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Episode 164: Reliving the Past (Oreikalkos Soldier)

Téa, Ironheart, and Chris watch from the mountainside as Yami stands alone in the center of the stone circle. Téa says it looks like he's in pretty bad shape, and Ironheart agrees—there's still a hole in his heart that has yet to be filled. Yami falls to his knees, weeping for Yugi. (Cut from the US version is a flashback to Yugi's duel with Kaiba at Duelist Kingdom, when Kaiba threatened to jump off the castle if Yami attacked, and Yugi took control in order to stop Yami from attacking.)

If it weren't for him, he says, Yugi would still be here. He'll never forgive himself. Again, he remembers Yugi pushing him away so that the Seal of Orichalcos would take him instead of Yami. Yami calls out a promise—he won't rest until he gets Yugi back. It's not fair, he says. He's the one who should be locked away, not Yugi. He's the one who played that evil card. (Japanese Yami says that Yugi is the one with real courage. Yugi is the True Duelist.)

Téa says Yami's got to snap out of this. If he keeps wallowing in the past, they'll never find Yugi. (Japanese Anzu says, "Yugi.")

Rafael arrives on the other side of the mountain. The Pharaoh did survive, he says. He's going to have to change that.

Dartz arrives at his headquarters in the city, walking through what appears to be a mirror that changes his temple robes to a suit. He sits at the end of his conference table and activates the viewscreen, which shows the scene in the valley Rafael is currently observing. He's located the Pharaoh, Rafael tells Dartz. Now all he has to do is finish what he started. He begins to go down the mountain, but Dartz orders him to stop. Ghostly tendrils curl around Rafael's legs, as Dartz explains that the valley is inhabited by evil apparitions. He orders Rafael to throw his stone into the ruins, and, as he does so, Dartz recites a spell to call up the spirit of an Orichalcos Soldier.

Lightning flashes all around the valley and the ground shakes. Yami stands up, wondering what's happening, and Téa says it's an earthquake, as she and the others brace themselves. Ironheart says it's worse than that.

Yami tells the spirit to show himself (Japanese Yami says something is there), and the ground splits open, and black vapors arise from earth. The huge Orichalcos Soldier forms, a gray demon in armor, with red eyes and the Seal of Orichalcos in its forehead.

Ironheart warns the Pharaoh that this creature is more dangerous than he knows. Téa asks if he's seen this thing before, and Rafael says he hopes it's on his side. Dartz smiles, welcoming back his creature, saying it's time to wage war again. (Japanese Dartz tells his soldier to kill the Pharaoh.)

The Soldier roars, and a Dark Duel Disk appears on its arm. Lightning continues to flash, and spirits circle Yami, telling him to close his eyes and see the truth. He asks what they want to show him, and they tell him, "the past." Yami sees a vision—hundreds of soldiers like the one facing him now, and he realizes that it's the ancient war. He remembers Rafael telling him of it: the world was divided into two sides, the pure of heart, and those ruled by darkness. In his vision, Yami sees thousands of Orichalcos Soldiers massing against the other side—an army of Duel Monsters. (Yami's eye is superimposed over the Duel Monsters in the US version.)

Yami wonders if this could be how the city of Atlantis was destroyed. Then he sees ancient warriors who look like Chris and Ironheart standing with the Duel Monsters.

Yami stands before the Orichalcos Soldier in the stone circle, wondering what it means. Ironheart says he once faced this soldier and his army in the great battle to save Atlantis. This is the same spot where they made their last stand against the evil Lord Dartz, and now the battle continues. Dartz recites another spell, and the Seal of Orichalcos is conjured from the dark clouds above the valley, coming down to encircle Yami and the Orichalcos Soldier.

Yami sees the Duel Disk on the Soldier's arm, and realizes that it wants to duel him. The form of a card appears on the Soldier's Duel Disk, and a monster bursts out of the ground, with an attack of 400 points. Meet Orichalcos Gigas, Dartz says. The Seal of Orichalcos appears on Gigas's forehead, and its power rises to 900 points. It attacks the Pharaoh, trying to smash him with its huge fist. Yami dodges, then, as Gigas swings again, spirits form around Yami to protect him, and Gigas's attack is repelled. Ironheart says that the lost spirits of Atlantis are here to protect the Pharaoh, but they can't act alone. He tells Yami to summon his monsters, and the spirits will assist them.

The spirits fly into Yami's deck, and he activates his Duel Disk, saying that, together, they'll take down this beast. Yami summons Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts and Berfomet (Japanese Yami doesn't summon them, he shows the cards before fusing them), then plays Polymerization to form Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast (2100 ATK). Chimera attacks Gigas, destroying it, and reducing the Orichalcos Soldier's life points to 2800. But Gigas is revived, this time with an attack of 1400. Chimera destroys it again, and the Orichalcos Soldier is down to 2100 life points. But Gigas rises again, this time with 1900 attack points. Yami sees that the Orichalcos Soldier's monster comes back even stronger each time he attacks it, so this time he plays the magic card, Fissure, hoping that this will stop it. But again the monster is revived, this time with 2400 attack points. It attacks, destroying Chimera and bringing Yami's life points down to 3700.

Yami uses Chimera's effect to bring back Gazelle to the field (1500 ATK). Gigas attacks it, too, but Yami uses his Mirror Force trap card to reflect its attack back on it, destroying it again. Gigas rises again, now with 2900 attack points. Neither traps nor magic cards can stop it, Yami says. It attacks and destroys Gazelle, reducing Yami's life points to 2300. Yami's knocked to the ground by the force of the attack.

As the Gigas attacks, Yami summons Obnoxious Celtic Guardian (1400 ATK) to protect him. Yami loses 1500 life points, bringing his score to 800, but Celtic Guardian is not destroyed. Gigas attacks again, but Celtic Guardian evades it, as Yami says that one more attack will finish him.

Dartz and Rafael both watch, confident that the Pharaoh is about to lose. Téa fears the same thing, and Ironheart says there is but one thing that can save him—the card Yami gave him. Ironheart takes the Eye of Timaeus out of his robe, and saying this is the creature that fought by his side so long ago. He jumps down the mountainside, and begins to run toward Yami, asking Timaeus to bring peace to their land once again.

Yami sees another vision of the past. The Orichalcos Soldiers are destroying the Duel Monsters, and Yami sees Ironheart and Chris standing among them. Then Timaeus appears in the sky, and begins to mow down the Orichalcos Soldiers.

But Timaeus's attack is stopped, and Dartz stands atop the Great Leviathan, laughing. Timaeus flies towards him, and the Seal of Orichalcos appears in Dartz's forehead, as he launches a surge of power from his fingertip. Destruction rains down upon the Duel Monsters, and Timaeus dodges the blasts as he continues to fly towards Dartz. Then Dartz calls for the Sword of Kings, and throws it at Timaeus. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the sword hitting Timaeus in the eye.)

Yami calls out to the dragon, and Dartz laughs as Timaeus falls. Dartz orders the Great Leviathan to finish him off, but Timaeus raises his head for a final effort. (Again, the sword is removed from Timaeus's eye in the US version.)

The beams of power from the two great beasts meet, causing a huge explosion.

The vision ends. (This shot of Yami spinning around is cut from the US version.)

Gigas's fist smashes into the ground before Yami and Celtic Guardian. Ironheart continues to run towards the stone circle, as evil spirits rise to attack him. Chris leaps on top of Sky to race to his aid.

Saying that he must protect the Pharaoh or all is lost, Ironheart throws out two Duel Monsters cards, which form into monsters to attack the evil spirits. (This shot of Rafael wondering who Ironheart is is cut from the US version.)

He uses his staff to destroy the remaining spirit as he runs past. As they approach the spirits, Sky's form changes to a more vicious-looking wolf, and the spirits are destroyed as he leaps through them. (This shot of Anzu, likewise wondering who Chris and Ironheart are, is cut from the US version.)

Ironheart calls to the Pharaoh to take the card. But Dartz sends a blast of lightning to strike him down. (The shot of the lightning hitting Ironheart is obscured and shortened in the US version.)

Yami tries to run to him, but he's trapped behind the Seal of Orichalcos. Chris reaches her grandfather, and he gives her the card, telling her it's up to her to bring it to the Pharaoh. Then he dissolves into streams and bubbles of light. Chris calls out to her Grandpa, then leaps onto Sky's back to fulfill her grandfather's last request.

Yami warns her to stay back, as the Gigas approaches him for another attack. Obnoxious Celtic Guardian jumps in front of him to protect him, but Yami knows he can't withstand another attack, so he plays Kuriboh, which multiplies into dozens of Kuribohs to absorb Gigas's attack.

Dartz aims another bolt of lightning at Chris, and she and Sky fall to the ground. Chris struggles to her knees, but Sky dissolves away. Chris gets up and begins to run to Yami, as more bolts of lightning strike the ground around her. She manages to reach the Seal just as she's struck, and she falls to the ground before the Pharaoh. She holds the card out to him, her hand piercing through the Seal. This is the only thing that can stop him, she tells Yami. It saved them once, and with Yami's help, it can save them again. (Japanese Chris tells Yami, "You are our last hope.") He takes the card, and Chris dissolves, telling Yami that she trusts him. (Japanese Chris says, "Please save the world.")

Yami clenches his fists in anger and grief, then turns to face the Orichalcos Gigas. There's only one thing left to do, he thinks, and tells Timaeus he hopes he's worthy of his power. He's truly sorry for betraying Timaeus, but for the sake of his friends, and all the innocent people at risk, he begs Timaeus to help him. The future of two worlds hangs in the balance. (Japanese Yami says this isn't only his fight anymore. Aibou, Chris, Ironheart, everyone—something you can see, but can't see—is the important thing that supports him. He won't get lost anymore. His power will be used to protect these people.)

Yami sacrifices Celtic Guardian to summon Dark Magician Girl. Then he plays the Eye of Timaeus, and the dragon appears before him. He fuses Timaeus with Dark Magician Girl to form Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight (2600 ATK), then plays the Excalibur magic card to increase Dragon Knight's attack to 5200, and attacks Gigas. Gigas is destroyed, and so is the Orichalcos Soldier, in an explosion of power that engulfs the whole valley.

Dartz watches, thinking that this isn't over.

Off in the desert, Joey and Tristan see the light from the explosion in the distance. They don't know what it is, but Joey's Claw of Hermos card is glowing, and he hopes Téa and the Pharaoh are all right. (Japanese Jounouchi wonders if anything happened to Yugi.) He runs down the train tracks toward the light. Tristan, who's carrying Rex, runs after him, telling him it's his turn to carry Rex.

Back in the valley, the Seal of Orichalcos disappears. Yami thanks Timaeus and Dark Magician Girl, saying this is just the beginning. (Japanese Yami asks Black Magician Girl and Timaeus to work with him.)

Rafael says he's glad the Pharaoh won—now he can be the one who delivers the Pharaoh's soul to Master Dartz.

Téa kneels before a stone carving depicting Chris and Ironheart and Sky, with the three legendary dragons flying overhead. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Anzu putting flowers in front of the stone, then praying. It's replaced with a close-up of the stone carving.)

She wants to know if this is really a carving from ten thousand years ago, and Yami says it is. So they were just ghosts? Yami says they were spirits who once fought a great war, and now they've been captured by Dartz. Now Yami has three more reasons to hunt down this madman and bring peace to the world once again. (Japanese Yami says he won't forget them. He'll inherit their will. Again, the flowers are digitized out of the shot of the stone.)

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