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Episode 45: Legendary Heroes - Part III (Duel Monsters Quest 3: Master of Dragon Knight)

The ancient airship rises from under the ground, with Yugi, Joey, and Mai on top of it. The crowds from the city cheer, and Mai throws her arms around a startled Joey, who calls her an idiot. The little fairy Iru decides to come along, too, and Joey calls dibs on driving and steers the airship toward the Dark Castle.

Kemo and his goons begin to push the door to the lab open, but Tristan and Téa manage to jam another table against it to push them back one more time.

The airship is attacked by an army of flying Duel Monsters. Mai responds with her Harpie Ladies, whild Joey summons the Fierce Knight (Giltia the Dark Knight), and Yugi sends the Dark Magician into the fray. Their monsters are mopping up the enemy, but then bombs begin to explode against the side of the airship. One monster slips through the defenders and attacks Yugi! The Dark Magician sees the attack, but is too far away to save his master. Then the little fairy, Iru, jumps in front of Yugi and takes the attack. The Dark Magician destroys the monster, and Yugi plays Swords of Revealing Light to stop the attacks on the airship. But it's too late for Iru, who digitizes to nothingness in Yugi's hands.

Tears fall onto Yugi's clenched fists. He's had enough! he says, and Yami comes out, telling Joey to charge ahead. They hit the magical barrier protecting the Dark Castle, but the airship manages to break through. They're almost home free—but then they're attacked by Salamandra! Mai sends her Harpie Lady to attack it, but the airship is damaged and begins to burn. Yugi summons Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress just in time to carry the gang away from the disintigrating airship. (And the Dark Magician hangs onto one of the flying Harpie Lady's legs.)

Inside the castle, Kaiba's still hanging from the stone slab. The Witty Phantom wakes Kaiba, telling him that Kaiba programmed him to torment his captives, not let them sleep. (The stone slabs are redesignd a bit to make them less cross-like in the US version.)

Then he shows Kaiba the unconscious form of Mokuba, still dressed as Princess Edina. Mokuba pulls off the dress and tells his brother he's come to save him! The Witty Phantom tells Mokuba he's in no position to save anyone—he's about to be sacrificed in the lava pool along with his brother. Mokuba summons Swordstalker, who cuts Kaiba free, then gives Kaiba his deck and Duel Disk.

Kaiba summons the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and destroys the Witty Phantom, then he and Mokuba run for it. They're soon under attack by a force of Armed Ninjas, armed with their Dragon Capture Jar. Kaiba plays Trap master to destroy the Dragon Capture Jar, freeing his first Blue Eyes. Now he's got two Blue Eyes White Dragons at his command, and they quickly mop up the Armed Ninjas.

Kaiba asks Mokuba how he got there, and Mokuba reluctantly admits he asked Yugi and his friends to help him. Kaiba's pretty upset, saying Mokuba knows how he feels about Yugi Mutou. But Mokuba didn't know who else to turn to. Anyone else, Kaiba says, and they run to find a way out. (In the Japanese, Kaiba merely says, "You needn't have," when Mokuba says he asked Yugi for help.)

Meanwhile, Yugi, Joey, and Mai are running through a forest toward the castle. As they approach, they see a huge tree covered with cocoons, and they're attacked by a swarm of Killer Needle bees! Joey sends his Fierce Knight to attack, but it's destroyed by a Man-Eater Bug, so Yugi uses Mirror Force to blast the attackers. But the resulting firestorm disturbs the cocoons, and more insect creatures attack. How will they ever take down all of them? Yugi summons Catapult Turtle puts Kuriboh on it, then uses Multiply to launch a horde of Kuribohs to destroy the Great Moths. (Multiply gets its usual redesign.)

The Big 5 watch the gang celebrate on their video screen. It's time to stop this rescue attempt, they say, and take the game to its final level. (In the Japanese, they say they didn't know Yugi was capable of that.)

Yugi and the others make it into the castle, but still no sign of Kaiba and Mokuba. Then something blasts a hole in the ceiling—and a Blue Eyes White Dragon peers down at them! Kaiba and Mokuba jump through.

Joey is glad to see them, telling Kaiba how worried they've been. Kaiba greets him by making fun of his outfit. (In the Japanese, Kaiba says he doesn't need a wimp to worry about him.) Joey's pissed, but before they have time to get into it, a portal opens in the cavern and the voice of the Big 5 tells them they've made it to the final level. Kaiba protests—the game is over! They escaped the lava pool, so the Mythic Dragon won't be summoned. But the Big 5 aren't playing that way. They move the gang to a digital world, and summon the Mythic Dragon themselves.

Now they're facing a huge dragon with five heads, and 5000 attack points! Mai begins the assault by summoning the Harpie Lady Sisters, but the Harpies are destroyed before they can attack. A seal forms under their feet, which the Big 5 tell them is a Dragon Seal. (In the Japanese, the gang recognizes the seal as Lord of Dragons.) The Big 5 have reprogrammed the lair to be a sanctuary where only dragon monsters can attack.

Kaiba laughs. You challenge me to a battle of dragons! He summons the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Joey follows with the Red Eyes, and Mai summons Harpie's Pet Dragon. Then Yugi adds his Curse of Dragon, and the four send their dragons to attack.

The Mythic Dragon withstands their combined attacks. But the Big 5 point out that one of their number doesn't have a dragon to defend him—Mokuba. The Mythic Dragon sends its fiery blast towards him, but Joey orders his Red Eyes to block the attack. The Red Eyes is destroyed, and Joey's life points go to zero. Joey falls to his knees, and Mai and Yugi run to him as he is slowly digitized away.

Mai turns on the Big 5, asking them what kind of sick, twisted game they're playing. It's no game, they say.

Kaiba says they need a new tactic, and Yugi agrees that their monsters can't stand alone against the Mythic Dragon. But there's one monster that can. (In the Japanese, Yugi reminds them of the legend: "When the strongest dragon teams up, the Five God Dragon will die.") Yugi summons the Black Luster Soldier (Chaos Soldier) by sacrificing Gaia the Dragon Champion (Dark Knight Gaiai) and Curse of Dragon. The Big 5 laugh—the Black Luster Soldier isn't a dragon, so he can't attack. But they can attack him! Mai uses Harpie's Pet Dragon to defend, and her monster is destroyed. Mai is lost.

Yugi swears to avenge her and Joey. Then he tells Kaiba, this might be our only chance! We have to work as a team. You have to trust me! Kaiba says he doesn't have to do anything. He'll win the duel his own way. (In the Japanese, Yugi says, "Summon the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" and Kaiba responds, "Is that an order?" Yugi says, "We don't have time for that!" and Kaiba says he doesn't need Yugi, he'll beat the Big 5 himself.)

The Big 5 attack again. Yugi shouts for Kaiba to call his Ultimate Dragon! But Kaiba won't listen, and then it's too late—Mokuba jumps in front of the attack meant for his brother, and is digitized away as he falls through Kaiba's hands. Kaiba screams Mokuba's name, and falls to his knees.

Yugi tells the distraught Kaiba that Mokuba's sacrifice doesn't have to be in vain! He has a plan to defeat the Mythic Dragon, but they have to work together. It's the only way! Kaiba must call his Ultimate Dragon. Furious Kaiba rises to his feet, telling Yugi he'd better be right, and summons the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon by sacrificing his three Blue Eyes. (In the Japanese, Yugi just tells Kaiba to stand up—think what Mokuba has done. Kaiba summons the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with no further urging.) Yugi uses his Polymerization card to fuse the Black Luster Soldier with the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon to form the Dragon Master Knight (Master of Dragon Knight)! Its attack strength is 5000 points, equal to the Mythic Dragon's. But then it gains even more power from the Red Eyes Black Dragon and Harpie's Pet Dragon—and even the Mythic Dragon itself. It gains the attack strength of every dragon on the field, even those in the graveyard. With 9000 attack points, it destroys the Mythic Dragon. The dragon's lair dissolves, and Yugi and Kaiba fall into darkness.

Yugi and Kaiba awake in the courtyard of the palace, being cheered by the crowds for defeating the dragon. But still suffering from their losses, neither one is ready to celebrate. The Princess tells them not to worry, and turns into the Mystical Elf, who casts a spell to bring back the fallen—Joey, Mai, Mokuba, and little Iru are all returned safely. Yugi joyfully greets his friends, while Kaiba and Mokuba rush together.

An exit portal opens, and Kaiba and Mokuba head for it. But Joey stops them—aren't you going to say thank you? Kaiba says he never asked for Joey's help, and as far as he's concerned, he never needed it. But he will offer Yugi some grudging gratitude. But don't think it means we'll be teaming up in reality! Yugi accepts his thanks, and says he hopes Kaiba will begin to think of them as friends. Kaiba just walks away. (In the Japanese, Jounouchi tells Kaiba it won't kill him to say thank you, and Kaiba says they couldn't have defeated the Five God Dragon without him. Then he says he wants to ask Yugi something: did he know about the Master of Dragon Knight from the start? Yugi only says that as long as you believe, the cards repay your kindness. I believed in my cards, he says. You did too, didn't you? Kaiba just turns to walk away, saying, "Let's go, Mokuba.")

Then Yugi, Joey and Mai go through the exit.

Kemo and his goons are just about to break through the doors, when the VR pods open and Yugi, Joey, and Mokuba emerge. Mokuba tells Kemo that Kaiba's free, too, and they'd better get back to guard their bosses. Kemo takes his goons and runs.

Mai comes out of the next room where she'd been all along in another pod. Everyone's made it out okay, and Mokuba thanks them all for their help. Joey laughs and tells him to go on and go to his brother, then asks where's the john? He had about seven sodas before going into the pod. (In the Japanese, he says he's hungry. Let's go have ramen!)

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