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Episode 40: Aftermath (King of Duelists)

Yugi, Joey, Tristan, and Téa are running along the battlements of the castle, searching for Pegasus. He can't have gotten far, Joey says. Yugi hopes not—he's the only one who can restore Grandpa's soul. Suddenly, Téa stops. She thinks she recognizes that tower; she's been there before with Tristan and Bakura. It's Pegasus's sanctuary. But she thought it was a dream. Tristan remembers it now, too. So it wasn't a dream! They head for the tower, Yugi trailing behind.

In his private room, Pegasus stands over the three soul cards. It's all over, he says to himself. Everything he struggled for is now beyond his grasp. Keeping these souls prisoner won't help him now, and besides, he's a man of his word. (Japanese Pegasus says that he's read many minds with his Millennium Eye. But two minds in one body? Is this the power of the Millennium Puzzle?) He releases the three souls. Mokuba on the balcony, Kaiba in the dungeon, and Grandpa in his hospital bed all begin to stir. Pegasus turns to the painting of a woman on the wall. It was all for you, Cecelia, he says, so that I could restore you. (Japanese Pegasus says, "Cyndia, was I wrong?")

How sweet, says Dark Bakura, who's come into the room. (In the Japanese, Bakura doesn't speak. Pegasus senses his presence through the Millennium Items.) Pegasus whirls and confronts him, recognizing him as the possessor of the Millennium Ring. Dark Bakura challenges him to a Shadow Game, and the opportunity to win another Millennium Item. He holds up Pegasus's deck and shuffles it, saying that while the Millennium Eye has the ability to look into people's minds, the Ring can look into their souls. (Japanese Bakura doesn't mention anything about a challenge just yet. He says the Millennium Eye allows Pegasus to see into other people's minds, but can it show him the future? He says he'll use Pegasus's cards to tell his fortune.) Then he begins to lay down Pegasus's cards, reading their meanings like Tarot cards. First, he turns up the Happy Lover. This card shows that Pegasus has known the joys of love, Bakura says, but it's upside down, meaning that the romance ended in tragedy. Pegasus frowns, but says nothing as Bakura continues.

The next card is the Mask of Darkness, which reveals that Pegasus's recent actions were a cover for his true objectives, which came from deep within his heart. "Who would have believed that you even have a heart, let alone one that could be so easily broken." Pegasus tells him to be quiet, but Bakura goes on to read the third card—Doma, the Angel of Silence (Angel of the Silence of Death, Doma). Bakura says it's an appropriate card for Pegasus's future, because he'll now silence Pegasus forever! (In the Japanese, Bakura says, "Once it's eyes are on you, you can't escape death.")

The two begin to battle, using the energies of their Millennium Items directly. But Pegasus is weak from his duel with Yugi, and he is quickly defeated. Bakura calls Pegasus a rank amateur, compared to one who has played for centuries. Pegasus asks, what kind of creature are you? Bakura says he's the one who'll possess all of the Millennium Items, and use their combined might to conquer the world! He reaches out towards Pegasus's Eye, and Pegasus screams, "Noooooo!" Over his screams, we see the castle's dining hall, and the paintings hanging on the walls. (In the US version, we see the dining hall first, then zoom in on Cecelia's portrait. In the Japanese, the close-up of Cecelia's portrait comes first, then the portraits in the dining hall. Cut from the US version is a shot of Shadi's portrait, in which Shadi's blue eyes briefly glow.)

Still running to the tower, the gang hear Pegasus's scream. When they reach the bottom of the stairs, they find Croquet and several other of Pegasus's guards, one of whom is carrying a moaning Pegasus on his back. (Pegasus isn't moaning in the Japanese.) They ask what happened, but Croquet only tells them that Pegasus has taken ill. (He tells them that Pegasus was attacked by an unknown person in the Japanese.) Yugi asks what about his Grandpa and the others? Pegasus promised to release their souls! Croquet says, "Not my department." (In the Japanese, he says now is not the time.)

They continue to Pegasus's tower apartment, where they wonder about the woman in the painting. Joey says, whoever she was, she sure is pretty! Téa finds Pegasus's diary. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi looks over Anzu's shoulder and exclaims, "It's in English!" Anzu says, "Of course, Pegasus is an American." Jounouchi asks if Anzu can read it, and she says she'll try.) A card falls out of the diary, and Yugi picks it up. It's another painting of the same woman. (For some reason, they've changed the painting on the card to another of Cecelia's portraits in the US version.)

Téa begins to read the diary, which is addressed to a woman named Cecelia (Cyndia), and concerns Pegasus's plan to bring her back. Téa says, this could explain why Pegasus set up the tournament and went after Yugi. Yugi adds, and tell them who the girl on the card is. (In the Japanese, the diary is addressed to the new King of Duelists who has defeated him, and is an explanation of why he created Duel Monsters. Which makes it a little less rude of them to be reading Pegasus's diary. Again, the image on the card is changed in the US version.)

The diary tells how Pegasus and Cecelia met as children at a party given by Pegasus's father. (In the Japanese, Pegasus writes that Cyndia was his sweetheart, who died when she was seventeen. They met 14 years ago at a party given by his father, a businessman in Las Vegas.) They fell instantly in love and were inseparable from then on. Inspired by his love, Pegasus became a painter, and his favorite subject was his beloved Cecelia. When Cecelia agreed to marry him, it was the happiest day of his life! (In the Japanese, Pegasus isn't nearly so gushing. He simply says that they were attracted to each other, and told each other of their dreams. He wanted to be a painter and travel the world. They vowed to always be together.) But tragedy struck, and just as they were married, Cecelia was struck down by a fatal disease. (Cut from the US version is a shot of Pegasus at Cyndia's funeral, standing over her in her casket, and the casket lid closing over her. It's replaced by a shot of a cemetary, and a headstone with "Cecelia Pegasus" engraved on it.)

Grief-stricken, he could no longer paint. Unable to accept that their life together was lost, Pegasus was determined to search the earth for a way to reach her beyond the mortal veil. His travels eventually brought him to Egypt. (Japanese Pegasus says he went to Egypt to study reincarnation in the hope of seeing Cyndia again.)

One day, the wind blew off his hat while he was walking through the streets of an ancient city, and it was returned to him by a young Egyptian man, Shadi. Shadi told him to take care: the search to heal his broken heart might lead to even more heartache. Pegasus asked how he knew these things, but Shadi only told him to go home. Instead, Pegasus followed Shadi into a passageway that led deep underground, where he found a hidden crypt. Pegasus was seized by guards, and Shadi said that he was a guardian of the Millennium Items. Once someone has found this sacred place, the only way to leave is to be chosen.

Shadi took the Millennium Eye from its place on the crypt, and told Pegasus he would be tested by the Eye itself. Each Item chooses its owner, he said, and punishes those who are undeserving. If he passes the test, he'll be empowered to see more than he has ever seen before. If he fails, all that awaits are nightmares beyond his imagination! (Japanese Shadi told him that the Millennium Eye would grant his wish to see his lover again.) Then he thrust the Eye into Pegasus's face.

Pegasus screamed in pain, but Shadi observed that he had not descended into chaos and madness. Pegasus was the chosen one. The Eye would show him times and places outside his own. (The blood on Pegasus's face is removed from the US version.)

Pegasus then saw Cecelia in a vision. Overjoyed, he reached out to her, but she faded from his grasp. (Again, all the blood dripping down Pegasus's face from the Millennium Eye is digitized out of the US version.)

Seeing is not the same as touching, Shadi told him. And Pegasus was left alone again. But that moment gave him hope that one day it would be possible to hold her again.

Téa tells them that the diary goes on to say that Pegasus eventually discovered a way to combine Kaiba Corporation's virtual technology with the magic of the Millennium Items to restore Cecelia. But nothing about Grandpa or the Kaiba brothers. (Japanese Anzu says Pegasus only wanted to see his dead lover again, and Jounouchi says, "What a passionate man.")

When she puts the diary down on the desk, Yugi notices the three soul cards—now blank, the souls no longer imprisoned in them. They rush off to see if the three have recovered. (In the Japanese, only Yugi notices the cards, and everyone else just rushes off to look for the Kaiba brothers, not knowing if their souls have been returned.)

But as Yugi runs out the door, he's stopped by the sudden appearance of an Egyptian man—the same one in Pegasus's flashbacks. Shadi sees that Yugi holds a Millennium Item, too, and he wonders if Yugi is the one who stole Pegasus's Millennium Eye. He takes the Millennium Key from around his neck, and uses it to unlock Yugi's mind.

Inside Yugi's mind, Shadi is shocked to discover two chambers. One is full of toys, the room of someone pure and innocent. The occupant of this room couldn't be the one who stole the Millennium Eye. But wait! There's another presence in the other room. The door opens, and Shadi faces Yami, who tells him he may enter his room, but warns him he'll allow no harm to come to the boy whose vessel he shares. (In the Japanese, Yami says he wasn't expecting a visitor. "But come in, if you have the guts. The game awaits you.")

Shadi thinks that he's entered the minds of many people in the past, but he has never entered a mind chamber so dank and mysterious! He feels as though he's in the tomb of an ancient pharaoh. Yami demands that Shadi tell him why he's entered his mind, and Shadi says he's searching for a criminal who has stolen the power of a Millennium Item. He explains that the seven Millennium Items were created five thousand years ago by a brave Pharaoh (In the Japanese, it's 3000 years), and their combined power is enough to conquer the world. Many evil men have sought to gather these Items for themselves. Shadi's charge is to guard the Items, and punish the thief who stole the Millennium Eye. Yami says he has nothing to hide, and opens the doors to the corridors of his mind, which are twisty and strange as an Escher painting. (In the Japanese, Yami says if you want to see my room, you have to find me. He tells Shadi it will be a Dark Game, and snaps his fingers, saying "Game start.") Then Yami disappears, leaving Shadi to find his way through the maze. Shadi opens a door, but a huge stone nearly falls on him—it was a trap. He continues to walk through the corridors, using his Millennium Key to find the way. He opens another door, thinking this is the one he seeks. (In the Japanese, he sees Yami sitting in a chair inside the room. Yami is cut from the US version.)

(The shot of Shadi as he faces Yami is changed to a different image of Shadi in the US version.)

But when Shadi enters the room, the floor collapses under his feet, and he falls, barely catching himself. Never has he seen mental defenses so strong! If he falls into the darkness, he'll be trapped in the maze forever!

A hand reaches down to help him—it's Yugi! Yugi says he doesn't know why the spirit of the Puzzle is doing this, but he can't let Shadi be hurt. After pulling him out of the hole, the two sit together. Yugi says he doesn't think the spirit is doing this on purpose. He thinks some memories are hidden even from the spirit. (Japanese Yugi calls out to "the other me" to release Shadi from the game. The shot of Yugi calling out to Yami in the US version is flipped to face left instead of right.)

Then a door opens, and they enter a hallway, lined with huge stone tablets, on which monsters are carved. Shadi explains that millennia ago, Egyptian kings played Shadow Games with real magic and real monsters. But the games erupted into a war that threatened to destroy the world, until a brave Pharaoh sealed the magic away. How could Yugi's other personality have knowledge of this ancient world?

The Dark Magician is carved on one of the stone tablets. His eyes briefly glow red as he sees the intruders. Stopping in front of a tablet of Kuriboh, Yugi says the monsters look like the monsters on the cards they play with! Then the Dark Magician appears before them, holding out his staff threateningly. Shadi thinks they have to stop him, and begins to use the power of the Key to conjure up the monster carved on the floor beneath them—the Dark Magician's nemesis, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

But Yugi tells him to stop. The Dark Magician wouldn't hurt him! He asks the Dark Magician to let them pass, and to Shadi's amazement, the Dark Magician yields. This boy must be the Chosen One! The prophecy comes to pass! Shadi leaves Yugi's mind, and speaks to him face to face. He apologizes for intruding into Yugi's mind, saying he didn't realize Yugi was the Chosen One, and that the ancient predictions are now fulfilled. The theft of Pegasus's Millennium Eye was the first sign that evil once again walks the earth. Chaos threatens to engulf the world again, he tells Yugi. Only he who solved the Millennium Puzzle can save it. (Japanese Shadi says that he wrongly suspected Yugi's other self of stealing the Millennium Eye. But, in searching for the criminal, he found some things he never would have imagined. Yugi and his other self must now discover the true power of the Millennium Puzzle, which has been hidden for three thousand years.) Yugi wants to know more, but Shadi leaves, telling Yugi that he must take great care. The thief who stole one Millennium Item will also come seeking Yugi's. (Japanese Yugi wonders if Shadi means Bakura. But the Millennium Ring was thrown away.) Yugi tells him not to go! He has a lot more questions, like who are you? Shadi tells Yugi his name, and says they'll meet again. Meanwhile, he tells Yugi to stay true to himself. The fate of the world depends on it! (Japanese Shadi tells Yugi that his name is Shadi, and that he's never told anyone else his name before. Then he disappears.)

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