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Episode 34: Best of Friends, Best of Duelists - Part II (The Battle of Friendship - Yugi vs Jounouchi, Part 2)

Rain falls over the castle and lightning strikes, as Pegasus chuckles, saying it's a lovely day for a duel—especially a duel like this, when two old friends are battling it out to the end. He thinks, it doesn't matter to him who wins or loses—in the end, it will be he who emerges victorious, and Yugi who will be vanquished. (Japanese Pegasus says, what a wonderful duel! Yugi duels using strategy, while Jounouchi duels with power. But now Jounouchi is playing strategically against Yugi—what will Yugi do?)

Watching from the balcony, Téa says that the duel is too close. Tristan agrees—they're both playing at the top of their form, and either one could win. Bakura says he's never seen such an exciting duel. Who would have thought that at this point, Joey would have more life points left than Yugi? (Japanese Anzu says, it's Yugi's turn. Honda says, Yugi won't give up—the game has just begun. Bakura says that Jounouchi feels the same way. They are playing a very fierce battle.) The score stands at Joey with 750 life points, and Yugi 550. Joey has Black Skull Dragon on the field, while Yugi's field is empty, but now it's Yugi turn.

Yugi draws, and looks at his card thoughtfully. Joey tells him to go ahead and toss it—it won't surprise him. He knows Yugi's cards by heart. Yugi says that's true, and Joey will also know it's his favorite, and one of his most powerful cards. (Japanese Jounouchi says, what now, Yugi? Will he give up? Yugi says, no, he'll play Black Magician.) He summons Dark Magician (Black Magician) in attack mode (2500 ATK). Joey says, it figures. Yugi always counts on the Dark Magician when he's in a tight spot. But not this time! Even Dark Magician's no match for Black Skull Dragon. Yugi asks if he's sure. Joey says, the monster with the lowest attack points loses—that's one of the first lessons Yugi taught him about Duel Monsters.

Yugi says, he also taught Joey how to protect his weaker monsters with magic cards. Then he plays Magical Hats (Magical Silk Hat) to conceal his Dark Magician.

Joey grumbles that he usually likes this trick! Téa says, good move! Tristan says, that will slow Joey down. (Japanese Honda says, Yugi has used that card before.) Pegasus thinks, his hat's off to Yugi-boy! Yugi tells Joey it's his pick. Which hat does he think is hiding Dark Magician?

Joey was hoping to end the duel before Yugi played Magical Hats. Now he has to depend on luck to destroy the Dark Magician. Yugi again taunts him to pick a hat. Joey guesses he'll just have to take them down one at a time. His first attack misses, leaving three hats. Now Yugi will have another turn to fight back.

Tristan says this may have been Joey's last shot. Whenever a duelist gives Yugi time to recover, he always comes back stronger than ever. Bakura wonders, if Joey loses, how can he save his sister? No matter who wins this game, somebody loses everything. (Japanese Honda says, Jounouchi is taking longer and longer to make his moves. Bakura says, Jounouchi is playing more strategically. Will he use a trap?)

Yugi asks if Joey has any more moves before he ends his turn. Saying he hopes he isn't making a mistake, Joey summons Garoozis in attack mode (1800 ATK) before ending his turn. (Japanese Jounouchi says that if he defeats Black Magician, the duel is over. He doesn't want it to end so soon, so he'll play this.)

Yugi asks why Joey played that card, and Joey cheerfully wonders what he was thinking. Now Yugi has no choice but to attack Garoozis. Joey says he's almost giving Yugi the game, but go ahead and bring it on. That's what he gets for his bonehead move. (Japanese Jounouchi says Garoozis' attack is 1800 points, while Black Magician's is 2500. He wants to let Yugi win this turn, so the duel will last a little longer. He could destroy Black Magician easily, but that wouldn't be fun.)

Téa says that an attack will bring Joey down to 50 life points! But Bakura points out that it would also bring out Dark Magician, leaving it unprotected against Black Skull Dragon on Joey's next turn. (Continuity error! Where's Garoozis? Black Skull Dragon is the only monster on Joey's side of the field. This shot is the same in both versions.)

Yugi says he's not going to fall for Joey's bluff. He hides a covered card under one of the Magical Hats and ends his turn. Joey grumbles to himself that Yugi was too smart for him, and Yugi tells him it's time to pick another hat.

Yugi's hidden card must be a trap card, Joey thinks. But he knows Yugi would know he'd think that, so maybe it's really a monster card. But Yugi'd know he'd think that, too, so maybe it really is a trap card.... (Japanese Jounouchi wonders if it's a trap. Yugi thinks that Jounouchi suspects it's a trap—will he still have the courage to attack?)

Oh, forget it, and just attack! Joey sends the Black Skull Dragon to attack the Magical Hats again. But it's another miss.

That's the way life goes, muses Pegasus. Never exactly as you planned. The world is a very arbitrary place. He knows that Joey would like to think that his friendship with Yugi is enough to sustain them through any misfortune, but that's not the way the world works. (Japanese Pegasus thinks that, as with his Mind Scan, knowing the opponent's mind is like having him in your hand. The problem now is the two hats remaining. No matter which one Jounouchi attacks, something will happen.)

In his mind, he sees cards with the image of a beautiful woman—the same one whose painting is in the dining hall and Pegasus's tower room. He thinks, the world is a place where fate intervenes wherever you least expect it. Pegasus remembers his happy romance with Cecelia, their engagement, and her sudden death just as the two were married. In memory of his devastating loss, he vows to fight on with all he possesses, and win! (The Cecelia flashback is added to the US version.)

(The Pegasus flashback replaces the following sequence, which is cut from the US version. Bakura says, what a great battle of minds! Anzu says she didn't think Jounouchi would think about Yugi's cards, and Bakura says that Jounouchi has become a great duelist.)

(Jounouchi thinks that this is making him nervous.)

(Yugi tells Jounouchi that there are only two Hats left. One contains the Black Magician, while the other is a bluff. Jounouchi says, so the other one is a trap card. Yugi tells him to attack it and find out. Although it's not explicitly shown, Yugi must have drawn a card and passed his turn during this exchange.)

Joey says he's not going to miss this time! (Japanese Jounouchi says he will attack, and no matter what happens, he won't run away. He knows he's not fighting any ordinary opponent.) He attacks the Magical Hats with Black Skull Dragon again. But the attack hits Yugi's trap card, Spellbinding Circle (Hexagram Curse), which reduces the Black Skull Dragon's attack to 2500, making it vulnerable to an attack. Joey switches Garoozis into defense mode.

Yugi says, Joey's on the defensive now, and it's a nice change. Téa says that Yugi's Spellbinding Circle has wiped out Joey's attack advantage! Tristan agrees, but says it's still a close match. (Japanese Yugi says, now it's his turn. Anzu says it's not easy to defeat Yugi, but Honda says that Jounouchi's good, too.) Bakura says that Yugi could attack with Dark Magician, but what good would it do? Both Dark Magician and Black Skull Dragon now have 2500 points. It's a standoff, unless one of them can do something to tip the balance in his favor. (Japanese Bakura says that even though Jounouchi's move didn't work, now Yugi's used up all his hats. Yugi should have the advantage, but he won't be able to make an easy attack.)

Joey thinks that Yugi's the toughest opponent he's ever faced, but he's still determined to win. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that he can't attack now. What should he do?) Yugi thinks Joey has really learned a lot in the past few weeks. He's playing like a pro—but it will take more than expert dueling skills to stand up to Pegasus's Millennium Eye. (Japanese Yugi thinks it's good—Jounouchi is not afraid of his opponent, and making moves without doubts. He has the calm judgment of a duelist.)

Yugi tells Joey that he's dueled well, but the tide of the battle is about to turn. (Japanese Yugi tells Jounouchi that he's the best opponent for him.) Watching with his hair drawn back over his Millennium Eye, Pegasus thinks, it's quite impressive. Despite the bond that these two share, his Millennium Eye tells him that they are indeed dueling each other with everything they've got! (Japanese Pegasus thinks that it's now a battle of strengths. He's looking forward to the result.)

With his Grandpa's soul at stake, Yugi thinks, he has no choice. He has to win this. (Japanese Yugi thinks that there's no time to reflect. He must finish the game.) He tells Joey to prepare himself—he's about to obliterate Joey's dragon. Joey says he's ready for it. (The commercial break comes here in the Japanese version. The US version lets Yugi finish his draw before going to the break.)

Yugi draws, and says, this is it. He's drawn the Book of Secret Arts. (This is where the commercial break comes in the US version. This shot of Joey is added to the US version just before the break, and then the shot of Yugi drawing his card is repeated after the break.)

Yugi plays the Book of Secret Arts, increasing Dark Magician's attack by 300 points. Dark Magician rises from the Magical Hats with 2800 attack points, and Yugi orders him to attack Black Skull Dragon, destroying it.

Pegasus applauds Yugi for taking out Joey's best monster. Joey is discouraged, thinking that he was counting on Black Skull Dragon to help him with the duel. Now, not only is his dragon gone, but he's got a souped-up Dark Magician to worry about. (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that Yugi is too good. He still can't beat him.) Yugi thinks Joey's gotten him down all match long, but now Yugi finally has the advantage. Not only is his Dark Magician 300 points stronger, but he's ready to show off a few hidden powers, too. (Japanese Yugi thinks that this is a proof of their friendship. They've dueled their best and followed their path. Isn't that right, Jounouchi?)

Tristan says Joey really got slammed there, and asks if Bakura thinks the duel is over for him. (Japanese Honda says it's good that Jounouchi made it this far. But now it's over for him.) Bakura says it depends on what Joey does next. Losing Black Skull Dragon was a heavy loss, but not a critical one. If Joey can pull himself together, he can still win. (Japanese Bakura says it's not over yet. They both still have their passion for the duel.)

Joey wonders how he could go from top of the heap to down in the dumps in one turn! He's never going to win now! (Japanese Jounouchi thinks that he worked so hard, but he still can't beat Yugi.) Then he seems to hear his sister's voice, and he remembers the promise he made to her. He can't give up—his sister is counting on him. No matter how bad things look, he has to keep fighting.

Joey draws, asking the heart of the cards not to fail him now. He's drawn Baby Dragon and summons it in attack mode (1200 ATK), then plays a card face down. Yugi thinks it must be the Time Wizard (Time Magician)—Joey always plays them together. He has to do something before Joey has a chance to use it. He attacks Baby Dragon with Dark Magician.

But Joey's face down card is a trap, Kunai with Chain (Chained Boomerang), which he uses with Garoozis to stop Dark Magician's attack. Yugi thinks, clever move. Joey knew Yugi was expecting Time Wizard, so he played a trap instead.

Pegasus thinks, shame on Yugi for using his knowledge of Joey's deck to predict what card he would play! And to no avail, too. At least when Pegasus prophesies cards, he's always right!

Joey says, that last move brings them to the home stretch. Yugi agrees, and says, let's finish this match, and find out which one of them will duel against Pegasus.

Joey pauses to tell Yugi it's been an honor dueling with him, and Yugi agrees likewise. (Japanese Jounouchi says, no matter who wins, he has no regrets. Yugi says he knows.) Téa's thrilled to see that even in the middle of a heated duel, the two are friends first. (Japanese Anzu says, "Yugi... Jounouchi...") Joey goes on to say that if he loses, he's glad it will be to Yugi. (Japanese Jounouchi says, he's come a long way. He knows he's good, but the battle isn't over yet. It's not over until he wins. He'll work harder next time. He won't regret it if he doesn't win today.)

Joey draws Time Wizard, exclaiming that it's the one card in his deck that really can finish the duel and decide a winner! That's right, it's the Time Wizard! (In this shot of Joey's playing field, there's a mistake in the US version. You can see the bottom of a monster card with a purple background, an attack of 3200 and defense of 2500—that's Black Skull Dragon, which has already been destroyed. The card next to it, with an attack of 1800, is Garoozis. The Japanese version shows the correct monster, Baby Dragon, to the left of Garoozis.)

Joey says it's strange that this is all coming down to a card that Yugi gave him. He remembers Yugi giving it to him, telling him that it could be helpful in a tight spot. And Yugi was right—that card saved him quite a few times in the tournament. Now, with Baby Dragon on the field, he's going to give it one last spin, and hope it saves him again.

Joey activates Time Roulette, and the wheel spins and spins, while everyone watches anxiously. Finally, the arrow stops on a Time Machine, and Joey exclaims, Jackpot! Time Warp turns Baby Dragon into the mighty Thousand Dragon (2400 ATK), while Dark Magician ages into an old man, with an attack of 100 points.

Téa says, look at the Dark Magician! Tristan says, he's aged a thousand years! He's no match for Joey's dragon. Pegasus watches thoughtfully.

Joey can hardly believe it! This is it! He's really going to do it. All he has to do is attack, and he'll actually have beat Yugi. He orders Thousand Dragon to attack.

But Yugi counters with Makiu the Magical Mist, smothering Thousand Dragon's Attack. Everyone gasps, and even Pegasus sits forward in his chair. Joey asks, how could Yugi play Makiu while it was still Joey's turn?

Yugi explains—the Dark Magician did age a thousand years, but it made him stronger, not weaker. With age comes great wisdom—a thousand years of wisdom that have transformed him into the Dark Sage (Black-Robed Sage), an ultimate magician with the ability to allow Yugi to play a magic card during each of Joey's turns, as well as his own. The magic card he chose to counter Joey's attack was Makiu. With its magical mist on the field, Thousand Dragon's smoke attack was neutralized before it reached Yugi's mage.

Then, Yugi says, he'll invoke Dark Sage's ability for his turn, and draws a magic card. In tears, he tells Joey that he fought a valiant duel, and this is the hardest move he's ever had to make. (Japanese Yugi says he will now use the magic of the Black-Robed Sage.) He plays Monster Reborn (Resurrection of the Dead), and calls Black Skull Dragon back from the graveyard.

Joey's tears also fall onto his dueling mat, knowing that it's over. But he quickly recovers, telling Yugi that it's cool—go for it! Yugi orders Black Skull Dragon to attack, and Thousand Dragon is destroyed, winning the duel for Yugi.

Tristan says, that was really tough to watch, and Bakura agrees, saying, just imagine how those two must be feeling. (Japanese Honda says there's more than meets the eye to those two. Bakura says they are True Duelists.) Téa's tears fall on the balcony railing. She says she's just glad it's over, and she's so proud of them both. They dueled their hardest, but never once forgot their friendship. (Japanese Anzu says that now she understands why they fought.)

Pegasus walks away from the dueling arena, thinking she'd better save her tears for when he faces Yugi. (Japanese Pegasus tells Yugi it was a good battle, but now he will beat him.)

In the anteroom, Joey congratulates Yugi on his victory, and offers him the Glory of the King's Hand card. But Yugi won't accept it, telling Joey to keep it. He didn't enter the tournament to get rich, he says, he only wants to save his Grandpa and the Kaiba brothers. He asks Joey to use the money for Serenity's operation. Joey is too overcome to speak. Tristan tells him it's what he's been wanting. Joey's shoulders shake, and Téa says, look at him, playing the tough guy.

But Joey looks up with tears streaming down his face. He holds up the card, saying that he'd lost all hope of saving his sister. He thanks Yugi, and tells him, now go and take down Pegasus!

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