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Episode 39: Match of the Millennium - Yugi vs Pegasus Part V (The Fusion of Light and Darkness - Black Chaos Descends)

Téa, Joey, and Tristan stand outside the darkness of the Shadow Realm, worrying about Yugi, whose presence they can no longer feel inside the shadows.

Within the Shadow Realm, Yami knows that the Jigen-Bakudan time bomb is set to go off in two turns. But with Yugi gone, he can no longer prevent Pegasus from reading his mind.

Then Yami hears Grandpa's voice, telling him that Yugi is still with him. "Yugi's heart is still in this," he tells Yami. "The unshakeable devotion of his friends keeps Yugi alive." Of course! Yami exclaims. Yugi's friends haven't given up on him. (In the Japanese, Grandpa calls Yami "Yugioh," and Yami responds, "Grandpa": they know each other, and talk to each other as if Yami and Yugi are the same person. Grandpa reminds Yami that there is something else he believes in besides the cards: "the other self" is not the only person in his heart. Yami says he understands.)

Téa has an idea. They have to try to reach out to Yugi. Remembering the friendship pact they made, with the Happy Face drawn on their hands, the three put their hands together and concentrate on sending Yugi their support.

Yami draws a card, and Pegasus tries to scan his mind. It begins to come clear (it's a magic card, with a green border)—but suddenly, the image is blocked! Instead, he sees Yugi's friends standing against him, along with little Yugi, unconscious but being held up by Téa. Pegasus is shocked and outraged! He should be able to see every thought in Yugi's mind! (In the Japanese, Pegasus says that he never imagined that people outside the Dark Game could interfere.) Not anymore, Joey tells him. Get out of our friend's mind! And Pegasus is forced to retreat. Yami thanks them, and they tell Pegasus his Millennium Eye doesn't make the difference—friends do! (In the Japanese, they tell Pegasus to get ready, because they're going to beat him!)

Yami tells Pegasus his friends will help him save his Dark Magician from the Jigen-Bakudan time bomb. And he plays the card he's drawn—Mystic Box (Magic Box of Death)! (Mystic Box gets a slight redesign in the US.)

Furious, Pegasus thinks he could have countered that if he'd seen it coming! (I don't know how, since Yami played it immediately after drawing it—there's nothing Pegasus could have done between Yami's draw and his play.) The Mystic Box puts Jigen-Bakudan in the Dark Magician's place, freeing the Dark Magician. Now when Jigen-Bakudan explodes, it will only destroy Relinquished. (Japanese Pegasus swears in English, "God damn!")

Pegasus draws, then passes, unable to make a play. Yami draws, and plays Brain Control, taking control of Relinquished for one turn. He taunts Pegasus, asking how it feels to have the power of mind control used against him.(Brain Control is also given a slight redesign in the US.)

Pegasus laughs—with Relinquished on Yami's side of the field, it will destroy the Dark Magician when the time bomb explodes, taking all of Yami's life points! You're wrong, Yami says. Pegasus has forgotten about the card Yugi left on the field. Now it's time to find out what that card is! (In the Japanese, Yami appears to already know what the card is. Which is a good thing—it would have been suicidal for him to steal the Time Bomber without knowing he could destroy it before it exploded.) Yami flips it over—it's a ritual magic card, Dark Magic Ritual (Ritual of Black Chaos). (As usual, they've redesigned the ritual's triangle design to look less hexagrammy.)

Yami offers Jigen-Bakudan and the Dark Magician as sacrifices to summon the Magician of Black Chaos (ATK 2800). Yugi's final courageous act has set the stage for the greatest magician in all of Duel Monsters! He'll use this monster to avenge his fallen friend!

But Pegasus thinks he still has a chance—next turn, Brain Control will expire, and he'll regain control of Relinquished. He'll use it to absorb the Magician of Black Chaos. But Yami isn't finished yet. He plays a card face-down, and a monster face-down in defense. With Yugi's friends blocking his Millennium Eye, Pegasus can't see what the cards are. They must be part of a strategy to defeat Relinquished, but he doesn't know what it is.

Yami's turn ends, and Relinquished is back where he belongs—with his daddy. (Japanese Pegasus says he'll use his best card to show Yami that friendship is meaningless.) Then he uses Polymerization to fuse Relinquished with the Thousand Eyes Idol to create the Thousand Eyes Restrict (Thousand Eyes Sacrifice) (ATK 0/DEF 0), a new and even stranger monster! Wait until all thousand of his eyes open up, he tells Yami. He'll see that he's more than just a pretty face!

Téa, Tristan, and Joey stand strong, giving Yami and Yugi their friendship and support. Yami says it's not over, but Pegasus knows that once all of the Thousand Eyes Restrict's thousand eyes open, all of Yami's monsters will be paralyzed, unable to attack or defend. Nothing will stop him from assimilating the Chaos mage, and winning the duel once and for all.

Yami vows to find some way to stop Pegasus, so that Yugi's bravery won't be in vain. (Japanese Yami remembers that he made a promise with Yugi to use Yugi's last card to defeat Pegasus, and says, "No matter what you do, you can't break our promise.") Then Pegasus activates the Thousand Eyes Restrict's mesmeric power, paralyzing the Magician of Black Chaos, as well as Yami's defense monster. Yami says Pegasus hasn't won yet, but Pegasus tells him not to be a fool. Thousand Eyes Restrict will absorb the Magician of Black Chaos, and Pegasus will use him to destroy Yami. There's nothing he can do.

Thousand Eyes Restrict begins to draw the Chaos mage to itself. Then Yami turns over his face-down cards—Kuriboh and the magic card Multiply! Now hundreds of mesmerized Kuribohs are also being drawn to the Thousand Eyes Restrict, and it is forced to absorb them all. The little Kuribohs self-destruct on contact with the enemy, crippling the Thousand Eyes Restrict. Curse you, Yugi Moto! Pegasus exclaims. You and your Kuribohs!

Yami loses Kuriboh's 300 attack points, lowering his life points to 100, but the Thousand Eyes Restrict is blinded by the Kuribohs' attack, and the Magician of Black Chaos is freed from its mesmeric gaze. (They've also removed the five-pointed star from the Magician of Black Chaos's headpiece.)

Now Yami attacks and destroys the Thousand Eyes Restrict with his Magician of Black Chaos, wiping out Pegasus's life points. Yami wins!

Yugi's friends find that they can feel Yugi's presence again! Little Yugi's okay! Inside the Shadow Realm, Yugi stands up, telling Pegasus it's over. "We've won." All of Yugi's friends, including Yami, stand beside him. Devastated, Pegasus apologizes to his beloved Cecelia. (He doesn't mention her in the Japanese. He says, I, the creator of this game, have lost!) Then he drops his cards, and bends over the duel station with his head in his hands. (It's hard to tell what all the cards in Pegasus's scattered deck are, but I recognize Thousand Eyes Idol by his hand, and a couple of Toon cards. The card at the top is changed from a monster card to a magic card in the US version.)

Yugi sighs with relief, and thanks Yami for his help. Yami tells him it was his courage and his friends' love that prevailed. And your determination, Yugi adds. We all did it together. Yugi and Yami high five, their hands passing through each other. (In the Japanese, you can hear the slap as their hands meet.)

The Shadow Realm darkness dissipates, and the friends rush to Yugi's side to congragulate him. Joey gets frustrated that everyone else is telling Yugi the things he wanted to say! But then he decides it doesn't matter—because Yugi won! Then Téa reminds them that it isn't over until Pegasus keeps his promise to release the souls he's imprisoned. But Pegasus is gone! They are about to run off to look for him when they remember Bakura and Mokuba—they can't just go off and leave them.

Then they see Bakura waving to them from the balcony. He's recovered, and tells them he's fine. He doesn't seem to remember anything about what happened. Tristan tells him he threw the Millennium Ring away, and Bakura agrees that it was probably for the best. Bakura agrees to stay and look after Mokuba while the others search for Pegasus, and they run out of the arena.

But on the balcony, Dark Bakura reemerges, the Millennium Ring once again around his neck. If Mokuba's soul is returned to him, he'll no longer be any use to him, he thinks, but it doesn't matter. Now that Pegasus is weakened, Dark Bakura will have the chance he's been waiting for! It's time to add Pegasus's Millennium Eye to his collection! (In the Japanese, we don't hear any of Dark Bakura's thoughts, just an evil chuckle.)

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