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Episode 175: Grappling with a Guardian, Part 2 (Immortal! Guardian Deathscythe)

Rafael has just played the Seal of Orichalcos. Yami asks him what he was thinking—now one of them will lose his soul. Rafael says that's the point. The Great Leviathan needs power. The score stands at Yami 2500 life points, Rafael 3500. Once he takes Yami down, Rafael continues, that legendary creature will have the strength it needs to awaken. (Japanese Rafael says he wants to prove that the destiny Dartz guides him with is true.)

Tristan, watching from the sidelines with Téa, Kaiba, and Mokuba, says that's the same guy who beat Yugi last time. Kaiba looks on in surprise. (This shot of Rafael is cut from the US version.)

Rafael says that the power of the Orichalcos knows no equal. Yami might have had a taste of it in their last duel, but Rafael will show him what it can really do. Rafael's monsters are powered up by the Seal of Orichalcos: Backup Gardna's attack rises to 1000, Guardian Grarl's to 3000, and Guardian Elma's to 2100. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Yami, wondering if Rafael will remember his relationship with his monsters within the Seal.)

Rafael orders Guardian Grarl to attack Kuribabylon, which blows apart into the separate Kuriboh brothers as it's destroyed.

Yami's down to 1000 life points. But he activates his trap card, Rope of Life, which allows him to discard his hand to bring back the monster that was just destroyed. Kuribabylon returns to the field with an additional 800 attack points, bringing it to 2300. Rafael sets a card face down and ends his turn.

Téa wonders, now what? and Mokuba says Yugi needs help—he's only got a thousand life points. But Tristan says Yugi's won duels with way fewer. Kaiba looks on grimly, thinking that this is the duelist who beat the King of Games. This is Yugi's chance to win back his reputation and his championship status—so Kaiba can take it away. (Japanese Kaiba thinks that there's more to the power of the Orichalcos. Can Yugi defeat Rafael and win back his title of Duel King?)

Yami draws, and transforms Kuribabylon back into the five Kuriboh brothers. Then, he says, it's time to take on a new form. The blue Kuriboh gets fierce and starts knocking his brothers around. Soon, Kuribohs are bouncing all over the field, rebounding off the dome of the Seal. Yami tells them to merge again, this time to form Kuribandit, a fanged Kuriboh with an eyepatch and bandanna.

Rafael laughs, but Yami tells him the last thing he should be doing is laughing. He plays his magic card, Dark Magic Curtain, allowing him to summon the Dark Magician (2500 ATK). Tristan and Téa cheer, but Mokuba points out that it cost Yami half of his life points. Tristan gulps, then says it's part of the plan.

Yami attacks Guardian Elma with Dark Magician, but Rafael activates his trap card, Guardian Formation, moving Elma into the back row, where it's protected from attack by his other monsters.

Tristan calls Rafael a wimp, telling him to try fighting instead of hiding. But Kaiba thinks it was a an impressive move—Rafael knows how to tap into all the Seal's power.

Rafael says it's time to bring out his ultimate monster. (Japanese Rafael says something about using a special effect to activate a magic card from his deck.) First, he plays the magic card, Celestial Sword Eatos (Sacred Sword of the Goddess - Eatos). Yami frowns, thinking this can only mean one thing—he's about to play Guardian Eatos. (Japanese Yami ends his turn.) Then Rafael draws two cards and summons Guardian Eatos (2500 ATK). Yami thinks he has to act quickly—with 500 life points left, he doesn't have much time. (Japanese Yami thinks, "Guardian Eatos!" Rafael says that if there are no monsters in his graveyard, Guardian Eatos can be summoned without a sacrifice. Cut from the US version is this shot of Kaiba thinking that such power is overwhelming.)

Eatos appears above the field, her wings turning dark and her eyes glowing red as the Seal of Orichalcos infuses her with power, increasing her attack to 3000. Yami tells Rafael to look what he's done to his Guardian—it's been consumed by darkness. But Rafael smiles, saying exactly—it's more powerful than ever. Guardian Eatos picks up the Celestial Sword, increasing her attack by another 300 points. (Japanese Yami asks Rafael, doesn't he care that he's turned his monster into that? Rafael tells Yami he shouldn't be worrying about that now. Cut from the US version is this bit where Honda says, that's the monster that beat Yugi last time. He explains that it gains power from the monsters in the opponent's graveyard, and the others exclaim, wondering if there's any way out.)

Yami sacrifices Kuribandit, allowing him to draw five more cards, discarding any monsters he's drawn. Three monsters go to the graveyard, as Mokuba warns him that that will just make Eatos more powerful. Kaiba says that's true, but it could have been worth the risk if Yugi drew the right card.

Yami looks at his two magic cards. One is Magical Hats, and other is something new—a top hat with pigeons flying out of it. Rafael tells Eatos to raise her sword and drain Yami's monsters' power. The souls of Yami's monsters in the graveyard emerge from his Duel Disk to be sucked into the Celestial Sword. Eatos' attack rises to 7000 points.

The gang look on in horror, as Rafael tells Yami he's about to become a two-time loser, and this time he'll pay up—with his soul. He orders Eatos to attack the Dark Magician, saying, "Game over."

But Eatos' sword cracks against the Dark Magician and falls away, and Eatos' attack returns to 3000 points. The Dark Magician is unharmed.

Yami explains—one of the monsters he just discarded was Electromagnetic Turtle (0 ATK, 1800 DEF). When it was destroyed, it formed a shield that protected the Dark Magician from attack. (Japanese Yami explains that when Electromagnetic Turtle is in his graveyard, he can end his opponent's turn whenever he chooses.) Rafael seethes, while Tristan and Téa celebrate in relief. Rafael vows to himself to make Yami pay for mocking the power of his Guardian Eatos, then ends his turn. (Japanese Rafael wonders if destiny is asking him to continue the duel.)

Yami tells Rafael he should have thought twice before poisoning his monsters with the dark power of the Orichalcos. Take it from someone with experience, he says. Betraying your monsters only backfires in the end. But Rafael says Yami's only played the Seal of Orichalcos once—does that make him think he's an expert on the subject? (Japanese Yami thinks that he hates to see Eatos turned into that. He tells Rafael he shouldn't have used the Seal of Orichalcos. Rafael says that only someone like Yami, who's entrusted himself to darkness, would think that.)

Yami draws, then plays Big Shield Gardna (2600 DEF) in defense. He switches Dark Magician into defense (2100 DEF), sets one card face down, and ends his turn.

Rafael draws, telling Yami it's all over. He can't win a duel with defense. All he's doing is stalling for time. (Cut from the US version is this shot of the gang, as Anzu says that Yugi has two monsters, while Rafael has four. Mokuba says Yugi will be in danger of a direct attack.)

Rafael once again attacks Dark Magician with Eatos. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Yami, lit up by Eatos' approaching attack.)

Yami activates Magical Hats to hide his monsters under four top hats. (Magical Hats is colored a bit differently in the US version.)

Eatos' attack destroys Big Shield Gardna instead. Tristan says it's awesome—Magical Hats shuffled Yugi's monsters so Rafael destroyed the wrong one. But Mokuba points out that Rafael has another attack, so Dark Magician is still in danger. (Japanese Honda says Rafael only has two more monsters in attack mode, so he can't attack directly. Mokuba says, but if he destroys Black Magician, Yugi won't have any more monsters on the field.)

Rafael uses Elma to destroy one of the hats, then sends in Grarl with a fifty-fifty chance of finding the Dark Magician. But it misses, and the Dark Magician is spared. Rafael is not happy, but his turn isn't over yet. He plays Rod of Silence, allowing him to summon another Guardian monster, Guardian Kay'est (1000 ATK, raised to 1500 by the Seal of Orichalcos), then he ends his turn.

Tristan and Téa sigh in relief. Kaiba says there's only one thing that can save Yugi now. (Japanese Kaiba says that things don't look good, but Yugi has forced the enemy onto a road of no return.)

Yami draws. First, he plays Graceful Charity, drawing three cards and discarding two. Thinking that this is his final chance, he asks the Heart of the Cards to guide him as he draws. He smiles as he discards two of the cards, then triumphantly holds up the Eye of Timaeus. As Rafael watches in shock, Yami plays Timaeus, merging it with the Dark Magician to form Amulet Dragon (2900 ATK). His new dragon gets another 300 points for every magic card in Yami's graveyard, and there are eight, raising Amulet Dragon's attack to 5300.

Yami attacks Guardian Eatos with Amulet Dragon. Rafael screams in anguish as Eatos is destroyed. Then, Rafael tells Yami he's going to be sorry—no one sends his Guardian Eatos to the graveyard! The dome of the Seal pulses green energy as Rafael faces Yami in fury. Téa wonders why the Seal is doing that, and Kaiba thinks it must be a glitch in the hologram. (Japanese Kaiba thinks the Seal is in turmoil.) Yami asks what's going on.

Rafael, the Seal in his own forehead pulsing green and red, says that Guardian Eatos is a creature of light and purity, and when it's destroyed, it's replaced by a different monster—a creature of darkness. (Japanese Rafael says that Eatos is sleeping in the graveyard, but she will turn into a new soul and reappear. Eatos is immortal.) A chasm opens up in the field before him, and a new creature climbs out, masked and wrapped in bandages like a mummy, and a skirt of rags. Rafael tells Yami to say hello to Guardian Dreadscythe (Guardian Deathscythe) (2500 ATK, raised to 3000 by the Seal of Orichalcos). Yami says hello—and goodbye! It's no match for his dragon. Rafael says it will be, and equips it with the Reaperscythe magic card, increasing its attack by 500 for every monster in his graveyard. (Japanese Rafael says that Guardian Deathscythe's effect allows it to equip itself with a card from the graveyard.) Now Guardian Dreadscythe has 3500 attack points.

Yami is surprised to see Rafael play such a card, saying he thought Rafael despised having monsters in his graveyard. Rafael says he despises Yami even more. So what's a few monsters in the grave, if it means destroying Yami forever? (Japanese Yami asks if Rafael sent Eatos to the graveyard on purpose. Rafael says that with Eatos in the graveyard, Deathscythe can become a saint. Then he explains that with Guardian Deathscythe on the field, he can't summon any other monsters. Yami ends his turn.)

Rafael draws his two cards, and switches Guardian Dreadscythe into attack mode. Then, he sacrifices all his other monsters to boost Dreadscythe's attack. Yami, horrified, tells him not to do it, saying that the Orichalcos is clouding Rafael's mind, but Rafael continues sacrificing his monsters. Guardian Dreadscythe's attack rises to 5500. Now, it's 200 points stronger than Yami's Amulet Dragon. He attacks, and the dragon is destroyed, reducing Yami's life points to 300. (This shot of the Amulet Dragon with its head chopped off is obscured in the US version.)

Yami has no monsters left on the field. He draws, and Téa smiles, saying the Pharaoh looks pretty confident. Kaiba wonders how he can win without his legendary dragon. (Japanese Anzu says Yugi hasn't given up, and Kaiba wonders what Yugi plans to do.)

Yami plays Card of Sanctity, requiring them each to draw until they have six cards. (Card of Sanctity is given a slight redesign in the US version.)

Then he summons Watapon (200 ATK). Next, he sacrifices Watapon to summon Dark Magician Girl (1700 DEF) in defense. (Watapon's effect allows it to be Special Summoned immediately if it's added to the player's hand by the effect of a magic, trap, or monster card. Since Watapon was a Special Summon, Yami still has his one Normal Summon left to summon Dark Magician Girl.) Finally, he sets one card face down and ends his turn.

Rafael draws two cards, saying it's time to end this. He plays a magic card, Obedience, allowing him to force Dark Magician Girl into attack mode when he attacks. Dark Magician Girl reluctantly stands up, and Rafael orders Guardian Dreadscythe to attack. Yami activates his set card, Magical Pigeon, and a top hat hides Dark Magician Girl. When Dreadscythe destroys the hat, pigeons fly out of it, and Dark Magician Girl is nowhere to be seen. Yami explains that Magical Pigeon can only be used with Dark Magician Girl. It protects her from attack by transforming her into a pigeon for one turn.

Grumbling that Yami is just stalling, Rafael sets two cards face down and ends his turn. A pigeon lands on the field in front of Yami, turning back into Dark Magician Girl. Rafael tells Yami he's out of options. It's pointless to drag this out. Yami says he's aware that the odds are in Rafael's favor, but that's no reason to give up. Rafael may have the magic of the Orichalcos, but Yami has something stronger—a belief in the Heart of the Cards, and in himself. Rafael reminds Yami that he was once ruled by darkness, but Yami thinks that he was able to conquer it. (Japanese Rafael wonders why destiny is playing tricks on him. What has been helping Yami? Yami says he believes that before the end of the duel, he and Rafael will change. In order to see that, he'll do his best to duel. Smiling, Rafael asks, will I change? His destiny is strange, isn't it?) Yami remembers his duel with Shadow Yugi, who said that by defeating him, Yami was able to defeat the darkness in his heart. Yami thinks that he must help Rafael defeat the darkness in his heart. (In the Japanese, the flashback shows Yugi telling Yami that in order to understand others' pain, he must share the burden of their darkness.)

(Yami thinks that Yugi was right, and asks Yugi to lend him his strength.)

He draws, telling Rafael that the duel is far from over. He says he knows firsthand what the Orichalcos does to a person's heart, and he can help. When Eatos was destroyed, Rafael unleashed his anger on his other monsters. He let the Orichalcos feed on his rage, but this isn't who Rafael really is. The darkness within him has taken control, and now Rafael must face that darkness head on. It's the only way to save himself. Rafael says Yami's the one who needs saving. (Japanese Yami tells Rafael that he finally hears his cries. When Eatos went to the graveyard, when Rafael sacrificed his monsters, his heart was crying. Rafael asks why Yami is saying such strange things all of a sudden. Yami tells him that's what his partner told him—if you don't intend to share the burden of darkness in others, you won't be able to understand the pain within them. He tells Rafael that he will share the burden of darkness within him. He'll wipe away Rafael's cries with this card.)

Yami holds up his card, saying it will force Rafael to take a closer look at himself. (Japanese Yami says he'll show Rafael the monsters he's sent to the graveyard.) He plays the magic card, Underworld Circle. Both players' monsters disappear from the field, and the Seal begins to spin, and black swirls darken the dome, as Yami tells Rafael to witness his true darkness! The gang watch as the dome turns black. Now they can't see what's going on! Téa hopes that when the smoke clears, it will be the Pharaoh who's still standing.

To Be Continued

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