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Episode 38: Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus Part IV (The Evil Eye Opens - Sacrifice)

Dark Bakura demands that Tristan hand over Mokuba's body, threatening to conjure something to consume Tristan's soul. Tristan refuses, and Dark Bakura laughs and continues his threats, saying he'll dispatch Tristan to the graveyard. (Japanese Honda says, "Bakura! You!" Bakura says he's not the Bakura Honda knows. He's the soul that resides in the Millennium Ring.) Tristan looks at the Millennium Ring, remembering when Bakura sent him to the graveyard before. He knows the Ring gives Bakura his power. (Japanese Dark Bakura wants the Kaiba Corporation passwords Mokuba's holding. He says he'll return everything to normal once he gets them, but Honda doesn't trust him.)

Bakura reaches for Mokuba, telling Tristan to stop resisting, since Bakura will get what he wants in the end. Tristan pretends to go along, but fakes Bakura out by tossing Mokuba at him, then knocks Bakura out and takes Mokuba back. (Japanese Honda asks the unconscious Bakura to forgive him.) Tristan takes the Millennium Ring to the top of the stairs and throws it out into the woods, telling the spirit not to come back.

Meanwhile, back at the duel, darkness spreads across the dueling arena. Pegasus says he'll defeat Yugi in one realm or another (Japanese Pegasus says, "Let the Dark Game begin!"), and Yugi says that it's just like last time—Pegasus is sealing them in another dimension, and cutting him off from his friends.

From the balcony, Téa and Joey watch Pegasus and Yugi disappear from view. Téa asks where they've gone, but Joey says he doesn't know. Téa wonders how they can help Yugi if they can't see them.

Tristan returns, carrying both Mokuba and Bakura. They ask where he's been and he says they wouldn't believe it. He sets Bakura and Mokuba down, explaining that the evil spirit took over Bakura again. Then he notices the darkness covering the arena and asks what's going on. (Japanese Honda says, "It's happening here too—the Dark Game.") Joey thinks Tristan should explain first, so Tristan tells them what happened. Then, leaving Bakura and Mokuba on the balcony, Tristan, Joey, and Téa rush downstairs to the dueling arena to try to figure out what happened to Yugi.

Reaching the edge of the black cloud, Joey explains that Pegasus was losing, and started ranting about the Shadow Game, and then the cloud came out of nowhere. Joey thinks Pegasus and Yugi are still inside. (Japanese Jounouchi says, "What is this?")

Inside the cloud, Yugi looks around, thinking that this always gives him the creeps. When Pegasus brings him here, it only means one thing. Yami appears at his side and they say it together: a Shadow Game.

Pegasus warns Yugi that this time, he'll find dueling in the Shadow Realm a lot harder—the strain of maintaining the Mind Shuffle will make it difficult to find the energy to conjure up monsters. Yugi realizes that he feels weak already, and Yami takes over, telling Pegasus that he's strong enough. Picking up their cards, he tells Yugi he'll be safer if he lets Yami finish the duel. He can survive in this realm easier than Yugi. Yugi protests that they can't abandon their strategy—it's the only thing preventing Pegasus from reading their minds. Yami agrees that it's the only reason they have their narrow lead.

Pegasus draws, then plays Dark Eyes Illusionist in attack mode—a monster he's created just for this game. It's huge and grotesque, but its attack and defense are both zero. (The US card shows a defense of 1400, although the onscreen graphic later shows ATK and DEF of 0000. The Japanese card shows ATK and DEF of 0.)

Still, Pegasus says he's been known to keep a few secrets up his sleeve. (Japanese Pegasus says the Kaiba Corporation Duel Ring won't work here. The duelist's energy is what brings the monsters to life. If a player runs out of strength, he'll lose the game.)

Yami knows Dark Eyes Illusionist isn't as harmless as Pegasus would like him to believe, but doesn't know what secrets it holds. He summons Curse of Dragon (2000 ATK) and ends his turn, and then Yugi takes control. Pegasus thinks Yugi overestimates his mental prowess, and underestimates the burden of fighting a duel in the Shadow Realm. He says he doesn't think Yugi has it in him—he now has two creatures to maintain, Curse of Dragon and Dark Magician. Yugi struggles with fatigue and pain, and leans over, sweating and gasping for breath. Yami wants to take over, but Yugi says he'll try to last out the turn. (Japanese Yami urges Yugi to hold on. Yugi doesn't say anything.) Pegasus says Yugi will soon be exhausted.

Outside the cloud of darkness, Yugi's friends feel a sudden sharp jolt to their hearts. Téa says she's afraid something bad has happened to Yugi, and Joey agrees that their little buddy is in trouble. Even Tristan felt it, but they don't know how to help him. (Japanese Honda says he saw Dark Bakura use the power of the Shadow Realm to bring a monster to life. Anzu says the Dark Realm is more than they imagine.)

Pegasus plays a card face down, telling Yugi he looks a little pale. Yugi's hands tremble, and Yami says Pegasus is right—Yugi's mind can't handle the stress of maintaining their monsters. (Japanese Yami thinks that Yugi is running out of strength. He can't let this duel last much longer.) Yugi finally lets Yami take control, and Yami attacks with Curse of Dragon. But his attack activates Dark Eyes Illusionist's special ability—Curse of Dragon is mesmerized and its attack is stopped.

Pegasus flips over the magic card he just set, Black Illusion Ritual (Ritual of Illusions), and sacrifices the Dark Eyes Illusionist to summon a new monster, Relinquished (Sacrifice). Its attack and defense are also zero, and Yami wonders what kind of monster this can be. Pegasus says he'll show him, and activates Relinquished's special ability. Curse of Dragon is sucked into Relinquished's pulsating maw.

Yami attacks with Dark Magician, but Relinquished uses Curse of Dragon as a shield, and Yami ends up destroying it instead of Relinquished. Since Curse of Dragon was Yami's monster, he takes the damage from the attack, reducing his life points to 400. As long as Pegasus has Relinquished in play, Yugi is his own worst enemy!

Pegasus continues to taunt Yami, but Yami says the game isn't over yet. Drawing, Pegasus says it might as well be. Then he activates Relinquished's power of hypnotic attaction, and Dark Magician is sucked into Relinquished, where he reappears as a shield for Pegasus' monster. Now Pegasus has turned Yugi's favorite monster against him! (The close-up of Pegasus is changed in the US version.)

Yami wonders how he can possibly win when any monster he plays will be used against him. Even if he comes up with another strategy, Pegasus will know it instantly. Yugi tells him they can't give up. They have to Mind Shuffle long enough for Yugi to play a card and retreat before Pegasus can read his mind. Yami is reluctant, saying they don't know how long Yugi's mind can last in the Shadow Realm. Yugi says he doesn't have to last long—just long enough to play one last card. Yami protests that if Yugi's overcome by the Shadow Realm, his soul will be shredded and lost forever! But Yugi says he must take the risk, for his Grandpa's sake. (Japanese Yugi says, "Let me fight to the end," and Yami says, "Yugi, you...." This is the only time I've noticed Yami calling Yugi by name. Usually he calls him "mou hitori no ore"—the other me. Later he'll call him "Aibou," or partner.)

Yugi takes control, and reaches for a card with a trembling hand. Pegasus sees that "little Yugi" is back, and thinks that he'll never learn. Yugi thinks that he has to have faith in the heart of the cards, because the next card he pulls might be his last. His vision blurs as he draws, praying that this will be the card that can beat Pegasus. He plays the card face down, then plays Feral Imp (Gremlin) in defense (1400 DEF). Now, he thinks, there's one card Pegasus doesn't know about. Now they stand a chance.

Pegasus knows if he tries to read Yugi's mind, he'll just switch with Yami again. So he decides to work on overtaxing little Yugi instead, and attacks with Relinquished, using the Dark Magician's attack strength. Feral Imp is destroyed. Yami tries to switch with Yugi, but Yugi is overcome, and collapses, telling the spirit he's got to beat Pegasus as he falls onto the dueling platform.

Joey, Tristan, and Téa all feel the pain of Yugi's fall. They know he's hurt. (This shot of Yugi collapsed at the duel station is cut from the US version.)

Yami calls out to Yugi, but can't sense Yugi's spirit. He holds Yugi's spirit body in his arms, saying he can't be gone! Pegasus says forget him—he couldn't stand up to the harsh unrealities of the Shadow Realm, and now he's gone. It's just Pegasus and the spirit now.

Joey is shocked that he can no longer feel Yugi's presence. Neither can the others; Yugi's vanished. Determined to go to him, Téa runs into the shadows, but promptly comes back out the way she came. She reaches her hand into the dark cloud, and sees her own hand reaching back out at her! Then Tristan charges into the cloud, but immediately comes out the other side. He hears Téa and Joey calling to him, and runs back through to join his friends. Whatever this dome-bubble-thingy is, it's clear Pegasus designed it to keep Yugi in and the others out. Joey can't believe their best friend is in the worst jam, and there's nothing they can do to help him. Téa thinks that Joey's right—there's nothing they can do to reach Yugi, and now it feels like it's too late. (Japanese Anzu thinks maybe they can send him their thoughts.)

Yami takes control of the unconscious body and stands up, saying Pegasus will pay for what he's done. Pegasus says Yami seems to be having a difficult time admitting that he failed to protect his little protégé. He suggests that Yugi might have been better off without Yami's interference. Yami tells Pegasus to be silent, and says he'll show him no mercy. (Japanese Yami says he'll never forgive Pegasus. Pegasus says that without the Mind Shuffle, Yami can't win. Will he continue fighting? Yami says, "Until my heart breaks, this game is not over.") But without Yugi's presence, Yami can no longer prevent Pegasus's mind reading, and Pegasus sees that the card Yami's drawn is Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress, a normal monster with 1400 ATK. Yami realizes the only card he has that Pegasus doesn't know is the card Yugi left face-down on the field, but he has no idea if it will tip the duel in his favor. Yami plays Winged Dragon in defense (1200 DEF), and tells Pegasus it's his turn.

Pegasus knows destroying Yami's defense monster won't affect his life points, but says he'll do it anyway, just for fun. He uses Relinquished, with Dark Magician's attack strength, to destroy Winged Dragon.

Next, Pegasus plays Jigen Bakudan (Time Bomber) (200 ATK/1000 DEF), a self-destructing monster that's immune to all attacks. It will explode in two turns, destroying Relinquished and all the monsters it's absorbed. Relinquished has no attack points, so Pegasus' life points won't be affected, but Dark Magician's attack will be deducted from Yugi's life points, and he'll lose the game, along with any chance of saving Grandpa, Kaiba and Mokuba.

Pegasus says the clock is ticking down on Yugi's demise, and there's nothing he can do to stop it. He can't remember when he's had so much fun! Two more turns until kaboom! And there's nothing in Yami's hand that can help him.

Yami wonders what he can do. Even if he draws another card, Pegasus will read his mind and know what it is. He's failed Yugi and all of Yugi's friends. Yugi's sacrifice was in vain, and his Grandpa and the Kaiba brothers are doomed.

To Be Continued

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