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Episode 170: Fighting for a Friend, Part 2 (Full Armor Gravitation)

The gang at the Hawkins trailer is surrounded by Orichalcos Soldiers. The monsters begin to close in. Rebecca thinks maybe they can outrun them, but Tristan says he already tried that.

Yami runs up to one of the Orichalcos Soldiers, and Kaiba joins him. Mokuba warns his brother that it's too dangerous, but Kaiba says there's nothing dangerous about a bunch of holograms. (Japanese Kaiba says he doesn't have time to waste on these people. He'll kill them.) He and Yami stand back-to-back and activate their Duel Disks, which begin to glow. They draw their legendary dragon cards, then Yami summons Timaeus and Kaiba summons Critius. The two dragons hover over the street.

Back at the duel, Valon tells Joey to hurry up and make a move so he can continue to torture him. Joey says Valon's the one who's going to be in a world of hurt, and summons Marauding Captain (1200 ATK). Then, using Marauding Captain's special effect, he summons another monster, Battle Warrior (700 ATK). He attacks directly with Marauding Captain, bringing Valon down to 2800 life points, then with Battle Warrior, reducing Valon to 2100 life points.

But Valon says it will take more than that to keep him down. (Cut from the US version is this short bit where Jounouchi asks what Valon's smiling about, and Valon tells Jounouchi not to disappoint him—if Jounouchi wants to defeat him, use his strongest power.)

Joey wonders what this guy is so confident about—he doesn't even have one monster on the field. Joey tells Valon to take his best shot.

Valon draws, and Psychic Armor Head returns to the field. Valon explains that when Psychic Armor Head is in his graveyard, he can automatically bring it back to the field. But Psychic Armor Head should be the least of Joey's worries. No, Joey says, not that!

But it is. Valon plays the Seal of Orichalcos.

On a distant rooftop, Mai sees the Seal of Orichalcos rise above the streets, and knows Valon's activated it. Starting her motorcycle, she says that loser had better leave a piece of Wheeler for her. (Japanese Mai says, "Found it!") She rides her bike down the steps and off towards the Seal. (Cut from the US version are these shots of Mai riding her bike down the steps.)

Valon's eyes turn red as the Seal glows in his forehead. Now his Armor Head gets a power boost, to 500 attack points. Then he plays the magic card, Full Armor Gravitation, which allows him to draw ten cards from his deck and summon any Armor cards he draws. He summons Burning Knuckle, then Jet Gauntlet, Over Boost, Active Guard, Buster Knuckle (all 0 ATK, raised to 500), and Advanced Shield (1000 ATK, raised to 1500). Joey guesses that Valon's putting on another funky space suit. Valon tells him he's smarter than he looks, and discards the remaining four cards he's drawn.

Joey thinks to himself that the last time Valon strapped on that armor, he blew away almost half of Joey's life points. The suit of armor forms around Valon, and he cries out that he's invincible!

Psychic Armor Head's readouts analyze Joey's life points and monster attack points. Joey asks if he's going to attack or what, but Valon asks why he's in such a rush—this suit of armor's even stronger than the last one. But, Joey thinks, each piece of his costume only has 500 attack points.

The armor's sensors indicate that an attack on Marauding Captain by Buster Knuckle has a 99% probability of success. Buster Knuckle's attack rises to 1900 points, and Valon explains that it gets a 200 point boost for every Armor card he has on the field. Then he attacks with Buster Knuckle, destroying Marauding Captain. (Cut are these shots of Valon's Buster Knuckle hitting Marauding Captain in the stomach.)

Joey sinks to his knees, hand to his chest from the blow, as his life points go down to 1800. But he says he's been through much worse. Valon says he's just getting started. By the end of the duel, Joey will be begging for mercy. Then his old buddy Mai will see what a chump Joey really is. As long as Joey's around, Mai's going to be obsessed with dueling him. But Valon can't let Mai put herself in that kind of danger again, so he got to Joey first. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Valon what he's done. Valon explains that due to the Seal of Oreikalkos, an Armor monster's attack not only reduces life points, but causes pain to the opponent. This isn't a normal duel. Every strike will stab Jounouchi in the heart and diminish his energy. Then he explains that in each turn, only one Armor monster can attack. Jounouchi's life is saved for now. He ends his turn.)

Valon says he's not such a bad guy. They both want the same thing—they want Mai to be happy. Joey says if Valon really wanted Mai to be happy, he wouldn't have brainwashed her in the first place. He knows Mai, and she never would have walked out on him unless someone had messed with her head. Dartz is messing with all of their heads. That Orichalcos card has evil magic in it, and it makes everyone who holds it go nuts. (Japanese Valon asks Jounouchi what's wrong, and tells him it's his turn now, but he can't stand up. Jounouchi says the fist is fierce, but he won't give up so easily. Valon tells Jounouchi he's an idiot who doesn't understand Doma's power. Jounouchi tells him to shut up—no one knows who will win in the end. If you don't think you'll win, you'll die, so he always believes in himself. Even if he fails sometimes, he'll take the challenge, and someday he'll win.)

Valon just asks Joey if he's done, and says he'll tell him the truth. The Orichalcos card did more for Mai than Joey ever could. She was weak, and it made her strong. She was lost, and it showed her the way. (Japanese Valon says Mai couldn't stand Jounouchi's idiotic thoughts. Mai isn't like Jounouchi, she's more like him.) Flashbacks show Dartz giving Mai the Seal of Orichalcos and welcoming her to his family. Then, she finds Valon outside, and tells him that she appreciates him taking her there, but he shouldn't think it means she owes him anything. Valon is surprised, but she tells him she does things her way, and isn't interested in being part of some team. She already made that mistake once, and it got her nowhere. Valon tells her he knows what she means—he and she are exactly the same, both loners. But, he says, she has to admit, sometimes it's not all that fun. (Japanese Mai says she has to win, no matter who stands in her way, if it's Valon, or even Dartz. Valon says he's just like her—winning is everything to him.)

Later, he goes to her after she's taken Pegasus's soul, asking her why the long face. She says defeating Pegasus meant nothing to her. There's only one person out there she needs to take apart, and that's Joey Wheeler.

Back in the present, Valon tells Joey that Mai can't stand the sight of him. And neither can he. Once Joey's out of the picture, Mai can move on to bigger and better things—like teaming up with Valon. (Japanese Valon says the strong need for victory and the terror of defeat—can Jounouchi know how it feels? How can he understand that? Jounouchi isn't the one who understands Mai. Valon is.)

Joey insists Mai would never want to get rid of him after what they've been through. They're friends. He remembers Duelist Kingdom, when she gave him her card so he could duel in the finals. She's nothing like Valon, he says. She'd never join up with a bunch of lowlifes who have some crazy plan to take over the world. Whatever Valon and the others did to her, Joey's going to undo as soon as he wins this duel.

Joey sacrifices Battle Warrior to summon Jinzo (2400 ATK). Valon just laughs, as his sensors analyze Jinzo's strength and special effect. Joey attacks Psychic Armor Head with Jinzo, but Valon takes the attack with the piece of armor on his right hand. His life points go down to 1600 and the piece is destroyed. Joey protests, saying he attacked the head, not that thing, but Valon explains that whenever a piece of his armor is attacked, he can redirect the attack to another piece.

Timaeus mows down a bunch of Orichalcos Soldiers, but others are advancing on Téa and Rebecca. Yami sends Timaeus to smash them just in time, and he runs to Téa and Rebecca, asking if they're okay. Téa says they are now. Meanwhile, Critius stomps the Orichalcos Soldiers bearing down on Kaiba, who stands calmly watching. Mokuba says that's all of them, and the two dragons fly back into their cards. As the gang gather together, Téa asks Duke and Tristan where they were. They say they they tried to lead those things away—by running really far. (The Japanese gang ask each other if they're all right.)

Then Kaiba abruptly turns and walks away. Téa tells him to stop—they have to stick together. Kaiba says if they think just because he helped chase off some holograms, he's now part of their little pep squad, they've got the wrong idea. (Japanese Kaiba says he can't waste his time there. He has to get into Paradias and put an end to this trick.) He stops and turns back, saying adios, it's been a real blast. Yami asks if he'll at least help them find Joey. Kaiba tells them to use their heads, and continues on, Mokuba following after. As he walks away, he tells them there's a simple way to find that loser if they think about it. (Japanese Kaiba asks Yami what he's going to do. Yami says he'll come after he finds Jounouchi. Kaiba tells him to do as he likes, and continues on, adding that Kaiba Corporation is occupied, but the satellite system is still alive.)

Rebecca gets it—they can use the satellite system to track Joey's Duel Disk. She runs back into the trailer. Yami tells Kaiba they need to access his company's tracking system, but he ignores them. Téa tells him to come back—she knows he can still hear them! But Tristan says to let him go. (Japanese Yami calls Kaiba's name, but Kaiba says he doesn't need them now. He'll find Dartz himself, and defeat him. Anzu says it's too dangerous for Kaiba and Mokuba to go alone, but Honda says never mind, they're gone.)

Meanwhile, Rebecca's on her laptop, trying to hack into Kaiba Corp's satellite system, while her grandfather watches. (This shot of Rebecca and her laptop screen is cut from the US version.)

She thinks that she hacked into his system once, and she'll do it again. (This shot of the laptop screen, showing the satellite system, which is misspelled as "Satelite," is also cut from the US version.)

The first password she enters results in an error.

Téa asks what they will do if Rebecca can't crack the code and track down Joey. Duke says they'll cross that bridge when they get there, and Tristan says they've got to have a little faith. (Japanese Anzu asks if it's so easy to hack into someone else's system. Otogi says Becky can do it, and Honda adds that she's a genius.)

Yami looks at the Timaeus card.

Back at the duel, Valon draws a magic card, Data Brain, and puts it in his hand. His sensors target Jinzo, and his right hand piece of armor rises to 1700 attack points. Valon explains that Burning Knuckle's attack is increased by 200 points for each Armor monster on the field. Joey says that it's still weaker than Jinzo. Valon just says Joey will never learn, and launches his attack. (Japanese Valon says that when he duels, he always attacks.) Burning Knuckle is destroyed, and Valon's down to 900 life points. Joey says nice try, but Valon's metal arm was no match for Jinzo. (Japanese Jounouchi doesn't understand why Valon would destroy himself.)

Valon laughs and tells Joey to look at Jinzo—it's down to 700 attack points. Joey wants to know how Valon did that, and Valon explains that when Burning Knuckle is destroyed, its attack points are subtracted from the opposing monster's attack. Joey protests that Valon still gave up almost half of his life points just to lower Jinzo's strength. Joey smiles, thinking Valon just took a pretty big risk. He must have a lot of faith in that armor of his to willingly let go of all those points. Either that, or he's just really dumb. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks Valon's pretty stupid to let himself lose life points just to lower his opponent's monster's attack. But he's impressed by Valon's firm belief and his decisiveness. Still, Jounouchi can't let him win.)

Joey draws, and summons Rocket Warrior (1500 ATK). Then he attacks Over Boost. Valon uses Psychic Armor Head's effect to change the target of the attack to Advanced Shield, which also has 1500 attack points. Advanced Shield is destroyed, but Rocket Warrior is saved, because Joey had put it in invincible mode. And, even though Jinzo's attack was lowered, Joey says, it's still strong enough to destroy Jet Gauntlet. He attacks, and Jet Gauntlet is destroyed, but so is Jinzo. (This shot of Jinzo being stabbed in the chest by a shard of the Advanced Shield is cut from the US version.)

Both Joey and Valon are thrown back by the force of the battle. Joey realizes Jet Gauntlet's special ability must have destroyed Jinzo. He straightens up, telling Valon he's getting a little tired of this. Valon tells him, nice shot. He's got to admit, Joey's not such a terrible duelist. Joey says thanks, he thinks. But Valon adds that he's better. (Japanese Jounouchi tells Valon he's pretty good, and Valon says Jounouchi is, too.)

Mai stops her motorcycle where she thinks the Orichalcos card was played. She knows they're around her somewhere, she says, and she has to stop that duel now. She'd better not be too late—she's going to make Wheeler pay for what he did to her. (Japanese Mai thinks she has to beat Jounouchi. Otherwise...)

She remembers Marik laughing at her. (Cut from the US version is this flashback where Mai sees herself with Malik approaching her, telling her her soul will be eaten by darkness. She cries out, "No!" as the hourglass imprisons her, sands falling on her as she calls out for help.)

Mai grabs her head, insisting she won't go back to that place. She has to destroy Joey Wheeler. The fragment of Orichalcos stone she wears around her neck glows, and her eyes turn red. She lifts her head, the Seal now glowing in her forehead. As soon as Joey's locked away, she can put her past behind her, once and for all. That pathetic fool won't know what's hit him until it's too late. (Japanese Mai says she'll defeat anyone who stands in her way, no matter who it is. Jounouchi, or Yugi, or even Valon—she'll kill them all.)

Rebecca is still trying to hack into Kaiba Corp's satellite system. (The words "Satellite System" are removed from Rebecca's computer screen in the US version.)

She tries another password, but still can't get in. (The word "Password..." is also removed from the US version.)

Outside the trailer, Tristan asks if she's having any luck. Téa reminds him he's asked five times. Duke says Tristan's the one who told them to have faith, but Tristan tells him to get off his back—Joey's in trouble, and if they don't move fast, things could get worse. (Japanese Honda says Jounouchi might have gotten into a duel with Valon by now.) Téa tries to calm him down, but he says it's all his fault. When he and Joey got separated from the others, Joey told him about his plan, and Tristan thinks he should have talked Joey out of it then. (Japanese Honda says, why didn't he talk Jounouchi out of it? He explains that Jounouchi thinks the change in Mai is his fault.)

Flashbacks show Joey and Tristan walking along the railroad tracks. Joey stops and says he just figured it all out—Mai teamed up with those lowlifes because he was a terrible friend. Tristan tells him that's crazy, but Joey insists it's true. Dartz may be the one who brainwashed her, but Joey's the one who drove her away in the first place. Joey takes off down the tracks, saying now he's got to set things straight, but finding those guys and breaking that spell. Tristan watches him go, wondering how he plans to do it. (Japanese Jounouchi says it's his fault. He didn't know Mai would change like that. He didn't feel anything wrong. So he'll solve the problem. He'll save her. He takes off, telling Honda not to tell Yugi and the others.)

Back in the present, Tristan wonders what he was thinking—how could he let Joey do this? Téa points out that Joey's got a mind of his own, and Yami hopes Joey's using it. (Japanese Honda says, how can Jounouchi be responsible for Mai? Anzu can't believe Jounouchi said that, and Yami mentally asks Jounouchi not to do it.)

At the duel, Valon draws, telling Joey it's time to crush his last monster, and summons Buster Pile (0 ATK, raised to 500), a replacement piece of armor for his right arm. Then he attacks and destroys Joey's Rocket Warrior. Joey cries out and sinks to the ground, clutching his heart, saying that since Buster Pile only has 500 attack points to Rocket Warrior's 1500, he'll assume it has a special ability. Valon says that Buster Pile automatically destroys any monster it attacks, regardless of attack points, and it inflicts 500 points damage to Joey's life points, bringing him down to 1300.

Valon ends his turn by playing the magic card, Data Brain, which links up with his Psychic Armor Head. Joey struggles to his feet, thinking that Valon's Armor cards are taking him apart. No matter what monster he plays, Valon can blow it sky high. (Japanese Jounouchi wonders what Valon's equipment card does. What will he do this time? Then he shakes his head, thinking he can't be afraid.)

It's Joey's move. He draws the legendary dragon, Hermos, and holds up the card triumphantly, telling Valon, let's see him stand up to this guy! (Japanese Jounouchi says he'll bet on this card.)

To Be Continued

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