of light fly into the castle where the statues of the three crystal dragons stood. One dragon remains. Two of the balls of light pause before the dragon—they are Yami and Joey. Joey wants to know where they are, and Yami tells him it's the dominion of the beasts, and the sculpture before them is a dragon frozen in time. Yami tells Joey it's chosen him, and he must remove the sword to awaken the ancient dragon. Joey takes the sword, hearing a voice telling him that he's the one. He must release Hermos. (There's no voice in the Japanese. When Jounouchi touches the sword, he says he feels something speaking to him through it.) Joey pulls out the sword, and the great beast comes to life. (Japanese Jounouchi tells the dragon he knows its name—Hermos.)

Suddenly, they're back at the duel. Joey looks at Yami, wondering if it was just a dream. Yami knows that now Joey has one of the dragons in his deck, too. It could be just what he needs to end the duel.

Kaiba comes to himself in his jet, asking Mokuba if he noticed anything strange. Besides the way you're acting? Mokuba asks, and Kaiba says forget it. (Japanese Kaiba asks Mokuba if he saw a light. Mokuba asks what he's talking about, and Kaiba says never mind.)

Rafael's Orichalcos stone glows, and Valon thinks the Pharaoh must be behind it. Mai tells Joey to make his move, and he draws, astonished to find the card he's drawn is that dragon, Hermos. Yugi says it's awesome—Joey must have drawn the dragon he just released. Yami agrees, saying its power is now Joey's.

Joey holds the card aloft, telling Mai she's about to meet his new friend, Hermos!

To Be Continued

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