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Episode 41: The Wrath of Rebecca (The Girl From America)

On the balcony of the dueling arena, Bakura kneels over Mokuba, whose eyes slowly open. Joey, Tristan and Téa run onto the balcony of the dueling arena, asking if Mokuba's okay. Bakura tells them Mokuba's fine. Joey says that's great; Mokuba's soul is back in his body! Yugi finally arrives, huffing and puffing, also relieved that Mokuba's all right. Tristan says, Who'd have thought Pegasus would keep his word? Yugi agrees. (In the Japanese, he asks Yugi what he was doing, and Yugi apologizes for being late.) Yugi asks Mokuba how he's feeling. Is he up to getting off the island? Not without my big brother, Mokuba says. Where's Seto? (Japanese Yugi says the seal has been broken. Mokuba asks where his brother is.)

Down in the dungeon, Kaiba awakens in his cell, groaning, "Gotta... find... Mokuba." (In the Japanese, all he says is "Mokuba.")

Croquet comes onto the balcony, telling them that Pegasus won't be able to come, due to his illness. (In the Japanese, he says Pegasus has been sent to the hospital.) Joey suspects it's an excuse to avoid paying off on the prizes, but Croquet says all prizes will be awarded. (Japanese Yugi wonders if Bakura had something to do with Pegasus's attack. But Bakura doesn't have the Millennium Ring any more. The shot of the Ring passing across Yugi's face is removed from the US version.)

Croquet says that Yugi's already received his agreed-on prize of three freed souls, but in addition, there's a card for Yugi called the Ties of Friendship. Croquet tells Yugi it's one of a kind, hand-painted by Pegasus himself. Pegasus told him to give it to Yugi. (Japanese Crocketts doesn't mention the freed souls, or the stuff about the card being hand-painted. He just says Pegasus told him to give this card to Yugi.) Yugi accepts it, as Croquet tells him that he is now the King of Games. Then Croquet offers Yugi a check for three million dollars, the prize for winning the tournament. As agreed, Yugi passes it along to Joey, who gets all shiny-eyed as he accepts it to pay for his sister's eye operation.

"Now," Croquet says, as he turns to walk away, "We'd like you all to leave." (In the Japanese, he just excuses himself and leaves.)

Yugi grins, realizing that his Grandpa should also be recovering. He can't wait to get Grandpa out of the hospital! (The Japanese writing on top of the hospital is removed in the US version. It says, naturally enough, "Domino Hospital.")

In the hospital, Grandpa wakes up, saying that Yugi saved him!

Outside the castle, Mokuba calls out for his big brother. But the castle is huge! Kaiba could be almost anywhere.

Beyond the castle entrance, a tall gate swings open, and there stands Kaiba, with his briefcase, the sunset glowing behind him, his coat floating in the breeze. Mokuba runs to him, crying, and hugs him, while Kaiba takes him by the shoulders and tells him it's all right. Joey gets a little emotional himself, watching the brothers reunite. He tells them not to get all mushy and gooey; he can't take it! (Japanes Jounouchi says that's how brothers should get along, and calls them idiots.)

Kaiba kneels down to face his little brother, who takes out the locket with Kaiba's picture in it. Kaiba takes out his own locket, and holds it next to Mokuba's. "I would have risked anything to save you," he tells Mokuba. Mokuba says Yugi told him that Seto risked a lot. (Japanese Mokuba says he protected Kaiba Corporation. No one found out that his locket was the key. And Kaiba tells Mokuba he did good.)

Kaiba stands up, thanking Yugi for saving Mokuba. "He means everything to me," he says. (In the Japanese, he says, "I owe you one," and Yugi says, "It's nothing.") But due to the circumstances, their last duel wasn't really conclusive. (Japanese Kaiba says, "Our duel is not over yet.") One day, they'll meet again as duelists, and one of them will walk away with pride. Yugi agrees.

Kaiba and Mokuba head off for Kaiba's helicopter. Spirit Yami stands beside Yugi and congratulates him on saving everyone. We did it together, Yugi says, and I don't even know your name! I've been called many things, Yami says: Pharaoh, Yugioh, Yami. Yugi calls him Yami, and says he's proud to be his friend. (Japanese Yugi says it wasn't just the two of them. It was everyone working together. Japanese Yugi never asks Yami's name. He always calls him "mou hitori no boku,"the other me.)

Joey suddenly realizes all the boats have left! They'd better hitch a ride with Kaiba! Joey and Tristan take off, soon followed by Yugi and Téa. But Bakura stays behind. He brings out the Millennium Eye, smiling. He has the real prize, he thinks, and soon he'll have Yugi's Millennium Puzzle as well! (Japanese Bakura says, "Millennium Eye get!" and licks the Eye, which is cut from the US version.)

At the hospital, Yugi and the gang find Yugi's Grandpa standing in the hallway with Yugi's mother, recovered and ready to go home. (Yugi's mom appears later in one episode, but she's cut out of the US version.)

Later, Grandpa is walking with Yugi and the gang, getting caught up on all the Duelist Kingdom news. Yugi not only saved Grandpa, but he won the tournament! Yugi says he couldn't have done it without everyone's help. Joey agrees that Yugi couldn't have done it without him! Grandpa says Joey must have improved since he last saw him duel. Yugi suggests that Grandpa should go home and rest, but Grandpa says he feels great! And nearly puts out his back stretching.

Suddenly, they're confronted by a very annoying little girl with pigtails and a teddy bear, who demands to know if Yugi's Grandpa is Solomon Mutou (Mutou Sugoroku). (The writing has been removed from Tristan's soda can in the US version.)

He says he is, and she says she's Rebecca. She just got into town, and she's been waiting for him. (Japanese Rebecca says she just arrived from America.) It's not nice to keep a lady waiting! Joey wonders what a little girl like her is doing traveling by herself, but she says she can take care of herself, and besides, she has Teddy to take care of her. (Japanese Rebecca says, "God Damn!" she doesn't talk to rude people.) Grandpa asks what she wants, and she says she wants her card back! Grandpa's got her Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, and she wants it back right now!

Téa begins to explain that there's a problem with that, remembering that the card was torn up by Kaiba. Before she can finish, Rebecca insists that as a true champion, the card belongs to her. She's the number one duelist in America! (Japanese Rebecca says that the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a super powerful American card, so the most powerful duelist from America should have it.) They ask her how old she is, and she says she's eight. (Japanese Grandpa says, most powerful American duelist? And she says she's the All-American champion.) Joey and Tristan are skeptical, but Yugi remembers reading an article about a Duel Monsters prodigy just before they left for Duelist Kingdom. (Japanese Yugi says the article mentions a genius duelist who was only twelve when winning the championship.) Joey tries to impress her with his second-place win in the Duelist Kingdom tournament, but she says she knows all about that, and second place doesn't matter. While Tristan holds an angry Joey back, Grandpa asks her why she thinks the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is hers. She insists that Grandpa stole it from her. (Japanese Grandpa tells Rebecca that the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card is very special to him. She says that's because he went all the way to America to steal it.) Yugi insists his Grandpa would never steal, but Rebecca says there are only four Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards in the world, Kaiba has three, and hers is missing! If Grandpa won't give it back, she demands the right to duel for it! (Japanese Rebecca says that Bandit Keith told her that the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card had been stolen. As the All-American champion, the card should be hers.) Yugi again tries to explain that the card is gone, but Rebecca won't hear it. She still insists on dueling.

They adjourn to Kaiba Land, which is bedecked with statues of Blue-Eyes White Dragons. (In this dueling scene, the writing is removed from the background in the US version. The top word is "Battle." The word underneath starts with "Mo," and is probably "Monsters.")

Mokuba agrees to let them have a dueling arena, even though they're reserved three months in advance. But Grandpa is feeling tired, and Yugi insists on dueling in his place. Rebecca says that's even better, and faces off against Yugi. (Note that this is actually Yugi playing this duel, not Yami.)

Rebecca begins by playing Witch of the Black Forest (1100 ATK) in attack mode. Grandpa thinks it's an interesting opening gambit, but Yugi wonders why she would begin with such a weak card. (In the Japanese, he remembers Bandit Keith and Pegasus J. Crawford, both Americans, so he knows something about the style of American Duel Monsters players.) Then he summons Celtic Guardian (Elf Swordsman) (1400 ATK) and attacks Witch of the Black Forest, destroying it. Rebecca loses 300 Life Points, and wails over her loss, then her teddy reminds her that when Witch of the Black Forest is sent to the graveyard, she can move a monster with a defense of 1500 or less from her deck to her hand. She picks a card and shuffles. Yugi says he's waiting (Japanese Yugi tells her it's her turn), but she tells him not to interrupt while she's thinking! (The sweatdrop is removed from Yugi's head in the US version.)

Téa says that kid could drive you crazy! (The sweatdrops are also removed from Jounouchi and Anzu's heads in the US version.)

Finally, Rebecca plays Sangan (Critter) (1000 ATK) in attack mode. She asks, isn't he cute? But Yugi says, not for long. (No sweatdrop for US Yugi!)

Celtic Guardian destroys Sangan as well, and Rebecca complains about how mean Yugi is! She's now down to 1300 LP. (The Japanese version shows Rebecca getting weepy, and then making a rude gesture, while the US version is changed to show Rebecca looking upset while she rails at Yugi.)

(Then US Yugi loses another sweatdrop.)

Sangan allows her to select a card with an attack of 1500 or less from her deck and put it in her hand. Tristan, Joey, and Téa can't believe that she's the All-American champion, but Grandpa thinks that Rebecca's strategy is strangely familiar.

Suddenly, Rebecca gets serious. She plays Tribute to the Doomed, a magic card that allows her to destroy one of her opponent's monsters by discarding a card from her hand. She destroys Celtic Guardian, then plays a monster in defense. Téa says Rebecca's a lot smarter than she led them to believe, and warns Yugi to watch out. Yugi agrees. That little kid stuff was just an act!

Yugi plays Summoned Skull (2500 ATK) and attacks Rebecca's defense monster. But her card is the Millennium Shield, a monster with 3000 defense points! Yugi loses 500 points. And Grandpa now remembers where he's seen this card before—in a game with Professor Arthur Hawkins, at an archaeological dig in Egypt. It was many years ago, but he and Arthur played this same duel! Then Rebecca plays a magic card, Ring of Magnetism. It reduces the Millennium Shield's defense to 2500. Yugi doesn't know what she's up to, so he passes. Rebecca plays Cannon Soldier (The graphic says Cannon Soldier's attack is 400, but the attack points on the card itself are 1400. This is the same in both versions. The real card's ATK is 1400, and its effect allows the player to sacrifice a monster to inflict 500 points of direct damage on the opponent.)

Grandpa calls out a warning—if Rebecca sacrifices a monster, she'll be able to attack Yugi's life points directly with Cannon Soldier! Yugi tries to attack Cannon Soldier with Summoned Skull, but the Ring of Magnetism draws its attack to the Millennium Shield. With 2500 defense points, it's unharmed by Summoned Skull's attack. Yugi has to find a way to break through that Millennium Shield, or he's helpless!

Rebecca draws the Shadow Ghoul (1600 ATK). This will come in handy later, she thinks, and summons another Witch of the Black Forest, sacrificing it to activate Cannon Soldier's special attack. Yugi loses 400 life points, and Rebecca gets to use Witch of the Black Forest's effect to add another monster to her hand. Joey says she must have learned dueling from someone as experienced as Grandpa, and Grandpa thinks Joey may be right. But Rebecca says she was taught by her Grandfather, the best duelist ever! (In the Japanese, she says, "You will learn what it feels like to lose the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!")

Grandpa asks Rebecca what her last name is, and she says it's Hawkins (Hopkins). Her grandfather is Arthur Hawkins, the man Yugi's Grandpa betrayed, and whose Blue-Eyes White Dragon he stole! Yugi tries to defend his Grandpa, but Rebecca insists he's a thief, and Yugi will pay! (Japanese Yugi says, Rebecca is the grand-daughter of his Grandpa's best friend! Rebecca says, that's right. And now he'll feel the anger of her grandfather. Get ready!)

To Be Continued

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