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Episode 177: A Duel with Dartz, Part 1 (To the Final Battleground! Dartz vs Yugi & Kaiba)

The Paradias building is shaking, cracks appearing in its walls. On the roof, Rafael warns Yami and the others to get out while they can.

Suddenly, the roof splits and a huge chasm appears. Staggering, Mokuba cries out that they're too late. Then the elevator collapses, and Téa says, there goes their ride down! Another chunk of roof falls into the chasm, and Mokuba steps back from the edge.

Then, Roland's voice is heard calling out to Mr. Kaiba. The Kaiba Corp helicopter is flying overhead. They're saved! The helicopter lands on the helicopter pad, one level up from the gang. With Mokuba leading the way, they begin to run to it, climbing the narrow stairway to the pad, as the building's structures continue to collapse around them.

Mokuba and Kaiba, Téa and Tristan with Joey, arrive at the helicopter first. Kaiba stops in front of Roland, standing at the side of the helicopter, while the others run to the rear of the helicopter, which is open, with a ramp leading inside. Yami is still slowly making his way up the stairway, helping the weakened Rafael. Before they reach the top, the stairway breaks loose. The others call out to Yami worriedly as the stairway begins to fall away from the building. (This shot of Mokuba, looking back towards the rear of the helicopter as he tends to Jounouchi, is cut from the US version.)

Meanwhile, the pad itself splits open, leaving Roland balancing wildly with one leg on either side. He manages to jump back to one side, telling Kaiba they have to leave now!

Rafael pulls free from Yami, then grabs him and heaves him up over the edge onto the landing pad as the stairway crumbles. Rafael manages to hang onto the edge of the building as the stairway falls away, while Yami kneels over him, saying he won't leave him. Rafael pulls something out of his pocket and throws it up to Yami, telling him he'll need it if he's planning to take out Dartz. (Japanese Rafael tells Yami to go and change destiny with his own hands. This shot of the collapsing building is cut from the US version.)

Meanwhile, the pad is collapsing closer and closer to the helicopter. Insisting that they have to go, Roland jumps into the helicopter, while Kaiba stands calmly at its side, waiting. The helicopter's rotors turn, and it lifts off the pad. Téa and Tristan cling to the ramp at the rear of the helicopter, as Kaiba jumps onto the steps at the side and climbs in. The helicopter rises as the pad crashes away beneath them.

Yami reaches to Rafael, telling him to take his hand. But Rafael tells him to go while he can.The edge he's clinging to breaks off, and Rafael falls away into the dust of the rubble, Yami calling out to him.

Then, the helicopter comes around to Yami, its rear ramp still open. Téa reaches out to him, telling him to jump. He does, landing on the ramp, where he kneels, looking back and saying Rafael's name.

The helicopter flies away, as the rest of the building finally collapses—exposing a different building within it. The gang watch from the ramp, Téa saying it looks like some sort of strange, ancient temple. Tristan guesses that's what Paradias headquarters really looks like. Yami says he thinks there's more to Dartz than meets the eye, as well. He looks at the object that Rafael threw to him, then holds it out to Kaiba, telling him to take a look at it. It's some sort of computer chip. Kaiba slips it into his PDA, and a map appears on its screen. To where? Mokuba asks, and Yami says, to Dartz's lair. Kaiba tosses the PDA to a freaked-out Roland, telling him to follow this map.

But then, another helicopter appears behind them—and another. They're surrounded. The pilot of one of the helicopters gestures to them, pointing ahead. Mokuba thinks they want them to follow him. They don't seem to have any choice, so they go with the helicopters. (Cut from the US version is this sequence in which the helicopter flies on, while the gang watch out the rear, wondering where the helicopters are leading them.)

(They see a dark cloud rapidly approaching the helicopter.)

(As it passes, they realize it's a swarm of insects. Tristan recoils as one strikes him in the face, but Kaiba calmly reaches out and catches one in his hand.)

(It's a locust. They all look at it in wonder.)

(The swarm passes by the helicopter, and the cloud of insects is next seen flying over the city streets, just as the Hawkins trailer zooms by.)

Meanwhile, down in the city, the Hawkins truck and trailer are speeding through the streets, Duke at the wheel, with Rebecca telling him to slow down. The truck screeches to a halt, the trailer fishtailing behind them. Rebecca asks Duke what his problem is, and he tells her to see for herself—there's an Orichalcos Soldier in the street ahead of them. Now, Rebecca tells him to step on it, and he's about to comply, when more Soldiers appear, surrounding them. Activating her Duel Disk, Rebecca jumps out of the truck, saying it's time for Plan B. She starts to face off against the Soldiers, but then she stops.

In his temple, Dartz calls for his Orichalcos Soldiers to return to him. (In the Japanese, Dartz is chanting in some unknown language.) The Soldiers in the street around Rebecca suddenly dissolve into glowing streaks, which hurtle away into the sky. All over the world, the Soldiers streak home, as Dartz tells them they must begin the next phase of their battle.

At the base of the Paradias building, a battered Rafael emerges from the rubble, with Mai in his arms.

Meanwhile, the Kaiba Corp helicopter, accompanied by the four military helicopters, is flying over the ocean toward an aircraft carrier. After landing on the deck, the gang meet with a uniformed officer. He tells them he tracked them down because they need their help dealing with a worldwide threat. They think their only hope may lie in a card game. (Japanese Kaiba asks if they're Doma's men. The officer tells "Mr. Kaiba" that they've been watching Doma for some time, and Kaiba and the others. They know that many of the phenomena now happening all over the world are related to Doma. But, because the country's central rule is now under the control of Doma, they haven't been given the authority to attack.)

Yami tells the officer he's right. Someone is using the game of Duel Monsters to wipe out the Earth. The officer says, who better to stop this menace than the Duel Monsters experts? Kaiba says, so he's asking them to do his job? The officer says they've been following Dartz around for months, but he leaves no evidence behind. With no proof, they can't do a thing. Dartz is no ordinary criminal. Without Yami and Kaiba, they have nowhere else to turn. (Japanese Yami says, so Doma is controlling this country's politics? The officer says he's ashamed to admit it, but the fate of the world is now in Yami and Kaiba's hands. Kaiba hmphs, and says national authority is unreliable from the start. The officer asks him to at least let them accompany him halfway, and also to help stock up his helicopter.)

Off the bow of the aircraft carrier, lightning flashes around an island shrouded in darkness.

As the carrier approaches the island, the officer tells the gang this is as far as he can go. From here on, they're on their own. He wishes them good luck, and tells them they're doing a great service. Kaiba grumpily insists he's doing this to save his company. The officer says that may be, but if Kaiba can beat Dartz at his own game, he'll be saving a lot more than his company. (The Japanese officer says he hopes Kaiba can win. Kaiba gives him grudging thanks. The officer says his son is a big fan of Duel Monsters. He asks Kaiba to please protect the future of their children.)

Kaiba tells Roland to move out, and the Kaiba Corp helicopter powers up. Soon, they're on their way to the island. The helicopter bounces around in the storm surrounding the island, and Mokuba is thrown into Tristan, knocking him to the floor. (In the Japanese version, Tristan falls to the floor clutching his crotch, rather than his stomach.)

Kaiba, seated at the side, uses his lapel radio to tell his pilot they should have been at the island by now. It's the weather, the pilot tells him. They can't see a thing out there. (The Japanese pilot says it's impossible—they can't go any closer.)

In his temple, Dartz is reciting: "Before the Age of Atlantis is ushered in, the sea shall rise and the sky shall fall! Only then will paradise return." (Japanese Dartz is chanting in an unknown language.) Aboard the helicopter, Yami tells everyone to stay calm—Dartz wants them to reach him. (Japanese Yami says the twister is pulling them over.) Just then, the stormclouds part and the island with its temple becomes visible to them. Yami says there's no turning back now (Japanese Yami says Dartz is there), and Kaiba says, let's go.

The helicopter lands just outside the temple. As they approach the steps leading up to it, Yami says they've arrived at the heart of evil. Kaiba asks if he always has to be so dramatic. (Japanese Yami says this is Doma's temple, and Kaiba says, let's go, Yugi.)

They enter the temple's main hall, proceeding through wide, curved columns, towards the altar with its three open-mouthed serpents. Téa says she's not too fond of the snake motif, and a disgusted Kaiba asks if they can't wait outside. But Yami says they must all stick together. (Japanese Anzu doesn't say anything. Kaiba stops before the altar and asks, why do I feel so sad? Yami says, yes, he feels it, too. He turns to the others and tells them to stay back from him and Kaiba. These shots of the gang walking toward the main temple hall are cut from the US version.)

Tristan, noticing the carvings of the captured souls in the walls, asks, what's with all the people chiseled in stone? Téa says they're not just any people, and points out their friends on the far wall. There's Mai, says Yami, and Weevil. Tristan realizes this must be everyone who lost their soul. Yami sees Yugi, and runs towards his figure in the wall.

Then Dartz's voice is heard, joking that it's too bad their friends turned out to be a bunch of stiffs. (Japanese Dartz says he's been waiting for them.) A ball of flame appears before them, turning into Dartz. Due to the carelessness of his employees, he says, he's the only one left. Kaiba says he wants his company back, so can the small talk. Dartz says they all want something—he wants their souls for his wall. He even has a spot picked out. (Japanese Dartz welcomes them to his temple, and says that if he can get the souls of powerful people like them, his god will bless them, too. Kaiba says Dartz's god only brings trouble. Dartz says he can feel the power of their souls, and says he's set aside special places for them.) Two of the carvings next to Yugi's clear, ready for new souls. Kaiba says the party tricks don't scare him, and Yami demands that Dartz release their friends. (Japanese Kaiba says, ridiculous. They've defeated Doma's Three Swordsmen. Yami adds that Dartz is the only one left.)

Dartz says it's not possible—their souls are already in use, supplying life energy to the most powerful beast that ever lived. His ten-thousand-year-old collection is almost complete. Once he gets Yami and Kaiba, the beast can rise. Yami reacts in angry horror—if Dartz has been collecting souls for all those years, how many lives has he destroyed? Millions, Dartz replies. (Japanese Dartz says it's true they were defeated, but using their souls as a sacrifice has always been his plan. But it's not enough. To revive his god, he needs Yami and Kaiba's souls. Yami demands that Dartz give up his useless fight, and release those trapped souls. Dartz says the Nameless Pharaoh has to defeat him first.) He tells the gang to look around, and the walls and floor light up, revealing the entire interior covered with the soul plaques. (These shots of the temple walls, and the gang standing with a close-up view of one of the captured souls on the floor in the foreground, are cut from the US version.)

Since it's taken him ten millennia to complete, he says, it's quite the history lesson. (Japanese Dartz doesn't speak. Kaiba says, so this is why this place makes him feel so sad.) The gang notice that many of the people carved on the walls are wearing clothing from other places and times. Ever since the Great Leviathan was laid to rest, Dartz says, he's been gathering the energy necessary to refuel its rebirth. Kaiba says it's junk, so Dartz says to duel him, and he'll make a believer out of Kaiba. (Japanese Dartz says he's been gathering souls for ten thousand years. That's also why he's still standing here. Kaiba tells Yugi it's useless to talk any further. Dartz says a duel is a kind of ritual where souls are used as the stakes.)

Dartz walks towards them, a Dark Duel Disk appearing on his arm. Kaiba agrees—they should stop talking and start dueling. Yami tells Kaiba he can't duel Dartz alone—this lunatic is far too dangerous. That's fine with Dartz—he'll duel them together, and get two souls for the price of one. Yami and Kaiba activate their Duel Disks, and in unison slot their decks into them, getting ready to duel.

Meanwhile, Rafael has found Valon and is putting his soulless body into a jeep. Mai is already in the back seat. Don't worry, Rafael tells them, he'll save them both. Dartz is going to pay. (Japanese Rafael tells Valon and Mai that they still have things to do.)

Dartz draws his initial five cards, saying, let the games commence. Kaiba goes first, playing the magic card, White Dragon Ritual, tributing Vorse Raider from his hand to summon Paladin of White Dragon (Knight of White Dragon) (1900 ATK). Next, he sacrifices Paladin of White Dragon to summon his Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000 ATK). Then he ends his turn, letting Yami take over.

Yami plays the magic card, Black Luster Ritual (Chaos Ritual), sacrificing Valkyrion the Magna Warrior to summon Black Luster Soldier (Chaos Soldier) (3000 ATK). He ends his turn, leaving Dartz to face two 3000-ATK monsters on his first turn. (Japanese Yami says he's setting a card face down before ending his turn.) Mokuba says Dartz better watch out!

But Dartz isn't impressed. He says those pathetic creatures might work in their little card tournaments, but he plays a different game. (Japanese Dartz says, he sees that they want him to worry about which one he should duel with.) Lines of energy swirl around the temple as he holds up his card, saying it was born of the darkness itself. The torches lighting the interior all go out, except for the two behind Dartz. He tells them to behold the power that will strip them of their souls—the Seal of Orichalcos! The Seal expands to surround their duel, and Kaiba and Yami feel a tremor vibrating through them. Mokuba asks the others if they felt that, and Tristan says, if he means the sudden drop in temperature and the freaky vibe in the air–yes, he does. (Japanese Honda says Dartz is taking this very seriously—even he, an outsider, can feel it.)

Dartz continues, summoning Orichalcos Gigas (400 ATK, raised to 900 by the Seal, although it's apparently in defense mode). Yami tells Kaiba he's faced this beast before, and it was almost impossible to destroy. Kaiba says that's because Yami didn't have him to bail him out. (Japanese Yami tells Kaiba this monster has the ability of never dying. Kaiba says it won't be interesting if Dartz is not such an opponent.)

Next, Dartz pays 500 life points to summon another monster, Orichalcos Kyutora (500 ATK, raised to 1000 by the Seal), which he plays in the back row, also apparently in defense. He says that will do for now.

Kaiba draws, and laughs. He says he actually believed he was up against a talented duelist until he witnessed Dartz's opening move—he left two weak monsters out on the field with no protection. Now Kaiba's about to blow them away. Dartz should have thought twice before challenging him—he's the president of the world's largest gaming corporation! (Er, not any more.) No one's mastered the game of Duel Monsters like he has. (Japanese Kaiba tells Dartz that if what he's said about Doma is true, then Dartz should be the winner of the duel. But now, Dartz only has two useless monsters. Victory is already in Kaiba's hands. He doesn't know how strong Dartz is as a duelist, but don't forget—Dartz is pitting himself against the strongest duelists in the world.)

Kaiba plays Polymerization, fusing the two Blue-Eyes White Dragons in his hand with the one on the field to form the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (4500 ATK). (Cut from the US version is this bit where Kaiba tells Yami that if he's a True Duelist, he should have the card to summon the monster that will finish Dartz.)

Next, Yami takes over, telling Dartz he'll never withstand the combined power of his and Kaiba's dueling decks. He plays Polymerization to fuse Kaiba's dragon with Black Luster Soldier to form Master of Dragon Soldier (Master of Dragon Knight) (5000 ATK). Mokuba cheers—talk about the Dream Team! Then, Yami activates his trap card, Meteorain. With this trap, when he attacks, the difference between his monster's attack points and his opponent's defense monster's defense points will be deducted from Dartz's life points. Téa says, if her math is correct, that's a difference of 3,500, and Mokuba adds that's enough to wipe Dartz out. (Japanese Anzu says the difference is more than 3,500 points.)

Yami orders Master of Dragon Soldier to attack Orichalcos Gigas, telling Dartz his twisted game is done. Kaiba joins in, telling their monster to end this duel, and they finish in unison, calling out the monster's attack, Saber Blast. (The Japanese attack is "Galaxy Crusher.") Master of Dragon Soldier blasts Orichalcos Gigas away, and Téa exclaims that the duel is over!

But Dartz laughs. Such a valiant effort, he says, but their attack was in vain. (Japanese Dartz tells them it's impossible to defeat him.) A beam of light rises, expanding to engulf the seal, shooting out through the roof of the temple, causing the seas around the island to churn. Yami and Kaiba recoil from the light—then, they find themselves outside the temple, floating in the sky atop the Seal of Orichalcos. Soon, Dartz appears on the Seal with them, and Kaiba demands that he take them back. Dartz says they never left. What they're experiencing is a vision generated by the Orichalcos, which communicates by showing them images of things as they were, or as they might one day be. This is the darkness that has always existed. (Japanese Kaiba asks Dartz what this illusion is, and Dartz tells him not to worry—their attack has affected the power of the Seal of Orichalcos. The pieces of the Orichalcos contain memories that far exceed the imagination of man. This is the world of the Orichalcos' memory.)

Yami asks what Dartz is trying to prove with all this, and Dartz says, that human beings spend every second of their lives surrounded by dark energy, which has contaminated their entire planet. At the core of everyone's heart, they'll find pure darkness. When a human being crosses paths with the Orichalcos, the evil inside is set free. Ten thousand years ago, Dartz came into contact with this powerful force, and it opened his eyes. (Japanese Dartz says that long ago, the world was born in darkness. Now this world will welcome darkness again. The end of the world cannot be change, no matter how many lives are spent. The darkness will cover everything in the world, including the hearts of men.)

Yami says, it took over Dartz's mind. But Dartz says the Pharaoh shuts himself off from the truth, just as his people did so long ago, when he presided over paradise on Earth. (Japanese Yami asks if Dartz is saying that the darkness in the heart is the truth. Dartz says that the planet is beautiful. To the universe, the planet's existence is a miracle. Yami hasn't heard the crying of the planet.)

Now, they find themselves floating over an island city. Dartz says this is the legendary city of Atlantis, as it was ten thousand years ago, when Dartz ruled as king. And he will be king once again, for when he defeats Yami, Paradise shall return! (Japanese Dartz says this is the city he once ruled, and the city he destroyed with his own hands—Atlantis! Atlantis was a beautiful city, but it was destined for destruction.)

To Be Continued

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