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Episode 35: Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus Part I ( Final Duel - Yugi vs Pegasus)

In the anteroom outside the dueling arena, Yugi looks through his deck. This is it, he thinks, it's just him and the deck his Grandpa gave him against Pegasus. Pegasus may have captured Grandpa's soul, but Grandpa's heart is here in these cards. He tells his Grandpa he won't let him down. Grandpa taught him everything he knows about Duel Monsters—rules, strategy, and things you can't learn in any book. (Japanese Yugi says, "I'm counting on you, my deck." He thinks to his Grandpa that the duel with Pegasus is finally about to begin. When he wins, he'll get back his Grandpa's soul.)

Yugi remembers Grandpa telling him never to lose faith in himself. If you don't believe you can win, Grandpa said, you'll lose, not only in Duel Monsters, but in life. That that advice is more valuable than any card—and Grandpa says he should know, he's collected the best cards in the game! (Japanese Grandpa tells Yugi that if he faces himself in times of pain, he'll win. The poster on the wall in Yugi's flashback is changed in the US version.)

Yugi thinks that his Grandpa gave those card to him, and he'll use them to win, and rescue his Grandpa from Pegasus. (Japanese Yugi thinks, "I understand, Grandpa.")

Yugi turns, and the doors to the dueling arena slide open. To his surprise, his friends are all standing there. (Japanese Yugi's not surprised to see them, and, well, why should he be?) Tristan says they all wanted to wish him well, and Joey tells Yugi he finally made it—he's going all the way. (Japanese Jounouchi says, they're all here, so Yugi must win.) Téa adds that, once it's over, they'll get his Grandpa home. Yugi nods, smiling, and thanks her. (Japanese Anzu adds, he must win for his Grandpa and Mokuba. Yugi adds, and for Kaiba, too.)

Croquet announces that the time has come, and asks Yugi to enter the duel ring. Pegasus awaits him. Yugi looks fierce, and his friends tell him to go get him! The Millennium Puzzle activates, and Yami takes over. (The entire transformation sequence is still being added back to the US version.) He thinks to Pegasus, let's end this! (Japanese Yugi thinks, let's go, Pegasus!) and walks out onto the ramp leading to the dueling platform. From the sidelines, Téa says that Yugi looks so determined. Tristan tells Yugi to take him down. Téa says they know he can, and Joey tells Yugi to put that slime bucket in his place once and for all. (Japanese Honda says, good luck, Anzu tells Yugi to do his best, and Jounouchi tells Yugi to show Pegasus what he's got.)

Yugi steps up onto the platform, and Croquet announces the creator of Duel Monsters, the undefeated, undisputed ruler of Duelist Kingdom, Maximillion Pegasus. Yugi adds to himself, and thief of his Grandpa's soul. (There's no announcement in the Japanese. Yugi thinks to himself that the duel is finally here.) Flanked by two flunkies carrying silk-covered trays of cards, Pegasus walks out onto the duel ring.

At last, Yugi thinks, he finally faces Pegasus! It will take all the wisdom his Grandpa gave him, and all the power in his cards, but he will defeat him! (Japanese Yugi thinks to his cards that he is challenging the greatest duelist of all, using the power of their unity.)

Croquet says, let the duel begin, and Pegasus gestures for one of the flunkies to bring him his cards. Then he steps up onto the dueling platform, telling "Yugi boy" he's turned out to be quite the young duelist—battling his way past all the other challengers, winning his way into the castle just to face Pegasus.

Yugi demands that Pegasus renew his promise that if Yugi wins, Pegasus will release his Grandpa's soul. Pegasus says, of course—he's a man of his word. Yugi also insists that Pegasus release Seto and Mokuba Kaiba's souls as well. Pegasus thinks this is a strange demand—he thought Yugi hated Kaiba as much as he hates Pegasus. Yugi says he's keeping a vow of his own. (Japanese Yugi says to Pegasus, "My only enemy is you.") He remembers telling Mokuba to trust him, and telling him that together, they would defeat Pegasus, and thinks that he made a vow to Mokuba to reunite him with his brother.

Pegasus says, he sees—a vow to Mokuba. Shocked, Yugi wonders if Pegasus just read his mind. (Japanese Yugi thinks, "Mind scan!") Pegasus agrees to Yugi's terms. Holding up the soul cards, he says that if Yugi wins, he'll free these three from their lonely prison of souls. (In the US version, Grandpa's soul card is added between those of Mokuba and Kaiba.)

Tristan says that he thinks Pegasus is up to something. Joey thinks that Pegasus has planned to duel Yugi all along. Téa agrees that Pegasus is after something. (Japanese Honda says it's beginning, and Jounouchi says he can see the tension—it's going to be a tough fight. Anzu says it's finally happening.) Bakura hopes that Yugi can handle him—throughout the entire tournament, Pegasus has stacked the deck in his own favor every step of the way. Joey insists that Yugi will kick Pegasus's keister! Pegasus won't even know what hit him. Téa agrees—they have to keep faith in Yugi. (Japanese Bakura wonders if Yugi will be all right—he's going to have to fight the power of Pegasus' mind-reading Millennium Eye. Jounouchi calls him an idiot, and says Yugi won't lose. When Yugi defeats Pegasus, he'll be the real champion. Anzu says that's right, isn't it, Honda?)

Tristan looks unsure, and Bakura says he doesn't know. Joey tells them they can't have such a negative attitude—Yugi's counting on them. (Japanese Jounouchi protests that he just got the atmosphere going, and asks Honda what he's doing.) Tristan says that Pegasus has never played fair. He started out by kidnapping Yugi's grandpa, and going into this final match, they don't know what kind of tricks Pegasus will pull. (Japanese Honda says that Pegasus is holding three of Yugi's people hostage.) Téa insists that whatever tricks he tries, Yugi will overcome them. Yugi hasn't come all this way to lose in the final match. (Japanese Anzu says Pegasus kidnapped Yugi's grandfather so that Yugi would have to duel him.)

Joey says to look at Pegasus—no way that overdressed prima donna stands a chance against Yugi! Tristan says, maybe, and Joey says to trust him—Yugi's no Kaiba, he'll beat Pegasus. (Japanese Jounouchi says Pegasus is a top duelist. He wouldn't stoop so low. Tristan isn't so sure, but Jounouchi says, anyway, it's no use worrying.)

Téa says the players are about to draw their first cards, and they should head up to the upper gallery to get a better view. Joey agrees, and goes with her. But Bakura's still uncertain, saying that as long as Pegasus holds his prisoners, they're still at his mercy, no matter what the outcome the game. (Japanese Bakura says that despite what Jounouchi says, Honda is right. Pegasus isn't an ordinary duelist, and there's no telling what he might do when the battle gets serious.) Tristan gets an idea and starts to run off. Bakura asks where he's going, and he stops to say that he's going to try to find Mokuba or Kaiba. If he can get the prisoners back, even without their souls, Pegasus won't hold all the cards. (Japanese Honda says he might not be able to save Grandpa's soul, but maybe he can save Kaiba or Mokuba. That would take some of the weight off of Yugi.)

Bakura's smile turns cold as the spirit of the Millennium Ring takes over, thinking that a search for the prisoners' empty vessels isn't a bad idea. (Japanese Yami Bakura thinks, "Mokuba.")

Croquet asks Yugi to show the card entitling him to participate in this duel, and Yugi displays the Glory of the King's Opposite Hand card. Croquet tells Yugi that, just as the card is a blank slate, there's no limit to the prize he may request if he wins. He can take over Pegasus's company as his reward, request the entire island, or demand Pegasus's Millennium Eye as his prize. (Japanese Croquet says that whoever beats Pegasus will receive a 60% share of Pegasus' company, Industrial Illusions, thus becoming that company's president.)

Bakura joins Joey and Téa on the balcony, as Joey exclaims that this is crazy! Téa asks where Tristan is, but Bakura says he wandered off somewhere by himself. Joey brushes it off, saying Tristan probably just went to the john. He says to forget Tristan—this is just getting interesting.

Pegasus says, that's what he calls a prize! Does he know how to throw a tournament , or does he know how to throw a Duelist Kingdom Tournament!

But Yugi just repeats his demand that Pegasus free the souls of his Grandpa and all the others. Pegasus spreads his arms and says, yes. But if he wins, Yugi has to fulfill his end of the bargain. (Japanese Yugi asks Pegasus if he thinks no one can beat him. Pegasus says yes, but it takes great risk to gain great honor.) He tells Yugi to take a close look at the Glory of the King's Opposite Hand card he's holding. There's a reason it's blank—if Pegasus wins, he'll claim Yugi's soul.

Pointing across the ring at Yugi, Pegasus tells him that he has much to gain, but much to risk as well. Yugi says, it's a risk he's willing to take to free the souls of his Grandpa and the others. But he doesn't plan to lose! Pegasus says they'll see.

Yugi says they will, indeed. Pegasus says Yugi is so courageous, so defiant! (Japanese Pegasus says Yugi has splendid fighting spirit.)

Up in the balcony, Téa is horrified that if Yugi loses, Pegasus will take his soul. Joey says Pegasus is a creep, but even knowing what's on the line, Yugi won't back down. Bakura says that Yugi is betting his own soul on the outcome. Joey says, that's their Yugi—he'd do anything for anybody. Bakura says this is the biggest gamble he's ever seen anybody take on Duel Monsters! (Japanese Jounouchi says Pegasus can't take Yugi's soul. Bakura says, that's what Kaiba thought.) Téa watches Yugi intently, thinking that Yugi has to win! He just has to!

Yugi tells Pegasus that he has no intention of becoming part of Pegasus' soul card collection. But Pegasus thinks that, not only will Yugi become part of his collection, but, by defeating Yugi, he'll secure his control of Kaiba Corporation and all its inventions.

In the Kaiba Corp tower, the Big 5 are watching the duel by satellite. If Pegasus wins, one of them says, they'll broadcast this duel nationwide. Another adds that it will restore their company's reputation among duelists. A third Big 5 member says that their secret alliance with Pegasus will pay off handsomely. (One of the Japanese Big 5 says that the future of Kaiba Corporation rests on this duel. Another agrees, and a third says that they'll sign the contracts with Pegasus as soon as they find the key that Mokuba hid. Then Kaiba Corporation will belong to Mr. Pegasus.)

Pegasus thinks that all his plans have come to fruition in this one final duel. If all proceeds as he's envisioned, Yugi's Millennium Puzzle will soon be his. (Japanese Pegasus says that everything's ready. Now all he has to do is win.) Croquet announces that the final contest will now begin. The winner will be declared King of Games.

Two men are lowered to the duel ring. They hold silk-covered trays to collect Yugi's and Pegasus' decks, and carry them across the ring to their opponents for shuffling. Yugi shuffles Pegasus's deck and returns it to the tray, while Pegasus merely taps Yugi's deck and says it's good as is.

The cards are returned to their owners, the scores are set to 2000 points, and the duel begins. Yugi and Pegasus each draw their first five cards. Pegasus thinks that Yugi has come far, but he's still a novice compared to Pegasus, for Pegasus has mastered his Millennium Item. Yugi thinks determinedly that he won't lose—he can't lose!

Meanwhile, Tristan is wandering around the dungeon, wondering what he's gotten himself into. This castle is humongous—this is worse than trying to find your friends down at the mall! There's no sign of Kaiba or Mokuba anywhere. He hears a noise and panics, looking all around for some place to hide. When Pegasus' goon turns the corner and comes down the corridor, Tristan is hiding inside a suit of armor.

The goon disappears around the corner, and Tristan overhears him telling someone that it's time to change shifts, and asking how is "the little twerp." The other man answers that the prisoner is glassy-eyed and glum, the same as ever. They don't need to worry about him running off. The first goon agrees, but says they still have to be careful. He's Pegasus' pet prisoner. (The Japanese goon asks how the prisoner is. The other guard says he's the same. The prisoner can't escape, but they have to be careful anyway. The first goon says yes, as long as the prisoner has the key.)

Tristan starts to creep towards the corner, when one of the guards comes out. Tristan immediately backs up against the wall as the man walks past.

Tristan thinks that he's on the right track. Complaining about how heavy the armor is, he goes to peer around the corner. But it's a dead end, and there's no one there! Where could the other guard have gone? He trips, grabbing the head of a gargoyle on the wall to steady himself—and opens a hidden door, leading to a secret passageway.

Back in the arena, Joey watches the two players, saying that he feels like he's back in the old West, waiting for the first cowboy to draw. Yugi begins the duel by playing a card face down, and setting a monster face-down in defense. Pegasus asks if the monster might be a Beaver Warrior, and Yugi wonders if the Millennium Eye is allowing Pegasus to read his cards. (Japanese Pegasus doesn't say anything, but Yugi wonders if Pegasus can read his cards. Because, after all, he's already dueled Pegasus once, and seen his mind-reading tricks before.) Pegasus chuckles, and Yugi grimaces.

Saying that this is so much fun, Pegasus draws, and also plays a card face-down, then plays Red Archery Girl (Bow-Drawing Mermaid) in defense mode (1500 DEF). Yugi wonders why Pegasus would play such a weak monster in defense. Is he trying to draw Yugi into an attack? (Japanese Yugi notes that the Mermaid is a Water monster, and realizes that Pegasus wants him to attack.) Pegasus uses his Millennium Eye to see that Yugi's face-down cards are Beaver Warrior and Horn of the Unicorn. He knows that next turn, Yugi is planning to use these cards in a combination attack.

Yugi thinks that Pegasus seems confident, but that's always his style. Pegasus' face-down card worries him, but he can't pass up the chance to gain an early point advantage. (Although Pegasus will not lose any points by having a defense monster destroyed. Japanese Yugi thinks he can't worry about Pegasus's face-down card, he must take the opportunity to attack.) He switches the Beaver Warrior to face-up attack mode (1200 ATK), and activates Horn of the Unicorn, increasing Beaver Warrior's attack by 700 points, to 1900. Then he orders Beaver Warrior to attack.

But Pegasus activates his trap card, Tears of a Mermaid, which stops the Beaver Warrior's attack and destroys the Horn of the Unicorn, returning Beaver Warrior to its original attack strength. Now, Pegasus switches Red Archery Girl to attack mode (1400 ATK) and attacks Beaver Warrior. (Red Archery Girl's gotten a bit of a coverup, thanks to the US digital clothiers.)

Beaver Warrior is destroyed, and Yugi loses 200 life points, taking him down to 1800.

Téa exclaims that Yugi had the upper hand, but Pegasus knew exactly how to counter! Joey asks, how could he? Maybe Pegasus can read minds. Then he looks around, suddenly realizing that Tristan isn't back yet. Joey thinks Tristan should be here supporting Yugi, too. Bakura says maybe Tristan got lost. Good grief, Joey says, he's missing the match of the century!

Yugi thinks Pegasus must be reading his mind! It's the only way he could have been so prepared to counter Yugi's cards. With his Millennium Eye glowing, Pegasus thinks that Yugi is finally a believer. Yugi wonders how he can win against an opponent who can know his cards and sense his strategies as soon as he thinks them up?

Pegasus taunts Yugi, saying he knows Yugi is just beginning to comprehend his power. He asks if Yugi now realizes the extent of the jeopardy he's in—how can he defeat not only the creator of Duel Monsters, but a duelist who can read his every thought? He can see everything in Yugi's mind—his hopes, his dreams, his fears. And what Yugi fears right now—is Pegasus! Pegasus says his mind-reading abilities give him an unbeatable advantage. (Japanese Pegasus tells Yugi he's wasted his energy. A duel progresses through the moves the players make. The buildup of mistakes will lead to a duelist's defeat. Pegasus says he'll tell Yugi something—he doesn't make mistakes. Yugi thinks that Pegasus has absolute confidence in his game. If Yugi can't conquer that power, he can't win.)

Joey says, this is a nightmare! They all know Yugi can beat anybody in a fair duel, but if Pegasus can read minds.... (Japanese Jounouchi says, Pegasus! Everyone makes mistakes! Pegasus isn't god.) Bakura says that's what makes the Millennium Eye one of the most powerful Millennium Items. Pegasus can read anyone's mind he chooses. Anyone who tries to oppose him must use extreme caution! (Japanese Bakura says, Pegasus created Duel Monsters. That makes him god-like. The creator has control of the world.) Joey says he guesses so, and points out that Bakura seems to know an awful lot about the Millennium Eye. Bakura says, just a little. One thing he doesn't know is if any mere mortal can stand against it. Joey says, if not, there's no one else who can save Grandpa and the others. (Japanese Jounouchi asks if Bakura thinks Yugi will lose. Bakura says no, but he doesn't know how anyone can beat Pegasus. Jounouchi says he believes in Yugi.)

Tristan makes his way down the secret staircase, thinking that they've got to be hiding something down here. At the bottom, he finds the goon sitting by himself,. complaining about what a boring detail this is. What's the point of guarding this kid? Without a soul, he's a total zombie. It's a waste of time. (The Japanese goon thinks Croquet worries too much. That kid isn't going to run away. The goon is polishing a gun, which is removed from the US version.)

Tristan shoves the helmet from another suit of armor onto the guard's head and knocks him out, saying that the victory goes to Sir Tristan. Then he looks up and sees a cell at the end of the room, with a blank-eyed Mokuba sitting inside it. He takes the guard's keys and opens Mokuba's cell. But unlocking the door activates a security alarm. (In the US version, the alarm screen has been changed to show the image of an open padlock. The Japanese screen has a graphic reading "LOCK OFF.")

Back at the duel, Yugi insists that no matter what the odds, he'll never surrender! He plays a monster face down in defense and ends his turn, telling Pegasus to do his worst. Pegasus laughs, saying that he always does. (Japanese Yugi merely says he's playing a monster in defense and ends his turn. Pegasus doesn't have any dialog here.)

Meanwhile, Croquet gets a call from security notifying him of a potential problem in Sector 5. (The rectangular graphic in the lower right-hand corner of the security screen is changed in the US version. The Japanese graphic has some squiggly writing that swirls around and briefly reads "GALLOP.")

The security man tells him that he's trying to verify, but their guard doesn't reply. There appears to have been a breach, and there may be an intruder. Master Pegasus asked to be notified immediately.... Croquet interrupts to say that Pegasus is dueling and can't be disturbed. Meanwhile, Bakura uses the power of the Millennium Ring to eavesdrop, and hears Croquet tell the operative to secure all the exits—the boy must not be freed. Dark Bakura chuckles to himself as Téa and Joey call encouragement to Yugi.

Down in the dungeon, Tristan finds that the stairway's been closed off, and realizes they're onto him. Carrying Mokuba on his back, he looks for another way out.

Pegasus asks coyly if it's his turn, and draws. Joey wonders what he's going to pull this time. Pegasus says it's the moment they've all been waiting for, and plays Ryu-Ran (Dragon Egger) in defense mode (2600 DEF). (Oops—the Ryu-Ran card, on the far right of the frame, is shown in attack position. This mistake is in both versions.)

Then Pegasus switches Red Archery Girl into defense.

Tristan runs into another dead end. He hears guards coming—he's trapped!

Yugi says he'll scramble Pegasus's egg! If that's the best Pegasus has, Yugi will still defeat him. Pegasus thinks that Yugi's still so full of banter at this time of dire peril. He needs another demonstration of Pegasus' Millennium magic. (Japanese Pegasus thinks Yugi's like a small animal struggling in his hands. He knows every one of Yugi's cards.) He reads Yugi's mind to see what's in his hand. Then Yugi draws, and Pegasus asks, could it be Summoned Skull? Yugi curses him, and he calmly lists all the cards in Yugi's hand, saying Summoned Skull will go nicely with Celtic Guardian, Spellbinding Circle, Magical Hats, and Horn Imp. (Japanese Pegasus doesn't list the other cards in Yugi's hand, although he has scanned them with his Millennium Eye.)

Téa says, he's reading all of Yugi's cards! Joey tells Yugi not to let Pegasus psych him out, and Téa says Yugi can still beat him. But Yugi doesn't know how—Pegasus knows all his cards the instant he draws them. With that Millennium Eye of his, Pegasus is unstoppable! (Japanese Yugi thinks, Pegasus is reading his mind, but there's nothing he can do!)

Millennium Eye glowing, Pegasus laughs in triumph.

To Be Continued

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