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Episode 36: Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus Part II (Attacks Impossible!? Invincible Toon Army)

As Yugi and Pegasus face each other on the field, Joey says he can't believe it's finally happening! Everything they've worked for is coming down to this match. (Japanese Jounouchi has no dialog here.) Téa shouts to Yugi not to let Pegasus intimidate him, and Joey adds his encouragement for Yugi to just play his game. (Japanese Anzu tells Yugi not to fall into Pegasus' trap, while Jounouchi tells him to be careful.) Meanwhile, Bakura decides to check in on Croquet, using the Millennium Ring to eavesdrop as Croquet chastises his security force for letting Mokuba get away. Mokuba is instrumental in the plan to take over Kaiba Corporation, Croquet says, and orders his man to find Mokuba immediately. How hard can it be to recapture a soulless body? "Don't make me come down there!" he says. (Japanese Croquet says that Mokuba has the key to the room that holds the contracts. They have to capture Mokuba. If he gets away, what will they tell Pegasus?)

Interesting, Bakura thinks, and turns to leave. When Joey asks where he's going, he says he's going to check on Tristan. Téa agrees that Tristan has been gone a long time. What could be more important than this match? Joey wonders, and Bakura says he'll be sure to ask him.

Pegasus tells Yugi to go ahead and make his move. He thinks that he knows what Yugi will do: play Spellbinding Circle face down, then play Summoned Skull in defense. He thinks to Yugi to go on—he's perfectly prepared.

Yugi does indeed play a card face down and Summoned Skull in defense (1200 DEF).

Thinking that the Eye never lies, Pegasus draws, then switches Ryu-Ran into attack mode (2200 ATK) and attacks Summoned Skull. Yugi activates his trap card, Spellbinding Circle, stopping Ryu-Ran's attack and reducing its attack power by 700 points, to 1500. Pegasus pretends to be dismayed by Yugi's move, as Téa and Joey cheer.

Dark Bakura runs through the dungeon hallways, searching for Mokuba. When the corridor he's running down ends with passageways going off in either direction, his Millennium Ring glows, and two of the points show him which way to go.

Yugi switches Summoned Skull to attack mode (2500 ATK) and attacks Ryu-Ran, but Pegasus says, not so fast! and activates his own trap: Trap Displacement. (The trap card's hexagram design, like Spellbinding Circle's, is changed to a circle with some hieroglyphics on it.)

Trap Displacement allows him to switch the effect of Spellbinding Circle from Ryu-Ran to Summoned Skull. Now Ryu-Ran's attack strength is back to 2200, while Summoned Skull's is reduced to 1800. Pegasus taunts Yugi, saying it's almost as if he knew what Yugi was thinking!

Yugi knows that Summoned Skull won't last another turn with Spellbinding Circle entrapping him. Pegasus says Summoned Skull won't even last this turn. Pegasus orders Ryu-Ran to attack, and Summoned Skull is destroyed, taking Yugi down to 1400 life points.

Yugi is stunned that Pegasus knows every dueling strategy he thinks up. He can't hide anything from Pegasus' Eye. (Japanese Yugi thinks that Pegasus can see all his strategies. Then he asks Kaiba how it was for him.)

Joey calls Pegasus a mind-reading cheat, and wonders what's the use of going on, but Téa tells him they can't give up. Joey says she's right, it's not over till it's over. They have to believe Yugi will find a way to beat Pegasus. Téa looks towards the duel, worriedly thinking that they have to believe, no matter how bad things look. (Japanese Anzu thinks to Yugi that he must win.)

Meanwhile, Tristan is running from the guards, carrying Mokuba's soulless body on his back. Soon he's surrounded, and the guards demand that he hand over Mokuba to them. Defiant, he tells them to come and get him. Then they hear Dark Bakura's voice, warning the guards to leave Mokuba alone or they'll rue the day they were born. (In the Japanese, instead of Bakura's voice, they hear the "ching" of the Millennium Ring.) They ask who's there, and Dark Bakura walks in through a side passage.

The guards threaten him, and Tristan tells Bakura to get out of there. One of the guards orders Bakura to step out of the shadows. (In the US version, the shot of the guard is changed to show him standing with his arm in front of him, and a slightly less fierce expression on his face.)

(In the Japanese, the guard continues to reach inside his coat, as if reaching for a gun.)

Tristan again tells Bakura to run for it. (The shot of the guard is changed to show both arms lowered to his side in the US version. The Japanese guard continues to hold his hand inside his coat.)

The guards repeat their order for Bakura to come out, or else. Bakura says, or else what? (The Japanese guards both now draw guns, which are removed from the US version.)

Bakura holds up a magic card, Chain Energy, and activates it. The guards are astonished to find themselves bound with rings of energy force. Tristan asks Bakura what he did, but Bakura just tells him to come—it's their chance to escape. As the guards shout at them to stop, Tristan and Bakura run. Once they're gone, the energy rings dissipate, and the guards call for backup.

Back at the duel, it's Pegasus' turn, and Yugi's sure it's another perfectly prepared move. He has to figure out some way to keep Pegasus from reading his thoughts! But Pegasus tells Yugi that nothing he can do can stop it—Yugi's at the mercy of the Millennium Eye. Pegasus already knows every card Yugi has in his deck, and he has every card needed to stop them. He can see every strategy Yugi has concocted, and has already designed his own countertactics. But even with out his Millennium Magic, Yugi's no match for him. After all, who needs magic with this card! (Japanese Pegasus says that a game is a battle of minds. Whoever has control over the opponent's mind wins. Yugi doesn't have the power to get into Pegasus' mind or the games that he creates. Pegasus will show him.)

Pegasus plays his Toon World magic card. Yugi says he thought as much, and Joey says, this ain't good! Red Archery Girl and Ryu-Ran are drawn up into the pages of the Toon World book, and Pegasus reminds Yugi that inside the book, his monsters are protected, and they only come out when they're ready to attack. (Japanese Pegasus says that Toon World is the best card he's ever created. Toon characters are the best.) The book opens, and the monsters are revealed, turned into their Toon counterparts. Manga Ryu-Ran snickers behind its paws while Yugi grimaces, and Pegasus asks Yugi if he doesn't have a sense of humor. (Japanese Pegasus says that Toon monsters are invincible. They can't be defeated by non-Toon monsters.)

Pegasus attacks Yugi's face-down defense monster with Manga Ryu-Ran (Toon Dragon Egger). The monster, Giant Soldier of Stone, is destroyed.

Pegasus says, aren't his Toon monsters simply marvelous? He can't help feeling the same proud satisfaction a parent would. He guesses that's his reward for creating the card. (Japanese Pegasus says that, after it attacks, the Toon monster hides in Toon World, where only Toon monsters can go.) Yugi grumbles to himself that Pegasus is a cheat. The Toon World card is one of a kind. It was thought too powerful for distribution—that's how Pegasus was able to beat Kaiba with it. (Japanese Yugi thinks that once the Toon monsters have hidden in Toon World, he can't attack them. This is how Pegasus defeated Kaiba.)

Finally, Pegasus switches the Toon Mermaid to attack mode.

Yugi thinks, if he keeps putting his monsters in defense mode, Pegasus will just keep picking them off. His only chance is to take the offensive, and maybe by attacking he'll uncover a weakness in the Toon monsters. He summons Celtic Guardian in attack mode. Its attack strength of 1400 is equal to the Toon Mermaid's, so neither monster should be able to beat the other. Yugi attacks, but, to his surprise, Toon Mermaid's clamshell stops Celtic Guardian's attack.

Téa asks Joey what's going on, but he doesn't know—the attack should have been a draw. Pegasus laughs, saying they'll just have to accept that Yugi's Celtic Guardian is the catch of the day! The clamshell tosses Celtic Guardian back, and Toon Mermaid shoots him with her bow and arrow, destroying him. Téa says, that was no draw! Joey agrees that something is off with those Toons.

Yugi thinks maybe he'd better play a stronger monster, but Pegasus says no card in his deck is strong enough. Toon monsters can't be beaten by sheer brute force. (Japanese Yugi thinks, so he can't beat a Toon Monster. Pegasus says only Toon monsters can defeat Toon monsters.) Toon Mermaid giggles and disappears inside the Toon World book. Yugi wonders what he can do. Attacking is useless, and the Millennium Eye gives Pegasus access to his every card, thought, and strategy. How can he possibly win this duel?

It's Pegasus' turn, and he plays two cards face down. Yugi, whose hand now includes Gremlin, Monster Recovery, Magical Hats, and Horn Imp, decides that with Pegasus' two set cards, he'd better play a monster in defense mode. But Pegasus says he knew Yugi would—that's why he played this card. He activates a trap card called Gorgon's Eye, which turns Yugi's defense monster, Horn Imp, to stone. (Gorgon's Eye's red eye is turned blue on the US card, although the hologram on the field still opens a bloodshot red eye.)

It's a permanent trap, Pegasus says, and will turn every monster Yugi plays in defense to stone. And when the stone monsters are destroyed, half of their defense points will be deducted from Yugi's life points. But, he says, the stone monsters make fine paperweights. (Japanese Pegasus says that Gorgon's Eye will flip Yugi's defense monsters face up and turn them to stone, and when they're destroyed, Yugi will receive damage equal to half the monster's defense points. Now Yugi can only attack—but attacks are impossible.) Then Pegasus activates his second face-down card, Doppelganger (Copycat). Yugi recognizes this card as one Pegasus used on Kaiba. (The card image is slightly different in the US version.)

Pegasus says, Doppelganger can transform himself into any card on the field that Pegasus wants. The stretchy kitty from the card curls itself around Pegasus, and Pegasus corrects himself—any card that Doppelganger wants! He asks Doppelganger which card he will turn himself into this time, and the kitty whispers in Pegasus' ear. Perfect, Pegasus says. He tells Yugi that Doppelganger would like to transform into Summoned Skull. Yugi protests that Summoned Skull is in his graveyard, but Pegasus points out that Yugi's graveyard pile is on the field, so it's fair game for Doppelganger. Doppelganger dives into Toon World, and the Doppelganger card on the field turns into Summoned Skull.

Pegasus says, it's really something—he can copy one of Yugi's cards, recruit it to his team, and turn it into a Toon, all in one move! Toon World opens, and Pegasus says, a dark new chapter of Toon World has been written—the chapter of fiends! Summoned Skull emerges from Toon World as Toon Skull (Toon Demon) (2500 ATK).

The Toon Skull bounces and snickers behind its hand, then waggles its tongue at Yugi. Yugi says Pegasus is twisted to take such delight in creating such a monstrosity, but Pegasus tells Yugi not to say that—he'll hurt its feelings! Beneath that gruff exterior lies a very sensitive Toon. Toon Skull vamps and flutters its eyelashes at Yugi, who growls at Pegasus to just make his move. So Pegasus orders Toon Skull to attack the stone Horn Imp, destroying it. Yugi loses 500 life points, half of Horned Imp's defense, taking him down to 900. The Toon Skull does some posing, then disappears back into Toon World.

What splendid showmanship! Pegasus says. Perhaps he'll bring Toon Skull back later for an encore. (Japanese Pegasus asks Yugi how it feels to be attacked by his own monster.) Téa says, that creep really loves to hear himself talk! Joey urges Yugi to pop that muscle-headed Toon like a balloon. (Japanese Anzu says, it hid in the book again! Jounouchi asks, isn't there any way to beat him?)

But Yugi wonders how. The magic of Toon World makes it seem impossible. Yugi draws a card, and Pegasus says he sees that it's the Dark Magician. Yugi is stunned (although I don't know why—he already knows perfectly well that Pegasus can read all his cards). Pegasus adds that it's Yugi's favorite card. He looks forward to Yugi putting it into play—so he can crush it!

Tristan and Bakura run up a stone stairway. Tristan asks Bakura what he did back there, using that magic card, but for real. Bakura says, not now—the guards are still behind them. Stopping at a door on one of the stairway's landings, Tristan agrees to drop it for now, but insists that Bakura will tell him what's up. He tries to open the door, but it's locked, so they continue running up. Finally, they see an open doorway at the top of the stairs. Tristan thinks they've found a way out, but the doorway leads out onto a ledge high above the forest. Tristan nearly runs off the edge, but Bakura catches him just in time and pulls him back onto the ledge.

Yugi doesn't know what to do. He can't attack the Toons while they're safe inside Toon World, and any monster he plays in defense will be turned to stone by the Gorgon's Eye. It seems so hopeless! (Japanese Yugi wonders if he has a chance of winning.)

It certainly does, Pegasus agrees (Japanese Pegasus says, no, Yugi has no chance), then apologizes for interrupting Yugi's private conversation with himself. After all, accepting defeat is a personal matter. (Japanese Pegasus says he senses Yugi is losing his fighting spirit. What now? Will he give up?) Joey tells Yugi not to listen, and reminds him of everything at stake here, and all the people depending on him—his Grandpa, Mokuba, and Kaiba. Téa adds that they're all counting on him, and she knows he's going to come through for them. (Japanese Jounouchi says if Yugi gives up, he'll lose his soul, like Kaiba and Mokuba. Anzu says, then no one will be able to save Grandpa, Mokuba, and Kaiba.) She says they believe in him, and Joey agrees.

Yugi thinks that Joey and Téa are right. He just has to remember what he's fighting for—to save the soul of his grandfather, and the Kaiba brothers. He can't let them down. (Japanese Yugi thinks that he has almost no chance of winning. He thinks, "Grandpa, Mokuba, Kaiba, I...")

On top of the ledge, Tristan says, since jumping is out of the question, he'd say they're as good as caught. The guards run onto the landing below. Standing up, with Mokuba on his back, Tristan says they tried. But Bakura says they're not captured yet. Tristan asks what Bakura's talking about—they're totally outmanned. Bakura says they won't be, once he enlists some help from the Shadow Realm. He pulls out his deck, chuckling.

Yugi thinks, if he gives up hope now, he'll lose Grandpa, Kaiba and Mokuba forever. Their souls will remain imprisoned in the Shadow Realm, and Pegasus will be free to continue his evil ways with no one to stop him. Yugi can't let that happen. He can't give up. He has to save his friends.

But Yugi-boy, Pegasus thinks, you can't even save yourself!

To Be Continued

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