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Episode 37: Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus Part III (The Counterattack Begins! Mind Shuffle)

It's Yugi's turn, but what can he do? If he plays a monster in defense, Pegasus' trap card will turn them to stone. But if he plays them in attack, Pegasus' Toon monsters will destroy them! (There's no voiceover in the Japanese, just some tense music.)

Yugi plays Dark Magician (2500 ATK) in attack mode, and then plays Magical Hats to hide him. Téa says, it's brilliant! Even Pegasus won't know which hat Yugi hid the Dark Magician in. (Japanese Anzu has no dialog here. Yugi thinks that maybe he can confuse Pegasus.) But Pegasus says it won't work—he can just read Yugi's mind to find out where the Dark Magician is hidden. Has Yugi forgotten the power of his Millennium Eye? (Japanese Pegasus says that he sees that Yugi is trying to defeat Toon World, but it won't work. Yugi's mind decides which Hat the Black Magician hides in, and therefore, Pegasus will know, too. This shot of the Magical Silk Hats, which turn transparent to reveal Black Magician in the left hat, is cut from the US version.)

(Pegasus then says that Black Magician is in the hat on the left.)

Yugi wonders what he can do. If Pegasus reads his mind and finds the Dark Magician, he's finished! There has to be some way he can stop Pegasus! (Japanese Yugi thinks that even the Magical Silk Hats don't work. He can't defeat Pegasus' Millennium Eye.) Joey urges Yugi to stay with it, and Téa reminds him that Pegasus may have magic, but Yugi has magic, too—the magic of his Millennium Puzzle! (Japanese Anzu says Yugi can't lose! He can't!)

That's it, Yugi thinks. He does have magic—the magic that merges him with the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. (The following scenes have been rearranged in the US version. The Japanese episode continues from here directly to Pegasus' attack.)

Yugi calls out to the spirit of the Puzzle. (Japanese Yugi calls out, "Mou hitori no boku!"—"The other me!" and asks his other self to please listen. In the US version, a shot of Yugi beside Yami is added to the rays of light as Yugi calls out to Yami.)

Yami says he can feel Pegasus trying to claw his way into their minds. (Japanese Yami thinks, that voice! His other self is calling to him from his heart! The shot of Pegasus is added over the rays in the US version.)

Yugi says he knows, but he has an idea. He says that his Grandpa told him that if he wanted to beat Pegasus, he'd have to harness the power of his Millennium Puzzle. He thought Grandpa meant that they should merge, as they usually do, but now he thinks he was wrong. Grandpa said to use the power of the Puzzle—he never said anything about the spirit. (There's no dialog here in the Japanese version.)

Meeting in the corridor between their soul rooms, Yugi says that if he's to have any chance of beating Pegasus, he must banish the spirit from his mind! (Part of this scene is repeated in the US version after the episode's commercial break.) The spirit protests that they must work together, or they won't stand a chance. Yugi insists that if they go on playing like they have, they'll lose. He explains that Pegasus can read their mind because they're working so closely together. That's the wrong strategy to be using in this duel. Yugi has another idea. The spirit says it had better be a good one—many lives depend on them. Yugi says they should keep their keep their minds separate and switch back and forth each time they play a card. The spirit says it's a dangerous move, but it just might work. They agree to try it. (Japanese Yugi says this is the first time he's been able to talk to his other self inside his heart—usually, no matter how hard he screams, his other self doesn't hear him. He could feel that his other self was in trouble, and he couldn't do anything to help, but finally it worked! Yami asks what Yugi wants, and Yugi asks Yami to let him join the battle. He says Yami can't beat Pegasus on his own. Yami says he can't find a way to defeat Pegasus' Millennium Eye. Yugi says Pegasus can read his other self's mind, but maybe Pegasus can't read his mind. Yami agrees—if Pegasus can only read one mind, maybe if they fight together... Yugi nods. Yami asks if Yugi will help him, and Yugi agrees.)

Pegasus sends Toon Summoned Skull to attack the hat on the far left. Watching the hat go up in smoke, Pegasus smirks and says that the Dark Magician has performed his last trick. But Yugi tells him that maybe he's losing his touch. (Japanese Yugi doesn't say anything.) Pegasus stares at the scores unbelievingly. Yugi's life points are unaffected, and the Dark Magician card is still on the field! Impossible, Pegasus thinks. He's just read Yugi's mind, and the Dark Magician was under that hat! He felt Yugi resisting his probe, but there's no way Yugi could have deceived him. (Cut from the US version is this shot of Yugi with his face obscured, as he tells Pegasus that he used his mind to change the location of the Black Magician. The following shot of Pegasus is moved later in the US version.)

Yugi tells him he probed the wrong mind—one that didn't know where the Dark Magician was. (Japanese Yugi says it seems Pegasus didn't read his other mind.) Pegasus looks up in shock and sees Yugi, not the spirit, standing on the other side of the field. Yugi says, maybe Pegasus' mind powers aren't as all-seeing as he thinks. Pegasus is outraged that Yugi dares to mock the powers of his Millennium Eye! (Japanese Pegasus exclaims, Unbelievable! Yugi-boy's other mind!)

Joey asks Téa if she has any idea what's going on. She thinks it has something to do with Yugi's other spirit. Somehow, Yugi is using the spirit from his Millennium Puzzle to stop Pegasus from reading minds. (Japanese Jounouchi asks Anzu about Yugi's "other mind." Anzu says Yugi told her that there was "another Yugi" living in his heart. Cut from the US version are the following scenes in which Jounouchi freaks out, and asks Yugi what's going on.)

(Yugi says that he hasn't been honest with them—it's not his usual self dueling, it's his other self.)

(Jounouchi and Anzu look startled, as Yugi continues. "My other self takes my place in battle, while I watch from deep inside my heart." But this time, he couldn't stand watching his other self suffer.)

(At this point in the Japanese version, the conversation between Yugi and Yami as they formulate their plan takes place in flashback.)

Yugi tells Pegasus that he's gained nothing from his attack. Even with his magic he won't be able to win. Holding up the Puzzle, he says Pegasus is not the only one with a Millennium Item. Now they'll see how the Millennium Eye measures up to the Millennium Puzzle! (Japanese Yugi says that ever since he solved the Puzzle, he and the other Yugi have been taking turns at living.) Joey and Téa both watch in astonishment. (Cut from the US version is Anzu's memory of Yugi telling her that he sometimes becomes "another me," and Anzu replying that it doesn't matter, Yugi is still Yugi.)

Téa says she hopes Yugi knows what he's doing. How much do any of them know about the Millennium Puzzle? (Japanese Anzu realizes Yugi isn't crazy, he really does have another self inside him!) Still confused, Joey exclaims, Millennium Puzzle, Millennium Schmuzzle! He just wishes he could help Yugi somehow. But all he can do is cheer from the sidelines, while his best buddy duels his toughest duel all by himself! (Japanese Jounouchi exclaims, shuffling minds?! He says to Anzu, it's a split personality, right?)

Yugi draws a card, then plays it face down and ends his turn. He challenges Pegasus to read his mind and find out what the card is, if he can. Pegasus says it will be no problem, and begins to use his Millennium Eye. Then Yugi switches with the spirit. Pegasus can see the face-down card in the spirit's mind, but can't tell what the card is!

Yami chuckles, and tells Pegasus that he doesn't know what the face-down card is, either. Reading his mind will tell Pegasus absolutely nothing. Pegasus stares, wondering how Yugi is doing this. Yami says he's no longer Yugi Motou, but someone else altogether. Through the magic of the Millennium Puzzle, two minds inhabit this body. Now, each time Pegasus tries to read one of their minds, they'll use the Mind Shuffle! (Japanese Yami says that when Pegasus uses his Millennium Eye to read minds, it seems to take him a little time. During that time, Yami will switch minds. This strategy is called the Mind Shuffle!)

Téa says, she told Joey—Yugi's battling Pegasus with not one, but two minds! Joey says he gets it—when Pegasus tries to read one of Yugi's minds, he can switch back to the other one. It's true—two minds are better than one.

Meanwhile, Pegasus' goons have Bakura and Tristan, who's still carrying Mokuba, trapped at the top of a dead-end stairway. (Cut from the US version is this close-up of a gun at the beginning of the scene.)

(And, as before, the goons' guns are removed from the scene in the US version.)

One of the goons tells them it's all over, and if they give back the prisoner now, they might be allowed to leave in one piece. Tristan tells Bakura the goon's right.

But Bakura calls them ignorant mortals, and tells them it's far from over. They haven't even begun to play. Holding up his deck, he says he'll show them the cards fate has dealt them. (Japanese Bakura says, let's play a game! The guards play with steel, and Bakura will play with his deck.) The goons continue to demand that they give up, while Tristan wonders, what's up with Bakura? Then he remembers Bakura acting like this before, when the spirit of his Millennium Ring took them all to the Shadow Realm. He thought that was just a bad dream, but it looks like it really happened. The evil Bakura is back again.

Bakura tells the goons he'll show them the true meaning of fear (Japanese Bakura says it's his turn), and summons the Man-Eater Bug. With the power of his Millennium Ring, Man-Eater Bug becomes a real monster. The guards cower in fear.

Man-Eater Bug crawls down the steps and attacks the guards. (Cut from the US version are these shots of the guards shooting at Man-Eater Bug.)

Bakura tells Tristan that present-day humans are such fun to terrorize, but Tristan says he doesn't agree—but then again, he is a present-day human. He asks Bakura who he is, but Bakura says only that he's someone with great power. But he can't spend the day having fun. He has other things to do. (Japanese Bakura says their turn is over. Honda wonders what's going on—there's no dueling system. Bakura says it's his turn now. He'll save the guards from the Man-Eater Bug—but Morphing Jar is even worse.) He summons the Morphing Jar, sending the goons to the card graveyard, where the Reaper of the Cards comes for them.

Back at the duel, Yami asks if Pegasus is still trying to read his mind, but Pegasus says, no thanks. His mind-scanning abilities are only one of the skills he possesses, and asks if Yugi's forgotten who invented this game. He senses that Yugi's about to switch minds again the moment he tries to read his mind, so he says he'll move on. He still has his Toon monsters, and it's only a matter of time until he finds the Dark Magician. (Japanese Yami tells Pegasus it's his turn. Pegasus says it's unbelievable! Black Magician's location in the Magical Silk Hats is concealed in the other Yugi's mind. But as long as Pegasus has Toon World, Yugi's monsters can't hurt him. Black Magician can only hide in the Hats for three more turns.)

Yami tells Pegasus to go ahead and pick a hat—but he suspects that Pegasus has relied on the Millennium Eye for so long, his dueling skills have diminished. Pegasus says that even if that's true, he's still a superior duelist to Yugi. (It turns out later that Pegasus didn't create Duel Monsters until after he got the Millennium Eye, so he has in fact never dueled without the Eye. In the Japanese, Yami asks, "Don't you trust yourself without the Millennium Eye?" and Pegasus agrees that he hasn't relied on himself these past years.)

Pegasus sends Toon Summoned Skull to attack the middle Magical Hat. Pegasus watches as the smoke clears, thinking he must have gotten him, but no, he missed again. Yami tells him it's a shame—another turn wasted.

(Cut from the US version is this scene in which Yami tells Pegasus he created Duel Monsters, so he should know the line between winning and losing.)

(A duelist must rely on judgment and intuition, he says.)

(If you can do that, you'll win. Judgment is based on experience and confidence, while intuition requires courage.)

(In relying on the Millennium Eye, Pegasus has lost the spirit of a true duelist.)

(Yami says his "Aibou" has more courage than Pegasus. Yugi appears over Yami's shoulder in spirit form, smiling.)

Yami switches back with Yugi, who tells Pegasus that their Mind Shuffle strategy is working perfectly. (Japanese Yugi says it's his turn.) The card he draws is the Living Arrow, and thinks this card could really turn this match around. He plays it face down and ends his turn, putting Yami back in control.

Yami laughs at Pegasus and tells him he's looking frustrated. (Japanese Yami tells Pegasus it's his turn. He calls Pegasus "anta," a shortened version of "anata," which is a fairly neutral way of saying "you.") Pegasus grumbles to himself that Yugi's played another card face down, and it's no use reading this Yugi's mind, because he has no idea what it is, either. Yami thinks that, even though he doesn't know what card Yugi has played, he has faith in Yugi, and faith in the heart of the cards.

Saying that he's becoming annoyed, Pegasus draws his next card. Triumphantly, he throws down Magical Neutralizing Force, a magic card that destroys any magic effects active on the opponent's side of the field. (For a change, Japanese characters have been added to the card in the US. They're the kanji for "bind" and "boundary.")

Magical Hats is destroyed, and the Dark Magician is revealed. Pegasus says it's all over for Dark Magician and Yugi's life points. Yugi can only watch as Pegasus savors his final victory. Pegasus asks if Yugi's heart grows cold, knowing that his demise is only moments away. (Japanese Pegasus says an outstanding duelist doesn't need intuition to win. He only needs to think how not to get hurt.)

Pegasus brings out Toon Summoned Skull. Yami thinks that his Dark Magician is totally unprotected, unless.... Pegasus orders Toon Summoned Skull to attack. Yami thinks, he doesn't have a move—but Yugi might! (Japanese Yami thinks that only Toon monsters can destroy Toon monster.) Quickly, he switches with Yugi, who says he'll defend Dark Magician with the card he set earlier—the Living Arrow. He tells Pegasus that since he's the creator of Duel Monsters, he knows all about the Living Arrow. It can fuse with any card the opponent plays, whether it's a monster card or a magic card. (Japanese Yugi says it was their plan to stir Pegasus up.) Yami returns to tell Pegasus that they're going to use his own magic against him. (Japanese Yami adds that they wanted Pegasus to use a card to destroy the Magical Silk Hats.) He fuses the Living Arrow with Magical Neutralizing Force and sends it back at Pegasus' Toon World.

Pegasus says it doesn't matter, it's too late to stop Toon Summoned Skull's attack. But Yugi pops back up to activate his other face-down card, Mirror Force. With Toon World destroyed, Pegasus' monsters all revert to their normal forms and reappear on the field, where they're destroyed by Toon Summoned Skull's reflected attack.

Pegasus can't believe it! All his beloved Toons are destroyed! Pegasus throws a tantrum, while Yugi exclaims that they did it! All the Toons are destroyed! Yami appears in spirit form to say it was Yugi's plan that did it, and he's very proud of him. (Japanese Yami says it was Yugi's courage that did it.)

Croquet announces that the score now stands at Yugi 900, Pegasus 600, then apologizes to Pegasus. (Pegasus has lost 1400 points, which is Red Archery Girl's attack. Toon Summoned Skull has reverted to Doppelganger, a magic card with no attack points of its own, and Ryu-Ran is in defense position, so Pegasus doesn't lose any points for it, although it's still destroyed. The real Mirror Force only destroys monsters in attack position, and doesn't do any life point damage.)

Pegasus thinks that Yugi is formidable, indeed, and Yugi's Millennium Item is even more intriguing than he imagined. (Japanese Pegasus thinks that Yugi's Mind Shuffle has defeated his Mind Scan!) Joey cheers, saying that Yugi's in the lead! Téa says, at last! Those creepy Toon monsters seemed almost unbeatable, but she knew Yugi would figure out a way to beat them. (Japanese Anzu thinks that if Yugi's two minds can defeat Pegasus, then Grandpa and the others can be saved.)

Meanwhile, Tristan is shocked to see that the guards have disappeared, while Bakura warns that he has no patience for obstacles that get in his way. Tristan says he doesn't know how Bakura did that, and he probably doesn't want to know. He just wants to know who Bakura is and what he wants. Tristan says he knows he isn't really their friend, Bakura. He's the one Yugi beat and banished to the graveyard.

Dark Bakura says that wouldn't have happened if Bakura hadn't betrayed him. He's decided he needs a new host. Tristan says Bakura won't take him without a fight. (Japanese Bakura says Honda had better give him Mokuba. Honda says he can't do that.) Bakura says he doesn't want Tristan's body. He wants a vessel without a mind or soul of its own. Tristan realizes that Dark Bakura wants Mokuba. Dark Bakura tells Tristan to hand him over, or suffer the same fate as the guards. (Japanese Bakura asks if Honda wants to become a sacrifice to the Power of Darkness. Honda looks around at the ground where the guards were, and Bakura laughs.)

Pegasus has pulled himself together, and tells Yugi he's impressed. When he first met Yugi, Yugi was just another boy who showed some faint dueling promise. But with Pegasus' gentle guidance, just look at Yugi now! He's one step away from being the World Champion. He's been to the Shadow Realm and back. And most importantly, he's finally begun to master the power of his Millennium Puzzle. (Japanese Pegasus says, wonderful! That's the possessor of the Millennium Puzzle. This part of the game is over, and he puts his greatest hope on this new battle.)

That's what this whole tournament has been about. As darkness rises over the field, Pegasus announces that he plans to take possession of Yugi's Puzzle. They'll finish this game in the Shadow Realm, and this time, it's winner take all! (Japanese Pegasus says that he and Yugi were each chosen to be the bearer of a Millennium Item. They'll battle it out in a Dark Game.)

To Be Continued

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